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ARIES are developing courage. Jump first, deal with the consequences in mid air, land on your feet, and keep moving. Aries is about action not vacillation. She is the initiator trailblazing through unfamiliar territory, as though she knows exactly where […] 

Aries New Moon March 21, 2023 1:22 PM EDT New York, New York

Under this New Aries Moon the focus in on you – what you desire, and how you can insist on the world revolving around you. There is nothing more important than following your instincts in the direction of highly energized […] 


May 28, 2023

Today the Gemini Sun squares Saturn in the nebulous sign of Pisces. The ego could be bruised by restrictions and challenges involved in in "getting where you want to be." Conflicts can feel almost inevitable. "Resenting the authorities "comes with the territory" Doubts seep in re: the ability to reach a goal you're aiming for. Focusing harder on the goal is a strategy. But so is giving up. Your patience and resolve is tested.