Libra New Moon 9/25/22

Today it’s possible to strike a better balance within the realm of relationships – but of course this is always connected to the degree of balance you’ve cultivated within yourself. Your sense of security may be at stake as you take some risk to confront a partner or partnership that’s “off balance,” unfair, or unjust. A clarification regarding what you expect from a partner may require some risk or threat to your sense of security. A transformative course correction can occur if you’re open to rethinking the nature of relationships in general and the nature of your relationship with yourself.

Some backtracking with regard to past decisions, old “lines of thinking” or mindless sacrifice at your own expense can be released under this new Moon.

Venus in Virgo – the ruler of this new Moon chart, opposes Neptune in Pisces in your first house. Your style and approach to relationships, to your life in general, and to the role you’ve grown accustomed to playing within the realm of relationships, may be confused or misguided – possibly the result of an old painful loss you’ve been determined not to repeat.

A grand trine in earth signs indicates “ease and flow” as keep yourself grounded in what’s real and true. tA powerful 6th sense re: what’s essential and stabilizing for you requires that you “push back” or courageously state your case for the support and reciprocity you need. A betrayal of yourself and your own sense of security cannot be tolerated.

Thoughtfully weaving various factors into a comprehensive picture – before deciding on how to proceed – seems wise. A risky plan of action for the sake of the relationship is timely.

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