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Aries New Moon March 21, 2023 1:22 PM EDT New York, New York

Under this New Aries Moon the focus in on you – what you desire, and how you can insist on the world revolving around you. There is nothing more important than following your instincts in the direction of highly energized […] 

Full Moon at 16 degrees Virgo March 7th, 2023

Under this Virgo full Moon a deep sensitivity to beauty, music, poetry, and romance – and possibly a muse-like relationship with your main source of inspiration – is highlighted. The Sun in Pisces fuels this full Moon while “painting an […] 

Leo Full Moon Feb. 5th 2023

We’ve come as far as we can go in our direction without a clarification, a re-balance, or official end point. Moving forward without some significant change will be difficult and ill-advised. As full Moon’s go, this is a challenging one. […] 

Full Moon in Cancer Jan. 6th, 2023

This first full Moon of the year expands your access to other-worldly sources of information, the subconscious mind, a flow of compassion, and some “invisible support” that’s likely to influence your work life. The need for self-improvement and personal healing […] 

Gemini Full Moon Dec.. 7, 2022 at 11:08 PM EST

Every full Moon brings us to a “culmination point.” Now we’ve come as far as we can go without some clarification, change, re-balance, or “official ending.” Committed relationships are a challenged. We’re finally beginning to “see the light” as a […] 

Sagittarian New Moon Nov. 23rd, 2022

At 5:57 PM PST on Nov. 23rd a new Moon opens the door to a new beginning. It’s time to look at some interesting new possibilities for expansion that could inspire a move in a promising direction – possibly with […] 

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Nov. 8, 2022

Like any Lunar Eclipse we’ve come as far as we can go in our current direction without a “major reset” highlighting an imbalance within the realm of relationships. Total Lunar eclipses “reset the stage and your focus.” Its effects are […] 

10/23/22 A Jam Packed Day!

Today marks the end of “a period of review “that began on June 4th of this year. It ends today at 16 degrees of Aquarius at 12:07 AM EDT as Saturn turns direct. Rethinking our role in the world for […] 

Aries Full Moon Oct. 9, 2022

This Full Moon at 4:55 PM EDT bring us as far as we can go without some courageous corrective action within the realm of relationships. Its likely we’re aware of the need for a better balance – within ourselves or […] 

Libra New Moon 9/25/22

Today it’s possible to strike a better balance within the realm of relationships – but of course this is always connected to the degree of balance you’ve cultivated within yourself. Your sense of security may be at stake as you […]