Gemini Full Moon Dec.. 7, 2022 at 11:08 PM EST

Every full Moon brings us to a “culmination point.” Now we’ve come as far as we can go without some clarification, change, re-balance, or “official ending.”

Committed relationships are a challenged. We’re finally beginning to “see the light” as a result of witnessing some disheartening developments taking place “behind the scenes.”

In some regard we may feel betrayed and “primed” to recognize our own past mistakes. We may be highly energized in the direction of a new, more forceful, and effective phase of life as we realize that suppressing anger could be “taking a toll.”

Putting your life back in order after a major reversal or loss may be part of this current “Gemini Moon story.” It might be time to acknowledge a personal battle that must be faced rather than side-stepped. Your future security could depend on it.

In a rare astrological event taking place tonight the full Moon temporarily moves into a position that blocks the flow of Mars energy. A temporary “moment of partial darkness or confusion ” allows for an important beneficial “reset.”

Mercury in the sign of Capricorn rules this full Moon chart. In challenging aspect to Jupiter in the final degree of Pisces you might be “getting the message” that building solid support for yourself could require the commitment of a daily spiritual practice – possibly rooted in the ancient past.

To enhance your reputation and status – or to further develop your leadership skills – there’s always a choice to observe from the sidelines in a detached, rational way – vs. reacting impulsively to incendiary statements and antagonizing actions.

What you say, how you react, and how you choose to protect your own interests as you lead the way forward is part of this full Moon story.

Your response to this full Moon could determine the quality of the future that unfolds for you. Your ability to move beyond what you were “conditioned” to believe or to tolerate seems especially important.

Most promising are practical actions designed to set you free of the past.

Least promising could be a tendency to compulsively fall back into old, outdated sibling rivalries and ideas designed to side-track or diminish you in some regard.

Relax, breathe, and move on.

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