Leo Full Moon Feb. 5th 2023

We’ve come as far as we can go in our direction without a clarification, a re-balance, or official end point. Moving forward without some significant change will be difficult and ill-advised.

As full Moon’s go, this is a challenging one. What’s most promising is also shocking and disruptive with regard to comfort levels, The flow of repetitive routines – what feels most natural, stabilizing, or financially secure, might take a “sharp left turn.”

Pain may be associated with a style and approach to life that’s run it’s course. It’s possible your ego – what’s personal, self-centered, or “all about you” can now be balanced with a concern for the masses, the group, or the community. Creating a a personally liberating way to enlist your talents in service of the community or global interests could feel timely and right. .

Behind the scenes, and deep within the subconscious mind, a subtle release is brewing. This could create space for considering the benefits of following the path of least resistance – trusting and aligning with what you love most to move you in a promising direction.

Counter to “prevailing wisdom,” the easiest way forward could be the best way forward. Taking the path that’s most inspiring to you is likely to coincide with what’s healing and liberating for both you – and the masses.

Pluto is coming to end of a 240 year trek through the sign of Capricorn where the focus on accumulating wealth never satisfied completely – or much at all. Nor did it alleviated the fear that’s been nipping at our heels ever since.

As Capricorn energy is replaced with Aquarian energy a liberating new beginning is possible. A massive transformation is in play.

There’s something profoundly simple and instinctive associated with taking the time to consider the meaning of a road-block that’s been placed in your path. Most likely it’s meant to change your course in a liberating, more satisfying direction.

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