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Leo Full Moon Feb. 5th 2023

We’ve come as far as we can go in our direction without a clarification, a re-balance, or official end point. Moving forward without some significant change will be difficult and ill-advised. As full Moon’s go, this is a challenging one. […] 

Full Moon in Cancer Jan. 6th, 2023

This first full Moon of the year expands your access to other-worldly sources of information, the subconscious mind, a flow of compassion, and some “invisible support” that’s likely to influence your work life. The need for self-improvement and personal healing […] 

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Nov. 8, 2022

Like any Lunar Eclipse we’ve come as far as we can go in our current direction without a “major reset” highlighting an imbalance within the realm of relationships. Total Lunar eclipses “reset the stage and your focus.” Its effects are […] 

Aries Full Moon Oct. 9, 2022

This Full Moon at 4:55 PM EDT bring us as far as we can go without some courageous corrective action within the realm of relationships. Its likely we’re aware of the need for a better balance – within ourselves or […] 

Aquarian Full Moon 8/11/2022

Today, August 11, 2022 there’s a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius at 9:36 PM EDT  Surprises, reversals, rule breaking, unprecedented occurrences are highlighted in an atmosphere of  emotional extremes. The realization that an endpoint may be imminent promotes […] 


ARIES are developing courage. Jump first, deal with the consequences in mid air, land on your feet, and keep moving. Aries is about action not vacillation. She is the initiator trailblazing through unfamiliar territory, as though she knows exactly where […] 

Aries New Moon Today

April 1, 2022 Today the New Moon in the sign of Aries is intricately involved with Chiron (the wounded healer) – and Mercury the god of communication, connection, and discourse. There’s lots of healing potential under this new Moon. The […] 

Update and Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 9th – 14th

The two strongest events this week involve Mercury’s turn into retrograde motion at 10 degrees of Aquarius next Saturday, and Ceres move into direct motion in Taurus on Friday. Today, Sunday Jan. 9th, Mercury at 8 degrees of Aquarius sextiles […] 

Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27 Degrees of Taurus Friday Nov. 19th

This week the Lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus on Friday Nov. 19th is the dominant influence. This week begins with Juno, the asteroid of marriage and commitment, entering the sign of Capricorn at 3:23 PM EST today. Serious […] 

Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 19th – 25th

The main events this week involve Vestas’s entry into the sign of Scorpio on Monday, Sep. 20th at 12:54 PM EDT A Full Moon at 28 Degrees of Pisces culminates on Monday, Sep. 20th at 7:55 PM EDT The Sun […]