Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Nov. 8, 2022

Like any Lunar Eclipse we’ve come as far as we can go in our current direction without a “major reset” highlighting an imbalance within the realm of relationships. Total Lunar eclipses “reset the stage and your focus.” Its effects are powerful, influential, long lasting, and often life-changing.

Normally we look for Taurus to be a stabilizing force for relationships – especially when placed the 7th house as this full Moon is. But Uranus, the disruptor, aligns with this full Moon signifying a powerfully disruptive force for change within relationships. This need for change feels rooted in the desire to feel safe by reverting back to what’s familiar, comforting, and easy to control.

A fixed T-square dominates the full Moon eclipse chart. The signs of Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio are in some regard at war with themselves – creating lots of frustration and pent up energy- but also the motivation and discipline to stay extremely focused amid mounting frustration and complications.

Saturn in the sign of Aquarius is the “focal point” and the center of attention in this full Moon chart. Most significantly Saturn aligns closely with the I C – what’s foundational, traditional, fundamental, sacred, and incapable of being altered without the threat of serious consequences.

Some rigid inflexibility associated ones ideas, outlook, or ability to compromise can be dangerous. . The degree to which one feels capable of “enforcing his will on the world” can be an important stabilizing factor. But so might be the assumption that certain defeat could be the inevitable outcome.

Tyrannical actions, a move toward extremes, and a tight grip on power can feel essential for the preservation of one’s sense of security. It’s about being forceful and taking power, without asking for permission. There’s a manic flavor associated with this eclipse. Great force or strength manifests within the realm of relationships. Sudden events are a possibility – falling in or out of love is a possibility. . Huge efforts are exerted within some group activity possibly similar to what occurred in October of 2004.

Undermining old structural foundations that have provided critical support for a long time could be an issue.

But as a central player Saturn is capable of providing a dynamic point of release, a concrete solution, and finally the easing of pent up tension.

Here’s how this full Moon may be expressed for each sign:

Aries: Groups, group activity and dreams, hopes and wishes are highlighted. A compromise or release involves “a softening” or concession enabling the creative unfoldment of some dormant talent.

Taurus: Your career, leadership, status, or how the public perceives your roll in the world may be the focus, A compromise or release within the realm of relationships may be connected to guarding your privacy or your ability to present unusual, enlightened, cultural offerings to the world.

Gemini: Your freedom, beliefs, and desire to expand beyond where you’ve previously been is the focal point. It could be time to tap into unusual sources of information including flashes of insight or divinatory techniques. Softening your stance within the realm of relationships could set your free.

Cancer: Your focal point is associated with what’s hidden, intriguing, sexually relevant, and transformative. Exposing uncomfortable truths – especially those related to class and privilege could result in being ostracized.

Leo: Your focal point is placed in the 7th house of relationships. Some intensity surrounding money, your sense of security, and preserving the balance is highlighted. The release of something self-focused allows you to “see through the eyes of another” and move toward the middle ground.

Virgo: The focal point for you is placed in the 6th house of work, responsibility or enlightened healing. A point of balance involves a shrewd diagnosis and what’s natural, practical, and liberating.

Libra: The focal point for you highlights your 5th house of love creativity, and children. What’s destabilizing within the realm of relationships benefits from a practical, “down to earth, insistent approach” to what feels undermining – especially for children

Scorpio: The focal point for Scorpio is the 4th house of home and family or the possibly some instability involving what’s traditionally felt foundationally supportive. The need to “protect and defend” what’s sacred may feel non-negotiable.

Sagittarius: The focal point for you is placed in the third house of information, thoughts, ideas, rationality, and siblings. Conflict between your work and some confusion re: your life purpose may be exposed.

Capricorn: The focal point for you is placed in the 2nd house of money, values, and priorities. Issues surrounding a resolution might involve moving away from something impractical or impossible toward something more reasonable and doable. A sacrifice involving pride or prestige might be necessary in the interest of preserving your values and stability.

Aquarius: For Aquarius the issue may be a general sense of alienation from what feels rational, just, fair and equitable. The freedom to move toward the extremes or to advocate for an enlightened option could be important. Rebellion against the status quo – or opposing the general consensus could feel stabilizing for you

Pisces: The focal point for Pisces is placed in the 12th house of endings, compassion, and some acute awareness of the fact that we’re all in this together. Boundaries may be hard to define or disappear altogether. Something liberating may be the result of a willingness to soften your approach to future plans and possibilities.

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