Aquarian Full Moon 8/11/2022

Today, August 11, 2022 there’s a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius at 9:36 PM EDT  Surprises, reversals, rule breaking, unprecedented occurrences are highlighted in an atmosphere of  emotional extremes. The realization that an endpoint may be imminent promotes fear and a desire to be safe.  Old habits and strategies that used to work are no longer as effective as they once were. Relationships may be unsettled.  Some level of insanity or lunacy is likely.  Full Moons tend to activate primitive, protective, or infantile, self-soothing reactions.

An old role you’ve played for awhile within the realm of relationships, among friends, groups, or as a member of a work team, might feel outdated or beneath you –  fake, robotic, coerced, inauthentic, uninspiring.

Under any full Moon it becomes very hard to sustain what’s run its course. A release of the past seems healthy.  What’s being washed away can be renewing or frightening depending on your perspective.

Saturn retrograding in Aquarius conjuncts this full Moon,  Regrets may be highlighted.

Difficult questions arise. Looking back it seems possible it was a mistake to follow your heart – or to override it.  Liberation, independence, and love could feel in short supply. But taking unprecedented action to create a breakthrough within a committed relationship (or otherwise) opens the door to new opportunities.

Catching up to the part of yourself that that’s never stopped evolving is a possibility.

Uranus conjuncting the north node in Taurus requires a “down to earth/matter of fact” approach”  to releasing the past and any” toxic tendency” to hold on to what’s familiar but outdated.

Fortunately Aquarius does not abandons herself or her soul easily. She learns early on how to shield herself against the pressures of conformity.  Pleasing others is not her  goal – though parents and loved ones would find her easier to manage if it was.   No matter what the consequences Aquarius resists giving away what she values most – her freedom, independence, and right to rebel against personally oppressive circumstances.

Saturn in Aquarius supports and aligns with the Moon  – keeping you strong and unwavering when you’re tempted to become alienated from true self – possibly for the sake of keeping a relationship alive.

Promoting balance requires a willingness to release the past, what’s become habitual, or robotic  – in favor of reconnecting your soul and a return to what feels new,  authentic, and deeply satisfying.  Self-love and the ability to imagine a uniquely creative “way through”  this impasse moves you to a better place.


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