Full Moon in Cancer Jan. 6th, 2023

This first full Moon of the year expands your access to other-worldly sources of information, the subconscious mind, a flow of compassion, and some “invisible support” that’s likely to influence your work life.

The need for self-improvement and personal healing could involve a profound personal transformation. The need to express your life purpose through the work that you do, or a service you provide, seems especially important. Your role in the workplace may be infused with new meaning – as your life’s central purpose is clarified.

The knowledge and experience you’ve gained in the past is significant. You might be in the process of clarifying the type of work that no longer serves your interests. And you might feel the need to reconnect with what never fails to inspire you. It might be time to infuse your own ideas into what you alone can create.

Old, personally painful wounds could highlight a lack of confidence, or the courage to reject what fails to align with your calling.

Partnership arrangements could promote a better work/life balance.

Doors open as a more enlightened form of leadership (Uranus) challenges the traditionally corrupt, controlling, and exploitative demands of Saturn. A cultural shift is likely to unfold as the “rules of the game’ change.

The Moon in the 12th house “turns up the volume” on the “small voice within.” Wisdom flows in your direction. Guide yourself forward by paying close attention to how you feel and what you notice. It’s good to beware of the temptation to betray yourself and your purpose in exchange for a money and security.

A deep transformational change, possibly the result of a painful loss, leads you towards a “soulful reunion” that connects your work life with your central.purpose and reason for being.

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