Aries New Moon Today

April 1, 2022

Today the New Moon in the sign of Aries is intricately involved with Chiron (the wounded healer) – and Mercury the god of communication, connection, and discourse. There’s lots of healing potential under this new Moon.

The price we pay for that is verbalizing out loud – if only to yourself – the nature of the pain or vulnerability you’re dealing with. An admission of what continues to hurt and limit you is liberating. The act itself has the effect diluting the pain, and providing some clarification, or insight – while accelerating a healing process.

A difficult adjustment most likely needs to be made. It involves Black Moon Lilith’s disruptive, “in your face” presentation of a harsh truth (a wake up call) – and Pluto in Capricorn’s desire to procrastinate when it comes to moving things in a more truthful direction

A courageous admission involving an area of (extreme) sensitivity could set you off on a more authentic, liberating course. But you’ll need to release what’s become toxic and comfortable over time. You’ll need to respond to a wake-up call that requires an adjustment that’s hard for you to make.

You might need to acknowledge that’s while it’s easy for you to control others it’s much harder to do what it takes to bring yourself under control. It starts with releasing an old way of dealing with pain, telling the the truth, while promoting some deep personal healing.

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