Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27 Degrees of Taurus Friday Nov. 19th

This week the Lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus on Friday Nov. 19th is the dominant influence.

This week begins with Juno, the asteroid of marriage and commitment, entering the sign of Capricorn at 3:23 PM EST today. Serious thought, consideration, and action is focused on restrictions, responsibilities and challenges within relationships. A mature and responsible navigation through what you’re deeply committed to is the focus.

On Tuesday, Nov. 16th, Vesta enters the sign of Sagittarius at 9:04 AM EST. We experience some expansion liberation, new hope, and optimism as it relates to what we’re deeply devoted to – something that feels sacred we’re determined to protect. A change beliefs could be part of the emerging picture.


In general Lunar eclipses activate endings, clarifications, decisions, some changes, or a re-balance most likely within the realm of relationships.

Taurus is a builder with an interest in keeping what’s foundational solid and supportive in good repair. The Sun in Scorpio’s balancing role is to dismantle old foundations that are outdated, stagnant, rotting, and no longer supportive of continued growth.

The energy suggests you’ve come to the end of the road in some regard. What used to keep you interested, engaged, or continuously benefitting from your efforts, may have run it’s course.

The reflexive urge for Taurus (almost always) is to hold on. Taurus is cautious and conflicted when it comes to change or letting go of anything – ever. 🙂

The opposing Sun in Scorpio requires a reckoning with what’s run it’s course, and an adjustment related to commitments, your role in the world, and the most promising road ahead. It’s possible you’ll need to muster up the courage to navigate through some new and different terrain.

The tightest aspect under this eclipse (other than the Sun/Moon opposition), is Uranus’s trine to Venus in Capricorn. What you’ve built through hard work, sacrifice, and self discipline in terms of wealth, prosperity, and relationship stability, could support some new personal freedoms. You might consider following your heart in a new, more satisfying direction and to embrace some enlightened values and priorities that feel more deeply satisfying and personally nourishing.

A liberating financial windfall or unexpected romantic encounter is also a possibility.

Uranus’s opposition to Mars in Scorpio confronts you with a shocking or de-stabilizing truth that ultimately changes your calculations and requires some significant adjustment.

You might feel increasingly liberated from the need to play a role that’s essentially been played out.

Black Moon Lilith carries a disruptive message that involves your fate or destiny and some personal transformation.

A “Yod formation” involving Venus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith infuses a destined or fated “factor” into the current equation. A focus on disrupting the conversation, refusing to abide by traditional norms, or the traditional script that’s been laid out for you, seems important.

You might benefit from embracing a subversive role – especially as it relates to the things you tell yourself about who you are, what you desire, and what’s possible. Traditional behavior within the realm of love, sex, and relationships might need to be disrupted, or thrown overboard to make room for what’s more deeply satisfying and truly authentic.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This eclipse emphasizes some natural cooperation between a couple of different aspects within yourself. An enlightened approach to generating wealth, to connecting with your most natural way of being, or for ordering your values and priorities in a way that aligns beautifully with a talent for organization that’s highly effective when it comes to manifesting your goals. This eclipse is focused on your foundational support. For you that might involve the balance of power within the realm of financial partnerships, a challenge related intimacy issues, trusting yourself and others, or courageously relying on your instincts to guide you forward. It’s likely an old focus of your attention has run its course. It could be time to muster up some enthusiasm for a change in focus and the next chapter. There is a strong message from Black Moon Lilith that encourages you to disrupt old beliefs regarding what’s possible for you. Taking a subversive approach to what you’re used to communicating to yourself, about yourself, seems wise.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
There is some nice cooperation, support, or balance involved in a solid commitment to an idealized relationship. Keeping the faith over the long haul might be easier as a result of your enlightened approach to life in general, or your willingness to stay the course while keeping it real and insisting on something structured. A sudden, shocking revelation or clarification of the true could relate to a partner or partnership. This might be liberating and change your future calculations in some regard. An emotional transformation opens the door to new possibilities. It’s time to muster up the courage to move on with a new strategy and a new approach. Something more interesting or exciting might be vying for your attention. There is a strong message from Black Moon Lilith that encourages you to disrupt old beliefs regarding what’s possible – or impossible for you. Taking a subversive or disruptive approach to the old limitations and beliefs that limited your options seems wise.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This eclipse emphasizes and highlights the natural cooperation and interplay between the work that you do, the methods you use, the way you communicate, and the fresh ideas you generate to enable your success within the healing realm. Your mind naturally gravitates toward exposing what’s hidden. That makes you especially effective when courageous action to expose the truth is required. This eclipse brings some stark and and shocking clarification regarding what’s actually true. It can change your calculations and the way you navigate through life. Something more interesting or exciting might be vying for your attention. There is a strong message from Black Moon Lilith that encourages you to disrupt old beliefs regarding what’s possible – or impossible for you. Taking a subversive or disruptive approach to the old limitations or beliefs that limited your options seems wise.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This eclipse highlights and intensifies some nice cooperation and a supportive flow between something enlightened and liberating you’re attempting to cultivate within the group or community realms – or some solid (financial) commitment involving a partner or partnership. Mars in Scorpio in your 5th house intensifies your profound creative power and influence over group affairs, relationships, and your ability to expose what’s hidden – especially when it involves healing or an under-developed talent. It’s likely some shocking, unexpected, or undeniable truth will change your calculations and current focus. This could open the door to a new, more interesting chapter that feels destined or fated in some regard. Don’t be afraid to disrupt an old conversation you’ve had repeatedly with yourself. It’s time to un-doctrinate yourself and to open some new doors.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This eclipse highlights and intensifies natural talent, some easy cooperation between reliable leadership skills, advanced technical know-how, or an ability to organize multiple “moving parts” toward a specific goal. The theme of this eclipse for you involves some transformation change re: your relationship to your home, the past, an old source of security, and what you’re most interested achieving from this point forward. A clarification or decision may be in in play. It’s possible some old foundational support for your career will need to be changed, transformed, or purged of a few “rotting elements.” A shocking truth comes to light and changes your calculations. Some deeper emotional introspection might clarify what you actually need or amplify your enthusiasm for the next phase.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This eclipse provides lots of support and some fortunate cooperation between idealist and enlightened beliefs and your ability to create a forward-thinking enterprise that runs like clock-work. Creating an artistic masterpiece could be timely. This eclipse emphasizes a transformation of the kind of foundational support you need in order to emotionally engage with your public role, your chosen profession, and what you most want to achieve. It seems important to disrupt the old conversations you’ve had with yourself and the restrictions you’ve accepted with regard to what’s possible for you. It’s likely a shocking revelation regarding the exposure of what’s actually true will change your calculations in terms of the courageous actions you’re willing to consider for yourself and your future. Enthusiasm for an old chapter of your life seems to be dissolving. It might be time to re-group and to muster up some enthusiasm for the next chapter.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Under this eclipse there’s an easy, fortunate, supportive, flow between nurturing love, the safety and assurances your home, family, and past provides – and your enlighten, healing approach to transformational change in general. Endings, clarifications, decisions, or an important “re-balance” is in play. It seems to involve a transformation or upgrade related to the strength of your foundational support and your ability to continue to shoulder the burdens of those in need of transformational healing. It’s likely you’ll be faced with a stark clarification or shocking truth that changes your calculations income regard. It’s important as you approach the end of a phase of growth to disrupt some old traditional plans for the future that need to more closely reflect your emerging interests and new possibilities.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Under this eclipse there’s an easy, fortunate flow of cooperation between a liberating, solid, forward- thinking approach to relationships – and the reliably honest and truthful conversations that are possible as a result. This eclipse requires some foundational transformation, re-enforcement, or strengthening to support your enlightened approach to relationships. Partners will likely need you to be strong, reliable, and stabilizing. It appears you may be at the end of a phase of life that requires you to decide how you will define what’s possible for you during the next phase. Most likely you’ll need to disrupt an old conversation you keep having with with yourself in favor of something more subversive or disruptive to your usual routine and M.O. Your fate or destiny is intricately involved. A shocking destabilizing truth will require you to regroup and recalculate how you will approach the next phase.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Under this eclipse a nice, supportive, fortunate flow of cooperation between the reliability of your work – and the stabilizing financial support you have that allows you to do that work – is emphasized. But behind the scenes something foundationally transformational is brewing. Something old and no longer useful is silently dissolving. You might sense that you’re in limbo or that your days are numbered with regard to sustaining your usual work routines, rhythms, and schedules. It seems important with regard to your fate and destiny that you begin to disrupt the traditional conversations you’ve been having with yourself – and the old entrenched restrictions that have traditionally limited you. A shocking revelation might change the game or provide an important clarification for you. In quiet moments you might have the courage to accept that an old, familiar, and stabilizing area of interest has run it’s course, and something as yet to be defined is waiting in the wings.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
A natural talent for organization, cultivating discipline, reliability, and the achievement of important goals works beautifully with your ability to attract cooperation through your enthusiasm for life – your ability entertain, or to be a reliable source for the kind of humor that puts everything into perspective. This eclipse transforms, reinforces, and strengthens the foundation you rely on to support and encourage the development of your talents. In this case the group or the community might demand you show up to support a community or a global concern with the natural talents you’ve worked to develop. It’s likely a harsh and shocking truth will be revealed that requires you to adjust your calculations and the way you’ve traditionally navigated through life. It seems you may be on the cusp of mustering up some enthusiasm for the next phase. It’s important that you disrupt some old ideas about work, your role in the workplace, your relationship with co-workers, or the kind of conversations you have about work and what’s possible for you.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 21)
This week a natural and easy cooperative flow relates to your ability to detach from old sources of security as you invisibly connect with some deeply stabilizing wisdom – accumulated over the course of many lifetimes. There’s something profoundly nourishing and essential that feeds your soul and sets you free of the usual constraints that can diminish your impact. Something foundational and transformational involving your professional role or your most important contribution to the world needs to be strengthened, reinforced, or more clearly defined. It’s likely something shockingly clarifying will move you forward in a new direction. You might be on the cusp of a a new emerging interest that is somehow tied up with your fate and destiny. It’s important for Aquarius in general to rebel against what’s traditionally expected. But now its especially important to take a strongly subversive approach to anything that doesn’t feel authentic, original, or irresistibly interesting.

pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21 – March 21)
A naturally cooperative balance between your enlightened ideas and foresight and the organizational talents you possess that can benefit the community, the group, and group goals. You may have the power to t move the masses in a better direction with a mesmerizing or hypnotic approach. A transformation and strengthening of some foundational support might relate to your belief system, the future, something expansive, or liberating. It might be time to write and publish your book, or to begin to focus on creating the masterwork of your life so that the impact of your enlightened ideas or artistic creations can survive long after your gone. It appears you’re on the verge of a transition that will involve the creation of something that can withstand the test of time. Something shockingly clarifying involving a sibling or enlightened communication might change your calculations and approach. It’s important to disrupt something familiar and limiting as you assess what’s run it’s course and muster up some enthusiasm for a newly interesting focus.

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