Aries Full Moon Oct. 9, 2022

This Full Moon at 4:55 PM EDT bring us as far as we can go without some courageous corrective action within the realm of relationships. Its likely we’re aware of the need for a better balance – within ourselves or with regard to the current nature of our relationships.

Aries implies an energized, anxious, or impatient approach to the pressing need for something that feels fair and equitable. We’ve come as far as we can go with current attempts to sustain an increasingly frustrating status quo.

A point of balance is defined by the Moon’s “16 degrees of Cancer” midpoint. At the extremes rebelling against repressive “house rules” vs. trying to maintain an oppressive status quo could play out in the form of those unwilling to “bend” and those reflexively accommodating whatever’s thrown in their direction.

As pressures peak within relationships self-control and taking responsibility for promoting effective action is especially important. It could be time to end what’s not working.

A Sun/Venus conjunction in the just, and equitable sign of Libra, in the 8th house of deep transformational change – is especially relevant. For the sake of promoting a healthier more balanced relationship it’s important to be honest if you’re harboring an area of vulnerability and pain that may have nothing to do with a partner and more to do with addressing your own personal challenges.

Re-hashing old points of contention is a weak substitute for taking decisive action. Our highest aim under this full Moon could be associated with a deeply rooted inner faith – and the freedom to move a relationship in a more emotionally honest direction.

Jupiter retrograde in the all-important 1st house is less inclined to be honest than Jupiter direct. Neptune in the 1st house adds to the confusion as what needs to be said to maintain a secure, supportive foundation is illogical, confusing, and undermining.

The tightest, most powerful aspect in this full Moon chart (other than the Sun/Moon opposition) is Vesta at 23 degrees of Aquarius in the visionary, “magically-attuned” 12th house. Nurturing your own vision for what you’re trying to protect for yourself, your relationship, and the world seems important.

On the world stage and at home it’s time to promote a higher harmony, to change the trajectory of a relationship or negotiate compromise.

Healing your relationship could require a sobering personal analysis anchored in reality and facts that may be hard to accept. In order to build something better it seems important to destroy what’s old, tired, or endlessly repetitive. If you’re vacillating that’s a choice.

Yesterday as Pluto turned direct in the sign of Capricorn a monumentally powerful shift was set in motion. (If you have any planets in your chart between the 26th and 29th degrees of Capricorn you will be especially sensitive to the need for deep transformational change.) Because Pluto defines our true motivations for sustaining, changing, or ending a relationship, it’s better to reach for what’s courageous and challenging rather than cowardly or convenient.

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