Aries New Moon March 21, 2023 1:22 PM EDT New York, New York

Under this New Aries Moon the focus in on you – what you desire, and how you can insist on the world revolving around you. There is nothing more important than following your instincts in the direction of highly energized personal progress – just for you.

It’s time to ignore the demands for compromise or acquiescence. There’s plenty of time for that under one of the next several new Moons.

Pluto’s current position at 29 degrees of Capricorn 58′ suggests we’re living on borrowed time. What’s collapsing involves the exclusive focus on accumulating personal wealth, status, position, security and privilege. What’s outwardly impressive could conflict with what naturally aligns with your instincts and desires. Your attention is required. Be especially mindful and aware.

Women are most likely to assume that without pressure to care for others – or the need to sacrifice your own ambitions for another’s – you simply couldn’t be inspired It might be challenging to get used to putting yourself and your goals first. But it’s time.

Mars rules this new Moon chart. He’s placed in the sign of Gemini on the 4th house cusp – squaring Neptune in Pisces. A pillar of stability – possibly the Patriarch or Matriarch of the family – heaps new responsibility onto the next generation. The baton is passed on.

Will you accept it because no one else will? Or will you insist on time to focus on yourself as you move forward.

Conversations could be fraught with anger, unacknowledged fear, or resentment.

But inspiring yourself to believe in your own abilities as opposed to “relying on others” becomes infectious. Now is the time to achieve great things for yourself – to turn a dream or vision into reality, to reap the rewards of hard work, and to muster an abundance of courage when it’s required. There is no time to waste.

A loss could clarify the limited amount of time you have to do what you want to do before “death arrives to claim you.” The death card of the tarot deck clears away what’s run its course.

The promising North Node in the 2nd house encourages you to move in alignment with your most natural rhythms, to stabilize yourself financially, and to ground yourself in the beauty of the natural world.

Developing a personal talent in alignment with your inner vision – and sharing it with the world is important. Further developing your own personal style seems critical and timely as well.

It’s good to steer clear of what may feel old and outdated but familiar and easy to repeat. Over-complicating financial matters – especially those that reflect unacknowledged intimacy problems need to be addressed and resolved. Ask for help if you need it.

Otherwise keep it simple, straight-forward, instinctive, and for now, all about you – what you desire, what you want to accomplish, and what makes you proud.

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