Sagittarian New Moon Nov. 23rd, 2022

At 5:57 PM PST on Nov. 23rd a new Moon opens the door to a new beginning. It’s time to look at some interesting new possibilities for expansion that could inspire a move in a promising direction – possibly with regard to your work life.

It might be time to become more adventurous or to embrace a new area of interest. Releasing yourself from what’s become familiar and predictable in exchange for exploring a new area of interest seems well-timed. You might be tempted to find a new home, to move to a foreign country, or to learn something new that can open new avenues for adventure and creative self expression.

If you’re confused with regard to what your current focus and goal “should be” it might be time to rely more on your natural “psychic sensitivity” to intuit what it is you desire most. It might be time to stop watching things drift in the wrong direction as you take control, provide a different kind of leadership, or create some new opportunities for yourself.

Sagittarians are always interested in the big picture and the “state of the world” in general. Under this new Moon the role you play on a day-to-day basis becomes more important and more significant with regard to ensuring your own freedom and independence – as well as the welfare of the masses.

The apex of a challenging T-square in this new Moon chart emphasizes a truth that’s hard to acknowledge or access. Becoming a captive to fear is a possibility under this new Moon. Underlying pressures could trigger a transformational crisis.

It’s possible you have the power and the foresight to act as a guardian of ‘the wider stream of events” – freeing yourself (and others) from old repetitive scripts. Opening new doors to a more interesting future seems timely. An important transformational change is supported by a willingness to trust your instincts. It could be important to “invite in” the healing power of crystals or “any solid object you’ve blessed with magical significance” to move you through some current uncertainty.

It’s time to consider the importance of cultivating a balance between a deeply rooted inner faith in yourself and “trusting your gut” when it’s time to move on.

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