Virgo New Moon Aug. 27, 2022

August 27, 2022


This “new Moon beginning” is associated with fixing, cleaning, upgrading, and improving.  Navigating through Virgo  is easier if you don’t get stuck in the trap of being disappointed when  you realize perfection is always just out of reach.   Aiming for improvement under this new Moon seems wise.

Mars in Gemini exactly squares the new Moon.  Lots of anxiety is generated as Mars throws new ideas and extraneous details into the mix,. It can be especially hard to focus.  You might be torn between two options or competing goals – financial security vs. deep personal satisfaction for example.

Mars is always impatient for progress while the Moon tunes into what feels right.  Energy fluctuates.

Virgo wants to be of service, to make life more efficient by finding a workable solution while discarding what’s no longer needed. issues associated with mothering arise.

Mars in Gemini  is an” inconvenient, unapologetic” truth teller” when it comes to revealing  whether or not “the facts”  support your current beliefs.   The Virgo Moon’s opposition to the 12th house suggests there might be confusion or a lack of focus  associated with too many opinions or too much information.

Saturn in Aquarius  squares Uranus in Taurus.  The urge to break free of a  cycle that lands you  back at “square one” repeatedly can be broken. Now is a good time to intervene in your own destiny – to persevere and endure despite distractions or set backs. Self-discipline is “key.”

A progressive spiritual evolution is likely to  be “in play” as you release old obsessions that fail to deliver what your soul craves – and move on.

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