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New Year Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 26th – Jan 1st

We’re in the midst of an eclipse season. The first event is the upcoming (Jan. 6th, 2019) partial Solar eclipse at 15 degrees of Capricorn. It’s a continuation of a theme related to groups, your role within group settings, being […] 

New Year Horoscopes 2017

(Mosaic Art – Debra D’Souza ) 2017 begins with a powerful accumulation of energy just beneath the surface of your being. It’s energy that’s difficult to control. Persistently there’s the threat of an eruption that potentially throws you and others […] 

New Year Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 31- Jan. 6

Mosaic Artist Lynne Chinn This week nervous systems shift into high gear and it may feel strenuous to keep pace with the flow of groundbreaking ideas. Group action and forward movement is likely as both Mercury and Venus enter the […]