New Year Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 26th – Jan 1st

We’re in the midst of an eclipse season. The first event is the upcoming (Jan. 6th, 2019) partial Solar eclipse at 15 degrees of Capricorn. It’s a continuation of a theme related to groups, your role within group settings, being attracted to unusual groups, lucrative group activity, starting a group, your role in a group, or the group that defines you. The initial idea, last “decision point,” or challenge occurred on Christmas Day of the year 2000. You responded to a call at the level you could. Now (most likely) you’re capable of responding at a higher level. More can be developed. The next big step or commitment can be made. The next challenge is waiting. The coast is cleared. An opportunity presents itself.

This week we close the book on a Mars cycle that began on January 29, 2017 as we prepare to enter a new one on Jan. 1st. This Mars cycle is one of action and initiation. Courage is required. Risk is involved. You have taken the current cycle as far as it can go in it’s current direction. The impetus to let go strengthened around Nov. 16th (2018). A “wake up” call may have been given and received. Whatever’s leftover from that cycle will dissolve between now and New Year’s Day. Be willing to let go.

The New Year begins with an energy surge and a revelation. We kick into a higher gear just before the Capricorn Solar Eclipse. The nature of “current arrangements” and our focus might change. Decisions are made. It’s time to commit. We’re on to something new.

This week Jupiter in expansive, freedom loving, truth-telling Sagittarius, continues to challenge Neptune and vice versa. Something hidden, vague, dissolving, or disguised threatens to be revealed. Naming the underlying problem we haven’t been able to define is a possibility. Beliefs unsupported by facts are thrown overboard making room for something more supportive and uplifting. What continues to undermine our future ends and is replaced with something more hopeful that gives peace (inner peace) a chance. Unrealistic travel plans or future plans could unravel in the short term. Faith in ourself is bolstered.

Venus and Ceres unite in the sign of Scorpio. Complicated financial dealings (or power plays) are tied up with nurturing, support, home, family, and the past. It’s hard to define where one ends and the other begins. Old contracts and expectations involving “who takes care of what” may need to be clarified. An imbalance begs for a correction. The ability to detach from what was in order to empower what is – or what “could be” – is necessary. There’s powerful motivation and the impetus for change.
Old patterns and strategies are under threat.

The Sun and Saturn move into a tight conjunction in Capricorn as the week progresses. This is some “dead seriousness” regarding achievements and goals. It’s the willingness to look at harsh realities and to work within the framework you have – or to change it. Something that will take more effort than you’d hoped falls in your lap. It’s time to face your fear, to rein it in, to put emotions on hold, do the right thing, focus and deal with what is.

Mars trines the North Node this week. This is healing that reaches far into the past to undo tendencies and patterns that limit your ability to succeed and stabilize. Punishing attitudes and harsh self-judgement is lifted or significantly diminished.

A willingness to allow your intution to put you in the right place at the right time is an option. So is gravitating toward those who support you. But there’s still the option of engaging in the kind of work that debilitates, depresses, and exhausts you. The point is you still have a choice even though the Universe is currently pushing for something kinder, gentler, and more effective.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars is on the cusp of moving out of your mysterious 12th house of hidden “horrors” and “timeless treasures.” A break for freedom is signified as you transport something once hidden out into the open. But it’s more than that. You may be carrying (and about to share) what you’ve discoved or recovered over the past two and a half years – and further reconstituted since Nov. 16th. This is a big deal in terms of the progression of your style and approach to life. Something requiring courage, a breakthrough, and a review of just how much of an “awakening force” and destabilizing infkuence you’re willing to be to promote progress is underway. Creating a stronger foundation for success is part of this picture. A move may be necessary. Grounding yourself seems important. Connecting with your talents, roots, and the the supportive throughline that runs along your current path is advised.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The stellium of Capricorn influence, while difficult for most, seems to bode well for Taurus. There is something magical about the current earthy influence grounding you in a place where you’re able to access the depths of wisdom and power – and to comfortably reside there. All kinds of amazing synchronicities, unexpected blessings, harmonious convergences, and amazingly wonderful “long shots” seem to materialize with little effort, and to characterize the coming year for you. You may learn to expect the magical surprises that will unfold for you in 2019. And that’s good. Expecting the best for yourself and others puts you in a powerfully supportive place. If there was one piece of advice I’d give it’s to go into every new situation expecting that things will work out exceedingly well for you – and to not skip a beat when they do. Just keep moving and being quietly grateful – but not surprised. It looks like the new normal.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
There’s lots of evidence to conclude that you’re pretty smart, pclever, and better informed than most. Your mind is sharp and really good at problem solving, It’s also creative and ingenious. But sometimes you don’t act like you believe any of this as you tend to be perplexed by things that could be easy to resolve. You may lack faith in the space that houses your deepest longings, desires, dreams, hopes, and wishes for yourself – and the world. What you love most may be unacceptable and rejected for some reasons that sound practical and valid but actually aren’t. This year it’s time to listen very carefully to yourself, to tune-in when you “don’t know” and to listen to the small voice within when you’re frustrated, or like you’re working at odds with what could make life easier and more fun. Trust in yourself and your inner voice is well placed always but especially in 2019.

CANCER (June 21-July)
The upcoming eclipse in your 7th house of your “blind spot” – the part of yourself you tend to not see or acknowledge – changes your “inner arrangement” to expand your vision of yourself. A more accurate picture of who you are comes into play this week. How valuable you are to others and to yourself because of your groundedness, practicality, self-discipline, and willingness to endure in the moment for the sake of a long term goal, is admirable. Your ability to delay gratification for the sake of a relationship may finally be recognized. It’s important that you see the “whole” of who you are. It allows you to stand firm when you need to and to arrange for compromise when necessary. You are the stabilizing force though your contribution may be undervalued or unrecognized. The eclipse brings to your attention – and the attention of the public – how you truly are the “adult in the room.” Your sensitivity and caring approach may have obscured the tough interior and personal sacrafice that makes life easier for others – especially partners.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Mar’s move into your 9th house ends a period of self-examination, a review of your motivation, placing your focus in the realm of future goals and concerns. What’s most vulnerable within you – an irreplaceably valuable asset – needs protection. How can you manage that given financial realities, responsibilities, and obligations? What is the one thing you need to do or sacrifice now? The “one thing” may actually be two things. Finding a way to accomplish two things at once is an option. It’s probably not an either/or proposition. Jupiter and Mercury reside in your 5th house of creative joy. There is every reason to expect that 2019 will bring you more that is enjoyable, fun, creatively successful, and life-enhancing. But you have to weigh your options and notice that you CAN have it both ways. Sacrifice is not the issue. Making it work by aligning with the connections you have is a possibility. The impossible quandry is actually an opportunity for advancement. You can protect your most valuable invisible asset – and it’s likely you will.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
It’s possible that your need for perfection is kicking into high gear as Jupiter aligns with Mercury (perfection) making it all bigger and maybe somewhat out of control. Perfectionism may be stopping you from taking the “leap of faith” you need to take in order to provide a better foundation (a more supportive home) for what you’re striving to achieve. Mar’s move into your 8th house of deeply personal transformations gives you the opportunity to uproot a source of fear masquerading as perfectionism and cleverly stopping you from doing what you’re afraid to do. “If I can’t do it perfectly I don’t have to do it at all. It would betray my standards” for example. Now is the right time to dive head first into being truthful with yourself. Fear dressed in perfectionistic garb can be exposed and disempowered as you move to a more stable place. Friends, supportive connections, and the masses are counting on you to do the courageous thing. Mars is giving you the energy and means to do it.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Mars move into your 7th house on New Year’s day signals an awakening to the benefits the “wise and experienced” can offer you. You don’t have to figure everything out for yourself. If you’re having trouble finding a solution or repeating something that continues to be ineffective, you don’t have to be stuck. There are wise counselors and elders – maybe within your family – who can help you land on a decision that feels right. Others have traveled a path similar to yours, navigated the pitfalls, and would be happy to be consulted. Old relationship patterns and strategies are being challenged. But there is an opportunity to correct a misunderstanding or some kind of imbalance involving money, power, and the past. You could benefit from a conversation with someone who’s essentially seen it all. Look for someone with a sense of humor to put it all in a perspective that allows you to recognize the truth.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Your ability to come up with creative ideas that can enhance your power and impact is pretty stunning. Capricorn planets amass in your 3rd house of communication. They’re challenging old patterns while at the same time highlighting whatever’s gestating as the deepest levels of your mind and heart to further define the nature of what you could create. Something involving music, rhythms, resonance, harmony, and a leap of faith that moves you into your most “natural groove” could be involved. Mar’s move into your 6th solar house awakens you to the possibility of considering a different kind of process – an evolution in the direction of integrating something more magical, elusive, or creative – something you love – into the realm of healing. Simply getting from point A to point B could take on new meaning. Faith in yourself, your ideas, and your process bodes well for 2019.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sadge may be coming to terms with something that has ended and now be in the process of considering where to go from here. There are lots of possibilites. You could try to intuit impending trends, get ahead of the curve, and provide for the masses what they appear to be craving. You could do what you’ve always done or always known and tweak it a little so it seems new. Or you could just listened to your heart, identify what inspires you, what you love, and do that. It’s kind of risky. What you love could be something no one is especially interested in. But what you love you empower. What you fear you empower. And what you empower you attract. You know more than you did seven years ago. Your perspective is different. It’s time to consider how you’ve evolved and what’s changed. What you choose may feel pretty risky until May 15th. Things stabilize then and you’ll feel more settled and confident with what you decide to contribute.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Uranus in Aries until May 15th pretty much ensures that 2019 will be a challenging and somewhat tumultuous year for Capricorn. You’ve got some challenges that must be addressed – fianancial and otherwise. But Capricorns are really good and well-versed in the art of addressing challenges, reining in fear, taking control, doing the hard work, arranging the preparations, etc. But the issue this year is more of a spiritual one – “replenishing the well.” Some kind of spiritual (or actual) malnutrition, debilitation, exhaustion, or boredom seems to be the dark cloud threatening your long game. What’s most destabilizing, frightening, and unpredictable hold within it the cure most likely to revive what needs to be revived within you. Nothing familiar, controlled, and generally prescribed by the majority of rational minds would seeem to satisfy. Faith in yourself and the process is critical for 2019 – at least the first half.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Fortunately Aquarius begins the year with Jupiter and Mercury in the 11th house – the Aquarian house. Freedom of thought is highlighted. The ability to travel to places in your mind that feel foreign or were were previously “off limits” is emphasized and facilitated. This looks like a break-out year especially with regard to your most cherished dreams, hopes, and wishes – or your work with groups. You may realize the vastness of the possibilities available to you – in your head and in your life. It may feel risky to share your thoughts. Those may be out of sync with what makes others comfortable. But you may take on the role of the unapologetic rebel for the sake of progress. And it will feel right. Travel is likely to feel mandatory or irresistable. Your world as it exists now will not be big enough to contain you in 2019. You may encourage others to expand and explore in ways that support their life and values. Mid-May is a pivotal turning point.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
There is something increasingly urgent involved in following some inner mandate, destiny, or cherished dream. Intuitively you know where you need to be headed. But you don’t have all the time in world to get there. 2019 may be the year when you need to make some real progress – the year you decide to take a giant step in the direction of something you’ve always longed for. Anything lackadaisical or half-hearted this year could qualify as a betrayal of yourself or serious miscalculation. The “20 year plan” or even the “5 year plan” must be challenged this year. Is there really a reasoon for further delay. Your astrology says no. There is risk involved in any change or adventure. But this is an issue of giving yourself what you’ve always wanted because you want it and because there’s a lot of wisdom in doing that. Who knows better than you what you want and need. It’s the roadmap for your life.

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