Aquarian New Moon Horoscopes for the Week of 2/10 – 2/16

In a specific sector of your life experience this Aquarian new Moon sows the seeds of a new Beginning. The New Moon Chart features seven placements in Aquarius – including a Jupiter/Venus conjunction implying good news, encouraging messages, and good fortune where money and relationships are involved.

There are seven placements in the sign of Aquarius concentrated in one sector os your chart. That’s an especially strong statement related to humanitarian concerns, a focused group effort, and work and restrictions related to creating some more ideal within the community or global environment.

Maybe you’re inspired by an innovative/crazy progressive idea, unusual strategy, or enlightened solution that could be practically applied. The time could be ripe for expansive openings or liberation within the hearts and minds of the collective.

Destabilizing personal and public events around Jan 8th inspired strong reactions. Having reached a level of frustration that was difficult contain an argument or some strong pushback against an injustice, the rules, or feelings of confinement arose. On a personal level attempts to shape, censor, limit, or rein in your opinions and ideas might have reached intolerable levels.

Today (Feb. 10th) something connected to the events of Jan. 8th could be re-visited as Mars in Taurus squares Mercury in Aquarius. Mars argues in favor of the (political) status quo, tradition values, and sticking with what feels comfortable. Aquarius argues for progress, breaking the rules, and an unprecedented breakthrough.

Aquarius is coldly logical, rational to a fault, detached from feeling, and sometimes alienated from the world outside the confines of their mind. Emotional needs, the basic requirements of the human body, the importance of tradition, stabilizing values and repetitive routines may not register for Aquarius.

Uranus in Taurus continues to square Saturn in Aquarius. There’s a challenge to promote progress from a wiser, more balanced, loving, or heart-felt perspective.

In this new Moon chart Chiron in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius – exactly.

An opportunity to take into consideration vulnerabilities and emotional wounds while attempting to structure an ideal community environment, political reality, or global society is highlighted.

The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon at 23 degrees of Aquarius speaks to promoting a higher harmony by melting the hearts of those who would obstruct peace. Closing one’s heart behind a “barricade of supporting logic” may be a recipe for failure if minds are closed and hearts shut down.

Over the weekend Mercury in retrograde motion will conjunct Venus and Jupiter. Despite some uncertainty this is a week when good news and fortunate messages tend to flow in your direction.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
New seeds are planted within the area of life that relates to your dreams, hopes, and wishes for yourself and the world. A new beginning or official launch in the direction you want to go advances. Something more ideal allows for a more authentic representation of yourself. Encouraging news flows in areas related to your social life. Socially your status may improve. You might feel welcomed into groups you’ve previously felt alienated from – or at least kept at some distance. Taking on a leadership position within the group might involve a recognition of your unique talents or specific area of expertise. You might feel proud of what you seem to be accomplishing. Today (Feb. 10th) Mercury and Mars collide in a clash of ideas and opinions related to events of Jan. 8th. A re-hash of a frustrating argument or destabilizing event is likely. By the weekend a fortunate message is received that could “change the game” in a positive direction. Mercury remains in retrograde motion until Feb. 20th. The full impact of this new Moon will be evident then. Opening your heart and putting yourself in the shoes of someone less fortunate is a win/win for you, your friends, those you love, and the world.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The seeds of something new are planted in the area of life involving your public role, profession, or life direction. An accomplishment or the launch of something more aligned with your authentic (public) self is indicated. Family issues and the past may be influential or foundational this week. Today, Feb 10th, Mars and Mercury are on a collision course reminiscent of a clash, disagreement, or destabilizing argument that occurred on Jan. 8th. A flash point could re-ignite a challenging discussion involving issues related to justice, fairness, money, or security. Promoting a higher harmony, peace, and balance involves a willingness to involve your heart in the solution. A superior argument based on facts alone may not get you where you want to be. On Thursday you get more of what you’ve longed to attract from friends, groups, admired organizations, or some “special status” in relation to the group. You may receive validation that you are supported and do, in fact, belong. Over the weekend more good news and encouragement flows in your direction. But the picture is not complete until Mercury turns direct on Feb 20th. The full impact of this new Moon will not be evident till then. If you’re waiting for an answer involving relationships money, membership, and belonging the news will most likely be positive.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The seeds of a powerful and fortunate new beginning occur in your 9th house of higher education, publishing, legalities, future expansion and liberation. Your mind is likely on fire with ideas, information, and new connections that can be made from what you’re learning or already know. Mars in your 12th house implies some invisible action, lack of support, or common values that re-ignited an argument or some “push back” that began on Jan 8th. The subject matter at that time could be revisited in some form today. Tomorrow’s new Moon in Aquarius at 2:06 PM EST highlights justice and fairness matters, breaking the rules, or breaking the system. Getting more of what you’ve been trying to attract in terms of future possibilities, relationships, and money is likely. A feeling you may be on the cutting edge of new philosophy or theory that could advance the cause of humanity may materialize. The messages you receive especially over the weekend will be fortunate and encouraging. Support may be in place for eventually launching something innovative. Mercury continues in retrograde motion until Feb. 20th. Until then the impact of this new Moon remains in flux. Over the weekend the good news just keeps on coming. Ultimately this new Moon is very positive for you.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This fortunate new beginning involves your 8th house of joint finances, transformational change, intimacy, and trust, mysteries and the occult. Messages you receive could be profoundly fortunate or life-changing with regard to the power you’re able to wield. Within the most sensitive areas of life, transformational healing is indicated. Your true motivation is revealed. Today you may re-live, remember, or repeat something contentious or destabilization initially occurring around Jan 8th. This could have involved groups, ideals, social values, or your financial “fate.” Someone may have tried to tell you you were wrong about a political opinion or social development. Attention to an old wound related to the achievement of your highest goals might involve facing a truth involving a sensitive topic or secret. On Thursday the New Moon ushers in a tense/uncertain new beginning at 2:06 PM EST. Finding ways to promote a higher harmony for the group involves being mindful of the degree to which you fully involve or alienate your heart. Getting more of what you long to attract looks promising especially within areas involving the balance of power. Launching something new could be part of this picture. But the picture is not complete until Mercury turns direct on Feb 20th. Over the weekend more encouraging news continues to flow in your direction. The answer you were hoping for materializes.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
For Leo this New Moon might exert it’s influence through your partner and “by association.” The news is all good. This might relate to a partner’s achievement that changes the game in some regard. A higher status achieved through some official recognition, greater sense of belonging, or “permission” to express a more authentic version of his or herself is encouraging. A new relationship beginning is initiated. On a different note you might be invited to use your communication skills to advance the cause of a community in a more ideal direction. This is an area of life that holds exceptional promise for you if you can let go of old beliefs related to rational thought and a logical approach. The time is ripe for considering and communicating something more heart-felt and subjective. Being right might not persuade the collective to move in a more ideal direction. Personal stories might be more persuasive. Closing one’s heart behind a “barricade of logical arguments” might not be the best strategy. For best results you might have to involve your heart and the hearts of those you need to persuade. It’s possible a partner could assist you in this regard.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
This week the new Moon beginning involves your work, a service you provide, something innovative, groundbreaking, and practically applicable. Most likely it involves caring or a greater sensitivity to the importance a healthy community, or global environment. Something psychically-based – a dream, intuitive sense of what’s most needed, or upgraded connection with information normally inaccessible – becomes available. Internal knowing and spiritual wisdom is reinforced as a basis for your work. Work environments may present opportunities for breakthroughs. Good news flows in your direction. It might relate to the status of your health, a work relationship, or disruptions to your normal routine. You may present the world with the means for advancing communication, some technological advances, or alternative/futuristic methods. A source of contention from Jan 8th may be re-visited this week. But something liberating, more independent, and heart-felt moves you into the future. A confrontation with a vulnerability related to success or unusual achievements strengthens your position. Letting go of old beliefs promoted by your family of origin moves you in a more promising or prominent direction. You can expect good news or the answer you were hoping for.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
This week a groundbreaking new beginning involves your power and influence, a secret, or intimate reality. Financial partnerships could be involved. Messages are fortunate, uplifting, and encouraging this week. What you long to attract materializes in the form a lover, creative inspiration, and something (someone) more playful and interesting. This could a friend or ally, someone from your social group, a community activist, or idealist. You may have reached a point in your life when you’re able to risk being more open to love – the result of dealing with a painful, destabilizing lessons from the past. Chiron in your 7th house of relationships confronts you with an old wound related to love, dissatisfaction, and loss. In some regard it strengthens and encourages you. Did I mention the news is all good this week? Some uncertainty or stress may need to be dealt with. A logical, factual, rational, and objective approach might need to be released in favor of something more subjective or heart-felt. The wisdom of the heart is a most powerful strategy this week. Releasing an old approach to manifesting cherished dreams or longings for love may already be in play.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This week attention is drawn to your 4th house of home, family, roots, sources of security, and the strength of your foundations. Good news flows in your direction especially as it relates to liberation, expansion, relationships, and independence. Devotion or passion relates to communicating your innovative ideas for advancing the cause of a group or something more ideal for the community. Timeless wisdom and love might be most influential in securing a sense of belonging or something more interesting an cutting-edge. Connecting with the like-minded to concentrate your efforts in a more idealistic direction for the collective, the community, and the world might take precedence. The news is uplifting and could launch you in a new direction that feels like a more authentic representation of yourself and what you’re devoted to. Confrontation with an old wound or vulnerability related to relationships – or the role finances play within the realm relationships – could strengthen you. Acting more courageously, breaking old patterns within the realm of your work life, or with regard to health routines and decisions seems important. Who you employ to assist you could be pivotal. The full impact of this new Moon will not be clarified until Feb. 20th when Mercury turns direct.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The seeds of something new are being planted in your third house of enlightened thought, innovative ideas, and cutting edge methods. How you move yourself from “here to there” can be ingenious. You are the forerunner of ideas that are destined to become mainstream. You may be charged with opening minds so that progress in the direction of something more ideal for the masses can be achieved. There’s an indication that something old and “played out” related your style and approach to life needs to be released so that something more promising and authentic can be pursued. This most likely relates to communication within the realm relationships or a strong belief in the power of your own mind to move you forward. The news is uplifting and fortunate this week – especially over the weekend. If you’ve been trying to opening new doors, expand your reach, or liberate yourself in some regard you’ll likely meet with success. The overriding message involves a challenge to rely more on the “wisdom of love” and a kinder, gentler, emotionally connected response. The world biggest problems are in need of a closer personal connection to the “heart of the matter.” The full impact of this new Moon will not be clarified until Feb. 20th whenMercury turns direct.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The seeds of a new beginning promised by the impending Aquarian new Moon involve values and priorities. The use of your resources and/or wealth to move the world in the direction of something more ideal relates to your enlightened ideas, a focus on the invisible emotional damage that’s been inflicted on the group, the community, the masses, and the world. You may recognize or reveal a truth and the source of a problem that cannot be solved without some massive transformational change. Capricorn has the discipline to do what’s hard to do. Often that relates to destroying the source of something hidden, toxic, and incompatible with life. Organizing your resources or consolidating them in a way that makes you a more powerful force within the community seems wise. Recalling a time when you were seeking an escape from a harsh reality could put you in the right frame of mind for being of assistance. The news is all good with regard to finances and accumulating wealth. Channeling your financial power toward a cause that involves something heartfelt and authentic seems wise. The full impact this full Moon will not be known until Feb. 20th when Mercury turns direct.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Presenting yourself to the world in a way that feels more authentic or places you in a position of being a “forerunner” for ideas not yet generally accepted by the community or group is the essence of this new Moon beginning for you. Releasing old beliefs and commitments to what seems to have run it’s course is timely. It’s likely you have the courage to take the kind of risks others may not under this new Moon. Being an outsider from birth allows you to operate comfortably within groups that would prefer to keep you and your weird ideas at a safe distance. But the news is encouraging and “all good” this week. You may be waiting for the verdict and it’s likely to be a positive one. Launching yourself in a new direction is likely to pique the interests of some. But the reception your new emphasis, status or venture receives is beside the point. A public statement that clarifies who you are and what you believe about your role in the community is refreshing. It allows you to be more creative and to showcase your most unique talents. The results your efforts since Jan. 8th will likely be positive. It gets easier to be in love with your life and something that holds great promise.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
A new beginning for Pisces is characteristically invisible, subtle, or orchestrated from behind the scenes, highly consequential in terms of your health, your work life, and routines. A clarification related to something buried within your subconscious mind may be revealed. This could open your mind to new opportunities for the group or for the community. You might recognize emotional patterns and connect the dots especially if your actions conflict with what you desire. The doors open to a period of growth that moves beyond what has become repetitive and exhausting. The news appears to be good especially if you’ve refused to evade and avoid improvements and upgrades that require you to showcase some of the unique skills and the methods you’ve developed along the way. Your progress may not be noticed by others. But you’ll likely feel yourself to be in a “different place.” Finding a place you can call home involves the release of of old beliefs related to success and good fortune. Sacrifice may not be required. Doing what you love most may be the remedy. Not until Feb. 20th will the full impact of this new Moon realized.

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