Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 8th – 14th

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There is a massive controlled (or out of control) power surge available for your use. You can use it to fuel a re-invention of your life. The power of a Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Ceres/Mercury conjunction AND an eclipse AND Uranus’s turn into direct motion is hard to describe. In 476 C.E.the Roman Empire fell under a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo.

So it should be possible for you to dismantle what doesn’t work anymore to make room for the kind of changes you want to make – especially if they’re significantly life-altering. The timing is right. It’s worth considering that because Saturn/Pluto transforms an existing social/cultural/world order, some substantial life changes will be mandatory and inevitable.

(For more detailed information on the meaning of a Saturn/Pluto conjunction click here)

Ceres and the Lunar eclipse’s involvement in this weekends exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction bring change and possibly upheaval involving home, family, emotional security, and the familiar things we rely upon for support. Mothers, mothering issues, nurturing and cultivation methods undergo significant transformational change. We may struggle to regroup or to bring things under control on the domestic front. Or we may begin to dismantle and disrupt.

This could involve structural renovations to your home or structural renovation your emotional framework, nurturing style, relationships with your kids, your mother, family, etc.

Anything involving Pluto is intense and cuts to the bone. Anything involving a loss of control is a “five-alarm fire” for Saturn.

Uranus in Taurus’s turn into direct motion clarifies that your values have indeed changed. You might not want what you used to want. Old motivations may be undermined. The rules and the nature of the “game” you’re “playing” changes. A lifestyle that once made sense given your motivations, values, and priorities may no longer apply.

The Sun and Mercury’s involvement in the Saturn/Pluto conjunction highlights the extent to which you’re ego is attached to your ideas and beliefs. It’s good to consider whether you’re trying to hold on to a point of view or set of beliefs you’ve outgrown. It’s important ti identify what’s no longer relevant. The ground is shifting.

Mercury’s message is one of simplification, retreating from society or toughening up so you can navigate through the world a it is. Finding your calling and dedicating your life to it after taking stock of your life and coming home to the cleaner more honest, and authentic part of yourself, is an essential part of the massive shift in progress.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A fundamental change involves your 4th house of home, family, and the roots of your security. A different template replaces the old one opening new doors and creating new options for the future. Maybe you’ll be relocating, renovating, or relying on something new to feel secure and comfortable. The massive Saturn/Pluto transformative influence is felt most immediately within the realm of your career, life direction, and the most important goals you want to achieve. Old issues related to authority, restriction, and pain involving mothers or mothering can be dismantled. The role of you as the authority takes on new meaning. Fear as a motivator loses steam. Maybe a long lived career reaches an end point or turning point. The focus of your personal re-invention involves your public role, your calling, and new definitions of success. The momentum in your 2nd house of money, resources, and self-worth increases. You may experience an increase in the value the public places on your talents and contributions – or an increase in the value of your possessions. Old blockages to success are being cleared.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The impending eclipse in Cancer in your third house implies a culmination, change, or end-point to the way in which your mind works. A focus on dealing with the immediate “crisis” or issue gives way to a focus on something more long-term. Old ideas, perspectives, mindsets, and assumptions have been taken as far as they can go. A major shift is in progress. The future materializes in ways that clarify a once fuzzy legal, educational, or distance/travel issue. A milestone may be reached. You may finally see the outlines of a future that feels more certain, secure, stabilizing, and real. The momentum of your life is increasing. There is the need for advancement in a forward direction or for your role to be upgraded or advanced in some regard. Role you play within the realm of relationships may be clarified. Venus in Aquarius in your 10th house gives you the chance to “make it up as you go along” and to love the direction your life is taking. Persistence pays off. Keeping the faith is mandatory. Refusing to budge may no longer be the best answer.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
An eclipse in your second house reveals results involving financial status, self worth, and possibly an increase in value of your personal talents and things you own. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction occurs in your 8th house of transformation, empowerment, and financial partnerships. The balance of power, power shifts, trust, and intimate conversations that expose what lies beneath are energized. Debts may need to be dealt with. Feeling indebted may complicate the issue. Something fairly consequential may be changing the status quo and an old psychological framework. While you might not be seeing the progress you want to see you may sense that things are changing rapidly at more refined, mysterious levels. A simplified, honest, purified and upgraded version of you is taking hold. Values and priorities are clarified. Relationship circumstances related to beliefs about the nature of effective action or desires at cross purposes may become challenging in the near term. A confrontation may be brewing that fuels a your personal re-invention.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
An eclipse may be changing and upgrading your style and approach to life. The template for the reality of what’s possible, and the kind of role you play within the realm of relationships has changed. Issues related to your relationship with authority and how you take control or let others take control is being redefined. Something involving the framework and nature of all your relationships is being dismantled and dramatically transformed. A boundary or threshold may be crossed that clarifies the nature of a new reality. Uranus’s move into direct motion pushes forward enlightened ideas concerning how you will engage with groups, with society, and the world. What your role will be signifies an upgrade and something more personally nourishing. You may become more aware of the true value of your talents and skills and redefine the role you want to play within the collective. Your public image may be enhanced. You may be viewed as a valuable leader and electrifying force for change, fairness, and freedom. The power of love will become a central guiding principle and force for change.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The eclipse energizes your 12th house of what’s invisible, hiding behind the scenes, difficult to define, embrace, or confront. The 12th house takes us into the realm of the subconscious mind. The nature of your health and work environment will reveal the reality of how emotionally well-nourished – or how starved for nourishment and support – you actually are. Most likely a fuzzy diagnosis will be clarified and an effective treatment identified. The nature of your health and work environment could benefit from a significant upgrade or source of support. Habits and patterns probably need to change for the long haul. The emotional need or craving you keep pushing to back of the pile, neglecting or ignoring needs your attention. Momentum building in your 10th house of career and life direction. The potential for success is extraordinary. But it’s irresponsible to destroy your health in the process. A fundamental change is needed in relation to self-awareness, daily habits, diet, exercise, etc. Dismantling your old ways will be part of the picture. A new environment or set of rules enhances your life and keeps you healthy and vibrant.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury’s message is one of simplification, retreating from society, taking stock, getting more honest with yourself, and maybe toughening up so you can navigate through the world as it is. The eclipse in your 11th house of dreams, hopes, and wishes encourages you to pay more attention to what you want and what you love (what you’ve always wanted and loved) as you re-invent your life. An old (self-sacrificing) attitude or approach to love may be in the process of being dismantled and rebuilt. Re-inventing yourself amounts to taking what you love into consideration and making decisions based on that. Changes to the way you approach love, sex, romance, and your unique talents form the basis for a personal re-invention. The eclipse undermines old templates and restrictions making it newly possible for you to be receptive to the kind of love you crave. You may be changing the old rules and throwing out old restrictions. Momentum is building regarding the future, and future plans. An acceleration of opportunities flowing in your direction is implied particularly within the areas of travel, adventure, education, publishing, and legal matters.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
The eclipse in your career/life direction sector brings change, a culmination, or ending to the way you relate to the public and to the role you play. A professional opportunity to satisfy a soul craving or to nourish a cherished dream is likely to come your way. And it may be rooted in the past. The focus of your personal re-invention may involve the dismantling of old family restrictions, financial fears, self-imposed limitations, the definition of success or failure, or a habitual approach to personal pain that is stoic and endured. Momentum is building in the sector of your chart that demands honesty, authenticity, and the exposure of deeper motivations. Sexual expression and intimacy issues might be upgraded or advanced in some way. Financial partnerships might take on a more enlightened or supportive flavor. The freedom to love in a way that reflects the real you – minus the illusions or self-sacrifice – is supported well into the future. An audience that truly appreciates you and your unique talents seems to be waiting in the wings.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
An eclipse in your opportunity sector might be changing the nature of your future. An upgrade, new freedoms, a risk, or advancement is implied. A dismantling of old suspicions, limiting ideas, expectations of pain and betrayal, and a fear-filled mindset is currently in progress. It’s making a personal re-invention possible. Values and priorities are changing. The extent to which they’ve changed is clarified under the eclipse. Public and personal support (and respect) for your ability to make informed decisions, and for the talents you bring to the table flows in your direction. Decisions based on love work in your favor. Momentum is building in the “committed relationship, balancing sector” of your chart. Something is primed to advance to the next phase. What has been held back by confusion is no longer. Something is in the process of being clarified. A new phase may be ready to take hold. You will most likely base your future decisions on love and the prospects of an exciting challenge. You may have run out of excuses for further delay.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The eclipse in your 8th house of financial partnerships, intimacy, and deeply personal transformations signals an emotional culmination, change, or end point. A soul craving for something more magical, enchanting, or uplifting may be acknowledged. Old approaches have been played out. The decks are cleared for something more meaningful and emotionally nourishing. A personal reinvention is influenced by your values and priorities which may have shifted significantly over the past year. Updates are in order. Routines, habits, and methods related to health and work are ripe for advancements and upgrading. More inspired and enlightening ideas are required. Greater freedom would be nice. The nature of your contributions and the way you earn money may change to coincide with a new set of values. The massive nature of the changes you’re experiencing are mostly invisible and deeply private. It makes them more powerful. Consider not sharing the healthy progress that’s taking place inwardly. It seems in need of protection and the chance to develop without interference.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The eclipse in your seventh sector signals a change, culmination, or end point surrounding relationships and matters of balance and fairness. A change in the nature of all your relationships may be the result of some challenging efforts made in the past. A personal re-invention involves upgrades and improvements to your general style and approach to life. You may have made significant efforts to play a role that was less authoritarian, confining, and restricting for partners and associates – despite the fact that everything in you wants to maintain total. Pst efforts to rein yourself in may be paying dividends. Sacrifices may be paying off. Efforts to alleviate financial fear and concerns continue to move you in the right direction. Uranus in your 5th sector builds momentum for something more adventurous and aligned with a change in values and priorities. A more intense focus on relationships, joy, beauty, and living life to the fullest is implied. Success may be the result of the relationships you cultivate.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
An eclipse in your 6th house of health, routines, work methods, and the current nature of your work environment changes, culminates, or reaches an endpoint. You have taken something as far as it can go in its current direction Something more magical, original, and personally meaningful seems important. Progress can be made as circumstances and old approaches lose steam, begin to dissolve, or are consciously being dismantled – by you. You’re ripe for something new to spark your interest. A personal re-invention takes place behind the scenes. Intuitive insights, intentions, and other-worldly connections become increasingly important. Momentum increases in the 4th sector of your chart. Values regarding home, family, and the roots of your security have changed. Upgrades and updates are materializing. Relocation plans may seem reasonable, wise, and aligned with the nature of your personal re-invention. Your uniqueness and unusual (enlightened or electrifying) approach allows you to initiate and make an impact where issues of freedom, humaneness, and social justice are concerned.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The eclipse in your 5th sector indicates that something related to issues of personal self expression and love have been taken as far as they can go. A change, culmination, or end-point may be realized. Your public image, friendships, or social life may change as you take time to take stock of your life and come home to a cleaner more honest, and authentic part of yourself. Old sources of security may no longer have a hold on you. You may be reviving old dreams, hopes and wishes from the past and allowing them to guide you forward. They may shape your new role within the social sector. A new template is set in place. What was previously impossible no longer is. What was previously impossible no longer is. Momentum increases in your third house of of ideas. A threshold point has been reached regarding old opinions, mindsets, and values. Look to settle into a more confident and powerful way of being.

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