The Saturn Pluto ConJunction 0f Jan. 12, 2020*

Mosaic Artist?

In astrology repeating cycles form the basis for prediction. Astrologers track cycles for the purpose of predicting the future, but just as importantly for understanding how we arrived at the present moment. Every 33-38 years Saturn and Pluto join forces. Astrologically and generally it’s a momentous event with long lasting, far-reaching effects.

What has existed for a generation has played out. The generational theme, mandate, or challenge initiated in 1982 (the last time Saturn and Pluto joined forces) has been taken as far as it can go. Officially on January 12, 2020 the torch is passed. A new phase begins to disrupt, reconfigure and replace what was.

Planetary energies of a challenging nature (Capricornian) will begin to shape a new, more realistic collective focus and a new collective movement whose time has come. A different set of more practical ideas and possibilities takes hold. On a personal level we’ll begin to take concrete steps to re-invent ourselves and our lives.

Looking back at prevailing conditions under the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction in November of 1982 puts a few things in perspective and could portend an outline what’s to come.

In 1982 Saturn and Pluto were aligned in the sign of Libra. Libra is about relationships, balance, money, values, love and support. During a Libra phase issues of justice, fairness, balance, and equality are bound to be moved under the spotlight.

Libra is an air sign. Air signs are thinkers. They introduce thoughts, theories, ideas, communication strategies, and connections that play major roles in how societies, politics, and traditional ruling hierarchies change and develop over a 40 year period of tine.

At the beginning of any Saturn/Pluto conjunction something specific is ripe for exploitation. Pluto senses it and goes in for the kill. It’s the downside of his nature. (More positively he strives to empower systems.) Saturn seeks to increase value. He wants his “holdings” his talents, and whatever he creates or contributes to increase in value over time.

In 1982 an honest explanation needed to be given for the massive global recession and skyrocketing global unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression. Banks and financial institutions were being deregulated prior to 1982 when the fall out for doing so still wasn’t fully realized.

Massive bank and savings and loans failures were in progress. Over 10 million Americans eventually lost their homes and/or life savings. Reverberations of the pain was felt worldwide.

Rich, privileged, powerful (corrupt) decision makers were realistically afraid they might be (justly) held accountable and forced to change their ways. To avoid it they pushed forward an idea/theory that muddied the waters making it hard to diagnose and fix what was causing the pain.

In 1982 Time Magazine’s “man of the year” was a computer – a man with all “human factors” filtered out.

A theory pushed forward by the elite was passively accepted by traumatized populations. The idea was confusing and toxic to humans, but highly influential. It asserted that competition was the defining characteristic of human relationships – not love, mutual support, caring or connection – competition.

A (competitive) citizen was thought to most effectively express his democratic options through buying and selling – actions that would naturally reward hard work and enterprise while punishing lazy, unenterprising individuals and poorly run businesses.

It was widely accepted that markets alone could deliver benefits that could never be equaled through thoughtful planning or careful consideration of the basic needs of human beings, communities, societies, and the world.

Privatization of public services seemed to pay off. Governments were assumed to be inefficient and worse. There was no referee assigned to keep the game fair.

While under the spell of collective thought those who fell through the cracks could only blame themselves for their failure. There seemed to be little interest in questioning whether the theory might be fatally flawed, even as the ranks of losers swelled. Losers blamed themselves even when the deck was obviously stacked against them. This theory sailed through unexamined to the great relief of those responsible for the mess.

Since 1982 labor unions have been systematically dismantled. Collective bargaining has been portrayed as a market “distortion” that interfered with the formation of a “natural” hierarchy of winners and losers.

Epidemics of self-harm, eating disorders, depression, loneliness, performance anxiety, social phobias, addiction, and suicide grew. Life expectancy in the U.S.decreased.

In 1982 Ronald Reagan was President of the United States. Under his policies the approach to solving the growing problem of drug addiction was transferred from the public health sector to the prison sector. Longer sentences for possession of crack cocaine vs. powder cocaine exacerbated issues of poverty, inequality, and injustice ensuring that those who paid the highest price would be the poor and disadvantaged. But under the spell of prevailing thought, the first impulse was to blame the victim. Eventually it was unnecessary. Victims were conditioned over the years to blame themselves.

On the plus side, during the Libra era, the world wide web was able to link billions of people together potentially advancing a true global culture. HIV treatment drastically improved. Electric cars were introduced. The first black U.S. President was elected. Deciphering the whole human genome opened a new chapter in humanity’s ability to understand its true nature. The clean water act and attempts to control emissions were implemented. Growing numbers of windmill farms, solar panels, Greta Thunberg’s leadership, and an urgent environmental movement led by young people materialized.

On January 12th, 2020 Saturn and Pluto align in the sign of Capricorn.

The nature of a Capricorn movement is the most challenging of all. The idea that we could divide ourselves into winners and losers without pulling together as a supportive global community seems insane – and potentially catastrophic.

The last time Saturn and Pluto aligned in the sign of Capricorn was in 1518. Things are way more complex now. But what was happening then might better predict the basic outlines of what’s to come.

In 1518 the Roman Catholic Church was a major political/military power in Europe. Popes used their power to defend and expand the Church’s influence and wealth.

Catholic kings protected their people from overly ambitious popes. But the German people lived under weak rulers and an ineffective emperor. The church took advantage of them (Plutonian exploitation) with unending church fees, dues, taxes, tithes, and payments to support an abundance of clergymen. Essentially populations were impoverished while Rome was enriched.

Those who could not pay debts to the church were threatened with excommunication – or burned at the stake.

Clergymen collected fees from the people while exempting themselves from government taxes everyone was “obliged” to pay. Germans concluded the clergy had little interest in their spiritual needs.

Despite their legitimate grievances few people dared speak out – until 1518 when an obscure German priest and university professor – Martin Luther – spoke up in a dramatic way. He tapped into the public sentiment by nailing his protest thesis to the door of Wittenburg church. With that the Protestant Reformation was born and Europe and the world would never be the same.

At the dawn of a new era it’s often a single individual who steps forward to trigger a collective movement and massive flow of change.

The impending 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees of Capricorn looks more powerful and consequential than the 1518 conjunction.

The above chart reveals that in addition to the power of Saturn and Pluto, the Sun, Ceres, and Mercury add their weight and energy to superpower the new era into being. A cohesive global revolution of some magnitude is implied. Strong seismic or violent activity is likely to reshape landscapes and undermines traditional support.

We can anticipate a fundamental reconfiguration and massive reorganization of global leadership – of natural resource industries, the distribution of wealth, the structure of banking systems, and the value of currencies.

As corruption is exposed new realities seem overwhelming complicated and impossible to confront. But Capricorn’s instinct is to get organized and to get to work. The formation of “cells of collective power” seems especially encouraging under Capricorn’s influence.. Organizing at the community and global levels seems likely.

What might be introduced early on (this year) could be shocking. But Capricorn will step up to manage, organize, and attempt to bring things under control. The methods might be severe, though. Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man can be especially striking under a Capricorn Saturn/Pluto pairing. Protecting personal freedom may be low on the list of priorities. Saturn and Pluto prefer total control.

The Sabian Symbol for 22 degrees of Capricorn – the sign and degree of the impending era – is the following:

At a party rally a respected veteran is helped up to the dais and given a flattering introduction. His speech however promotes policies at odds with the party’s official stance.

The voice of dissent is the voice of reason. That could be the motto for the impending Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

On June 21, 2020 there’s a Solar Eclipse on the solstice point (0 degrees of Cancer). It’s somewhat disturbing to note that an eclipse on the same Solstice point occurred on June 21, 2001. That eclipse presaged the attack on the world trade center some three months later.

Things appear to become especially heated and unstable between August 2020 and January 2021 as Mars squares the Saturn/Pluto conjunction while retrograding back and forth for a period of five months.

The personal re-invention of yourself and your life deserves more attention. Within next Wednesday’s horoscopes I’ll address the nature of personal re-invention for each sign.

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  1. Windi Braden:

    I am deeply moved by the wisdom you have shared here. You have brought to review what is worthy of our time and needs to be said, NOW. I appreciate being reminded, by eloquent and empowered speaking.

    And I am left feeling grateful, supported by my own readiness, willingness and acceptance of what is yet to come. I have been preparing for this time my whole life. I am happy to continue to re-invent myself for the better. I pray for the best outcome for all, especially the children.

    • Admin:

      Hi Windi…
      Thanks for reading this rather long essay on the Saturn/Pluto effects. I share your wish for the best outcome for all, especially children. A chance to reinvent our lives does seem hopeful. Disruption brings opportunities that stability cannot.
      With love, Holly

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