Pisces New Moon Horoscopes

Yesterday Mercury moved into retrograde motion on the critical 29th degree of Pisces – the last degree of the last sign of the Zodiac. This implies teetering on the cusp of an ending and having second thoughts – bringing yourself to an apparent finish line then turning back before crossing that line. It may be an imaginary line. Nothing is certain.

Twenty-nine degrees of Pisces is boundariless energy. It’s evasive, inspired, and shape-shifting – difficult to harness unless we’ve perfected a skill that frees us to tap into a higher channel as we perform something we’ve honed (almost) to perfection.

Mercury is the messenger. In Pisces the signals are unclear and subject to interpretation. The truth may be best expressed through images and art. It may be hard to stay focused on anything that doesn’t involve art, spiritual transcendence, lucid dreaming, or a transformative romantic involvement that feels destined and strangely familiar.

Structures dissolve, perspectives shift, and reality morphs into something that can’t be captured or controlled. Jumping to a higher level of awareness as boundaries dissolve is comically facilitated.

We’re backtracking over something that may or may not be real. It’s a dream that could materialize but we’re not sure if we actually want what we want – or deserve what we want. Rethinking, re-imagining, and maybe remembering or re-living a past life experience plays into the elusive narrative.

A Pisces New Moon rises today.

Because there are six placements in the sign of Pisces (including this new Moon) – all crammed into one specific realm of life experience we may feel especially receptive to something more transcendent in one specific area of life. We may feel called to make some kind of a sacrifice in one specific area of life. Effortless healing and a “spiritual upgrade” is the promise.

Something sacred lingers over this New Moon and a new emotional beginning. This “moment in time” may feel deeply significant and connected to a deeper thread or more meaningful storyline. A purification is in progress. But nothing is set in stone. The jumbled sequence continues to flow.

I’m guessing the most important aspects under the influence of this highly refined energy would be the noviles. These aspects define energies we are destined to cultivate, harmonize, and integrate more fully into our lives. (If you’re familiar with the Navamsa chart in Vedic astrology it signifies the direction we’re destined to move in to accomplish a higher level of being and the fullness of our potential).

There are two noviles present in this New Moon chart. The first is Uranus in Taurus aspecting Juno in Gemini.

This speaks to the ability to clarify and revolutionize the terms of a contract, agreement, or the “life rules” we’re willing to follow. It’s the development of a higher perspective capable of accepting and accommodating “both” rather than “one or the other.” It’s a clarification of the human condition. Ultimately it’s the ability to acknowledge and to manage our dual nature in a way that empowers tolerance and love.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn captures the essence of this aspect in the following quote:

“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”
– The Gulag Archipelago

The second novile is Venus in Aquarius aspecting the new Moon at 15 degrees of Pisces.

This suggest the need to trust your intuition as you decide on a change in life direction and a new beginning. Ultimately you need to reject anything inauthentic (cultural mandates and society’s rules) and follow your heart in the direction of doing what you love.

Most likely this involves a rebellion against conformity. Under this New Moon you are likely to receive a clear message concerning the original intent of your life’s direction. A singular devotion to actualizing what may feel like a cherished dream is supported and encouraged.

Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus today.

Uranus experimented with this shift in May of 2018 – but then backed out. Now he’s committed for the long haul – through 2026.

Fundamental change is now possible. Uranus rules progress, individualism, and unique/authentic ways of being. There will most likely be major reversals over the next 7-8 years. But more to the point, the traditional rules of the game are likely to be upended.

A “leveling process” may take shape as we all stand on the same shaky ground for a while. Think earthquakes, rumblings, uncertainty, shifting tectonic plates, and lots of fear – especially for those who have felt very supported by the “old rules” and foundations.

On a personal level it’s time to consider emphasizing the parts of you that are unique and distinctive if you want to survive and thrive. You may have to be scrappier, better able to assess the value of your resources, and to effectively manage those. You may have to clarify how much you’re worth to yourself and others.

Music is fundamental to the restoration of deeply ingrained, timeless rhythms. During periods of instability (and anytime) music reconnects you with a “center of gravity.”

Art, beauty, fine craftsmanship, simplicity, and love do the same. There are likely to be technological advances in the area of music and art specifically those that enhance effortless healing. Embracing the knowledge from the ancient past is key.

Environmental issues will take center stage. A rude awakening that cannot be ignored is a distinct possibility.

Food – it’s preparation, meaning, and ability to sustain and nourish – will undergo changes and advancements.

The ability to savor and appreciate what is of most personal value to you is enhanced.

One general point about Uranus: He changes things in ways that are permanent. You can’t go back and recover an old way of being.

Uranus doesn’t look back. It’s the future and future progress that must be the focus.

(For more information about the meaning of Uranus in Taurus click here for the intro to Feb. 27th Weekly Horoscopes).

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mercury’s retrograde in your 12th house suggest the need to effectively navigate through the dark. Nothing is clear or set in stone at the moment. What remains mysterious, beneath the level of consciousness, and in the “gestational phase” is energized in a barely detectable way. Messages arise from deep within. Intuitive insights portend the shape of things to come. It appears you have a “loose grip” or some “soft control” over the manifestation of a dreamy new beginning. Mastering your fear of loss benefits from an encounter with the past or a significant memory. It also benefits from focused efforts to purify, practice, discipline, improve, and prepare. Uranus in your 2nd solar house indicates an awakening to your true worth and value, a revelation regarding your most natural contribution to the world, and maybe an entirely new and different way of generating income streams. Some kind of radical departure is indicated that involves financial stability, balance, and the ability to trust the supportive nature of the world. You may benefit from passive income streams.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
There is some backtracking or reconsideration taking place with regard to your social life, group involvement, and current associations. Something deeper, more spiritually focused, authentic, and progressive may be required. The need to hold someone to saintly standards may be problematic or something you can’t resist. Others may have a difficult time keeping up with the radical change to your style and approach. That was triggered back in May of of 2018. A major disruption or awakening at that time may have forced you to face a harsh truth and to experiment with adjustments that might put you or life back under control. Your appearance, role within the realm of relationships, habits, and deeply ingrained ways of being continue to be uprooted and transformed. What may require fuller integration into your new style and approach to life is a realistic appraisal of your power to control the course of events – or another’s way of being. There are limits that can only be transcended through courageous acceptance and adjustments to what you can’t control. Interestingly this may all play out on a public stage.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Reconsiderations or a deeper understanding of your direction in life, your role with the public realm, or professional aims trigger the need for a purification and spiritual upgrade to your “base of operations.” Your home or “home life” may need to be de-cluttered, disinfected, or otherwise infused with something more sacred and pure. That may involve a personal sacrifice and a more authentic and honest appraisal of what your life is worth to you – and what matters most. The need to feel less like “a house divided against yourself” may be important. The need to do what you love is powerful in its truth and simplicity. Uranus is awakening your inner life to a harsh truth about impending instability the need for progress. You may need to travel to foreign places, to move far away from your birthplace or current home, or to encounter something that encourages expansion and mental clarity. Radical and permanent changes to the structure of your inner life are reflected in your health status and the nature of your work life. A physical detox may be timely.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Under reconsideration may be the strength and power of your belief in yourself and your ability to push yourself into a future that feels more deeply connected to your spiritual self – something authentic and priceless. You may be especially prophetic at the moment. You may have a feel for how things will play out. At issue may be the usefulness of your work or the effectiveness of your process What is the most useful and valuable thing you have to contribute and how do you clear a path for a spiritual upgrade that allows you to progress? Legalities, publishing, travel, higher education or something less confining may be part of the unfolding picture. It’s time to purify your mindset, to clarify your plan, to accept the facts, and to communicate in a courageous and truthful way about a powerful attachment to routine and self-sacrifice. Undergoing permanent change and disruption is your appraisal of the kind of love that warrants your attention and devotion. If the love you’re receiving does not reflect your true worth and value (or your highest ideals) it may need to be released.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Under reconsideration may be issues of intimacy – sex, death, taxes, and debts. You may be unclear about the nature of your financial stability. Underlying that may be the need to clarify your sense of self-worth, the worth and value of a financial or intimate partner, and maybe the need for some sacrifice when it comes to the current ordering of your priorities. Adjustments to something more just and fair may be under discussion. Your work and your health are key to manifesting your dreams for wealth and power… and to stabilizing you no matter what the circumstances. Self care may become more of an issue now. Uranus is triggering an unexpected shift in your life direction, your career, your role within the public realm, the way you wield authority, and how you achieve your goals. A timeline may need to be adjusted to accommodate the need for something more balanced. Your home base may need to be rearranged, adapted, or viewed from a more inclusive perspective. The changes you make are intricate, refined, subtle, deeply personal, and of a higher spiritual order. Your sacrifice is invisible but deeply felt.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The desire for something deeper, more signficant and connected – or spiritually aligned and freer – triggers the disruption of future plans and expectations. Under review may be discussions and legalities pertaining to what’s balanced, fair, and equitable. The value of your future, your quality of life, and your sense of your own worth and value is highlighted. What cannot be controlled through an intelligent, firm grasp of the facts, evidence, and the truth, may trigger lots of inner turmoil and the eventual release of habitual, manipulative, or destructive forms of communication. This opens the door to a new relationship chapter less driven by the need for perfection and more driven by compassion, kindness, and a sense of spiritual commitment. The good news is that you have a chance to re-invent a future in the direction of something more deeply satisfying and aligned with what you value most. A chance to publish, to travel, and to expand beyond traditional limits may be deeply rewarding.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Mercury’s retrograde in your 6th house of work, usefulness, and service may have you reviewing and reconsidering the nature of your job, your health, and your process. Something more highly refined, sensitized, and deeply connected to your spiritual mission may have you questioning the value and potential of your current job or responsibilities. Better opportunities to advance your level of mastery may be elusive or blocked. Intuitively your may know how to capture something more promising and satisfying but it may require a level of sacrifice, purification, or loss that would be difficult. Your 8th house of financial power and control is under highly disruptive influences. Something needs to be transformed, released, and upgraded in terms of how you wield power, assess your worth and value, make your living, or otherwise survive and thrive. A new awareness makes what’s old and comfortable no longer as comfortable. An unexpected or unlikely love affair may change your perspective on love and the importance of creating space for what you love most. A dormant or neglected talent is ripe for development.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The new Moon falls in your 5th house of love, creative projects, sex, exuberant self-expression, and children. In the interest of preserving something fragile and vulnerable, and of priceless value, it may be time to reconsider your choices and to purify or improve a social environment in ways that include something more nourishing and encouraging. Something precious is lost when we’re encouraged to conform. Your role is to create a space where that doesn’t happen – where the unorthodox, the spiritually significant, the mysterious, and natural inner brilliance survives and thrives. Maybe doing what you love should be encouraged. Maybe you have the means, the time, the energy, know-how, and connections to make that happen for yourself first – then others. What is being highly disrupted and changed over the next 7-8 years for you is something that was originally brought to your attention in May of 2018. It may be time to commit to or follow-up on that original message. A greater sensitivity to the nature of relationships, to your own role, and to the influence of harsh environments that destroy what’s too easily destroyed seems to define your future mission and life direction.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
On January 31st of this year the first challenge to manifest a dream – or the realization that with some amount of sacrifice that would be possible continues and advances under this new Moon. Something involving your home, family, roots, and the spiritual foundation of your life is intricately involved. The desire to expand, to be more independent, to feel newly engaged, included, or interested, is also part of the evolving picture. Expect to find yourself at a crossroads or pivotal decision point in July and again at the beginning of November of this year. The “financials” can be challenging but not impossible. Practicality, work, and disciplined adherence to a financial plan may be required. What is being disrupted is your work environment, the nature of your work, maybe the need to re-invent your image, to be more courageous, or to work through a process that is more intuitively guided. Something is ending. Your motivation may be waning. Maybe your focus needs to change. This looks like a matter of keeping it interesting for yourself in order to keep it interesting for others. A new idea that could be practically useful and exciting re-ignites a spark.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Mercury retrogrades in your third house of communication, of knowing the facts, and being able to count on information you receive. This is hard to do because the facts are in flux. Information keeps flowing and changing, morphing into something new that was not originally spelled out or initially known. It’s good to keep a light and gentle grip on the facts that flow in and out of your space and to stay flexible and open to new ideas. It’s a given that you would like a solid plan for the future. But there is a purification or self-improvement opportunity that will most likely advantage you as you move forward. In the meantime take advantage of your receptivity to an intuitive way of knowing where this is all headed. Maybe the point is developing more faith in yourself and trusting that no matter what changes you’ll deal with it effectively. Being disrupted at the moment is your ability to know for sure that you can finance a life of joy and happiness for yourself and those you love. You’ve done it before and you’ll do it again despite the current uncertainty. In the meantime self-care seems more important.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The desire for something more or something new may put a strain on your finances. You’re pretty intuitive when it comes to making the financial sector of your life work. Allowing for natural ebbs and flows without getting freaked out may be your strength. It’s possible that your income stream may increase. But now may be a time when you have to trust that a cherished dream for the future will magically attract the financing you need. A “hidden” or “as yet unknown expense” could trigger doubt and insecurity until the end of March when the current uncertainty is likely to be resolved. Being disrupted is the nature of your home, your living conditions, relationship with family, the solidity of your foundation, and possibly a change of residence or a geographic relocation. Emotionally you may have outgrown your current conditions. The stabilizing and calming effects of astunningly beautiful natural environment may be just what you need. Your current foundations may not support your changing goals and priorities. Maybe it’s time for something more aligned with what you value most. The actual value of your home may clarify your options. Ultimately the decision may boil down to something fundamentally transformative and deeply reconnecting.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces may be attempting to change the nature of the game within the realm of relationships. A review is in progress concerning the nature of the role you’ve agreed to play. It may no longer be working due to something increasingly restrictive or confining. The truth may need to be spoken. A sacrifice may come into play. Something more courageous in terms of your current appraisal of your own self-worth needs to be acted upon. If you deserve more love and are capable of being receptive to it, you may need to change the nature of your role and the nature of the game. Uranus is rebelling against your old mindset and old opinions. An awakening opens your mind to the value of your voice, your conversational experitise, and ability to connect on a deeply spiritual level – sometimes with no words. You may need to take back control over the quality of your future by reminding yourself of how loveable, kind, and inherently brilliant you are. You are the protector of humanity. It may be time to include yourself in that equation.

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