New Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 27th – Mar. 5th

Uranus is teetering on the edge of his “once every 84 year” move into the sign of Taurus. Uranus “played” with the idea of a move throughout most of 2018 – advancing into Taurus a few times but retrograding back out into the late degrees of Aries where he’s been residing since Nov. 7th of last year. Next Wednesday he moves into Taurus for the long haul – until 2027. This is significant.

The last time Uranus transitted into the sign of Taurus was on March 27th, 1935. This is a rare once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. !935 was a scary time. Income inequality led to extreme social instability. Nazis were on the rise. Inflation was rampant. Huge segments of the global population were destitute – looking for food, answers, and hope.

In the U.S. Franklin Roosevelt was seeking to be elected President. His “New Deal” was attractive. He was elected but the reverberations of financial collapse and social instability eventually led to World War II. Demonstrations in the streets of Europe were mostly in support of fascism.

Cycles repeat themselves. But no two cycles look exactly the same. The themes are similar. Income inequality is an issue. But many of the people taking to the streets seem to be women and those in favor of justice, equality, and something kinder. Horrific alternatives seem alive and well in the collective memory. That feels hopeful.

Under Uranus in Taurus’s influence foundations crumble and are re-built. Technological advances support music, art, resource management, and beauty. A clarification of values gain momentum. Environmental issues take center stage.

Venus enters the sign of Aquarius on Friday, March 1st but not before making a harsh aspect to Uranus in the final degrees of Capricorn and Aries. This looks like conflict that breaks out into the open. It could be triggered by a relationship shock, a financial revelation that destabilizes and turns the tide, or a clean break from relationship or financial restrictions.

When Venus enters the sign of Aquarius she becomes supportive of Chiron’s need to act with courage. Pushing ahead with something risky but important feels easier. We can do it our way and make a break for freedom. Something truthful emerges that fuels upheaval and disruption and we can make it work in our favor. We might say “no” to something we’ve always said “yes” to. We might reverse traditional relationsip/financial dynamics. Aquarius (and by extension Chiron) tend to benefit when an element of chaos or reform is introduced

Mercury retrogrades at the 29th degree of Pisces on Tuesday, March 5th, at 10:18 AM PST and 1:18 PM EST. It’s a time when we begin to reconsider, reverse, or more fully integrate an ending, a loss, a dream, or secret/hidden desire to be free. On March 27th Mercury turns direct at 18 degrees of Pisces and we’re ready to continue an advancement.

This week we’re increasingly under the influence of an impending New Moon in the sign of Pisces at 15 degrees. The beginning of the end of something?

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Chiron continues to dominate the scene for Aries. You’re being encouraged to destroy old foundations in favor of building something that better supports your desires and long-term financial/relationship goals. It’s all about stabilizing through initiation and courageous action. Building wealth, a solid, satisfying relationship, managing your resources, re-ordering your priorities, and acknowledging and supporting what you value most is part of this picture. Valuing yourself more may be critical. Balancing power within financial partnerships is important. Venus squares your 2nd house cusp. This is a challenge to wake up and to integrate into a financial strategy something that is a unique reflection of you. building a sense of trust in yourself and your instincts is central to accomplishing anything of value over the next eight years. Your instincts are “right on” when it comes to assessing the value of anything you might be enticed to consider. Venus is likely to support a clean break from the past, a courageous acknowledgement of an emerging truth, and deeper immersion into your own distinct rhythm.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This week something hidden is revealed or intuited and may trigger a sudden change in life direction and/or freedom from a relationship or financial responsibility. Whatever changes are set in motion, it is likely you will benefit from a position of leadership. Taking back the reigns and controlling the direction your life may entail a reversal, a rebellion, a career change, or a move back into your most authentic way of being – and back into your most authentic self. It’s time for some major reforms that revolve around you being a leader, more support from friends, and a magical emergence “from darkness into the light.” Keeping the “appearance of stability” during this time of profound change may be a challenge. Initiating something new that stabilizes relationships and finances may be your role. Something is over. A major cycle is finished. A clean break is likely. Something you lost is never coming back – at least not in a form you’ll recognize. You’re being given the gift of clarity when it comes to what you value most and the ability to pursue something more aligned with what you truly desire.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury in your 10th house of your career and life direction has you reconsidering, reversing, or more fully integrating an ending, a loss, an intuitive insight, a dream, or hidden desire to be free. Mercury retrogrades at the 29th degree of Pisces on Tuesday, March 5th, at 10:18 AM PST and 1:18 PM EST. On March 27th he turns direct at 18 degrees of Pisces. So you have three weeks to reflect on something that is not yet “set in stone” or finalized. This may have to do with a leadership style, a chosen profession, a dream of success, or lack of clarity regarding your life direction. A foundational change involving a detachment from the past may need to be considered. A transformation or detachment from something financially burdensome could set you free. At stake may be the realization of a cherished dream. Something that gives you more options or sets you free feels right. If you have a chance to travel to a foreign place between now and March 28th that would seem perfect.

CANCER (June 21-July)
Venus’s move into your 8th solar house intensifies or transforms the nature of your financial or relationship reality. Now is when you figure out whether a relationship is truly on solid ground or if there’s nothing there to advance a firmer commitment, a deeper level of trust, or something more intimate. Co-mingling your financial future with another (or freeing yourself of the need to do that) – may be timely. There is something very promising – or something very treacherous – about the territory your moving into. But now is your time to see what you’re capable of accomplishing within the public/professional realm. Old habits and fears involving relationships (fears you most likely inherited) – are being seriously challenged. You may be getting the hint that you can’t follow in the footsteps of someone who role-modeled the ability to tolerate restriction within the realm of relationships – at the expense of their own desire to achieve or initiate. It’s time to look out for “number one” to release needless relationship restrictions, and to break new ground. The impending new Moon in your 9th house while Mercury retrogrades through thee 9th) focuses you on a truth that’s been hovering in the background.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun in Pisces (and Mercury’s retrograde) has you confused or uncertain about financial realities, what you owe, what others owe you, where you stand, what you can expect, and what you’re actually capable of manifesting. Relationships may require something more from you. Movement in the direction of a courageous, adventurous, expansive future is your new challenge. It’s time to take some calculated risk. There’s a chance you’re avoiding or underestimating the power of your imagination to move you past a sticking point. Now may be the right time to experiment with your power to create what seems beyond your reach. This week Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius. She supports cooperation and balance with the introduction of some wild, original, or unusual ideas – something freer, more exciting, and authentic. You may be seriously challenged for the sake of your future to transcend relationship/financial/work life restrictions. A harsh truth or sudden awakening “hits home.” Between March 5th and March 27th it’s time to re-consider the magnitude of your power to create a more joyful and interesting life for yourself and those you love. Engaging your imagination to create a uniquely workable solution is a move in the right direction.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury’s impending retrograde in your 7th solar house gives you time to reconsider, review, or revamp your approach to life, relationships, and your role within the realm of relationships. If you’re considering the initiation of something new and risky there’s time to make sure your plan is solid and well-financed. There is something complicated and maybe treacherous that requires you to act with courage on your own behalf. Maybe you’re in the process of negotiating favorable financial terms for yourself. Maybe it’s all very intense and uncertain. An unexpected power play may involve restrictions in love or the need to be especially creative as you move into a more independent line of work. Uranus’s move into your 9th house jump starts your future and the pursuit of something you love – beautification possibly. The development of the full spectrum of your talents accelerates. The impending new Moon in your 7th house of relationships initiates an ending and a new chapter…a new definition of who you are within the realm of relationships – a new way of relating to yourself and more effective use of your imaginative skills.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus’s move from the sign of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius represents a fundamental shift away from family restrictions and fears rooted in the past, toward something more independent, creative, and loving. It may be time to re-invent yourself as you close the book on a difficult past. Just before the shift on Friday a sudden (maybe unexpected) break, clarification, emotional ending, or moment of truth angers, enlivens, and solidifies your determination. It may be time for a courageous fight for justice, fairness, ownership, and what rightfully belongs to you. Uranus’s move into your 8th house is life changing. Monumental shifts at the deepest level of your being are being triggered. Something is released and a new opening, beginning, or possibility materializes. Something within is being brought back to life. Up for reconsideration is the nature of your work life, the effectiveness of your methods, and the usefulness of yourself to yourself.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mars in the earthy, deliberate, financially conscious sign of Taurus is activated in your seventh house of relationships, commitments, and agreements. Over the next few days and prior to Uranus’s move into the sign of Taurus, an unexpected upheaval or awakening involves routines, health issues, or work and responsibility may require your attention and a change the nature of the game. An important opening could be created by a loss or ending. Venus’s move into the sign of Aquarius presents an opportunity to make a clean break from the past and possibly to reverse a previous stance or agreement. A focus on family, love, friendship and freedom may feel stabilizing for the next couple weeks. A new, more independent, maybe rebellious, and authentic direction is gestating as old relationship habits and strategies become increasingly irrelevant and outdated. Conflict over money, values, priorities, and stability continues. Old relationship foundations crumble. As the dust settles and what’s most important is clarified, the rebuilding begins. The New Moon in Pisces on March 6th signifies the dissolution of an old, outdated emotional structure and the possibility of a more supportive replacement.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius craves adventure and the initiation of something more expansive and interesting. Learning something new is always a balancing strategy. But decisions are difficult as Pisces – the sign that dissolves and disappears structure – challenges firm conviction and the confidence needed to commit to something new. Feeling uprooted, or at least not “firmly planted,” can make you restless, irritable, and uncertain.. It seems that this will not be resolved until April. But in the meantime it’s good to imagine what kind of circumstance or home base might feel right and to allow your imagination to it to flow and to remain in flux. Backtracking in the direction of some original thought or circumstance might be helpful. Chiron in your 5th house encourages you to be more courageous in pursuing what you truly desire and in displaying your talents. But you may have to contend with an unexpected expense that temporarily narrows your options. Venus’s move into your 3rd house generates innovative/brilliant ideas and friendly, freer, more interesting conversation. Disruptions and the crumbling of old foundations that used to support your work, responsibilities, and health, pave the way for a clarification of values. After the dust settles it will be time to build a new foundation that supports the discovery of a source of abundance, beauty, and truth to be shared with the world.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The continuing challenge is for Capricorn to begin to release a fearful, inflexible approach to the world in favor of something more nourishing and trusting. Venus’s move into your 2nd house of self-worth and financial stability enables some innovative and brilliant strategies to manage resources and increase wealth. Financial realities change – probably for the better. But some temporary disruption or awakening can materialize unexpectedly. Home, family, the past – a change in plans or revelation about you thought you wanted but now no longer do – throws you (or another) off-balance temporarily. It’s hard to get a firm grasp on a plan. What’s most important or most valuable needs to be defined. What you thought would last forever obviously won’t. Uranus’s move into your 5th house of love, joy, and the exuberant display of your talents is being thrown into a state of flux. When the dust settles you will have to build a new foundation to support an updated joy-filled life. A different home or location may be part of the emerging picture. Something courageous that feels risky or uprooting may be required.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
For Aquarius most of the focus, progress, challenge, and achievement is taking place behind the scenes. Self-mastery is the issue. Quietly mastering your fear is the mandate. An idea that’s been gestating for awhile may be revealed. Depending on its strength or inherent value it may thrive or die on the vine. Vague fears involving relationships will move from the background into the foreground as Venus moves into your sign. Now is the time when dreams come down to earth and something more realistic must be taken into consideration. Venus in Aquarius supports Chiron. You may be able to take more risk in speaking the truth or sharing something personal that could make you more vulnerable and more popular or relatable. ] Old foundations and sources of stabilization are on their last leg. The game is about to change fairly dramatically. When the dust settles it will be time to rebuild something that will support what you value most. For you that looks like a home that nourishes your desire for timeless beauty, love, relaxation, and inner peace.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
For Pisces, with the Sun’s move into the sign of Pisces, this could be a refreshing new beginning for you. You most likely spent last month reflecting, throwing things out, releasing negativity, reconsidering your current approach, and appreciating the fact that astrologically we get a chance to begin anew once every twelve months. So now is your time. If you like the idea of New Year’s resolutions, this is the right time for you to make those. Ceres, the asteroid of care and nourishment in your 10th house of your highest aspirations for your life is beautifully and exactly aligned with your Pisces Sun. Now is a time when your energy can be channeled in the direction of achieving something happier, more honest, expansive, and wise. You are the teacher who has learned through direct life experience. Now is the time to begin to make your mark on the world in a big way. The game is about to change dramatically. But you may be equipped to know how to elevate and expand you perspective and to stay focused on what’s most important and personally valuable to you. During times of upheaval keeping your priorities straight is your source of stability.

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