Aquarius New Moon

Today the New Moon in Aquarius highlights the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Black Moon Lillith. BML plays a starring role. She’s traveling with Mercury the messenger. She’s the one who disrupts the status quo by refusing to play the culturally accepted, supportive feminine role. In this case she’s speaking loudly and spreading the word. She’s making her presence known.

Black Moon is vengeful. She was thrown out of the garden by Adam and she’s not forgiving or forgetting. Every slight from that time forward is magnified for her. Everything is magnified for us under any lunation.

A blunt, destabilizing truth is delivered – about a relationships, another, society, or you. Black Moon in Aquarius is particularly fond of creating chaos and kicking the legs out from under “standard operating procedure.” She breaks barriers, messes with gender politics, and changes the nature of the game. She makes it more risky to ignore her.

Sometime after 1:03 PM PST and after 4:03 PM EST today is a good time to commit to something that moves you further in the direction of a more courageous and authentic version of yourself. This is an opportune time to push past a personal sticking point and out of your comfort zone.

Black Moon demands the freedom to initiate a progressive personal life agenda. We may have to face our own shadow to eliminate whatever it is that doesn’t align with what we believe, what we stand for, what we preach, and what we expect of ourselves.

The Sabian Symbole for this New Moon: “A preacher delivers a sermon to his congregation, but is rattled when he sees his mistress enter the church. He looks at his wife and inwardly vows to break off the affair.”

Under this full Moon it’s time to turn a vision or dream into reality, to inspire others, and/or to mobilize a group to achieve great things. Being alive to the moment while ensuring you have a story you’re proud to tell at the end of your life may be a consideration.

The message of this new Moon is that teaching others through the example of your own life is more powerful than anything you preach or teach. Getting on the same page with yourself is key to consolidating personal power.

Now may be the time to work with groups, to coax people into full participation… and to sweep them along with the power of your enthusiasm. They have to know you will not ask them to do anything you’re not willing to do yourself.

This new Aquarian Moon falls on the Saturn/Neptune midpoint. That’s a message of artistic or visionary manifestation. They form a challenging angle and create tension.

A new kind of action is required – something you’ve been threatening or promising to do but haven’t “gotten around to it” or moved beyond your comfort zone.

Mercury falls on the Neptune/Pluto midpoint. Groups or individuals thinking and acting under the influence of magical powers, unusual sensitivity, clairvoyance, mysticism, and maybe sudden access to an inner revelations of truth, may support and further your enterprising efforts.

This configuration also gives you the ability to be powerfully persuasive. You can talk anyone into anything under this New Moon so make sure it’s something that uplifts you and the world in general.

Success is achieved through a combination of inspiration and hard work – but mostly love and devotion to a cause greater than yourself – and a refusal to stop short of what you know you can do.

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