New Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 13th – 19th

If you think back and remember a contract (official or unofficial) was set in place in July of 2014. It involved a specific area of your life where you agreed to something that has now expired. It’s time to declare it null and void and to enter into a new and different contract that works better for you – and for all concerned.

You may be in the process of deciding on the terms of a contract, taking into consideration what you want, what your soul needs, lifestyle, cherished dreams, and financial feasibility. A flexible process involves lots of discussion, listening, learning, clarifying, weighing options, financial realities, and something more innovative. By April 20th a new agreement could be finalized.

Today, February 13th, Mars (action, anger) aligns with Uranus in Aries. Action or anger sparks an unpredictable breakthrough or new chaos. Caution is advised as things could spin out of control quickly. The desire to break free or to prevail is intense. The last time this occurred was on Feb. 28th, 2017. (On the political stage that was a time when Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation. Politically something similar may enrage “the king.”)

The Mars/Uranus disruption takes aim at Pallas in Libra. A balanced strategy or plan designed to attract what we wanted, to promote peace of mind, and to protect what we valued is undermined by an inconvenient truth, fear, or hasty (desperate) action.

On Thursday (Feb 14th) Mars exits the final degree of volatile Aries entering the heavier, earthier sign of Taurus. Actions become stabilized and more deliberate through March 31st as the “patient warrior” steps in to calm the waters and slow things down.

Something promising takes shape on Sunday and Monday (Feb. 17th/18th) as Venus in Capricorn conjoins Saturn and both sextile Neptune. This is a chance to manifest your most cherished dream or to set the stage for bringing some solid structure to an inspired vision.

The cosmos has arranged for this in 2019 through a “three-step process.” (The last time we had a similar opportunity to manifest a dream was between June 1995 and March 1996).

The first step in the current dream manifesting process occurred on Jan. 31, 2019. The second will occur on June 18th, and the last on Nov. 8th. There may be some rearrangement, a small sacrifice, some risk, or more work involved. But basically it’s just time for your dreams to be realized.

Of course fear could screw this up. But it may just be easier to act with integrity within the realm of relationships and to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. You’ll notice a series of surprisingly fortunate developments that free you to move along a promising trajectory.

On Monday Chiron enters the sign of Aries. He’s “dipped his toe into the sign of Aries previously – in April of 2018 and again in September 2018. But now Chiron in Aries is committed for the long haul (Feb. 18, 2019 – April 2027.) This is a big developement and a big deal.

(I published a separate feature article “Chiron Moves into the Sign of Aries.” If you missed it you can click here to access it.

On Monday the Sun enters the sign of Pisces. This is a significant “final phase” – a time for introspection, reflection, wrapping things up, coming to terms with what is lost, cleaning, clearing, and showing someone or something the exit in preparation for a promising new beginning.

There is a full Moon at 0 degrees of Virgo on Tuesday, Feb.19th at 7:53 AM PST and 10:53 AM EST. I’ll write more on the full Moon later this week. But here’s a hint in the form of its Sabian Symbol “Pushing aside strands of cobwebs and calmly ignoring the ghosts at his side, a man marches resolutely out of the crypt and into the sunlight.

There’s a lot to digest. I’ll try to break it down for each sign.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Today is a “last chance to break away” moment. You’ve compromised as much as you care to. Old professional relationship patterns or strategies are seriously challenged or undermined by practical/financial considerations, the need to achieve your goals and to attain a level of respect that feels right. A flash of clarity may have you moving in a fresh new direction. A new kind of contract that provides something more flexible in terms of what you can say, what you can write, and what you can get published, may be on the table. Copyrights may be an issue. Opportunities for future expansion may open up. Make sure you don’t agree to anything that will lock you in or diminish your impact. Considering “both” rather than just “one or the other” may provide the solution. Mars’ move into your second house of financial security settles you down and allows you to be more patient, but also focuses you on compensation and building wealth. You may need to assert yourself strongly and with persistence. It’s time to show some real courage in terms of how you present yourself. Pioneering a new approach and demonstrating what it looks like to take some risk and to believe that your instincts will lead you in a promising direction. This may be the year you achieve a cherished dream. Your chances are better than they’ve been since 1995/96.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Hidden anger, carrying around an “aura of disruption,” or a random development totally out of your control may finally put an end to old relationship patterns or outworn battle strategies. A new and different kind of financial contract or financial partnership contract needs to be created. The old one has expired. It no longer gets you where you want to be. This week may be your last best chance to break free of relationship responsibilities and something that may feel more co-dependent than effective. Venus in the opportunity sector of your chart offers you something more. Maybe you’re recognized for the wisdom you provide. Maybe you have a chance to travel, to open your mind to different possibilities, to change beliefs, and to feel yourself moving closer to the manifestation of a cherished dream. Some kind of group involvement, high ideal, or willingness to sacrifice for the sake of love or something of real value (freedom) pays off. It’s time to demonstrate the courage it takes to rely on hidden sources of strength and to provide your soul with nourishment. It’s time to count on invisible assistance and to feel certain it will land you where you most want to be.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Some wild energy promotes unpredictable behavior, an awakening, or clarification within the realm of groups and friends. This is a last chance to break free of old relationships strategies and patterns that lock you in. The correction of an imbalance is most likely in progress. A new contract may need to be negotiated regarding your role within the realm of relationships. The old one has expired. It’s time for lots of discussion and some new flexibility in setting down terms that reflect a win/win. This year is your best chance since 1995/96 to manifest a cherished dream. Some small (or relatively small) sacrifice may be required. Consider eliminating some tendency to over-nurture or over-protect what you interpret as delicate or defenseless. It’s time to demonstrate some real courage as you navigate the future, grab a new opportunity, or more securely ground your faith in yourself.

CANCER (June 21-July)
This week a full Moon in your 3rd house of communication and the nature of your mindset ends an old way of thinking about self-sacrifice and your future. Maybe a pessimistic belief about the future, the expectation of disappointment, or being somehow unable to manifest the dreams you have for yourself undermines you. The symbol “Pushing aside strands of cobwebs and calmly ignoring the ghosts at his side, a man marches resolutely out of the crypt and into the sunlight” seems especially relevant for you this week. A practical ending for you is quickly followed by a promising new beginning – something expansive and freer. Some kind of relationship/financial resolution is coalescing. This opens lots of future possibilities for you. It is time to demonstrate courage when it comes to stepping into your career, being the authority, providing something valuable to the public, and running your own life. If you’re in the process of designing a new contract for the kind of relationship you have with your soul your you’re right on track.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You may have gotten used to being on the same page with a partner, running the show, or getting your way – not because you insisted but because you agreed on most things. There was a sense of harmony and ease. But now, within the realm of relationships something unexpected and wildly unpredictable has disrupted communication and moved you into a space of unease. You may sense that something more is going to be expected of you – and you’re probably right. Uncertainty reigns and Black Moon Lillith is on a roll. She senses some unfairness, flies into a rage occasionally, needs more freedom, and is no longer willing to play a supportive role if it means giving in or giving up just to make things easier. The game has changed in the direction of something more balanced. The old contract has expired. A new one involves something more flexibility and the equal right to infuse a any life with as much joy as possible through mutual gain and sacrifice. Maybe it’s being discussed. Bottom line? In the spirit of generosity and love it’s time for you to give more and to do more. For now the world revolves around you only part-time. The rest of the time it revolves around the needs and desires of another.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Something wildly unsettled and probably angry/frustrated within your 8th house of financial power and intimacy disrupts old relationship patterns and strategies. This is your last best chance to end something that isn’t working and to create something more satisfying. What you’re aiming for and how you go about achieving it needs to be renegotiated. Your life direction may need to change. Black Moon Lillith in your 6th house of work (and health) is rebelling against some inequity, a tendency to feel used and abused, or simply unappreciated. She’s wrecking all kinds of havoc which may eventually serve you well if you don’t allow your health to be seriously undermined in the process. The full Moon in your first house brings about a practical (work) ending followed quickly by a promising new beginning. A forbidden or limited love interest may encourage you to tell the truth about what you want and the nature of the dream you plan to manifest this year. Your role within relationships requires a powerful demonstration of courage and honesty. This is your best chance since 1995/96 to manifest a specific dream for a soulful, romantic marriage – or lasting partnership.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Uranus/Mars facilitates your last best chance for a clean break from old relationship patterns and strategies that are not effective. There may be lots of anger and unpredictability surrounding your current situation. But the full Moon in your 12th house facilitates a release from what may have felt like use or abuse (or heavy responsibility and sacrifice). An ending is likely to be quickly followed by an opening that fuels something very promising. Venus and Saturn join forces in Capricorn in your 4th house of inherited tendencies. Venus (love), Saturn (responsibility, fear, and limitation) – and Neptune – align in ways that encourage the manifestation of a dream. You are in the process of setting the stage. Courage is required to extricate yourself from “doing relationships the way you’ve always done them.” Mars in your 8th house persists in demands for more financial power and resources. Anything short of fair and equal Black Moon Lillith will encourage you to soundly reject.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mars move into your 7th house of relationships releases you from old responsibilities and encourages something artistic, loving, sensitive, and tuned-in. The possibility that you have a muse waiting to assist you in some way is probable. Maybe he or she is already fully engaged. It seems you’re destined to make great strides this year toward actualizing a cherished dream. It all seems to hinge on releasing something that feels old, cold, calculating, and debilitating to your sense of self-worth. A focus on protecting yourself and your future seems most important. It’s time to demonstrate some real courage when it comes to your work, the responsibilities you agree to take on, and your inclination for your work to be informed by open access to mysterious realms, intuitive knowing, guides, ancestors, and those who have loved you since time began. It’s time for self-improvement.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
For Sagittarius a new kind of relationship contract needs to be developed and set in place. Discussions and negotiations may be ongoing. They may be tricky but the key is flexibility and a firm understanding of what works and doesn’t work for you. You are determined to expand, publish, travel, explore, and learn Make sure you make room for all of that and that you’re financially able to support it. At the moment some real courage needs to be demonstrated within the realm of creativity, love, doing what you love, and ensuring your right to infuse as much joy as possible into your life. Finding space to assert yourself independently may be of highest priority. It is possible to make great strides in the direction of manifesting your dreams this year. Financial stability, your ability to make a living, and to survive and thrive wherever you are may need to be planned for and ensured. Setting financial goals seems wise.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Regarding your relationship to your work, your health, and fulfilling your responsibilities, something more flexible and free needs to be negotiated. Mercury seems to be providing some space for you to imagine something different. But he’s currently bumping up against something hidden that equates freedom and flexibility with the kind of luxury you don’t deserve or can’t afford. Keeping your distance from freedom (and something happier) could feel safer because its familiar. A degree of uncertainty involving your home and roots breaks up old relationship patterns and loosens your grip on an outdated relationship strategy. Venus (attraction) and Saturn (finances and structure) join in a harmonious sextile to Neptune. What manifests is the outline of a cherished financial goal or dream. Sacrifice will be involved – but not much by your standards. Courage will be involved as old foundations deteriorate. Now is the time to align your focus and actions with what you say you value most.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius is in no mood to compromise further. To do so would be to tip the scales in the direction of something that feels more unbalanced and dis-empowering. Something destabilizing and enraging may have loosened your grip on an old relationship strategy regarding the future or old relationship patterns. A clarification may have deepened your commitment to actualizing your dreams of financial freedom and finding the time, space, and place to nourish your (neglected) soul. An old love/creative contract is expired Something new is in the process of being created. More flexibility is required. More financial responsibility and decision-making may also be involved. The courage to tell the truth and to clearly state what you need must be demonstrated. There is no room for vagueness, guessing, or trying to appease. You need the facts and to clearly assert what you want in terms of security, financial freedom, and a relationship that supports love, expansion and exploration.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Something disruptive rocks the boat in the area of shared finances and financial partnerships. The instability may feel threatening to your survival. Your urge for more freedom is hidden but very powerful. Within partnerships or within the realm of being free to express something more independent a sense of growing urgency may be building. It’s likely to be underestimated or unacknowledged – by you and others. A new, more flexible contract with your home and evolving emotional foundation needs to be considered. Something allowing more latitude must be created. You and a partner may have to decide whether the relationship can survive under a different kind of contract. The full Moon in your 7th house of relationships suggests an ending. But it’s very quickly followed by a promising new beginning. Collaborations, friendships and groups are highlighted. Your reputation as a reliable source of guiding wisdom can be solidified. But you’re not in the mood to rush into anything. Issues of autonomy, independence and freedom must be carefully considered in relation to the benefits group involvement provides.

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