Chiron Moves into the Sign of Aries

With the exception of a few recent “dips” into the sign of Aries (April and September of 2018) Chiron is now officially committed to a transit through the sign of Aries for the long haul (Feb. 18th, 2019 – April, 2027).

On Monday we say goodbye for good to Chiron’s nine year passage through Pisces (May of 2010 – Feb. 18, 2019).

Chiron in any sign is a challenge to acknowledge our handicap and to do what needs to be done anyway. In Pisces Chiron brought us face to face with a loss, encouraged us to acknowledge the pain, to move through it, and finally let it go. We were victimized and hobbled in some way but that couldn’t be an excuse to quit.

The “Chiron in Aries image” is one of a wounded warrior in a fight for her suvival on some level. It’s necessary for her to initiate a battle that seems optional and maybe foolhardy to others. She feels compelled to go first, to endure the pain of being hit where it really hurts, to move through fear and emeerge stronger.

It’s timee to initiate a courageous move, to go forward into the unknown – if necessary without a map, a flashlight, a plan, or a backup. Figuratively we might have to “jump off a cliff” to prevent being pushed backward to a place that feels like a dead end.

Chiron is a maverick. She has distinctly different sensibilities, methods, values, and dreams. She’s not playing the usual game and cannot live a safe, “usual” life. She cannot leave well-enough alone because instinctively she knows it’s not enough.

Chiron in Aries has plenty of “good” reasons for being a “deserter” – physical impairment, exhaustion, age, etc… But she can’t retreat without betraying her soul and her instincts.

Initiating what needs to be done could make you the scapegoat for anything that “goes wrong” or seems . But following your instincts is a stronger drive and the essential imperative.

Adding to the pain and the intensity of the challenge is the fact that you might have to first confront the ones you love most – or the ones who love you most. Seen from a narrow, unenlightned lens, you may be “destroying their life” or your own.

But some will willingly fight along side you. You’ll have to be the one who takes the lead though, and the one who takes the blame if things go sideways.

Chances are you already have the outlines of your battle plan – or the feeling that you can’t continue to progreess without some kind of a fight with yourself, another, or many.

Timing is an issue. Your instincts will tell you when the time is right and circumstances are as favorable as they’ll ever be. Your instincts will also tell you when fear (the enemy) is winning and you’re in danger of raising the white flag.

On the other side of this battle is you embodying a valuable new kind of wisdom and the firm belief that you can count on yourself to make the most of the life you’ve been given.

You’re likely to come back “home” with some kind of enriching gift for the world – a new discovery, method, story, or truth – an undeniable “first.”

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