New Horoscopes for the Week of Nov. 28th – Dec. 4th

Mercury remains in retrograde motion until next Dec. 6th when he turns direct. On that day there will be a new Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. In the meantime Neptune (in direct motion as of the past four days) and the ongoing dissolving influence of the Thanksgiving day Gemini full Moon, are working together to elimnate what’s essentially over.

There’s some exciting stuff happenng between now and Dec. 6th. Currently Sagittarius is highly activated by Mars in Pisces. You may notice yourself considering an adventurous new beginning that feels promising. New opportunities emerge, the right contacts cross your path, a new interest feeds your mind and soul, the big picture is clarified, and wisdom steps in to replace confusion. The gifts you’re being given are meaningful and abundant.

Sagittarius is generous – over-the-top generous. But the atmosphere may feel somewhat subdued as Mars in Pisces keeps actions gentle, unhurried, sensitive, connected, and private. At some level you recognize the importance of taking full advantage of this rare, “once every 12 year” cycle.

On Saturday, Dec. 1st, Mercury re-enters the sign of Scorpio. Complicated, deeply personal, potentially transformational issues previously active from Oct. 10th – 31st are re-visited for nine days. Whatever was left “hanging” can now be addressed, clarified, set in motion, resolved, or otherwise put to rest.

Today, Nov. 28th, Venus squares the North and South nodes (the nodal axis) and opposes Uranus. This is karmic, electrifying, unexpected, and maybe mercilessly clarifying. A sudden end to something that’s been in play involving relationships, values, money, self-worth, and the effects of obsessive/compulsive behavior, is triggered.

Unfolding events are anything but arbitrary. They’re an essential part of your life story – pivotal in the sense that they attempt to guide you away from old patterns of stoicism, fear, restriction, and a robotic approach to life. Rules regarding what you must do in order to be considered “successful” may need to be thrown overboard.

Choosing to moving in the direction of something that feels more alive and responsive, secure and comforting, nurturing and kind is the opportunity. It seems you may need to be shocked into it, though.

But this is not new material. In some way you’ve been dealing with it since early September of this year. It was then that superficial answers became painfully inadequate and obviously ineffective. It was time to look within for an explanation that felt more honest and meaningful. It was time to discuss the hard stuff, to admit what was true, and to take responsibility for the changes that needed to be made.

It’s likely you’ll make lots of progress this week in the direction of a deeply nourishing life. The cosmic arrangement is working in your favor. And the universe is always a supportive place when you believe in its essential goodness. Under the exceptionally generous Sagittarian Sun it’s easier to believe.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries and Sagittarius are good friends – a fiery dynamic duo seeking adventure and taking advantage of opportunities to start something new. You’re supported by “Sadge” and this is an especially fortuitous time for you. Issues involving complicated, imbalanced financial arrangements (and control) may break wide open allowing for some movement. A purge and the underlying truth gives you space to expand into new, maybe foreign territory. Moving away from old definitions of what it means to be successful – old rules and regulations (self imposed maybe), restrictions, sources of confinement, and a robotic or repetitive approach is now possible. Whatever feels kind, nurturing, and connected to your deepest source inner wisdom is the right direction for you. Assisting others in uncovering their deepest sources of inner wisdom, in a variety of creative/adventurous ways, seems like fertile ground for whatever new beginnings you’re considering,

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Within the realm of relationships the financial realm seems to be looking better and better. An unexpected financial “gift” – a tax break, etc., may be easing some tension. But there is something left over within the realm of intimacy, balance, and “getting along” that may need more work, honest discussion, and some courage to address. The truth may be hovering just beneath the surface of consciousness – a potential powder keg that keeps you on edge. Over the next nine days there is the opportunity to defuse it. Whatever you’ve previously worked through seems like progress. But there is something more. You’re likely to recognize what that is and to be presented with the opportunity to adress it. The right direction is a move away from something something restrictive, authoritarian, devoid of feeling, and maybe robotic. Insisting on a reconnection to something softer, more vulnerable, kinder, and more nourishing, especially within the realm of communication, seems wise and healthy. Attention to the “here and now” as opposed to future concerns (or future promises) can now be cultivated.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Highly illuminated is your 7th house of relationships. Some fortunate developements in that area of life may motivate you or a partner to put forth more effort, to balance the workload, to organize or improve your “process.” You may be getting from point A to point B. But how you do that – the methods you use, the amount of self-respect involved, the unacknowledged compulsions, may be a source of pain and inefficiency that could be resolved. Something involving health may be at stake. But some changes you’ve previously applied may be paying off. Now is the time when those changes can be fortified and enhanced. A health habit or health concern may disrupt your usual routine forcing something more deeply introspective or a surprising revelation. It may be time to take what you really love and integrate it into your work-life or daily routine. Either or both would have health enhancing results. A wake-up call from a friend (or group) may shift you away from something punishing, cold, and restrictive, into something that feels warmer, safer, and more like a move into your natural rhythm.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Something unexpected involving children or lovers may have disrupted your life direction. Something you tried to protect may have been left vulnerable or defenseless. Some kind of failure may feel heavy. But something uplifting and clarifying regarding health improvements and maybe your work environment is fully operational in your solar 6th house. You’re being set free of previous responsbilities that rightfully belonged to someone else – and of the need to control situations that were basically outside the realm of your control. What is most important now is that you find some source of deeper wisdom and courage that will allow you to be more honest with lovers and children about some tangled mess or source of confusion. It seems important that you acknowledge your part in creating the mess – you’re most likely one among many – and that you stay in your lane. It is not your job to fix everything. It may be time to acknowledge something deeply embedded that distorts the idea of personal responsibility. You may be used to picking up the slack when others fail to do their part. The source of that tendency may be worth a closer look so it can be seen for what it is. A kinder, gentler approach to yourself seems most important.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Sagittarius in your 5th house of love, creative playfulness, entertainment, and fun is highlighted. Children are front and center. Opportunities abound within this potentially joyful area of life. Personal talents you’ve taken the time to develop open doors. But your own complicated homelife (and maybe your mom) may be throwing a monkey wrench into the fun. You may have been unexpectedly knocked off your pedastal or throne. Now is the time to address the past in a more honest way. This isn’t a new area of focus. It’s been highlighted for a couple months. A level of honesty that will feel more risky than what you’ve attmepted in the past may set you free. The opportunity is there and the stars are aligned in a particularly supportive way for you for the next nine days. It’s an opportune time to be courageously introspective in an effort to gain a healthier perspective on the past. But you might have to acknowledge your part in creating the tangled web. Leo’s are more comfortable when they’re admired for their talents, leadership qualities, and general “specialness.” So this may feel “beneath” you. But it seems worth acknowledging your common humanity for the sake of connecting with a part of you that’s warmer, kinder, and more nourishing,

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Your fourth house of home and family is highly activated and maybe filled with opportunities that can launch you in a new direction. What you’ve inherited in terms of talents and tendencies may serve you especially well now. You may be released from some old family responsibilities that used to limit your options. But there is a sticking point that has been ignored regarding joint financial stability (or instability) and your future. An imbalance may have been given time to fester. It may explode in a way that demands your attention. The opportunity now is to have an honest discussion about the nature of your relationship, old wounds that distort and influence it, how you can move forward, if that’s a possibility, or if it’s time to say goodbye. Something deeply intospective, healing, and wise can infuse your discussions for the next nine days. Make time and space for something uninterrupted. It’s time to move away from a type of love that feels restricting, confined, and conditional. It’s time to move in the direction of something supportive and kind. A support group isn’t a bad idea if the support you need is not available.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Venus is bearing gifts as it moves from your first house of courage, initiation, and independence, into your second house of self-worth, net-worth, and managing your resources well. Something that’s come up in the past (Septemeber/October) needs further scrutiny. An excavation of the source of your motivation or some unacknowledged pain can now be exposed and healed. Something unexpected or destabilizing within the realm of joint finances serves as a wake-up call. It’s designed to shift you away from something cold, calculating, and restrictive within the realm of your home and family, into something warmer, kinder, and more nourishing. What’s nourishing appears to revolve around a vibrant, professional career, position of leadership, and some kind of healing, revitalizing, interaction with the public. The extent to which financial stabilization determines your decisions and choices may need to be acknowledged. Some deeply ingrained fear of scarcity may be holding you back when you could be moving forward. It’s worth some investigation and a willingness to uproot the source of what’s feeling restrictive.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Venus and Mercury’s move into your first house emphasizes independence and the initiation of something deeply transformative. The role you play within the realm of partnerships may change in the direction of something guided by an infusion of truth, courage, and confidence. Uranus on the cusp of your 7th house of relationships indicated a shake up, the need to reorganize responsibilities, who does what, or a new, more workable balance. Moving slowly and gently through issues of love, sex, and the freedom to express what you feel seems wise. It’s time to move away from something that feels cramped or confining within the realm of communication or within the realm of your current routine and future opportunities. A kinder, more connected, emotionally safer, less self-punishing future is waiting to be cultivated. But you may need to acknowledgethe source of an obsessive/compulsiveness approach to life that tends to make balance (and relationships) more difficult and more complicated, than they need to be. A concentrated effort to connect with an inner source of wisdom that overwhelms and heals anything obsessive over the next nine days serves you well.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Intensifying is an area of life that is hidden from public view. It represents an area of life where higher levels of self-mastery can be achieved, where the source of obsessive/compulsive tendencies can be discovered, and where a reliance on intuition, guidance, and universal goodness can be cultivated, and where you hide what you don[t want to see. So this is a challenge to penetrate through layers of protectiveness to recover soemthing that’s been lost or some magical power to heal. Maybe you need to ask harder questions when it comes to your social life and relationship with friends. Maybe you need to ask harder questions when it comes to setting yourself free to initiate something new and risky. In any case dreams may play a big part in whatever unfolds this week. They may contain important messages about what needs to be abandoned and released. Your opportunity lie within the realm of uncovering and exposing what is authentic and what is artificial.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
As the result of something unexpected you may be on the verge of a complete overhaul of your social life, your relationship with the community, allies, associates, friends, and the kind of social role you will be playing in the future. Whatever it is it will be powerful and influential. You may expose what powerful enemies do not want exposed. You may crave some kind of edgy, antagonizing, brutally honest role. It looks intense. It may be worthwhile to understand why you choose what you choose and why you’re driven in certain directions. There is something magical you bring to the table. A sixth sense – especially regarding elements of corruption – seems highly developed and fully operational. As an investigator, hidden information and damaging material seems to effortlessly flow in your direction. So what is your point of reference and your ultimate goal? If it’s a move in the direction of something warmer, kinder, less exploitative, more inclusive, and forgiving – that feels right. If it devolves into winning at all costs, that feels dangerous and destructive.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Something destabilizing involving the past, home, and family may have launched you in a new direction that encourages you to identify what you value most, the ordering of your priorities, and what direction you want your life to take from here. Some hard questions may need to be answered. Something forgiving may need to be considered. But this most likely falls along the lines of self-foregiveness. For Aquarians there is a tendency to accept punishing, ostracizing, cruel, and restrictive treatment. Because Capricorn falls in your 12th solar house, you are the “dumping ground” for the failures and frustrations of the collective in general. Invisibly (or blatantly) heaped on your shoulders are the failures of everyone who cannot or will not accept responsibility for their own shortcomings. It’s a heavy load to carry and sometimes translates into a distorted personal belief that you deserve to be blamed – for everything. Now is a pivotal turning point when you decide what you will accept, what you will reject, and what your new direction will be based on what you value most. Leaning in the direction of something that feels warmer, kinder, and more loving seems right.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces is continuing to answer some hard questions about what they want their future to be. Over the next nine days it is likely you will come to some conclusions about where you will be headed and what needs to be freed up so you can get on with it. Relationships are reconsidered from a painfully honest perspective. The possibility that you may be sabotaging your future through some kind of obsessive or compulsive train-of-thought may need to be considered as well. This is not new. It’s just becoming more intense this week. It’s been ongoing for the past couple months. Something unexpected that caught you off guard – an inability to communicate clearly or to say what you meant may have left you with more questions about how capable you are of steering this ship in the right direction. Sagittarius in the 10th house of your career is encouraging and setting you free to pursue something more adventurous. Success is likely. A clarification eliminates an old sense of obligation. The roadblocks and excuses are disappearing. A new mindset is emerging. Learning something new opens lots of doors.

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