New Horoscopes for the Week of Oct 10th – 16th

A stellium (grouping) of Scorpio planets align in one specific solar house this week. Which one depends on your sign. The impact is intensified within a specific field of experience.

On Tuesday, Oct. 9th Mercury entered the sign of Scorpio. By Wednesday (today) Mercury triggers the North and South Node with a revelation, a change in perspective, or verification that seriously challenges us to embrace our life purpose and to follow the “light” that seems to be guiding us in a specific direction.

Mercury inconjuncts Juno creating a situation where honoring current commitments while acknowledging an emerging truth requires significant mental or situational adjustments.

The Sun in Libra (relationship balance/justice and fairness) and Pluto in Capricorn (cold-hearted opportunism and ruthless truth-telling) “face off” for another couple days before the ongoing intensity begins to subside. It’s always difficult during a Pluto square to make sure you’re taking the high road as you let go of easy “ego-pleasing” stuff that moves you deeper into an illusion.

As you may have noticed, dark, destructive energy within the realm of relationships is surfacing. Justice and fairness is being undermined. Manipulations, lies, shameless power plays, and high anxiety are part of the daily scene.

Jupiter is on the downside of its one year trek through through the revelatory sign of Scorpio, hitting the 24th degree mark today (Oct. 10th). There is growing impatience with superficiality, old, outworn traditions, and repetitive “side-shows” that seek to mislead and confuse. The curtain obscuring dark motivations and illusions (designed to benefit the powerful) has been pulled back. Where we go from here to set ourselves free and to create something more meaningul is an ongoing challenge.

Venus in the sign of Scorpio is currently moving in retrograde motion (through Nov. 16th). Relationships are under a microscope. We may be carefully navigating our way through some tricky and treacherous terrain. Our sense of timing seems important. Venus harshly aspects Mars and Black Moon Lillith. The extent of conflict arising from the fear and loathing of feminine power is being clarified.

We may feel “out of sync” at times. What we’re attracting may not be what what we actually want – or the opposite of what we want. But as the dust from the recent New Libra Moon begins to settle, we’re beginning to see the outlines of new relationship realities and possibilities. We need time to regroup and to set some new parameteres.

Mars gives us some idea of the kind of actions we need to take to be effective. In the sign of Aquarius he’s an unpredictable wild card. He can be crazed and frighteningly disconnected – or the consummate “outsider” with an ingenious strategy for breaking through restrictions to progress into the realm of something rational and humane. He’s prone to extremes and makes the powerful nervous. His interest is in the welfare of the “common man and woman.” He has a hard time recognizing or respecting hierarchies. Chains of command and organizational charts make his head expload.

Scorpio’s heavily weighted influence naturally triggers Taurus as a grounding “point of balance.” You may feel the urge to hold onto something (anything) that provides stability as Venus in Scorpio pryes you loose from attachments that keep you restricted but safe.

The North and South Node will be changing signs and emphasis on Nov. 7th. This week it’s important to raise your level of awareness – to assess the extent to which we’ve been able to move forward since May of 2017. Progress would look like advancing in the direction of building a creative, love-filled, joy-filled life through side-stepping the “norms,” – risking ridicule, ostracism, and lonliness on your way to an extraordinary kind of creative exuberance and full-throated embrace of life.

This week you may be offered the chance to move things forward in a significant way. You’ll also be offered the chance to retreat into something repetitive and easy but unworthy of your potential and the magnificence of your life purpose. Mercury triggers a decision that may be consequential.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Your relationsip with financial power, decision-making, self-worth, and magic is currently under a microscope. The true story is emerging. Missing pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place. A realization of how you’ve undermined or victimized yourself destroys some old disempowering illusion. The part about being at the mercy of those who thwart your interests at every turn is being clarified and possibly epended. The “keys” are being handed back to you. The opportunity is to take the reins and to move your life in the direction you want it to go. A change in perspective is pivotal. An ending is in sight. A reversal is possible. A debt from the past comes due or is forgiven. The courage to play the role of the outsider seems to enhance your progress.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Your relationship with the way you do relationships is food for thought this week. Putting yourself and your actions under a microscope, observing your tendencies, how rigidly you attempt to control, to make yourself immune to vulnerability, to set the parameters, and maybe manage the trajectory of the relationship is important to clarify. Something new is likely to be revealed as you pay attention to how you initiate and respond, what you give and how you receive. Observing very personal reactions and scenarios you’ve repeated millions of times is likely to reveal a missing link that gives you back the control and respect you crave. Your tendency is to keep the game simple and your safety ensured. Financial issues may serve to obscure the root of some frustrating compulsion. But you have the access you need this week if you pay attention to what’s always seemed insignificant and “normal.” The courage to notice what you notice could be life changing.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your relationship to your work may be undergoing a deeply transformative process as new information and revelations surface. Music may have triggered it. Uranus in Taurus (music) in the 12th (very elusive) sector of your chart, may be elevated to a new level of importance. You may be in the process of integrating something new in a healing way. It may all feel very indirect, mysterious, and powerful. Your commitment to learning and knowing the “facts” may require a major adjustment in the direction of trust. You may simply have to trust that what is emerging is valid. Rational thought or explanations may simply be too “dense” and inadequate to explain the mystery you’ve discovered. This looks very positive. Your relationship to work and healing has been under the influence of a complicating “blind spot.” A fuller, more truthful picture is coming into view. It looks empowering. The courage of the “outsider” may need to be cultivated.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Your relationship with love, specifically your receptivity to love, is undergoing some fundamental change. The need to let go of some old patterns concerning the need to carefully control the flow of love feels timely for Cancers. A greater awareness of how much love you will allow to sink in and how much you’ll block seems important now. Past experiences and the desire to prevent a previous, emotionally painful rejection or betrayal may be keeping you in a small, limited, rather lifeless place. Partnerships could be reflecting these unconscious resistive paterns in negative ways. Now could be the “right time” to break free. You may need to find the courage to take some personal risks for the sake of escaping the small, “safe” place you’ve backed yourself into. Taking creative risks and opening yourself to rejection will be abundantly rewarded on a soul level – the level that’s always most relevant for you. You are probably way more resilient than you think.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Partners may be demanding more and you may not feel totally confident that you’re up to the challenge. Mercury in your 4th house is suggesting the need for a major transformation that involves freeing yourself from the past. It is likely you may be holding onto patterns that once served you well but are now no longer relevant, effective, or necessary. In fact the nature of Scorpio suggests that old patterns within the realm of reltionships may have become destructive. It seems you’re at the end of a challenge to enhance and strengthen your style and approach to life in ways that works for you. Next on the agenda (starting Nov. 7th) is the need to get re-aquainted with the true nature of your soul and the parts of yourself you had to disown to survive a complicated childhood. It seems you need to develop a “deeper bench” to function effectively within a close relationship and to achieve what you’re very capable of achieving. Instrospection, humility, and facing some hard truths gives you the tools you need to move into the future with fundamental strength and confidence.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
What seems most important, before any major decisions are made, is the need to address underlying, obsessive feelings of insecurity. No matter what your circumstances, failing to address and clear insecurity (financial insecurity) could undermine your best laid plans. There may be lots of anxiety underlying your communication and plans for success. It seems you have the knowldedge and talent to achieve whatever you want to achieve. It’s the emotional work that may need to be done. It could be wise to back away from all or nothing scenarios. Placing overwhelming amounts of pressure on yourself may not be unnecessary. A more incremental approach could work well as you mercifully give yourself the time and space to unravel the fear of scarcity that has been deeply ingrained into an old mindset. Healing old mindsets is an integral part of your life storyand your future. It’s not a “side show,” or a waste of time. Whatever your goals and whatever you desire to achieve, taking the time to heal old wounds and to set yourself free, enhances satisfaction and effectiveness going forward.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Your relationship with money, security, stability, and a solid, unwavering sense of self-worth, are under the microscope this week. Financial partnerships may be complicated or complicating in some way. Engaging in some kind of courageous honesty may be part of a healing process. Some kind of important revelation clears the way for you to feel more powerful and worthy. Highlighted may be your physical body and a sense of being grounded and stabilized within the real world. Something more balanced seems to be required. Introspection and a cautious approach to “blaming others” for relationship difficulties seems important. An important relationsip transformation is ongoing. It may involve a reversal and the need to take some kind of action that would seem to cast you in an “outsider” or rebellious light. If you fear rejection or a lack of approval from others whose opinions you value, that may need to be cleared for you to make the kind of progress you want to make. Work within the spiritual, research, or occult worlds seems supportive and facilitating.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The relationship you have with the role you play within the realm of relationships is undergoing significant transformation. It is possible that some kind of other-worldly communication or surprising revelation may set you free of something that feels both comforting and burdensome. Complicated, mixed feelings may be involved. Possibly a creative “tsunami” or overwhelming wave of love is experienced. A sense of loss may be involved but it feels profound, freeing, and potentially life changing in very positive ways. Justice, fairness, and balance my be restored. There is a significant struggle though. This may be related to difficulties or confusion in communication. Someone or something may not want to let go. This is a familiar conflict for Scorpio. Deep attachments are gut-wrenching to release. But the planets are assisting you in moving forward with some important karmic achievement. A release of something symbolizing home or an old source of security is implied.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21
There is a deep soul yearning for something that may be difficult to describe or identify. It seems it may be related to a strong and powerful belief in yourself. Something may have undermined your belief in “you” in the past – hobbling you in ways you may not have fully realized. It seems that now you may be on the cusp of testing yourself in ways that increase the liklihood of restoring that part of yourself. Notice if you’re starting to feel optimistic, if you believe that you will accomplish what you set out to accomplish, or that you will be able to create the kind of joyful life you once doubted you could. Hopeful signs and new information may be flowing in your direction on a regular basis. Dreams may be the source of the most encouraging information you receive. However far-fetched your desires seem, the world seems inclined to accommodate them. It seems like a good time to let go of the habitual doubt that has accompanied you for awhile. You’re on the cusp of an expansive new beginning.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
It seems that your relationship with the community – friends, allies, associates, and political leaders – is undergoing some kind of transformational process. Maybe you are testing your ability to be a community leader, to manifest your vision for the community, to assert your power in the direction of undermining some old order, corrosive influence, or toxic quest for wealth and power. Maybe you’re standing up for the “common man or woman” against a powerful “machine.” In some regard it’s a high stakes game fraught with possible repercussions that a “typical cautious Capricorn” would prefer to avoid. To the extent you can play the role of “outsider,” the eccentric, or “unrpedictable one” you are likely to be effective. You’ve come a long way to be able to take the risk of standing outside the mainstream. Unexpectedley you may have found a source of strength and satisfaction that once seemed very unlikely. If you’re flexible and strong enough to be both an insider and an outsider, you have massive advantages that can be used to advance any kind of progress you wish to make – for yourself and those less able.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
There may be something a little (or a lot) unnerving about where you’re at and what you’re considering at the moment. You’re in new territory. The stakes may seem high. Your relationship with your professional role in life, (or more generally what you want to achieve before you die), may be outside the realm of what you’ve previously been willing to consider. This may have something to do with legal matters, education, foreign travel, or publishing. A move (overseas) may be a possibility. It appears your “home” or your idea of “home” may be undergoing a destructuring or dismantling process designed to set you free. Relationships may be the complicating factor. You tend to take your commitments seriously. Maybe something has to give. Maybe you decide to let it go of a commitment. Maybe you feel it’s just too much to sacrifice or lose. It’s an exciting place to be for an Aquarian – on the cutting edge of a major life decision. The North Node is on the cusp of a move into your 6th house of work. Promising opportunities may arise. A change of course is a possibility. During the interim your best strategy may be to simplify. What does your most natural, essential self self crave? It has something to do with timeless beauty, a lasting legacy, and a chance to finely craft your life.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Deep transformational processes are taking place in the part of your chart representing opportunity and your future. You may fall in love with a foregn place or person. But caution is advised. Venus is in retrogrde motion. Reversals are a distinct possibility. Your mindset is undergoing a dismantling process that might feel very liberating. The boundaries you had set for where your “thoughts could go” are being transgressed. Whole new worlds are opening up. New information is being revealed. Life as you once interpreted it is rapidly expanding. If it’s true that “what you can imagine you can achieve” then the possibilities avaialable to you have vastly increased. It may be wise to run your ideas and decisions by someone you trust, though. It is possible that you are not totally aware of how powerful your current impulse to break free is. Because for Pisces the the boundaries can be blurred and reality can sometimes be hazy, its good to be cautious and to lean in the direction of practicality. Get a second opinion as you prepare for something unprecedented in the creatively inspiring realm.

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