Horoscopes for the Week of Oct. 17th – 23rd

(Sorry for the delay in publishing this week’s horoscopes. I’m still traveling and not back to my usual schedule).

An impending full Moon in the sign of Taurus, conjuncting unpredictable, destabilizing Uranus, happens next week. Full Moons symbolize culminations and endings. Ideally they promote a return to balance. You’re likely to feel the effects of this full Moon intensify as the week progresses

Next Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, the Sun ends its month-long transit through the relationship-centered sign of Libra and transits into the sign of Scorpio. Between now and then you’ll feel the need to wrap things up, to finish and resolve an issue (relationship issue most likely)that’s been demanding your time and attention for the past three weeks.

On Nov. 6th the nodal axis changes signs, as it moves away from an 18 month long Leo/Aquarian influence. Within the astrological world it’s the nodal axis that gives a chart (and your life) context. The nodal axis tells us what area of life needs to be cultivated and advanced, and which area could benefit from being diminished. The North Node tends to be fortunate – the South Node less so. The nodes are karmic indicators, symbolizing past life influences and current “life purpose.” It’s all much richer and more complicated but for now this is the basic idea.

The important point is that the current 18 month Leo/Aquarian emphasis is coming to a close. This represents another significant ending. Since April of 2017 we’ve been encouraged to develop our innate talents, to find ways to express and receive love, to be passionately, sexually expressive, more playful, and predominantly occupied with things that bring us joy. Ideally we’ve moved away from a tendency (or willingness to accept) disconnection, detachment, cold, calculating arrangements, resistance to receiving love, etc.

The current nodal axis will be replaced by Cancer and Capricorn. I’ll write more about this later. But it’s interesting to note that the Karmic themes you’ll be contending with for the next 18 months are essentially the same ones you dealt with from April of 2000 through October of 2001. Your response will most likely be of a higher order now, though.

Additionally Jupiter will be wrapping up his year long transit through the deeply transformational, motivationally complicated, ruthlessly truthful, sign of Scorpio. We’re on the verge of a major expansive possibility that can only happen because we’ve been able to tell ourselves the truth about what needs to be released. If you haven’t done this yet you’ll be feeling pressured to do so over the next two weeks.

Overall this feels like a week when we’re starting to close the book on a several important life chapters – clearing the decks, saying what needs to be said, releasing something that’s become burdensome, etc. This week we may feel like putting the past in the past as we free ourselves to move on to something more meaningful and exciting.

On Friday and Saturday of this week, Mercury in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius. At the same time Neptune in Pisces trines Mercury. This is a big deal for relationships in general.

Mars in Aquarius desires freedom, independence, non-committal arrangements, sex that engages the body but not the heart, and endless mental stimulation that diverts from emotional entanglement and connection.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. His ideas are not flexible. He doesn’t adapt easily. He’s the eccentric warrior refusing to conform to expectations. He’s pretty happy with the non-committal arrangements he’s set up – until he’s not – or until he realizes he’s become attached and connected in spite of himself. This may be “the week of the wake-up call.”

Mercury the messenger, in the emotionally devouring, deeply attached, intimacy-seeking, sign of Scorpio, confronts Mars with a harsh truth. It’s hard to live a life that’s emotionally disconnected. It’s hard to survive and thrive on little or no love. It’s harder to strike a balance than it is to be at one extreme or the other. It’s easy to be alone and free until you realize somethings missing.

Mars may be unsettled by the fact that achieving ultimate personal freedom is complicated. He may be recalculating cost/benefit issues. Sex is emotionally complicated. Being human is messy. Love is essential and decisions that feel freeing can also be gut-wrenchingly difficult.

Scorpio’s message seems to be “It’s about more than what sounds appealing.” Whatever blocks love and connection needs to be eliminated.

Whenever Mars faces a conflict the resolution always seems to involve something courageous and challenging.

Neptune’s trine to Mercury is healing. The truth finds it’s way through lots of inflexibility and certainty. Neptune may assist in disguising the message in a form that penetrates your defenses. Something beautifully balanced, poetic, graceful, soft, and empowering pushes past what’s long been resisted.

This week you may be focused on winding things up, coming to a resolution, and a new level of awareness. An old perspective or desire loses some steam and it may feel like a loss. Something’s lost and something’s gained. Efforts you put into endings and resolutions are likely to be practical, timely, and effective.

Think carefully about the wisdom of trying to sustain a “comfortable imbalance” or detached arrangement at a time when life seems to be asking for something more. Fighting hard to “hold on” can obscure the fact that what’s trying to exit your life has actually become pretty burdensome.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The overarching challenge for Aries is about professional and financial achievement, accomplishment, solidifying your reputation as an expert in your field, being a respected authority, etc. There’s work to be done but it’s all doable. You’re likely to succeed because you’ll refuse to have it any other way. This week’s message for you may be about the increasing importance of recognizing and healing distortions involving personal sexual expression. It may also suggest the importance of cultivating some advanced sexual knowledge or expertise. Learning more about the healing power of healthy sexual expression might become a central component to your overall professional success. This week it’s possible to gain some new level of awareness, to come to some long resisted conclusions, to recognize that despite your basically down to earth, practical approaches to success, you can benefit from some fringe, taboo, “outside the norm” kind of influences. Your best professional allies are those who have thrown away the rule books in favor of something more enlightened and socially/psychologically disruptive. Aries is the initiator. It’s important for you to be first. This week you may have the courage to combine traditional business skill with something pretty risky. It feels right.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Currently the overarching challenge for Taurus is to build a future that feels secure, self-respecting, and spacious enough to house your unsually progressive offerings – and deeply held beliefs. Your success is built on a rich philosophy of life and what you’ve learned through various life experience. The impending full Moon is likely to unearth something new you hadn’t realized or expected. You’re becoming highly sensitized to various forms of communication and an emerging truth you might have sensed awhile ago but prefered to resist. You’re reading body language this week and taking in information that may be upsetting but freeing. It’s getting close to being the right time to close the book on an old chapter. The end is in sight, though it may be complicated and frightening. There is every reason to believe that building a different kind of future for yourself is nothing short of a heroes journey. It’s challenging and complicated but it may be time to do the thing that’s hardest for you to do. It may be time to move on from the past.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The current overarching challenge for Gemini resides in Scorpio’s complicated, empowering, personally transformational realm. Life may feel gutwrenching on a regular basis these days. Just when you get attached to something comforting and soothing, it’s time to let it go. A constant churning is everpresent. It can feel exhausting but there’s always a deeper truth to be realized and a more empowering stance to attain. You can’t resist. The truth is that you’re most likely making progress in areas you’ve resisted for a long time. Money, security, and financial partnership may be an area of incresing sensitivity or concern. Financial fears may creep in. Dealing with power imbalances may be an issue. A highly disciplined and focused approach to resource management may be necessary as you approach an end point. Something invisible and foundationally disruptive is beginning to dissolve. Breaking into a freer future is more emotionally complicated than it initially seemed. But endings are seamlessly aligned with current cosmic patterns.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The overarching challenge for Cancer involves a return to balance – especially within the realm of relationships. Working hard, taking on your fair share of the responsibility for the success or failure of a commitment may feel especially challenging at the moment. Finances may be a central issue. You may need to step up in a way that is thoughtful, self-disciplined, strategically wise, and sensitively “tuned in.” There is little room for error it seems. Old Karmic lessons are deeply embedded into the nature of your attempts to unravel something that feels both restrictive and supportive. You may be highly sensitized to the approach you’re taking this week, critical of your every move, and watchful of how things appear to be unfolding in response to what you do – or fail to do. Something about the foundational basis of a relationship is coming to a close. Creating a joy-filled life for yourself may depend on your ability to walk away from an old form of security. A new awareness changes your perspective. It may be more emotionally complicated than you initially anticipated.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The overarching challenge for Leo may involve resolving a conflict regarding the restrictive nature of your work and current responsibilities. An invisible, highly sensitive piece of yourself – a very essential stablizing piece of yourself – is tired of being put “on hold” in favor of a strenuous focus on work, competency, and following through with the heavy responsibilities you’ve taken on. An ongoing imbalance may need to be addressed in a new way. For the sake of your family, your security, or your health, current patterns may need to end. A loss of some kind raises your awareness and changes your perspective. It may be time to say what needs to be said and to bring an end to an overly simplistic mindset. It’s time to acknowledge an emerging truth – and it’s time for something that’s outlived its usefulness to die. This week you will be highly sensitized to the dissolution of an old form of security. At the same time you may get re-aquainted with a part of you that’s been disowned for the sake of expediency. A more balanced approach to yourself and the big picture may change your beliefs about status, success, sacrifice, and current future plans.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The main challenge for Virgo involves the issue of surviving a scarcity of love and attention, and learning the lessons a lack of love can teach. Something karmic is pushing the issue of love for you. Do you feel worthy of love or do you find it unreliable and difficult to control. Are you confident that your way of expressing love will be received with open arms or would you prefer to avoid the risk. Does a relationship that is less emotional and more businesslike appeal to you? Is mutual respect more important than love. Fear of loss in love is usually a factor for Virgo – possibly because you have a history of a painful personal love lost – or you witnessed someone you love endure a painful loss. That deep wound is currently in the process of being healed. The process should be complete by mid February of 2019. Your social life is on the verge of being filled with opportunities and potential connections that can make good use of the kind of talents, expertise, and business know-how you have to offer. It’s my advice that you take this opportunity to end any relationship that feels disrespectful. Resolve financial and power imbalances within the realm of committed relationships this week.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
The overarching challenge for Libra is to release the past, to put it in a different, more updated, and truthful perspective. The truth is that Libra has a hard time letting go of the past. Fear and intense security needs are potent factors that can stall you in your tracks when it’s time to move on. This week the issue is about managing resources and earning money in ways that respect your desire to contribute an authentic and valuable piece of yourself within the public realm. There is some ongoing tension that requires you to accept something that is hard for you to accept. Your belief in the value of what you have to offer looks strong. But pushing too hard for what you want may be self-defeating. It appears there is a conflict within the realm of relationships – maybe a difference of opinion. It’s best to let something sensitive and compassionate form the basis of a solution. Pluto and Ceres are in conflict. This gives rise to some intense issues surrounding issues of nurturing, home, family, the need for an ending that promotes something new and vibrant. The bottom line is that you may need to do the thing that’s hardest for you to do. That usually involves a release of the past.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The ongoing challenge for Scorpio involves communication, speaking a basic truth, revealing something very private within the public realm, taking a creative risk, and asserting a profoundly healing influence through some unique offering or contribution. The North node in your 10th house of accomplishment and success suggests you may be coming to some conclusion about the role you want to play within the public realm. It may be time to highlight something about yourself you’ve previously considered to be a personal liability. Being an outcast is probably not a role you’ll savor, but it seems to be part of your story and part of what gives you the power to influence. It appears you are at a crossroads. Trying to control every factor involved in a critical decision- or a series of critical decisions – may not be possible. The best you can do is to cultivate an unwavering belief in yourself and to silence the voices in your head that tell you you actually don’t know what you want – or that what you want is dangerous in some regard. It’s time for you to let go of the past and to let go of those who are more comfortable when you conform. Your future needs to unfold with you at the helm. Stay connected to what you believe and to what brings you the most joy as you make critically important decisions that will be hard to reverse.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The overarching challenge for Sagittarius is the need to clarify what you value most, what kind of legacy you want to leave behind, what you most want to cultivate and solidify in your life, and where you can best accomplish that. You’re sensing what that is, but it’s not entirely clear yet. By mid-November it may be obvious. You’re at a disadvantage as you try to explain to a partner what you want. You can’t exactly put your finger on it. It’s frustrating if you need some cooperation or a “buy-in.” There is a truth you know that you’re reluctant to speak. It may feel disloyal or hurtful in some way. Sagittarius likes to be honest and truthful but doesn’t relish hurting others. It’s good to not force yourself to reveal something you’re not ready to reveal – or something you haven’t thoroughly formulated or processed. You need more time – alone time would be good. You may have to incur a loss. It may be financial or otherwise but it’s critical to triggering the kind of personal transformation you need to experience. It’s time to finish some social experiment that may involve a group acceptance or integration challenge. It’s time for a personal retreat into yourself and a reconnection with the part of you that strongly believes in herself.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
The ongoing challenge for Capricorn is managing wisely their style and approach to life in general, and more specifically within the realm of relationships. There is some pent up frustration or anger involving feeling confined, overworked, overwhelmed or overpowered. Your weapon is your words. Those strike at the heart of your “enemies” vulnerabilities. You may be ruthless and merciless when it comes to defending your position and a cause to which you are totally dedicated. You may be working for the “little guy” against powerful interests. Truth be told, the powerful interests would love to have you on their team. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Neptune’s trine to Mercury softens your approach a little. You may feel the need to be more compassionate or sensitive to how your words affect others. This does not diminish your dedication in any way. It just allows you a degree of self respect that being somewhat restrained always facilitates. There are ongoing power struggles involving your career choices, fundamental changes, finances, and cooperative agreements. Compromise is part of the picture. Losing something may be inevitable.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The ongoing challenge for Aquarius is achieving a higher degree of mastery over her fears, compulsions, obsessions, and insecurities. It’s important to take responsibility for situations and relationships that appear not to moving in the direction you want them to go. Pointing fingers when something goes haywire is a sure sign you’re off track and unfocused on the current central challenge of your life. A current focus on foreign travel, publishing, legal matters, and higher education gives way this week to an intense and rather strenuous focus on your career, your reputation, and your ability to unearth truths that can transform and heal those who seek your services and expertise. A new connection (or newly fortified connection) with invisible guides, previously untapped sources of power, and ancient information reboots and refreshes your reputation and commitment to an ongoing mission or enterprise. Financial shifts, uncertainty, and loss may trigger some important personal transformation or progression.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Jupiter in Scorpio, in your 9th house of the future and opportunities for expansion, freedom, travel, and more education, has triggered (or re-ignited) the urge to tap into the occult world through ritual, different varieties of divination, or techniques your imagination creates and perfects. Jupiter is in the process of preparing you for higher levels of achievement that involve the responsible weilding of more power and a healing influence. A degree of professional prominence and expertise may be realized over the next year. Issues this week and next may involve solitary concentration and reconnection. There may be an intense push to “return to the source,” to unearth ancient wisdom, and to purify and refresh you practice – and your life.

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