Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 19th – 25th

Mercury, transiting since Sep 7th through the critically precise, practical, and corrective sign of Virgo, moves Friday into the balancing, thoughtful sign of Libra. A preparatory, relatively private developmental phase, in play since the beginning of March, is about complete. As a result of a changed perspective (and maybe circumstances) we may be closer to launching something we previously could not.

We may be ready to experience something new or to share what we’ve learned (or what we love) with a bigger audience. We may be on the cusp of proving to ourselves that we can manifest what began long ago as an interesting idea. We may be at a pivotal turning point in our realtionship with another and with ourselves – both most likely. It’s time to take an unusual idea or dream to the point of manifestation. With Saturn and Uranus in trine aspect to one another, this will never be easier – at least not for awhile.

On Saturday at 6:54 PM Pacific time and 9:54 PM Eastern time the Sun enters the sign of LIbra. This marks the Autumn Equinox – a time when the Sun is directly above the equator. The length of day and night – light and dark – is about equal. A ‘re-balancing act” takes place on the world stage. If we’ve moved too far in one direction or another, universal forces align to facilitate a move back to center.

Emphasized with Mercury and the Sun’s transit through Libra, is Venus, currently placed in the transformative, under-cover, magical sign of Scorpio. We may have to dive into more messy stuff to come up with “the gold.” Relationships and their sticking points are highlighted.

This week dark memories (involving relationships probably) surface amidst something that feels hopeful or profoundly significant. This may be our chance to get past some lifelong confusion, blockage, resistance, or pain. The indication is that our actions align us with something rebellious, groundbreaking, and out of the ordinary. We may be in the process of exceeding expectations or finding ourselves in an elevated position. A heroic storyline is about to be played out in real time.

Black Moon Lillith’s alignment with the south node suggests a powerful karmic influence involving “dangerous women.”

A full Moon at 2 degrees of Aries occurs next Monday, Sep 24th. Aries is Libra’s counterbalance. He kicks in when we’re being too compromising, too avoidant of conflict, too nice, too accommodating, etc.

I’ll write more on the full Moon later this week. Basically a full Moon is a culmination and an ending. We’ve taken something as far as it can go. For the rest of the month (until Oct 9th and the rising “New Moon”) we “clean and clear” in preparation for a new beginning.

In perfectly timed cycles the Moon symbolizes the ever-renewing, repetitive nature of life. Each Moon has a different quality and a different message. The ebb and flow continues.

This full Moon looks political, patriotic, culturally focused, or nationally redefining in some way. On personal levels we may be motivated to consider a leadership or activist role – or to simply rise above it all. But staying alert and awake seems important.

The implications of an ongoing, “rolling tide” may be recognized. You may notice that a local or national scene has become stagnant. Facilitating the end by clearing the way for something more enlightened may be necessary – a different place or country to explore, a new place of residence, or an enlightened idea that seems to align with something deeply familiar or connected to your past.

On Tuesday, Sep. 25th, Chiron retrogrades back into the sign of Pisces. Chiron transits for an extra long time through the sign of Pisces – wounding and healing souls, reconnecting us with our essential nature, and to the collective unconscious. Burnt out trips, hollowed out institutions, war zones, extinction, addiction, the walking dead, – many different expressions of soulessness are highlighted during Chiron’s transit through Pisces. On a personal level our soul may have been torn apart and disconnected – then re-united and reconnected during Chiron’s transit through Pisces.

Recently we’ve been through eight years of this. On April 17th of this year Chiron left the sign of Pisces and moved into Aries. But now, apparently, we need more soul-healing time …or further dismantling of what was wrongly set in place to begin with.

By Feb. 18, 2019 Chiron moves back into the sign of Aries for the long haul. By then we might be getting the strong message that we’re all connected and no one does well until eveyone does well.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Chiron is very prominently placed for the sign of Aries – hovering over the ascendent and the “dividing line” that separates your conscious from unconscious mind. Sensitivity is highlighted. Open access is highlighted. Your ability by next Tuesday to perceive what’s above and below the surface of consciousness and what’s above and below the surface of reality becomes obvious. Now is the time to trust your intuition and to ask for answers to the questions that stump you. It’s also a time when producing a “work of art” (in the broadest sense of the term) infuses the essence of that work with something hihgly imaginative and maybe profoundly healing. For a period of time you’re capable of “plucking from the ethers” something extraordinary and routinely inaccessible. Mars, your chart ruler, and the south node are closing in on one another in the sign of Aquarius, in the 11th house of groups and allies. Something profoundly karmic overlays whatever you will be experiencing. You may need to clean and clear your life of groups who’ve aligned against you in some regard. The full Moon will assist in brining about the ending phase.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Upheaval is the name of the game as Uranus assists in destroying something fundamental to your style and approach to life – or to the role you’ve played within the realm of relationships for a long time. Fortunately Saturn is helping you unravel things in a rational, realistic way. There are superficial changes that tinker around the edges. And there are profound changes that go to the heart and essensce of who you are. This is the latter. It is temporarily destabilizing but ultimately life enhancing. This week the Sun and Mercury align in the sign of Virgo in your highly creative 5th house. The ideas that cross your mind may be especially rich as they relate to how you can be of service using the extraordinary artistic talent and eye for beauty you were born with. This is the week to write down some of your ideas. They tend to be more beautiful than usual. In fact your way of getting organized, prioritizing, being more efficient, making connections, and arranging the specifics may resemble a work of art. An old life direction is fading. But this week you seem especially up to the task of consciously designing a new one. Let go of imaginary blockages and fears in regularly scheduled meditative or “communing with nature” sessions.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your mind will most likely be on fire for the next few days as Mercury and the Sun close into a conjunction in the organizational/critical sign of Virgo. This should be stabilizing for you. Not only does it highlight your natural talent but the bedrock “essence” of who you are. By Saturday love and relationships are highlighted. A return to balance seems necessary. It is likely you will be highly self-critical regarding your “performance” – highly aware of your shortcomings, and pressured to fix what’s “broken.” There is an element of harsh truth that comes into play – something karmic you have been dealing with maybe for many lifetimes. The good news is that there is a breakthrough on the horizon. As challenges go, this one is coming to a close – not this week but by the end of October. In the meantime be as honest as you can, allow the future to fade into the background,emphasize the present, and give up on an old belief that’s not supported by the facts. Facts are your friend these days. A change in your relationship with a sibling may prove very fortunate.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
You may be struggling with a harsh truth about love, the need to simplify, and the need for a balance of power. Chiron move back into the sign of Pisces and into a preparatory phase. More work needs to be done to prepare you for a high profile, public or professional role. Agreeing to sacrifice something more may be necessary. The other possibility is the need to make sure that when you imagine the future it’s not something disappointing or confusing but rather something artistic, ethereally beautiful, healing, and soulful. Imagining what you want into being may require more work and more personal healing. But that is time limited. By February of 2019 you should be well on your way. The Autumnal equinox always brings you “back home” in some regard – back to your center of balance, back to beauty, back to a foundation of love. But Ceres resides in your 4th house of home and family this week and it’s aligned in a challenging aspect to Saturn. It may be hard to care for others this week, to find a way to nourish your soul, and to feel comforted by a partner. It’s time to be truthful with a partner about the nature of your relationship between now and October 31st. Expect some moodiness with the impening full Moon. Clean out something that’s cluttered.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week something Karmic unfolds within the realm of relationships. A debt that’s needed to be paid off might be in the process of being settled. After a long time, a source of tension may begin to subside and the beginning of an ending may be in play. The Sun in your 2nd house may have you forcused on money for the next several days. But after the Autumn equinox brings into balance communication and a clerer picture of what you need to know for the sake of your future. The issue of knowing a foreign language comes to mind. But it may be way more than that or something entirely different. You do need the means to navigte through bigger spaces, foreign territories, and larger worlds. Expansion and specific keys to expansion must be in your possession. It is likely things will be clarified soon for you in this regard. The only thing that limits your future at the moment is the knowledge you need to navigate through it. It’s time to get in a learning mode and to reach out to those who may have information or contacts for you.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Mercury moves into your 2nd house of priorities and values and is challenged by Saturn in your 5th house. Being afraid to live life to its fullest may a challenge who’s time has come for you It looks like it may be time to stop being afraid of being you and to give yourself the chance to realize how profoundly talented you are within the realms of creative organization, management, and shaping reality into what you love. This is a given. If you have not yet taken on your full authority in this regard, you may now be ready. At the same time there is something deeply soulful that is undergoing a loving, healing process. Venus in Scorpio is trining Nessus, the asteroid of abuse and neglect. There is the opportunity this week to close the door on a type of relationship pain that may have felt chronic and inevitable. The part of you that was willing to accept less than you deserved is coming to her senses fairly quickly. It’s all part of a bigger Karmic picture that may have taken centuries to unfold. But the time seems right this week. Love overwhelms wounds and strenthens your resolve.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Black Moon Lillith and the nodes of the Moon align in a beautiful harmonious aspect with Libra this week. Aligning with friends feels especially karmically fortunate. But any form of goodness or doing the right thing coming from a Libra, would have a better than average chance of being richly rewarded. Not that this is the reason to do something good. You probbly do good things most of the time. But astrologically this is different. These times don’t come around too often – once every 18 years. Venus, your ruling planet currently in the sign of Scorpio is inherently magical. Do the fair and honest thing within all relationships to the extent you can maintain your sense of balance. It is an “occupational hazard” for Libra to over compromise, over accommodate, and take too much responsibility for maintaining the peace. Being fair includes the part of the equation that is equally fair to you.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
This is the time of year, every year, when Scorpio moves into a cleaning clearing phase. Everything you have accumulated over the past year needs to be sifted through, saved, or more significantly, thrown out, in preparation for the new beginning which always occurs around the 21st of October. Something old and karmic has been dying a slow death in your 4th house of home and family. Your home would be a good place to look for opportunities for renewal. A new foundation seems needed to support a professional dream that also feels karmic in a more promising way. The south node has a diminishing effect. But the North node has tremendous growth potential. On their way to being transformed, relationships may require a healthy dose of honesty. It is also true that you may need to be honest about the kind of role you’re now willing to play within the realm of relationships. Something complicated may be unraveled by October 31st. A rebellion against old karmic tendencies that allow feelings of insecurity to lock you in may be necessary,

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarians are working with a six week window (about) to prepare for a new beginning. Something expansive, maybe foreign, and exotic seems in the offing. And it looks promising. The future you have in mind may be a reflection of the real you. Forward thinking, forward focused, forward obsessions seems to be a Sagittarian tendency. The here and now pales in comparison to the excitement the future holds. But in the meantime when you’re waiting for some answers or opportunities it’s wise to go within, to stabilize yourself in the spiritual realm, as you expand the power and mastery you’re weilding over yourself. There is still work to be done in this regard though you’ve most likely come a long way over the past year – with lots of invisible assistance. Something about the nature of the relationship you have with your spiritual self will soon be evident. It’s a gift you might be willing to share with the world. At the moment it might feel exhilerating and it might feel threatening. You still have time to work this out. Savor your alone time for awhile longer.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Motivating a Capricorn is a skill I don’t need. I know that because I live with one. Truthfully most of my time is spent asking why this had to be done and why that had to be done… and thanking may partner for doing it before I noticed it needed to be done. Capricorns don’t need motivation as much as they need to know how loveable they are – even when they’re not doing something to earn your admiration. As an astrologer I know this because Ceres, the asteroid of safety, security, nourishment, home, and family, is in Libra, the sign of love, in the 10th Capricorn house. For Capricorn, giving yourself what you need this week may amount to hanging out with those who think you’re adorable and don’t mind letting you know. This is a week when a return to balance is indicated. Chances are you’re all set when it comes to being overly-responsible, very capable, and totally reliable. What you need this week is love and kindness, good food, and peaceful, beautiful surroundings that remind you you’re loved.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The south node, Mars, and Black Moon Lillith are a threesome in your 1st solar house. These three are not only potential trouble makers, outsiders, outlaws, and crazy people. They’re also psychically open to all kinds of unusual talents and magical powers developed in past lives. In a way they’re super highly developed Aquarians – for better or worse – who know how to create breakthroughs. All bets are off when it comes to what they are capable of. They (you) may feel like dressing up in wild bohemian garb, attracting (through outrageous behavior) attention to a cause, pushing through a scientific breakthrough, staging a rebellion against authority, or experimenting with a new and different kind of role in the world. It could all be connected to the past and something very familiar. You are at an advantage now especially if you’re trying to make some progress in a specific direction. You have access to know-how you didn’t know you had.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Mars and Black Moon Lillith are stirring up lots of change within your 12th house of invisible entities, beneath the surface memories, secrets, and dreams. The projections coming from your 12th house help to create what eventually unfolds in the circumstances of your life. To the extent you’re comfortable with Aquarius (the outsider, the rebel, the humanitarian, the experimenter and truth teller) you may actually enjoy where you’re headed. To the extent you’d just like to fit in, conform, and be accepted, this could be a challenging time for you. Still it looks like there is tremendous growth potential within the realm of your work life if you’re willing to go out on a limb. You may need to take some risk and to be willing to be the one who is different in order to make some real headway. This is a good time to meditate, to contact the most rebellious, or outrageous of your relatives who have passed on. They can help you navigate through the changes that need to be made. Make sure you call on the ones who love you most.


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