Horoscopes for the Week of July 18th – 24th

At the start of this week the grand earth trine that’s been infusing some ease and harmony into life has broken apart. In the immediate future Pluto and the Moon are in a tug of war – the Moon wanting things to be peaceful and nice, Pluto stirring up what’s been glossed over or buried, insisting the foundations for peace and “niceness” need more work. It’s unsettling but fleeting influence.

We’re nearing the end of the Sun’s yearly 30 day trek through the sign of Cancer. Next up is Leo. The Sun moves into the sign of Leo on Sunday July 22nd. Between now and then energy that facilitates coming to terms with the past, resolving old issues, confronting the nature and structure of family, our own security, and emotional endings, takes on a relative sense of urgency. The stage is being set for Leo’s dramatic and fiery entrance. As he walks on stage, Uranus in Taurus – the disruptor of bedrock foundations and principles, challenges and accompanies him. This could be interesting in a fiery, unsettling way.

On a personal level (especially for Leo’s) being back in the limelight feels right. Things start moving. Socially you may re-engage. The pace quickens. You’re focused on yourself, your life, your plans, your game, your kids, and hopefully who and what you love.

While the Sun progresses through Leo it’s nice to have an audience and “fans” – to be surrounded by fun-loving friends, and to have a schedule full of things you want to do. But making adjustments for Saturn, Uranus, and Mars will be necessary. Under the Leo Sun you may be carrying a load on your back and wading through some personal challenges. There’s work to be done, finances to attend to, “wild cards” to deal with, the need to assimilate while protecting your freedom (creative freedom) to be who you are. Issues of belonging may surface.

Mercury (the messenger) is on the cusp of his retrograde phase – the second of three this year. Officially Mercury turns retrograde on July 25th (next Wednesday). This is significant because he adds to the mounting power of the army of planets already amassed in retrograde motion. Next Wednesday it will be six. And by August 7th when Uranus turns retrograde we’ll feel the influence of an astounding and rare seven planets (including Chiron) in retrograde motion.

A reconsideration of the past – the all-inclusive, big, national past, is signified. Something fundamental to our sense of identity (Mars retrogrades at 22 degrees of Leo) is in need of review or maybe in need of being undone. A cultural bombshell may force a reorientation. Cutting through consensus myths and exposing the naked truth is symbolized. Leaders may be forced to reverse course.

And then there’s the impending total Aquarian Lunar Eclipse happening a week from Friday. We’ll be feeling its steadily intensifying influence as the week progresses. It’s intricately connected to whatever was going on in the summer/early fall of 1999. Internationally on August 7th, 1999 Boris Yeltsin appointed a relative unknown Vladimir Putin, to be Prime Minister. We were anticipating the beginning of the 21st century. Y2K was an issue. There was some fear that the computer programs (on airplanes and within nuclear arsenals especially) might fail as the calendar rolled over into the year 2000. To varying degrees people were feeling vulnerable.

I’ll write more on the Aquarian eclipse next week. For this week it’s good to be aware that a collapse of an old way of being, our evolving sense of identity, issues of belonging, alienation, and reorientation are being highly energized by this impending eclipse.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Bringing some sense of resolution to family issues, relationships, the past, and what’s been left dangling and unintegrated on an emotional level, is signified. The entrance of the Sun into the sign of Leo is usually a relief for Aries. Aries and Leo are natural cosmic friends. They’re fiery and they want to get on with it. They want to have fun and they want to be in love. In your ongoing, all-encompassing, deep healing state, confidence, courage, and the will to create and act on a bold new initiative are signs of significant progress. So is the ability to run into a potential lover who looks at you like your the most intriguing, attractive, tantalizing thing he or she has ever seen. The lights are all turning green especially from July 22nd – August 21st if you’d like to entertain the idea of a lover. Love is the most healing potion of all. Other remedies pale in comparison. Since you’re in a major healing cycle anyway, a love affair could be thought of as medicinal – part of your ongoing treatment on the way to a vibrant state of health – and a vibrant life.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Nessus, the centaur planet symbolizing the need to recover from past abuse in love is highlighted. Something vague and confusing, hidden and intangible, noncommittal but seeming on the surface to be, needs to be healed. Your sixth sense may have kicked into high gear – especially where children or love affairs are concerned. What you instinctively know to be true may not mesh with what you see. Love may be the catalyst that moves you in the direction of rejecting something that repeats an old confusing, abusive, pattern that keeps you off-balance. But so is practicality and the need to align yourself with what you deserve – unless you have a diminished view of what that is. The upcoming Mercury retrograde period is an important and perfect time for you re-asses your relationship with love, children, or a lover. A more unshakeable sense of inner peace and comfort can be achieved. Leo will push the issue. Your perspective may expand and realign.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The Sun’s impending move into the sign of Leo energizes an unsettled, “beneath the surface” feeling about commitment and breaking free. The urge for more space for your future may be in play. You may need to stage a rebellion against a limiting spiritual foundation, something dogmatic, obsessive, compulsive, or otherwise undermining. Marriage may be the issue. A less than satisfactory state of health or work environment may reflect an inner life that is too rigid, structured, confined, or compelled to conform. The possibility of a breakthrough is likely. It may involve accepting and integrating a complicated truth about your relationship with your work or health. But it may also involve the unraveling of a mystery at the deepest levels of your mind and heart. Fortunately Mercury turns retrograde next Wednesday. Between July 22nd and August 14th is the perfect time to review and reassess. Your future seems to be calling you in the direction of something subversively artistic, enlightening, and disruptive. Changing entrenched mindsets in entertaining, playful ways seems to be the issue. It starts with your own.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
As the Sun moves into the sign of Leo for the next month, this is an opportune time for you to increase your income. Maybe you use your ability to project vivid images into a money making proposition. Acting, writing, fantasy, science fiction all fit the bill. It seems you may be a cultural innovator. Your sensitivity allows you to pick up on ideas “floating in the ethers.” You may catch a glimmer of some elusive truth that will profoundly resonate with the public. You’ve been blessed with an abundance of talent. You have the resources you need to accumulate wealth. The issue for the next few days is tying up loose ends, resolving old emotional issues, coming to terms with your relationship to a partner, your family, the past, and yourself. It’s time to embrace what you may define as your shortcomings. Usually those fall along the lines of being too sensitive, dependent, stuck in the past, insecure, over-nurturing, and pre-occupied with the imaginative life in your head. Now is the time to capitalize on any one or all of those. You have the ability to tune into what the world craves and to make it profitable for you.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The world is about to get on the same page with you. The upside is that you’re more familiar than most with the energies about to take hold. The downside is everyone might be vying for the attention that usually and “rightfully” belongs to you. Most likely you’ll be celebrating your birthday. The bigger and more entertaining that celebration, the better. The truth is you deserve it. The past month has most likely been a challenging one. If you were tuned in you recognized the need for some internal rearrangement, a deep dive into a more self-aware space, and possibly the end of an old, confining emotional way of being. Your sensitivity inclines you to pick up on others moods – especially if those are dark or negative. That dynamic may have been working in overdrive for the past month. Cancer energy, being what it is, inclines to lots of moodiness. From now until Sunday I would advise extra time to yourself to shake off any heaviness you might have accumulated over the past month. The next three days would be the perfect time for a physical cleanse or detox. You’re on the cusp of a new beginning. It’s good to be as light and unencumbered as you can possibly be.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
You may be approaching a time when you realize it’s time to reassess, reconsider, revisit, and relax. Your mind is always in overdrive. It’s hard on your nervous system. To the extent you can get ahead of your work, prepare for technological snafus, fortify your supports, and clear your calendar, that would be to your benefit. A different approach to life, a reversal or readjustment of some kind – something that involves your mother, mothering, or your home – may be in play. Change in the right direction for you depends on your ability resolve or end something emotional within the social/love realm of your life. Friends and a sense of belonging in some regard may need to come full circle within the next few days. The next month is your time of year to reconnect with your soul. Somethings been lost in translation over the past 11 months. It needs to be recovered. Alone time is needed to rediscover something important. Your soul is boundlessly creative. It’s the kind of soul that can’t not create or be in love. If you haven’t had time for that it’s time to make time.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Libra is in the cleaning clearing phase in preparation for a new, more balanced, refined, and refreshing beginning. It’s time to throw stuff out that will be weighing you down by August 7th. It’s also time to come to terms with an old form of abuse that involved questioning your personal competence, your use of compassion, imagination, and a highly accurate 6th sense to manage or inform your work, some severe criticism that was thrown in your direction, maybe involving something artistic you were able to create. It was all discouraging and caused you to underestimate what you were actually capable of achieving. You are capable of taking on a challenging project or achieving a level of mastery (artistic mastery maybe) you may still doubt. Maybe this involves your mother. But it’s time to resolve it. You’re on the cusp of a new cycle that looks very fortunate for you. You need to know for sure who you are. It looks like you’re a beautiful combination of practicality, magical healing, sensitivity, and artistic know-how.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
You may need to stage a rebellion against the past, or against the current foundation you have set in place for what you most want to achieve. Your foundation may be a little shaky on the emotional side. It needs to be fortified in some way. I think you might just need to say a firm “no” to yourself when you wander into self-doubting territory. Or you may need to mount a full on campaign with sticky notes taped to the mirror, rewards for affirming thoughts, hypnosis, or whatever else your mind can create to encourage you to make a break from an old way of being. If your vision for what you want to create is big and bold your on the right track. If you’re afraid others might laugh if they knew the audaciousness of your plans, again you’re on the right track. If you wander into doubting territory that’s your signal to spend some time alone cultivating your vision, expanding its focus, refining what you actually want, and feeling the passion grow as you live your dream in the present moment. You are destined to make a splash within the public realm. A profound personal transformation is the price you pay to achieve the fame and fortune your destined to achieve.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarians since October of 2017 may have achieved a level of mastery over themselves through some magical method of unearthing their true self. Most likely they’ve applied in a consistent, self-disciplined way, a practice that has invisibly guided and speeded up their healing process. More than anything Sagittarius is motivated to set herself free to further explore the depth of her soul. It may be time to pause for a moment of self-reflection on how far you’ve come over the past eight months. The Sun’s move into the sign of Leo and Mercury’s move into retrograde motion dynamically challenges your ability to go deeper, to further unchain yourself from the self-imposed ties that bind, and to create even more space for yourself. It’s time to prepare for your ultimate escape (November most likely), by envisioning the future you most want to create for yourself. Loosen your ties to your usual routines, and the people, places and things you normally encounter on a daily basis. Learn a foreign language, study available options, and make use of the hard won freedom you’ve created so far. You have a ways to go, but what you’re accomplishing seems profoundly significant though it may feel incremental to you.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
This is the time of year (August 22nd – September 21st) when the Sun highlights complicated psychological territory for Capricorn. Most likely your emotional or financial relationship with others needs to be re-calibrated and brought into balance. Broadly speaking what you give must be commensurate with what you receive. Others must agree to fight their own demons as you agree to push back on your own. Debts may be an issue. They need to be paid off or mutually forgiven. A more enlightened, just, fair, and humane foundation needs to be put in place for all relationships you agree to commit to in the coming year. Your future depends on it. This is the time when you clear the decks of emotional and psychological gunk that could limit future options. Everything must be above board, mutually and fairly negotiated, kind, and generous. It’s the best way to ensure a future of deeply satisfying relationships and financial abundance.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Your creations are a reflection of you. For the past month you’ve most likely put lots of effort into honing your skills, mastering your craft, producing your best work, organizing your efforts, disciplining yourself to work longer hours, researching your facts, digging deep for inspiration, following up, and basically delivering “goods” you can be proud of. Now may be the time for you to make an appearance on a bigger stage, to step out of the realm of the worker bee into something resembling confident self-promotion. People crave quality stuff. You’ve got it. It’s a win/win. Consider advertising and expanding beyond your current boundaries. This is more difficult than it may seem for an Aquarian. They’re very sensitive and emotionally invested in their work. It’s a source of vulnerability. Still you can have confidence that within your field you’re one of the best of the best. It’s time to show the world what you’ve got to offer. The world will be better off for it.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
It’s time to bring something imaginative, artistic, and playful, into the realm of your work. It’s time to transition something you love into the work that you do – so you can love your work. This weekend you may feel the urge to do that Don’t fight it. It happens with this level of intensity and momentum only once a year. So the message is clear. Your imaginative, playful, artist, stuff is worth developing. And its worth perfecting the skills you need to manifest a personal vision or idea. It may be time to rebel against the idea that you must conform to a job that’s ready made for you – and maybe has nothing to do with what you love. There are options for a a more personal line of business, something you feel deeply passionate about, something that springs from the most unique pats of who you are. Please consider it if you haven’t already. The timing is perfect.

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