Horoscopes for the Week of July 11th – 17th

Today we experience the effects of a Balsamic Moon – the darkest night of the month occurring the eve before the New Moon (Partial Solar) Eclipse. Our psychic “6th sense” is magnified. Our internal “radar” is more powerful than usual. It is likely we’re sensing the shape of things to come – especially since we’re on the cusp of a Cancer (hypersensitive) Solar eclipse. Feelings are especially powerful and can overwhelm.

The dynamics of an eclipse are similar to what happens when you shut down your computer and reboot it. During that process a realignment occurs. When sunlight is temporarily blocked – in this case partially blocked – something mysterious occurs that changes the game. A re-arrangement of an old structural design is indicated. As a result what was previously possible may no longer be. And what was impossible may no longer be.

Thursday’s partial solar eclipse is the first in a series of three. A lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius occurs on July 27th and another partial Solar eclipse in the sign of Leo on August 11th. By the end of August it is likely the supports for an “old way of life” will have collapsed, while new ones will be in the process of forming.

(I have recently written about this Cancer Solar eclipse in more detail. To access that info, click here.)

Yesterday, after moving in retrograde motion for a little over four months, Jupiter in Scorpio turned direct. As of now we may have made enough transformational progress to see the writing on the wall. We may have recovered or re-discovered magical skills. The essence of a rebellion of some kind – personal, political, professional, etc. may have taken hold. A reconsideration of our personal relationships with groups, impatience with un-like-minded people, a refusal to follow our own rules (or someone else’s), and an aversion to feeling locked into social roles may be part of the current picture.

Issues of control are front and center. Not since 2006 have we been allotted an extended period of time to focus on the darkest, most complicated, potentially twisted and corrupt areas of our life. Maybe we’re not exactly grateful for that – yet.

But it seems something’s been undone that may allow for progress in a more promising direction. An issue has been clarified – or soon will be. Maybe we know ourselves better and what we can sustain and tolerate. A confrontation with an old Karmic debt may be part of our recent experience. Whatever has felt disempowering and confining – maybe “life-threatening or soul-deadening” – has been (or soon will be) defined accurately enough for us to know (or to sense) what we’ll need to do. A difficult (life or death) decision may need to be made.

Mars remains in retrograde motion in the sign of Aquarius. We’re less tolerant of oppression in any form and maybe testy or enraged about having to backtrack to recover freedoms we feel entitled to. The nature of what we actually want (as opposed to what we “should want”) breaks through the surface.

Venus, newly in the sign of Virgo, sits happily in a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. She facilitates an easier than usual breakthrough that allows for a significant achievement – possibly within the realm of relationships. Because Uranus in Taurus is involved, something fundamental or foundational shifts. The shift may put you back in control over the direction of your life. An opportunity for a more thorough integration of what you value most may surface.

Chiron remains in retrograde motion in the sign of Aries. Healing proceeds at progressively deeper levels. Depleted levels of passion may be in the process of being restored. Better sex and the formation of a healthier relationship with your physical body are within Chiron’s sites. A resurgence of confidence and the ability to take the initiative (to go after what you want) seems possible. A willingness to fight and to become the hero in your own story is facilitated. The maverick-y part of you that has up till now “played it small” is in the process of being set free.

It may be clarifying to read the horoscope for your Moon sign as well as Ascendent and the Sun.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
If you’ve engaged in a painfully honest review of the deepest, most profound aspect of your psychology over the past several months – specifically the influence of your family in shaping your beliefs about power and control, now may be when you begin to reap the rewards for your effort. Something fundamental and foundational shifts and the game begins to change. It is wise to reconsider the nature of your professional life, your overall life direction, and some fundamental changes you could make – probably sometime in early September. Venus is currently gifting with a clarification of how skillful you are in specific areas as well as an opportunity to improve your skills. She’s also easing your workload, enabling a higher level of self-mastery, and maybe highlighting a “helper” in your midst. There is some new ease and flow related to freeing yourself to achieve what you’ve always wanted to achieve. You may be on the cusp of taking some giant steps in the direction you most want to go. It pays to spend some time cultivating your vision for the future. A specific area for expansion may need to be clarified.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Your relationship with yourself is the issue though it may be your relationship with someone else that occupies your energy and thoughts. You may be trying to fix your relationship with yourself by trying to change another. That never works. Now is the time for a change in perspective and lots of attention to the nature of your beliefs – specifically about relationships. There is the indication that your beliefs are “set in stone” and resistant to change. But this week the cosmos facilitates a breakthrough – if you’re willing to cooperate. The personal equivalent of an earth quake within the realm of relationships is a possibility. By that I mean a fundamental shift in your approach to relationships in general. Venus in your 5th solar house is highlighting an opportunity to love yourself more and sacrifice less. What may come into view is a realistic picture of how you can be most useful to yourself – and by extension most useful to others. To the extent you can improve your relationship with yourself with a change in long held beliefs, you’re on the right track.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Freeing yourself from some attachment to your mom’s way of being (or the past) opens up new worlds. To some extent this is out of your control. The powers that be in the world have simply decided that you’ve suffered long enough – or you’ve paid your Karmic debt – or you deserve a break. I’m not exactly sure. But time has expired on some old, mysterious fear that kept you locked in. You can thank Uranus for that. Essentially she’s arranged for an earthquake in the deepest recesses of your mind and soul. She’s shifted the foundations of your inner life. It’s all being rearranged in ways that make what was once impossible possible. It may be necessary to remind yourself of what you actually want. Venus in Virgo is busy detoxing and purifying the nature of your relationship with the past. You may begin to see it all differently and more clearly. Toxic family ties release their hold on you as your awareness increases. It seems you may be gaining unprecedented control over your life direction. A clarification of what you value most provides you with the kind of stability that launches you in the right direction. You may waver over the next month or two. But by September you find your footing.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
An old confining role within the realm of relationships may finally be cast off – possibly in the most disciplined, graceful, efficient, and freeing way possible. Something unexpectedly shifts in ways that allow for a more dignified, caring, and effective presentation of yourself to the world. A previous repetitive, undermining, or “locked in” state of being may have lost its supporting structure. You may have gone out on a limb or drawn a line in the sand. Whatever has occurred to rock the boat for yourself (and maybe a partner) may ultimately be worked out advantageously. The issue is a commitment to a continued resistance to any role that feels exploitative or “beneath you.” It’s easy for Cancer to slip back into what’s most familiar and comfortable. Hopefully the upcoming eclipses will reinforce your determination to nurture and to provide care without acquiescing to anything that feels undignified or fearful.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The most irrational parts of yourself are being highly energized. What purpose this serves, if any, is up to you. For the sake of efficiency it may seem right to ignore the newly enlivened ghosts from the past, skeletons in the closet, irrational fears, unresolved grief, and unacceptable urges.. But a little time and attention to memories that flow through your mind and the losses you’ve never fully recovered from goes a long way to putting you back in the driver seat. A reflexive shift back into your most entertaining, uplifting, energizing, self may feel most comforting. But it seems unwise to push the information that’s trying to surface back into the deepest recesses of your mind. If you want more control over the direction of your work life, your relationships with co-workers, your health, or ability to achieve a higher level of self-mastery, now is the time to listen to something that’s becoming hard to ignore. Don’t be fooled by the soft voice, cryptic style, and conflicting messages of your soul. There is something important she is trying to tell you if you will take the time to listen. It may be the most empowering thing you can do as the eclipse season progresses.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
It’s hard to be too serious or hard-working when Venus is in the sign of Virgo – as it now is. There are challenges but overall life may feel easier and do-able. Your practical, perfected, style and approach is particularly magnetizing and appealing. So it’s a good time to ask the universe for what you want. The world is happier than usual to comply with your wishes. Most likely you’ve earned the gifts that are finding their way to you. Jupiter, newly in direct motion, facilitates the movement of things in a forward direction. Ideas that are healing or transformative flow freely through your mind, expanding your perspective and altering beliefs that have confined you. A long shot opportunity may materialize – something you may actually feel like committing to because it encompasses what you value most. It is necessary to find the tribe to which you belong. The clue that you may have found it will be the desire on the part of a group to make you the leader. It’s a group that inherently respects your contribution, admires your ability to make work fun, your self-discipline, and cautious, caring attitude. Being of service as a leader has the potential to bring you an unprecedented amount of joy. Carefully consider the opportunities this eclipse season brings.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Something soulful and intangible – love, inspiration, mystery, and transcendence – may be anchored in something foundationally solid and unshakeable. Getting married, entering into a contract, committing yourself to someone or something officially, seems wise and cosmically facilitated. Bringing heaven down to earth is symbolized in some form through your actions. Something good is fortified and expanded as a result of you being you. It’s important that you play a useful, starring role now. It is not your purpose to compromise, to cooperate, to be part of the audience, a passive observer, or inconspicuous side-liner. Something from the collective mind and heart of the universe is being filtered through you. The more exposure you have and highlighted you are the better for all concerned. We need the reminder your life and relationships are reflecting at the moment. With the impending eclipse we’re more receptive than usual so the timing seems perfect. Expand your influence as much as you can.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
In important ways this week sets the stage for the accomplishments you will achieve for the rest of your life. It’s a new beginning. You may start or continue to tackle something that requires a deep dive into your reserves of strength. What you’re most fit to do is not for the faint of heart. The intrigue, and “edge of your seat” suspense most shy away from for fear of being unsettled, corrupted, or overwhelmed – you embrace and express with an incisive flair. A challenging creative project that breaks all the rules. making inroads in the direction of the unvarnished truth, seems to reflect the mission or the cause unfolding in front of you. You may have been mulling things over for awhile – maybe since 2006. Whatever you do is a service to the world. But the extent to which it turns you “inside out” and completely transforms the nature of who you are at the deepest levels of your being may never be fully appreciated by your audiences. Essentially you do what you do because you can. You have the internal strength required. Watch for an opportunity that feels personally challenging but very promising.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Your current mission is not for the faint of heart. It involves admitting something you’ve resisted admitting for a long time. It may be an embarrassing and painful personal failure, a loss you pretend doesn’t bother you, a facade you can fool yourself into thinking is real, a deficit you cover well, or blame you delegate to another that rightfully belongs to you. You may be collapsing under the weight of a “version of yourself” that’s not real. It’s time to consider giving up and acknowledging that you are what you are. It won’t be the end of the world. In fact it could be the refreshing new beginning you’ve been wishing for. Jupiter, your chart ruler, just turned direct in your 12th house of hidden things. It’s the perfect time to admit you’re just as bad (or worse) than you thought you were. That sets you free speak the truth. There’s nothing happier (or more in demand) than a truth-telling Sagittarian who can bring down a pretentious scene with a few well-chosen words. More than ever the world misses the real you.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
A Cancer Solar eclipses offers the opportunity to integrate a part of yourself that has yet to be integrated. For Capricorn shutting down and controlling emotions feels mandatory. Their goal is achievement and truthfully most Capricorns have childhoods where the luxury of expressing what they feel is not an option. What emerges is a strictly controlled, half visible version of themselves – something a little dry, rigid, predictable, and guided by fear. Ordinarily I would suggest a complete overhaul under an eclipse – enlisting your self-discipline in a focused quest to re-sensitize yourself. But that’s never very helpful. Fortunately the Cosmos is conspiring to point you in the direction of something that might actually make you more whole. Clues may be found in unlikely forms and places. Take someone you’re close to, for example and observe how they navigate through this eclipse. Outwardly they may express frustration, feeling oppressed, a sensitivity to rejection (real or imagined), and a form of rage you’d be tempted to label “not my problem – thank god.” But it’s wise to consider that what’s playing out in front of you is an important message with some significant personal meaning for you. If you notice it may feel unsettling. Other sources of information and guidance may be scattered randomly around your usual haunts. You’re likely to find them if venture off the beaten path as well. Either way they’ll be hard to miss – unless you insist.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius may be acutely aware of the fact that her sense of confinement is self-made. And that makes it pretty unbearable. There is an intensifying need to find some way out, a shrewd strategy worthy of the Aquarian mind, that can be used to bypass yourself and the slippery barriers that plague your existence. Fortunately you can experiment with the thing most likely to bring you results – bold, outright rebellion. Think angry, oppositional, teenage boy, reflexively doing the opposite of what others want him to do. The twist is that you do the opposite of what you’ve “trained” yourself to do – what’s become comfortable, safe, and somewhat automatic for you. Aquarians can be very socially aware. They know what to do to fit in, to appeal to others, and to soften their unorthodox opinions and beliefs for consumption. It may be time to cast fear to the wind. Notice your tendency and consider doing something different – say something different, dress differently, approach the world and others as though you were an oppositional teenager. Essentially that is what you are. Life can be your experimental laboratory. A positive experimental response is one that diminishes your fear and sense of confinement.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
A fundamental shift in perspective and in the arrangement of the supporting structures of your mind and nervous system is in progress. Highlighted is the extent to which you are able to revolve your thoughts and plans around what’s most valuable to you. Relationships and enduring love may play a bigger role in your overall considerations. But verbalizing the depths of what you feel may be difficult. It may not be possible to put the timeless truths you know and understand better than most into words. Music, poetry, nature, and highly refined forms of communication may be necessary. If you’ve never written a poem now may be the time to try. A love poem feels right. Tomorrow’s eclipse energizes your creative potential. Those receptive to your current creative inclinations may be those who are in the process of distilling and finding meaning in the relationship experiences of their life. This is a deeply introspective time for you. The urge to act springs from other worldly sources of inspiration and the collective unconscious. You have direct access to something ordinarily difficult for most of us to access. And it’s extraordinarily beautiful.


  1. Trish:

    Thank You so much Holly. This for me couldn’t be more valuable. I’m working on some addition issues and it hasn’t been easy. Sun Scorpio, Accendent, Taurus and Moon, Libra so this reading has given me great clarity and hope. I cant wait to have my chart done with you one day. You are my favorite reader. So much love, Trish

    • Admin:

      Thanks so much Trish. Expansion (addition) seems very facilitated and fortunate for Scorpios – for the next several months. Can’t wait to meet you 🙂 Holly

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