Gemini New Moon Horoscopes

The meaning of today’s Gemini new Moon chart is connected to the May 29th full Moon that culminated in the sign of Sagittarius. Full Moons represent culminations and endings and they’re always followed by a two week wash-out phase. During the two weeks following the Sagittarius full Moon things have changed. Old assumptions and perspectives have broken down. Personal convictions, stubborn stances, and absolute certainty have lost much of the momentum that historically fueled them.

We may have taken a few steps back, becoming “detached spectators” of our own emotional transformations that took hold. Despite efforts to support a familiar reality, traditional modes of operation, and long-standing mindsets, lots of old stuff has morphed into something unrecognizable. A long sustained personal world view might now look and feel somewhat absurd. A collapse seems in full swing. (A personal illustration would be the unexpected beautiful note I received from my estranged sister that began to mess with my long standing view of her as an unreasonable, self-centered, pain in the neck.) Gemini rules sibling associations.

At 12:43 PM Eastern time today the influence of the May 29th Sagittarius full Moon is handed over to the Gemini New Moon and new beginning take hold – beginnings that would not have been possible without the dissolving influence of the Sagittarius full Moon.

If you’re tuned in you’ll feel a subtle change and maybe some clarity. Gemini is the energy capable of moving us from a place of futility and burnt out trips to a place of active adaptation. Accepting and adapting to the forces of change are vigorously supported under this new Moon. It seems possible that this is a turning point. Analyzing the changing landscape, noticing the emerging truths and opportunities – as well as new dangers and challenges – is Gemini’s thing. Loosening up old mindsets is a key theme.

A seed is being planted. This one seems to move us beyond the illusion that evolution and progress will patiently wait for us to feel comfortable before proceeding. That’s never been how this works. We have to adjust, adapt, and fully embrace change in order to be able to direct it’s course. Bystanding or hand-wringing is a missed opportunity and a misunderstanding of the powerful role we’re able to play.

What we used to count on for stability in the outer world is either gone or in the process of being de-structured. This new Moon attempts to highlight the necessity of not only adapting to change but becoming a courageous force for change. Much of that involves courageously speaking up.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is the following – “With the presses clattering in the background, the op-ed columnist of a newspaper meets with his publisher to defend a controversial piece he has written.”

Gemini is curious. He wants to know the truth. He will not take things at face value. He’s motivated to learn and to follow leads. He’s driven to get behind false appearances. He’s a threat to existing structures that thrive on illusions and lies. He does not stop until he pieces together the truth. Gemini’s curiosity is instinctive, obsessive, and relentless.

Gemini exposes truths he senses will be reflexively rejected by the masses, the community, family, etc. No one wants the phony personal or collective mythologies they rely on to support their beliefs and way of life to be exposed and undermined. But that is the work of Gemini.

It’s possible that some of your own “phony mythologies” will be exposed under this Gemini new Moon as challenging evidence continues to surface. If you’re human you’ll reject that initially. But an undeniable truth takes root under this New Moon. At some point you’ll have to reject supports you’ve historically relied on or agree to lose yourself in an illusory world.

In light of some new experience, evidence, or the persistence of an in-your-face “courageous communicator,” you may find yourself radically reversing long held positions. It is just as likely you may be newly motivated to instigate in others those kinds of reversals.

There is the tendency under Gemini’s influence – and Chiron’s – to view humanity from a savagely independent perspective. It’s time to challenge others with your perspective.

This new Moon is basically unaspected – not influenced by or technically connected to other planetary influences. Stars rather than planets seem to closely connect with this new Moon. (Pluto is the planet that comes closest to exerting the type of power that demands major adjustments to emerging realities. It forms an inconjunct angle to the Moon but it’s not technically close enough to officially qualify.)

Six fixed stars cluster around this new Moon. That’s highly unusual. The star closest to this new Moon – though all of them are very close – is El Nath. The general statement I would make about the overwhelming star influence is that ancient mythologies and the power of Myth are highly activated and figure largely into any interpretation of today’s new Moon.

El Nath is the star on the tip of the northern horn of Taurus the Bull. He is naturally enthusiastic and obsessive. He draws you to self-assured people who offer challenges. He encourages you to tap into an inner strength and to produce new ideas or fresh approaches. He promotes the ability to thrive in situations where you are under great pressure. Others come to recognize you for this inner strength. El Nath promotes building, designing, and giving shape to your thinking. This fixed star is a sharp edged tool but one which, when put to work, can build extraordinary structures.

One last observation. The tightest aspect in the New Moon chart is the Chiron/Mercury square. This is significant because Mercury rules the Gemini new Moon. Chiron in Aries is in the process of healing our ability to be savagely independent, forcefully assertive, initiating, courageous, and warrior-like in our ability to impress our will on the world.

Mercury at two degrees of Cancer is willing to examine any new opportunity and any opening door on the off chance that it might lead to something magical or intriguing. Mercury in Cancer thoughts center around caring, nurturing, mothering, changing loyalties, and an instinctive drive to protect and defend the defenseless. It is likely that this new Moon will expose evidence of a shocking departure from anything resembling a national (or personal) claim to caring or protecting innocents.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
An old personal mythology has been undermined. The truth that’s been planted within you supports a new beginning and accelerates your ability to design a different kind of thinking – a new, beautifully constructed, updated mindset. It is likely that you will escape an old frustrating tendency, addiction, or obsessive train-of-thought rooted in the past. Some stunning (or maybe subtle but timely) clarification triggers the realization that you’re standing on new ground, more capable of effectively exerting your will on the world. Now you can say what you think more forcefully and others sense your authenticity. Maybe you used to preach what you couldn’t practice. That gap seems to be closing. Protecting and nourishing the beginnings of a new, creative idea may be in play. Presenting your savagely independent views with courage and confidence is no longer optional.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
The New Moon in your second house of cherished values, financial stability, and loving, nourishing environments, is a problem solver. Something has been amiss or unsettled – and potentially very complicating. But your strength is patience and persistence. For now I would forget the persistence and go with patience. Further action is not needed other than to trust that things will unfold in ways that reflect nature and the progression of the seasons. Spring follows winter. It just happens when it’s time. Mercury pulls you in the direction of nurturing, protecting, nourishing, and defending. But Chiron wants you to trust the process of natural unfoldment, something more deliberately relaxed, and tuned-in. If you come to the conclusion that your perspective on the past needs to change that seems valuable. A newly designed thought process about the nature of nurturing and protecting will most likely align with a truth that has taken root within you.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Venus moves into your all important 3rd (Gemini) house in the sign of Leo. It is becoming increasingly important that you clarify what it is that you love. It’s tine to align your routines with a newly clarified, updated version of what it is that you love the most. There is the suggestion that some kind of conflict or pressure is involved in accepting the truth of what you love. Maybe this comes from your Mom or some kind of conflict that exists in conforming to the themes of your lineage. The conflict can be resolved in light of the fact that a higher personal truth about relationships in general, (marital relationships more specifically,) is taking root. Now is a time when your standard approach to life can be new and more grounded. It’s ok to love what you love. Changing allegiances, the dissolution of old convictions, a momentum that is becoming harder to sustain, all participate in the process of aligning you with the notion that it’s right and good to revolve your life around what you love.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This new Moon takes place in your 12th house. The 12th house is basically a place that’s invisible to others. It’s the place that houses your dreams, your fears of saying the wrong thing, expressing your thoughts, the inability to clarify the nature of your reality, limitations that are hard to define and difficult to overcome, and currently some confusion over your role within relationships – or the role you desire to play. Confusion has been a big challenge. ut it seems you’ve dedicated yourself to working through it all. A new level of mastery has been reached, most likely through blood, sweat, and tears. A revealing truth about you that involves personal responsibility, trusting your own sense of competence, belief in hard work, and most of all believing in yourself, changes the game. But since the game has been played on an invisible, magical, spiritually informed field, expect only the most sensitive souls to recognize your sacrifice and progress. From an astrological point of view it looks personally profound.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Jupiter finishes up its retrograde phase in a little less than a month from now. It appears you are at the end of the road and in the final stages of constructing beneath yourself (and your family), a solid foundation. From here it seems you are more fully prepared to launch a life direction and building process that will feel secure and well supported. All the pieces are falling into place. Life is about to get more fun and your desires more expansive, but maybe not officially until the beginning of November. By then your opportunity for international expansion and may be in play. For now you may be able to rest easy that you have forged the right community connections, become a respected player within your field, integrated yourself into a group, immersed yourself in a cause, cultivated allies you can trust, or otherwise become a reliable participant in some cooperative effort. You are a master builder of some kind. Stay grounded. Keep beautifying, and loving, – and it all gets more exciting from here.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
It may be counter-intuitive for a Virgo but it seems wise this week to make time for laying around, starring at the ceiling, listening to yourself breath, and otherwise suspending activities that would distract you from connecting with your imagination, your right brain,information coming from other realms, spiritual guidance, and tuning into the needs of the collective. It seems you’re ripe for experimenting with something new. Innovation is highlighted. Coming up with a new, maybe futuristic idea that warrants further development is a possibility. Your thought processes and methods are connecting to accomplishing something unprecedented. Fame and fortune could be the logical result. Maybe you’re a writer with a new idea. Maybe you invent something useful. Maybe you create a new method, process, or happen upon a miracle cure. A dream might inform the direction you will take. It all seems more magical than usual. Take advantage of the dissolution of old stances and convictions. See the world through new eyes. The gods and the new Moon are working in your favor.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
Future plans, travel, learning a new language, perfecting your writing or communication, and allowing your natural curiosity to direct your course of learning, all seem relevant at this time. Chiron is in the process of bringing into balance something that’s been askew. You’ve suffered through some limitation or relationship hardships because you didn’t know what you needed to know. Or you didn’t unlearn what you needed to unlearn. Or you didn’t feel comfortable forcefully communicating what it was you desired. My advice is to trust your instincts and your curiosity this week. Give them free rein and see where this leads. A truth about your need to expand your mind, and maybe the freedom to roam the world and experience all you can experience is taking hold. It’s all necessary as you move in the direction of balancing your life, your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with others.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
I see two possibilities for Scorpio this week. Both stem from endings (maybe the end of a relationship) and the opportunity to create drama when other options are available. I’ve noticed a theme with Scorpio. If she doesn’t have a professional outlet for her power that basically revolves around powerful story telling she will do what it takes to turn her own life into a gripping “edge of your seat” often tragic story. It’s a hard life to live but it’s not dull and saves her from the prospect of having to share with the public an imaginative, deeply personal, “work of art” that risks exposing her vulnerabilities. It seems the time has come to do this differently. This week it is likely you will have the the opportunity to channel your power in ways that would be incredibly healing for the public. Maybe you will have to assert yourself in ways that involve risk. Maybe you’ll submit something you’re afraid to submit, begin work on a project that involves your life story, something you imagine, or a combination of the two. Your power lies in exposing your vulnerable self to the public not in keeping secrets and arranging for personal dramas. To the extent you can resist the temptation to dramatize your own life you create fertile ground for healing achievements and the fame and fortune that would feel deeply satisfying to you.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Venus moves from the 8th house of shameful secrets, fear of powerlessness, and old psychological conditioning that stunts growth and keeps us in a childish space – into the 9th house of good humor, expansive joy, and adventure. I know a wise woman who noticed that every story her partner told her was about himself and essentially ended the same way. He was the hero. He saved the day. The moral of every story – if not for him it’s hard to imagine what disasters might have unfolded. It became annoying to her. But obviously somewhere in the deepest recesses of his mind and heart he feared he might actually be useless in a dangerous or pressurized situation. So she started to lighten things up a bit, teasing him about the “thank god for me” nature of most of the stories he told. Initially he was offended. But he evolved. The infusion of a lighter approach allowed him to distance himself from an old fear enough to buy a t-shirt that said in bold letters across the chest “thank god for me.” He bought it for himself and good naturally wears it around the house and elsewhere. It looks like it’s time for you to lighten up about something you fear and keep hidden. Remember, El Nath and this new Moon promotes building, designing, and giving new shape to your thinking – and communication.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Venus, the planet of ease and flow, the planet you really need to balance your serious hardworking tendencies, is moving into the very powerful 8th house. The 8th house is a reservoir of old karma, old psychological conditioning, old outgrown attachments you continue to cling to, old approaches to fear, sex, death, taxes, and financial; partnerships. Surprisingly these heavy subjects and deeply ingrained fears are about to be easily released if you’re willing to let them go. Something is resolved. A debt is paid off. A big Karmic debt may be paid off and you don’t have to do much to make that happen. Chances are you’ve already done the hard part. You just have to believe for that some heavy weight can be easily lifted from your shoulders over the next two weeks. It’s hard to underestimate the impact of this transit on your future life in general. It’s night and day.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
It’s time for some fun as Venus moves into Leo and your 7th house of relationships. It is likely your partner will be in rare form encouraging all kinds of hijinks and adventures, fun and games. You can go with that. You crave it yourself when left to your own devices. But to some extent you’ve receded into the background over the past year. You pulled back as you rethought an old approach. This week you emerge as a powerful player. In some sense you’re brought back to life. You may laugh more than usual, feel inspired to get exuberantly creative, and maybe give yourself the freedom to overdramatize for effect. I see no problems here. In fact I see the makings of a breakthrough. If your tendency has been to follow along and defer to a partner you may be in the mood to take back the reins. You may notice that what you admire in others is actually a reflection of you. Now is a time when you can easily take back a piece of yourself you’ve disowned. And it looks like fun. Your spirit is enlivened over the next two weeks. It’s good to experience the full nature of who you are. Your naturally pretty adorable and full of life. I’d be surprised if you haven’t missed that piece.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The new Moon in Gemini is placed in your solar 4th house of endings. You’ve approached the beginning of the end of something your happy to say goodbye to. It’s been a long ordeal, the result maybe of a separation involving family, siblings, the past, and maybe the loss of life and feeling fully alive. That may be returned to you over the next month, though I’m not quite sure of the timing. But I am quite sure that it is over. The nature of your emotional foundation and perspective is undergoing rapid repair. El Nath, the fixed star most influencing this new Moon promotes building, designing, and giving shape to your thinking. This fixed star is a sharp edged tool but one which, when put to work, can build extraordinary structures. Extraordinary structures will most likely support your life from now on. It is unlikely you will ever experience again what you’ve been through. It is time time to move on. There is nothing you have to do. You’ve served your time and you’ve been set free.


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