Full Moon Horoscopes for the Week of 6/27 – 7/3

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The Capricorn full Moon demands that we deal with all situations exactly as they are. A ruthless assessment of what’s actually going on is the precursor to rational actions and solutions. Now is not the time to coddle yourself.  A fierce and ruthless kind of compassion is required. It’s always a challenge to feel that directed toward yourself. See feature article “Full Moon in Capricorn” for a more complete interpretation.

In addition to the culmination of the full Moon today, Mars transited into retrograde motion yesterday in the sign of Aquarius. The retrograde period lasts from June 26th – August 27th. In the Mars retrograde chart, ( a chart for the exact time Mars retrograded) the tightest aspect is the Sun in opposition to Saturn. Expressing yourself in the most responsible and authentic way is a challenge. Mars turned retrograde at exactly 9 degrees of Aquarius. This information gives us a few clues as to how Mars retrograde will express over the next couple months.

Mars in Aquarius has the flavor of a “thinking rebel warrior) who challenges others (and themselves) to open their minds to a future that looks and feels more humane and and acts more enlightened. An Aquarian warrior is socially assertive, insistent on promoting progress, and not afraid of creating chaos to undermine confining or toxic circumstances. Aquarius has a tendency to package their ideas in something provocative or lurid to break through old patterns. They write books, create films, and manifest what’s “ahead of their time.” Disseminating information, effectively promoting a cause, or being an eloquent voice for the “common man” may be their passion. Sexually Mars in Aquarius is experimental.

In retrograde motion Mars recognizes an opportunity to unravel what was set in motion about six weeks ago. (On the exact day Mars entered the sign of Aquarius Gina Haspel, who once oversaw torture programs for humans at black sites, was confirmed by the Senate as the first female director of the CIA.)

Reversals of inhumane treatment and the leadership that promotes it may be on “Mars agenda.” Undoing what’s been done comes in the form of collective activism. On a personal level you may find yourself overthrowing the “tyrant” in your head – the fear that stalls progress, the willingness to accept unjust treatment, or whatever imprisons and controls you. Old ideas may need to evaporate. Old rhythms and habits especially as those relate to money and the management of resources (on big and small scales) may be undone.

Your brain and nervous system may be in need of a rest. It’s wise to be sensitive to that possibility. Amidst exciting ideas and opportunities to recover what’s been lost, Mars in Aquarius can miss the obvious and push themselves into a realm of craziness.

Mercury enters the sign of Leo (opposing Mars) on June 28th (tomorrow). Mercury can dramatize and draw attention to an idea who’s time has come. He can also think in terms of “what’s in it for me.” Mars will fight against that – outsmarting, out maneuvering, and throwing the usual game off balance with a new, surprisingly fierce, determination.

By the end of the week Chiron will move into retrograde motion. Healing and recovery is indicated.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars reverses course in your 11th house. The 11th house is the home of the activist – the one who is community minded and in general seeks to strengthen the influence of the common man. Team players are preferred. You may find yourself in a fight to undo old leadership styles and approaches, to undermine the reign of elite know-it-alls, and to change the mindset of a community willing to accept outdated ideas and unjust treatment. Questioning your own willingness to to stay the course on a leadership style that could use an overhaul is wise. Placing yourself “above the rest” and requesting that everyone follow along is a recipe for dissent. On the other hand you may be the one who leads a chorus of voices saying “we’re not gonna to take this anymore.” Aries can organize and galvanize, incite, and channel energy in a new direction. Something more humane and dignified is possible. You are the obvious choice to light the fire and lead the charge that unravels something destructive.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Retrograde Mars in your 10th house of your life direction may be throwing things into reverse. Intricately involved is the past, an old nurturing role, and embracing your destined life purpose. Ceres in your 4th house is in the final degree of Leo. The way you’ve always generously nurtured others with your love has reached the end of a cycle. It’s time to take stock of “how you’ve done love” in past and to clarify what needs to be abandoned or eliminated. Making decisions based on a fear of the future is not effective or satisfying. If you find yourself rebelling against that fear it’s a very good sign. It allows you to open yourself more completely to a relationship with your soul (or soul mate) – the only truly stabilizing, lasting, “guaranteed to be deeply satisfying” option you have. Leading the public in a reversal of some kind may comprise the outlines of a new life direction.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
As they head full speed into a future they created, Gemini may be seeking to slow things down or to find the off-ramp. A reconsideration may be taking hold. A fundamental transformation that involves upheaval and fear may be needed. The reversal of the effects of something that took root in March of 2017 may be in order. Initially, at that time, something meant to stabilize may have felt right. But something confining and controlling may have taken hold. I’m looking at Saturn in your 8th house of magical power and deep psychological conditioning. The culmination of the full Moon in your 8th house indicates that you’ve taken something as far as it can go in its current form. Financial partnerships and financial arrangements may need to be undone and reworked in order for you to be able to create a vision and a path into a future that fuels your passion. Taking back the power you lost is the issue. Mercury’s move into Leo revolves your own thoughts around rescuing the child within.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Powerful reforms in your life may look like (and actually be) a fierce kind of compassion that says “no” to any further betrayal of yourself. In their current form, relationships and your “designated” role within them comes to a close. This bodes well for breaking things wide open within your professional life. For the near future you have a healing, maverick-y role to play within the public sphere. Keeping your head clear and your perceptions free of bias (and the controlling influence of another) may be a full time job. Something that might take a lot courage to abandon is given a kick start. Returning your power to yourself is the issue. Fear within your relationships is deeply ingrained and may be in the process of being uprooted. An overmdependcy may fall by the wayside as you do what it takes to equalize power structures. Rebelling against authoritarian partners, your mother’s influence, or an imbalance within the realm of relationships is likely. Placing your own personal stamp on the world without the fear of being undermined is the challenge.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Relationships may force a reckoning with your fear of not being indispensable on the job site, falling short of perfection, demonstrating some form of incompetence, or failing to be useful in ways you’re expected to be useful. In short, at work, you may be motivated by fear. The good news is that you may be headed in the direction of a rebellion against your old ways. An attitude of “I’ve done the best I can, I’ve done all I can, and I actually know what I’m doing, may take hold. A relaxation you haven’t previously felt may be be the result. That’s a good thing. Stress can kill you and a lot of it seems to be self-imposed. But the bigger benefit is that through relaxation you allow the small voice in head (or heart) to be heard. Instinctively you make better decisions. You allow the invisible assistance you’ve previously tuned out through anxiety and fear to clarify and make it all easier – more fun is actually the point. Your relationship with work is critical. It seems on the verge of a breakthrough.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Finding a group or creating a social life that’s useful to you – and within which you can be useful to others – is a goal worth pursuing. The Cosmos is turning your attention in that direction. Being discriminating is one of your strengths. Applying that to the people you allow into your life is critical. Your talents are naturally expressed within the realm of organization, building a business, being a leader, setting goals, and understanding that you deserve to be loved, respected, and admired for your service and contribution. Virgo tends to downplay their contributions and gives others permission to do the same. The truth is, without you, the whole thing would fall apart. It’s time to cultivate relationships with those who encourage you to do what you love, who inspire you to step into opportunities that require your brand of expertise, who assist you in getting where you want to be, and who value your contribution. Virgos are sought after by groups. No matter what the idea or project, you have the essential know-how and talent to manifest it. You can afford to be discriminating about who you allow into your life. Self-respect demands that you be picky.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 21)
As usual the advice is not to morph yourself into what others want you to be. Now is a dangerous time to over-compromise. It’s better to rebel against authoritarian forces that seek to normalize you. Essentially your happiest place is expressing highly unique and original approach to everything. Your talents are not mainstream. They’re ingenious and inventive and ground-breaking. Families can subtly encourage you to be something more traditional – mainly because they fear that a vibrant expression of your uniqueness would lead to a painful rejection. And they don’t want to see you hurt. Hopefully you haven’t taken on that fear yourself. If you have it’s time for it to be eliminated. In fact over the next two weeks it would be wise for you pay close attention to any tendency to lean in a traditional direction because you’re afraid of the alternative. Cooperate with the current comic flow and let that go. The world needs your unusual contribution and an inspiring example.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mars in Aquarius in your fourth solar house has the potential to reconnect you with your most essential self. Everything that’s not you has the potential to dissolve. This is nice for many reasons, not the least of which is that aligning with your essential self is a blissful experience. Something incredibly peaceful and secure takes hold despite the fact that you’re essential self is pretty weird by traditional standards and can feel threatening to others in some regard. If you’ve always felt like an outcast you may now feel like embracing that. To the extent you can put yourself in nourishing, relaxing, environments that encourage your senses to come to life, you benefit – and deepen the connection to yourself. It’s good to find ways to openly express your uniqueness. If you feel a flood of warmth, love, and compassion for the real you settle in, you’re on the right track. An old fearful mindset is losing it’s grip. Over the next two weeks it’s your job to not interfere or try to control the dissolution. Relax and encourage it.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius may be finding it hard to pin down anything that would reliably inform you of what you should be committed to or in what direction you should be headed. There’s an unusual kind of openness to anything or everything that may feel wrong. Sagittarius is the archer. He’s used to aiming for something. But now whatever is out there to aim at is nebulous and hidden within a gestational phase. Maybe the best option is to free float for awhile. It seems wise not to rush the process, not to arrive at any premature conclusions, or to throw yourself into any commitments your not feeling. This is a temporary state of affairs. But it may last awhile. Outside of your awareness the decks are being cleared for a new beginning. It looks fortunate and expansive (maybe foreign) but it may not arrive until the first week in November. A “trial balloon” may be sent up in October. That seems to clarify your new direction. In the meantime coast and enjoy the luxury of being open and uncommitted.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
An old style and approach to life that looks a lot like work, worry, heavy responsibility, and keeping the pressure dialed up to “maximum” may be at the end of it’s current life span. You may be dropped into a space where you have to reconsider and reconstruct your fundamental approach to life – and to money specifically. I think Capricorn is born with a mindset dominated by the idea of scarcity. According to you – and probably your mom, there’s just not enough. What follows is the assumption that there is no point in asking for more because there is no more. “We’re stretched to the limit.” It keeps the pressure on. You’re scraping by and making do when there is actually more – a lot more. You have to ask for it though. And you have to believe you deserve to have it. Why not? Capricorns would have a tendency to manage their resources well even if they weren’t under pressure to do so. It’s just who they are. I’ve never met a Capricorn who wished for comfort. Too bland. But being happy is a goal worth pursuing. A good place to start is defining what makes you happy. If it involves overwork and worry you go back to the drawing board. The full Moon is opening the door to something different if you can let go of old assumptions over the next two weeks.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
A tyrant that ruled beneath the surface of your awareness is coming to end of his current lifespan. He kept you on a tight leash when it came to expressing your own unique (rebellious) style and approach to life. He had you playing it safe when you could have veered off in more exciting and interesting directions. He’s been a kill joy in the form of fear – fear of exposure, fear of loss of control, and fear of death. His demise is good news. What seems to be breaking through is a desire for something freer within the realm of sexual expression and experimentation. Along with that may come the freedom to express your true nature, maybe for the first time. You probably know that your natural role is that of the disrupter, the one who stirs it up, explodes blocks to progress, and openly questions authority. With much of the fear heading for the exit door, life could get more interesting and a lot more fun. Humanity benefits when Aquarius refuses to be silenced and subdued.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
There’s a silent rebellion going on deep inside. You might not know it or feel it but it’s taking the form of some kind of new freedom, the power to end the suffering of communities, a new receptiveness to love, and the infusion of more joy into your life. Something historically difficult is getting easier. An invisible power (maybe healing power) is bestowed upon you. Actually it’s being returned to you. Your job is to think carefully about how you will use it. Being a responsible disseminator or exposer of information and ideas may be part of the picture. Being an open receiver may figure in. My best guess is that the gift resembles warm heartedness, generosity, love, kindness, and child-like exuberance. Maybe a love relationship would benefit from the dissolution of an old intimidating, excruciating pain. Your options for the future are about to expand in unprecedented ways.

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