Horoscopes for the Week of May 30th – June 5th

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Today the mounting pressure of the culminating Sag Moon begins to wane. An emotional peak has been reached. We’ve said all that can be said about the truth as we see it, clarified something that needed to be clarified, brought into balance something that had become lopsided. Now we notice what’s played itself out, worn out its welcome, run its course, or become irrelevant. If we’ve overdone we begin to pull back. Maybe we close the book and wonder where the storyline goes from here.

Venus, the planet of love, in the nurturing sign of Cancer advances to form a grand water trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Neptune in its own sign is unusually powerful adding extra energy to this rare and beautiful configuration. The gift we feel is a rare ease and flow characterized by the absence of tension, effort and resistance. We feel supported, transported, and deeply connected to something mysterious and expansive. We might just feel satisfied, loved, and at peace with the world for no particular reason or for many reasons.

The downside of a trine might be a tendency to slip into wishful or delusional thinking and to be less than discriminating. Addicts and alcoholics might easily slip back into their addictions. Liars might not be questioned. Criminals might get away with their crimes.

Mercury is newly placed in the sign of Gemini. Mercury’s right at home in the sign of Gemini. It’s his favorite place to be – maybe with the exception of Virgo. Communication, problem solving, understanding, crystal clear perception, the absence of bias, and making the right connection is favored. Most likely there’s been a recent change in focus in the direction of something less confining with room for expansion. Travel may be highlighted.

For the next six months Mars is settling in to one specific area of your life experience. It’s the area most in need of a breakthrough. It’s your solar house ruled by the sign of Aquarius.

Your mission to be especially courageous as you clearly define what you want, rebel against your usual forms of resistance, and take some new kind of action.

It time to give the universe a coherent message about what you desire. Knowing what you want but being willing to settle for less is a mixed message. Wanting a better job but refusing to quit your current one is another mixed message. The universe isn’t sure what to do with mixed messages or how to help.

Two “shock jock” placements – Pholus and Uranus – are harmoniously aligned. I’m not exactly sure how to interpret this. Pholus is the outer planet you instinctively want to “contain” because you know that if you let down your guard the lid will blow off and whatever spills out will just keep on coming – like there is no end to what’s been bottled-up – or at least no end in sight.

Uranus in Taurus is exploding bedrock structures and destruction of things that have existed “forever.” An exploding volcano is probably the best physical representation of what could occur on emotional/psychic levels.

If you’ve refused to grieve a loss because your too busy, allowed rage to build because there seems to be no safe place to unload, or failed to ask for help when you really needed it the Uranus/Pholus combo makes your emotional health and stability especially precarious.

It’s time to address what you’ve been putting off. A little steam needs to be released from the “pressure cooker,” – and then a little more – maybe with available supports in place.

Enjoy the grand water trine, feel the healing compassion, throw some stuff out, be meticulous about defining what it is you want, and get yourself in good physical shape to more effectively address your six month challenge.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This is a fortunate week for you particularly as it relates to putting in place a nurturing foundation from which to launch your most prominent role yet in the world. Your role with the public is highly professional and business-minded, but its roots run deep within the realm of caring, kindness, and compassion. There is no one more suitable than you to put a highly profitable, public face on genuine caring. A professional preparation phase is coming to a close. Most important over the next two weeks is a willingness to toss out what you no longer need. Something distracting might continue to interfere. Use your ability to distance yourself if it’s not in your power to actually eliminate what you know must go. Anything that reminds you of a time when your designated place in the world seemed lowly, powerless, and insignificant needs to go. This is not the “you” that is in the process of emerging. It’s the polar opposite.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This is a week to feel the love, to engage in a project born of love, to be especially generous, passionate, and grateful. Venus is your planet and it’s beautifully supported this week in your third house of communication. What you say, write, or otherwise convey deepens and heals your understanding of relationships. Compassion flows in a triangular feedback loop It’s hard to escape the gifts flowing in your direction. It seems important to take the time you need to savor this because it’s unusually nourishing – and will be for the next five days. If you’ve faced some recent upheaval, particularly within the realm of relationships you may find your footing in compassion. The ultimate, essential truth for you is that your overflowing generosity, particularly when it comes to love, gives you the power to enlighten and heal the world. This is a powerful week for you in too many ways to count. Take control of your passion and channel it in a healing direction.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Money making, healing, problem-solving, and your influence within public realms combine into one charmed experience that accurately reflects the real you. There is something highly inspired working its way into your life and into the public sphere. It looks like the perfect time for your personal destiny to fit hand in glove with the new needs of an evolving collective consciousness. It’s as though the right person has stepped onto the right stage at exactly the right time. An inspired act that entails some risk puts you in the position of being able to effect change. There is the tendency to be more generous with your most natural contribution to the world. That looks like something kind and caring. Your soul is being triggered in new ways. The needs of the whole are taken into consideration in more serious ways. It’s not enough to just do your job well. You may now see your job as the vehicle that allows you to infuse into the world some that powerfully undermines stagnation and injustice.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Potentially Venus in your first house sends a powerful healing message to the world through your style and approach – your appearance maybe. There’s something highly visible, right on the surface of you that’s apparent and available. To the extent you can set yourself free to express what you know is most powerful (nourishing love) you’re able to transcend the fear you’ve felt – maybe forever. Relationships have hurt you and maybe shaped your style and approach to the world. But there is something very hopeful and healing swirling around that changes that. Approaching life without the fear that’s always accompanied it is the gift you’re being offered. Those you attract need to feel a new “absence of fear” that could be powerfully projected through you. It’s the thing that saves them.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You’ve come a long way. But it seems you’re still living in a “too small” hard shell that protects you from harm. It’s confining. Increasingly you may be feeling the pinch. There is the urge to break out. You see evidence of the need. Others may be encouraging it. Your dreams and talents surpass what your current life structure may be able to support. There is something bigger and more interesting on the horizon. But you have to take some risk with the part of you that is still injured and in need of protection. You have to heal something old that limits you more than you think it does – particularly within the realm of relationships. This is a good week to take some chances. There is great potential for healing under the grand water trine that stays in effect for the next five days. It puts a damper on your fiery insistence that you know best what’s best for you. Loving partners and friends may actually be better able to gauge that. They can clarify with compassion the challenge you need to face.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
It has never been your destiny to have a “normal” partner, to operate within the standard “norms” of what a typical relationship requires; to capture someone you could rely on; someone who would be there for you through thick and thin, someone who takes good care of themselves so you can safely concentrate on other things occasionally. Yours seems to be a higher calling. You may attract the delicate souls who stumble along their path, injure themselves, seem broken, or otherwise too delicate to cope effectively with the nature of life on earth. They are the inspired artists and dreamers who need to be saved because ultimately they save the world. Your own survival and the survival of the world depends on your strong belief in the power of compassion and love to heal. It is your destiny. Interestingly your own artistic capabilities may be highly inspired this week. Consider writing about your relationship experiences. Sharing those stories could have wide ranging healing effects.

LIBRA (September 21-Oct 20)
It’s important to take into consideration that love and compassion may actually be more important and more powerful when it comes to designing the perfect solution to a problem. In fact love and compassion move you into the realm of magic where problems shape shift and become more malleable, fitting into an overall scheme that can function pretty effectively despite their continued presence. Said another way, love and compassion makes up for a lack of polished skill, expert know-how, and years of experience. In fact it more than makes up for all of that. Healing is a weird thing. Despite the techniques we learn, ultimately there is nothing quite as powerful or effective as love to move someone or something into a healthier state of being. There is an extra abundant supply of love and compassion swirling around this week. Channel it in a direction that that heals you and others. Shower yourself and others with love and witness the magic.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Forgiving and forgetting is especially hard for a Scorpio. Their tendency is to drag around old slights and bigger betrayals forever. In fact they may know it poisons their own well, but forgiving can seem to be a “bridge too far.” This week may be the exception. If there was ever a time when you could forgive, purify, and move on, this may be one of those rare moments. A grand water trine washes away impediments to love and compassion and forgiveness, however intractable those may be. Open your mind to the possibility that you’re free to respond to an old enemy or “used-to-be-friend” in a new way. Consider the possibility of being on genuinely friendly terms with a designated “scoundrel.” Arrange cross paths with an old flame that broke your heart and feel the compassion flow from within you. Do it for them knowing that its you who stands to benefit most.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The grand water trine is triggering the three most powerful and mysterious houses in your solar chart. We could say that this week the grand trine is acting most powerfully and mysteriously for the sign of Sagittarius. What its influencing is the most private and protected areas of your life. Those areas are essentially “charmed” this week. In other words you can rely on hidden realms to support your visible actions. You can reach out in ways that have seemed pretty risky in the past. The trine is absorbing the risk. It’s safer now. So it would be a waste not to take some action you’ve hesitated to take. Something has the potential to benefit you, even if it’s always seemed like a long shot. So think about who you’d like to contact, what you want to request or say, what talents and services you you might offer that you haven’t felt comfortable offering in the past. Timing is everything and this week your timing could be especially good for taking action.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
You may be resisting a gift because it comes in a form you don’t like. Maybe it comes in a form that scares you, makes you suspicious, or otherwise seems unsafe to accept – not anything that remotely resembles what you would recognize as a gift. Maybe a gift comes in the form of harsh criticism you really need to hear. Maybe it comes in the form of something that knocks you down a peg or two because you’d be better able to recognize its value from a different perspective. Maybe it comes in the form of a threat, something that’s hurtful, or something that just doesn’t fit with your idea of what a gift actually looks like. It’s time to bypass the outer trappings. It’s time to be flexible enough to penetrate to the essence of what’s actually being offered because gifts you really need are flowing in your direction – whether or not you like the choice of wrapping paper.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Mercury just transited into the sign of Gemini and into your fifth house. That important for a few reasons. Mercury is especially powerful in the sign of Gemini. It’s his natural home. Mercury rules your fifth solar house of love, fun, play, creativity, and exuberance. Mercury is most at home and having the most fun in your solar 5th house. Gemini is Aquarian’s natural friend and primary support along with Libra. So the message that comes through loud and clear is that its time to play with friends, to arrange for fun and games, to fully engage, to be your most exuberant, generous, loving, self. There is a message about youth – being youthful, hanging around with kids, remembering what you loved as a kid, and resurrecting the child within. It’s time to reconnect with what brings you the most joy and to integrate that permanently into whatever plans you have for your future life.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
There is something about your presentation of yourself – your style and approach to life – that might begin to flow more naturally and forcefully as the result of some clarification or infusion of support, love, and compassion. Actually in the works is the making of a perfectly in sync, melding and meshing of different elements, aspects of your personality, talents, idiosyncrasies, appearance, and action. Grace, magic, and a palpable richness are the words that come to mind to describe your presentation and impact this week. Anything awkward or awkward-feeling seems to disappear. There is a smooth coherence and a “what you see is what you get” message emanating from your being. No words are necessary. The results reflect an inspired, walking, talking, human, work of art. It seems irresistible.

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