Horoscopes for the Week of May 2nd – May 8th

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Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto remain in retrograde motion while Uranus speeds ahead to the finish line. Breakthrough that have been “a long time coming” are being facilitated. A final showdown or celebration is imminent as we prepare for a shift in focus. Uranus will soon be awakening us to a new area of focus with different priorities. It’s defined as the “world of Taurus.” Officially Uranus transits into the sign of Taurus on May 15th.

Taurus rules food, the earth (bedrock), land acquisition, art, music, infrastructure, financial security, and all things we assume to be stable, immovable, and permanent – “set in stone.” Uranus will be messing with those assumptions and forcing breakthroughs while encouraging and enabling an enlightened response.

1935 was the beginning of the last Uranus cycle through Taurus. It takes about six years for Uranus to cycle through one sign.

In 1935 the last batch of concrete was poured to complete the Hoover Dam project. The U.S Social Security system was set in place. The Neutrality act was passed preventing the U.S. from exporting weapons of war. Sir Malcolm Campbells set a new “land-speed” record of 300 mph. The first can of beer went on sale. The board game “Monopoly” (whose object was land and property acquisition) was released. Bennie Goodman introduced “swing” to the world of music and people were ready to “boogie.” Penguin produced the first paperback book. Fascism was sweeping through Europe. Jews lost their civil rights. The Revenue Act (wealth tax) was created. Twenty-six thousand people we killed in a massive earth quake in Pakistan. Persia was renamed Iran, and Bill Wilson created Alcoholics Anonymous.

On personal levels the “bedrock” of our life – what we assume always be there always – will most likely have some surprises in store. But the restrictions and pain we assumed would always be there may suddenly be lifted. Inventions in the art/music world change will change our life experience. Healing the earth will most likely move to the top of the priority list.

The issue now, and for the next two weeks, is bringing to a satisfactory conclusion a “conflict” that began in 2010. Mars in Capricorn moves ahead to form a harshly challenging angle with Uranus by the end of the week. Mars and Uranus are capable of igniting a firestorm. It feels like tension is building – a confrontation between authority and a rebellious “teenage” influence cannot be avoided.

Capricorn continues to dominate and to force the issue of “growing up and accepting full responsibility” in one specifically designated realm of our life.

We’re newly adjusting to Chiron’s recent move into the sign of Aries – finding ways to create a life that encourages a fuller expression of what makes us individualistic in our own right. Personal rebellion against some old, confining order is a good sign.

Nessus and Venus create conflict and an opportunity to heal an old area of abuse within the realm of relationships. Something old and wounding hinders our ability to love more. A willingness to delve a little deeper, and to examine from a new perspective what you’d prefer to forget could free you from an old restrictive pattern.

It’s time to set yourself free to love more, to be more creative, and to experience life in your own way. It’s time to face some darkness and to acclimate yourself to the possibility of navigating between the worlds of “dark and light” gracefully. It is what great artists agree to do as they create art that touches the soul and is recognized as truth.

But there is a learning curve and a willingness (courage) to face what’s feared. That seems to be a theme initiated by the recent Scorpio full Moon. It extends into this week.

The Sun in Taurus energizes our ability to identify and savor what we value most.

Happy May!!

And thanks, as always, for reading.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The challenge for Aries is to breakthrough something that has run it’s course but continues to hang on. It appears you’ve done most of what you need to do to move on. But a final push through something that wakes you up to the “you” you’ve become could be necessary. No need to be loyal to the subdued, grieving, disappointed “you” you’ve known for the past few years. Time to (metaphorically) throw her overboard – into some ice cold water that shocks her back into present time. She’ll thank you for it – eventually. It will feel energizing as every cell in your body wakes up to your most natural way of being. Get out of an environment you’re used to. Move away from standard routines, from familiar people, places and things. Get to know yourself again in an environment that feels foreign, frightening, and somewhat challenging. Aries loves an opportunity to show how truly courageous she can be. The past is over. Find some gratitude for it if you haven’t already, and leave it behind. This week make the old you officially a “part of your past” as you create something more exciting, authentic, and in sync with present time.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Since 2010 (a long time) friendships may have been hard to come by. Allies may have been hard to identify. Your “radar” may have been distorted attracting to you the kind of friends who weren’t really friends – those who disappointed you with their lack of sensitivity and absence of genuine caring. You may have felt alone in the presence of those you attracted. Your compassion makes you an easy mark for “users and abusers.” But those days are about over. Uranus falling on the most sensitive angle of your chart stimulates the need for friendship, for like-minded (brilliant) “partners in crime,” interesting fellow travelers, and those who will listen and understand. It’s a good time to pursue those you want to belong in your inner circle. In fact many are of the type you’ve been searching for – fully capable of being loyal and authentic. It’s good to be discriminating. But doors that were previously closed to you are now opening. Reflecting on why the “dry spell” came into being in the first place could be enlightening. But the main point is that it’s almost over and it’s time to update your expectations.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The Sun in your 12th house may have you flying at “half mast,” feeling hobbled in some way – exhausted and in need of a miracle. It appears that the miracle is currently in play though it may be hard to believe or to recognize the healing that is now occurring. On subtle levels you are being “put back together” in ways that make you stronger and more resilient. The dots are being connected. Dark corners are being cleansed with light. Old treasures are being unearthed. A confident, purposeful, energetic, more independent “you” is being assembled “behind the scenes.” It’s all in the works and you may sense just the “tip of the iceberg” that is a profoundly fortunate change. It’s all very hopeful. Expect to not need as much as you used to when you emerge from the fog. You’ll feel that your “core” has become more solid and whole. You may soon find that something simplified suits you well when previously it would not have been enough.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Chiron, newly in the sign of Aries, appears to be moving your career in the direction of something that expresses your unique quality of energy – something genuinely driven by passion and instinctual knowing – something that reflects the most individualistic, independent parts of you. A career that doesn’t require lots of filters and apologies, compromises and “settling,” or “toning it down” for the masses, is now possible. It may take some courage to choose it but it seems to be a choice. Historically a “people-pleaser” you’re opposed to ruffling feathers, creating something too “hard-hitting” and throwing people out of their comfort zone. But a better balance between a life direction that actually excites you and your “harmonizing tendencies” may be in order. Balance is something that is achieved over the long haul. Maybe you could err on the side of a public role that actually enlivens you without throwing yourself off balance. If my instincts are correct you’ve spent lots of time people pleasing and figuring out how to “say it nicely.” You can afford now to be driven by something more enlivening and instinctual.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Something (probably retrograding Jupiter in Scorpio in your 4th house of home and family) has caused you to reconsider the value of using your sensitivity and more caring responses in service of your career. Something you’ve learned at home and from family members may be useful in catapulting your career to astronomic heights – or simply to a level you feel more satisfied with. No matter how talented and skillful you are, your sensitivity (and psychic intuition) is your greatest asset. It’s value in terms of your success may have previously been underestimated. Leo’s are most sensitive to their own feelings and performance – not necessarily to others. It may not come naturally to you to key into another’s feelings and needs. But looking back, as a result of some careful reassessment over the past two months, you may be able to identify sensitivity and caring as the foundation for your professional success. Pay attention to the cues you get from those you’re closest to. They may give you the information you need to break through an old professional sticking point.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
I’m looking at Virgo’s 5th and 8th house and wondering how you’re managing the conflict between the two. Aries – the impetuous, impulsive, uncivilized “child” of the zodiac, may be forcing some kind of reckoning with your own grown-up approach to romantic love and sex. If numbers matter – as in number of planets and asteroids amassed in one house – your grown-up inclinations, rule-following tendencies, and careful approach may not be influenced by Aries unusually powerful sexual “rantings and ravings.” Typically Aries and his close connection with his instinctual self makes Capricorn nervous. Instincts can be civilized – and overly-civilized if you’re not careful. It may be that something more instinctively driven could enliven romantic love or shake loose something that’s become stagnant or lifeless. It’s worth considering a change. Uranus in Aries has been challenging you (or a partner) since 2010 to “lighten-up, to break some rules, and to incorporate something wilder and more life-enhancing into your life. Over the next two weeks you will know who has won this battle, what wisdom has been integrated, and where you might go from here. Black Moon Lillith is involved so taking back your power (especially if you’re a woman) may be the theme.

LIBRA (September 21-Oct 20)
Venus, your chart ruler, is currently moving through your 9th house. There is some kind of preparation in progress that could free you to energetically pursue a public role or career of your choice with confidence. An old pattern that “splits you in two” or leaves you in an unsatisfactory place – a “no-mans land” of indecisiveness, or “either way I lose” option – may be in play. Two lovers or two “loves” may be the issue. More likely it’s two countries, two cultures, two different languages, two different opinions, etc. If you’ve found yourself in this position before, “paralyzed in the middle,” it may be worth examining the root of this old pattern. What may need to be destroyed is a tendency to feel that you always need to compromise. Sometimes it’s wiser and better for all if you don’t. The good news is that Venus is moving toward an alignment with your midheaven. A family issue could soon be resolved that gives you the foundation you need to support a promising, passionate life direction – one that doesn’t feel like a compromise or a second choice.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio is involved in an ongoing quest to undo an old style and approach to life. Not until mid-July will this be fully resolved. But there is incremental progress and new freedoms that come with every decision to end something old, to throw out something you’ve outgrown, or to carefully consider whether old roles (relationship roles) continue to feel authentic and full of life. Mars appears to be moving in the direction of blowing a situation wide-opened. It appears to be related to a relationship but it could simply be a matter of awakening you to something that needs to be brought into balance – or an injustice that needs to be remedied. If you are involved in patterns of indecisiveness those may need to be examined from the perspective of a question. “What does your indecisiveness protecting you from?” Is it fair? Is it justifiable? Is it something harmless or are you sustaining something comfortable that is essentially a betrayal of yourself? Scorpio is really good at getting to the bottom of things. It’s always good to be self-aware and to consciously (rather than automatically) choose to do what you do. A pile up of Capricorn planets in your 3rd house demands that you tell yourself the truth.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Best case scenario, Sagittarius is intimately involved in finding ways to access their true self, to inform their daily life – and especially their future – with the pure, undistorted version of themselves. Various methods and “tricks,’ alterations in consciousness, and consistent practice may need to be employed for progress to occur. But it appears that it has or it will if it hasn’t already. The Sun’s move into Taurus and it’s continued path in the direction of an opposition with Jupiter, in the most mysterious, sensitive realm of your chart, favors even deeper access to the secrets that underpin the universe and your life. It seems odd that a few well-developed techniques could yield so much information and the chance for a much more efficient, meaningful, and authentic way of navigating into your future. Something very powerful is in play that could change everything for you. Disciplined practice and sustained focus is key. Expect your future to unfold in ways that exceed your expectations.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Something you may be resisting is demanding a place at the table. It’s not what you’re used to – the “powering -through” techniques you’ve mastered to get get done something you actually don’t want to do, the over-work, the over-controlled emotional responses, the habit of delaying gratification until you forget what it feels like, or the unconscious tendency to numb yourself to the fact that life isn’t much fun anymore. There’s more to life than work and worry and now is a time when you can break some old habits and enter into a different kind of groove or rhythm. The planets are attempting to save you, in many ways, from yourself. Create opportunities for relaxation. Move yourself into space where there are no reminders of what has yet to be done. Hang out with people who know how to have fun and see it as a healthy, indispensable thing. There is a time and a place. That time, from a Cosmic point of view is now – this week. Your career will most likely benefit from a more relaxed, happier you. The Sun transits through the sign of Taurus for one month once a year. This is your time to relax or tone it down a bit.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
A milestone has been reached, a breakthrough has – or is about to – occur. Something really good is on your doorstep and it’s likely to get better from here. When I look ahead to what’s in store for Aquarius this is an incredibly dynamic year. You are being set free of something that has been an “albatross around your neck.” It’s possible to be lighter on your feet now and to see opportunities you couldn’t previously recognize. You may also be more confident that the world has not forgotten you. Mars is preparing to spend an extended, astonishing, full, six months in the sign of Aquarius. If you ever wanted to push a dream through to manifestation this is the year to do it. You can make up for lost time. You can absorb the Mars courageous fighting spirit. I dare anyone to get in your way. It’s like you need to make up for lost time. You do that and more. It’s not that you won’t be challenged. It’s that you’re more confident in your ability to rise to the challenge. Being energized in the direction of your future for a full six months is a gift. After a long dry spell, prepare to gear up.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The Taurus Sun is moving into a fortuitous position for Pisces. It seems that something inaccessible – even to the penetrating, all encompassing, all-pervasive energy of Pisces – is passing under a spotlight that will allow you to see where you’re going. A different perspective and something enlightening allows you to discover what’s been holding things up, what’s been the source of restriction, and what’s been standing between you and the future you want to create. It’s fairly easy to fix once you can see what’s where and interpret more accurately the general “lay of the land.” By the end of this week I predict a clarification and a change that has profound implications for your future – as well as your beliefs about what is possible for you. Basically your trust in the universe and in yourself is being restored. Gravitate toward sources of light and information. And take some time to feel and adjust to a new sense of empowerment. What you do with that power is now in your own very capable hands.

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