Horoscopes for the Week of May 16th – May 22nd

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This week’s updates are described in the Taurus New Moon feature article published yesterday.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
A clash involving money, values, priorities, and good business practices requires some kind of action and a correction that most likely comes from you. A long-standing injustice may need to be made right. The group falters without your input. Mars, the courageous Warrior, rebels against the way things have always been done. A new more enlightened way needs to be offered. But be prepared for this to be met with shock snd resistance. This is when you realize things may have changed for you. Uranus’s move into your second solar house allows you to play the long game if necessary. But sudden breakthroughs in a very old tradition, “set-in stone” foundation or the “old games people play” is a distinct possibility. What you value most needs to be courageously defended.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
A long phase of “getting your spiritual “ducks” in order” is coming to a close. The ending of something secretive, sick, or confining gives way to a breakthrough. A new freedom emerges in terms of your style and approach to life. There may be a challenge to take on a leadership role – at least over your own life direction. You know enough and have had enough eduction and experience to steer this ship in the direction you want it to go. Your contribution within the public realm may entail a rebellion against old expectations, outmoded techniques, inhumane practices, and confining roles (especially for women). Your influence may meet with resistance but that’s when Mars kicks in to push back in ways that advance your cause. You’re in a position to gain ground. You may feel more substantial and enlightened. A transitional, ending phase is over. A new, highly individualistic beginning is taking hold. If someone reminds you that “you can’t have it both ways,” think for yourself.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
An new inner clarification embeds something potentially groundbreaking within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. But that may be something that begins to stir up conflict and the need for you to “duke it out” with the plans you had in mind for the future, foreign travel, or expansion in a specific direction. You may feel the weight of a call to be the enlightened or artistic one. You may have privileged access to information and inspiration the rest of us don’t. It appears for the next six months you will be engaged in a preparatory process that involves courageous rebellion, something highly inventive, and possibly throwing an “in your face” threat in the direction of tradition or your own entrenched patterns. By November it’s likely you’ll be free to lead the life your soul has been longing to lead. Persistence from now till then is key.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
A new seed has been planted in the 11th house realm of your chart. It will be taking root soon if it hasn’t already. The 11th house rules your dream, hopes, and wishes (also groups,friends, and the extent to which you can be receptive to love and a joy-filled life) What appears to be happening is a rebirth – the ability to locate old lost dreams and to infuse them with new energy. The possibility of recapturing something you once gave up on – or almost gave up on – brings you back to life in important ways. The implications are far reaching. Once you energize a piece of the 11th house the lights come on in the whole house. So expect to be be more receptive to love, to resonate and harmonize with friends, for your social life to be enlivened, and for hope and joy to return to a life that’s felt flat for awhile. This is an important turning point. You almost lost something forever but it is being returned to you – and everything changes for the better.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
A new seed has been planted. It takes root in the part of your life symbolizing your career, life direction, and highest aspirations. The recovery of an essential part of yourself that’s been suppressed or lost seems to be taking hold. It’s giving you back the power you need to succeed. Some issue surrounding your home or the past may be at play. A breakthrough that looks like an escape from an old form of confinement is implied. Bringing yourself up-to-date seems to be part of this picture. Moving yourself onto the “cutting edge” may be more to the point. If you’re a builder, artist, designer, or craftsman it may be time for you to lead the way in a new, more enlightened direction. Breaking the rules may be part of this picture. A break from or “breakthrough within” a partnership may be the key to further re-energizing your essential self. It’s profoundly powerful in a transformative way. To the extent you can welcome yourself back into the fold your aspirations for accumulating great wealth have a good chance of being realized.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Potentially this looks like an unusually fortunate time for you – not especially easy, but very fortunate. The key lies in your ability to tweak a wavering mindset or to completely overhaul it. Your future is highlighted. Recovering old dreams and moving them into the realm of reality is symbolized. There is a lot to consider, to arrange, to organize, to produce, or to fix along the way. But that’s where you excel – arranging the details. Determination, persistence, and breaking through old mental blockages is greatly facilitated through recent planetary shifts. The cosmos is making it harder for you to revert back to old self-sacrificial tendencies or to settling for something far less than you’re capable of achieving. A brutally honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses allows you to see how you can work with and around those. The doors are opening. You’ve done the hard work. A seed has been planted. It will be taking root very soon in your 9th house (future adventures). The ball is rolling in the right direction. Now is not the time to get distracted or to fall back.

LIBRA (September 21-Oct 20)
Your 8th house of profound transformations is being awakened along with a new awareness of some old psychological baggage that keeps you from being able to trust yourself, your judgement, and your abilities. You may be aware of the need to stabilize yourself from within, to heal from the wounds of old betrayals, and to move on. Your physical body seems to be an intricate part of this healing equation. Forming a deeper connection with your body seems to be the way you will transform and empower yourself. This is the perfect time to consider therapy because you’re capable of being especially receptive to it. It is unlikely you will need years of treatment. In fact sudden breakthroughs are indicated. Any form of healing that seeks to fully integrate the senses and the physical body would seem to be the most helpful. Feldenkrais comes to mind but there are many other somatic methods that could work as well. The timing is perfect for reconnecting for the next six months.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Mars, your chart ruler, moves into your 4th house of the past, inherited tendencies, home, and family. A rebellion may be timely in that area of life. You need to be unburdened of some the junk obscuring the power and beauty of your essential self. You are a rebel at heart. Instinctively counter-cyclical. You go against the grain. You ask questions about the way things have always been done and tend not to comply with what others easily accept. You were meant to forge breakthroughs, to shake up the status quo, and to do things your own way. In the process you inspire others to break free and to be as inventive as their potential implies. Your essential self is highly energized for the next six months – starting now. It’s time to do things your own way even if (and especially if) it seems seems unusual and likely to create shock waves through the family or community. At issue is your ability to create a life direction that feels cutting edge, profoundly energized, highly inventive, and creatively groundbreaking. Be more flexible with yourself and your ideas than you’re ordinarily willing to be.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You may sense that you need a new method or new technique to accomplish what you may be on the verge of accomplishing. A life-long dream may be progressing in the direction of manifestation – but not total manifestation. It’s partially in place but not completely. That’s doesn’t have to be good enough. It’s not necessary to call it quits and to accept what you can get rather than what you want. It’s time for an infusion of effort in the direction finding something that will allow you to be maximally effective in realizing the total dream. You may be vaguely aware that something you’re doing now is not as effective or as efficient as it could be. It may take some courage to overcome a sticking point deeply embedded in an old mindset. It may take the ability to conceive of something unusual but more effective to initiate. Moving yourself into a foreign realm might be more fun and less frightening than you imagine. It’s time to be experimental.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn doesn’t usually invite chaos and unexpected “surprises” into their life. They like to stay in control of what emerges. But that is becoming impossible with Uranus’s move into your 5th house. I suggest you get ready to roll with the punches as something destabilizing and undermining messes with your control over love, joy, adventure, excitement and the meticulous, arrangement of your life. It’s time to be more flexible. this is a bend or break proposition. Inspite of yourself it seems you will be bringing more love, music, fun, and actual aliveness into your life. In the process you might recognize that being out of control is not as dangerous as it once seemed. In some cases it’s actually advantageous. This looks like one of those cases. I think this might be nerve-wracking for you for awhile but hopefully you’ll adjust sooner rather than later. Current lessons involve trust, your ability to overcome old betrayals, and expanding your ability to receive gifts you once automatically rejected.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
It is possible that you have or soon will be awakened to the true nature of your essential self. A new seed has been planted that will most likely produce an abundance of deeply satisfying and enduring love. Your essential self is a mature lover, a sensual savorer of beauty, a fine craftsman, and a cherisher of things that weather the test of time. What you aspire to achieve may be something more primally energizing and forbidden, sexy and romantic, heart fluttering and youthful, alive and pulsating. So now it’s time to figure out an inventive arrangement that allows you to have both. Do not believe that you cannot have it both ways. You can. The solution may be drastic and destabilizing but well worth the risk. Embracing an enduring partnership and moving it into an environment that is more romantically-centered might be the perfect compromise. Or vice-versa. It is likely something courageous and rebellious will be required. You are likely to meet with plenty of internal (or external) resistance. But you might be used to that by now.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
A seed has been planted and with it some new potential. It stems from the rise of a new train of thought, a mindset that has shifted and loosened up, or otherwise been healed and awakened. It changes everything, but most critically the nature of your future. It seems you may be stepping into some new power as you release the urge to settle for something of lower quality than you actually desire. Old losses and discouragements need to be released as you move forward in the direction of something more closely tailored to your original vision of what you wanted for yourself and your life. A renewed commitment to persistence may be required. Something more inventive, rebellious, and courageous, may be required as well. Because the lines are blurred and one phase of life seems to flow into the next for Pisces, there is the tendency to carry over into a new phase what’s no longer needed. It may be time for you to put an exclamation point on an end point. The ancients used to mark and celebrate rights of passage. Consider imitating this very wise tradition as you make room for something more authentic and alive.

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