New Weekly Horoscopes 3/7 – 3/13

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On Monday, March 5th, Mercury transited into the sign of Aries. On Tuesday, Venus too moved into fiery, feisty, fast-moving, Aries territory. On Thursday Jupiter in Scorpio moves into retrograde motion. And through the weekend, into the first of next week, Mercury and Venus harshly align with Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn expressed through the Capricorn lens is crystal clear and direct. You don’t have to guess what might be required of you. You know.

After a confusing and maybe disorienting “wash out” phase, Mercury and Venus have arrived in “new beginning territory.” An end to an old way of communicating, an old mindset, old beliefs, or old routines creates space for something potentially more effective. Communication may be tinged with anger and impatience – a residue of past neglect or loss, real or imagined. But Saturn and the Centaur Planet Pholus will most likely demand action that moves you forward and beyond.

New relationship beginnings – a new kind of relationship with yourself being the most relevant – begins to take shape. Mars in Sagittarius (Aries current ruler) sets you free to expand your perspective and to end restrictions that most likely come in the form of old habits and ineffective preparation.

Optimism, enthusiasm, over-confidence, and a tendency to gloss over the details, characterize the current new beginning. Ultimately belief in yourself and your cause – along with some self-disciplined focus – lands you on your feet in a more powerful place.

Today Pholus in Capricorn forms harsh aspects to Mercury and Venus. A newly exposed “minor” detail or seemingly inconsequential catalyst “blows the lid off” of a relationship, conversation, or evolving situation. What manifests as a result may be something with powerful, far-reaching impact. Action we hoped we could avoid or delay may be unavoidable. What could change is the nature of our focus, life direction, or the entire paradigm on which we base our life. An environment is conveniently created through something that feels very inconvenient that makes it easier for your soul’s true purpose to be magnified.

On Thursday Jupiter moves into retrograde motion.

Jupiter spends one year in each sign. This year he’s traveling through the sign of Scorpio. Something that appears to be dark and treacherous infects wide swaths of neighborhoods, towns, cities, countries, and continents. Institutional breakdown accompanies a reckoning with the past. Old Karma comes to life and demands payment. Healing occurs through a purge of some magnitude. Detoxification, de-structuring, disassembling, and re-assembling generally defines the current landscape. We’re being set free of something that has most likely invisibly confined us for a long time – maybe just since October of 2014, but that can feel like a long time.

Jupiter remains in retrograde motion for four months – March 9th – July 9th. His change in direction triggers a reconsideration of whats true for us, our beliefs, the future, travel plans, cultural influences, personal freedom, and current directions for expansion. A major reversal may be initiated.

Finally Saturn’s clash with Mercury and Venus through the weekend and into early next week makes it clear what’s required of you. You may need to slow down or make a difficult decision. Your new beginning – especially within the realm of relationships – may entail the need to end something you’ve been enduring for awhile. Reality suggests that progress may be slower and more difficult than you’d anticipated. It’s time to get serious and “face the music”. Whatever the challenge, a thoughtful, realistic, respectful response moves you in the direction of what you most desire.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars, the warrior, exerts a strong influence in your life always. But he’s moved into an especially prominent position this week. There is no one more familiar with and skilled at responding to Mars than Aries. You may feel energized, more passionate, more beautiful, and more “in control” than most. Whatever you’ve worked on ending over the past month is beginning to pay off in the form of a new openness to what the future may bring. Your mind may feel refreshed. Life’s gotten a little easier and more enjoyable. But Saturn challenges you this week to deal with “wild cards”, uncertainty, and authoritarian types. Financial realities my play a role in messing with your mojo. The need to slow down may be frustrating. But Mars knows how to protect and defend the kind of future he cherishes. And meeting Saturn’s demands for a more self-disciplined, patient approach definitely works to your advantage. You may have to “mix it up” with another (or with yourself) this week. Bear in mind that the Sun – your sense of identity – is in the process of letting go of change. You’ve outgrown what’s defined you for the past 28 years. A part of who you once were has expired. But the letting go process may take another two weeks to complete. Make time for reflecting, reminiscing and feeling grateful for what has brought you to this profoundly fertile and exciting time and assert your authority with confidence.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
You have brought your current style and approach to relationships (your relationship with yourself and others) as far as it can go without some significant change – most likely in the form of an ending or release. You are in transition from now until April 1st. It might be unwise to make any firm commitments before the 1st of April. Something small may set off a firestorm in the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. What’s going on may be invisible to others but very strenuous for you. Saturn demands that you take reality into consideration as you plan for the future. Something more pragmatic or self-disciplined may be required. You may need to lay down the law or set the rules, to deal with legalities, to be firm and consistent as your heart deals with something that feels like a loss. An old habit or pattern of refusing to give up on love may serve you well now. Still Jupiter’s retrograde has you (or another) backtracking or reconsidering a relationship commitment. It may be hard to gain any traction in a forward direction until July of this year. The universe is urging you to rethink the role you want to play in your relationship with others and with yourself. The quality of an impending new beginning depends on a clarification of what you love most about yourself and a determination to preserve and protect it.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Saturn is pushing a dynamic that has you reworking old psychological conditioning – letting go of old attachments, and solidifying committed relationships through the establishment of financially stability and shared power. It can be a strenuous, tricky process that requires you to take control of lots of things and to release control of other things. In committed relationships and collaborations this is a time when it becomes clear whether you’re “all-in” or tinkering around the edges; building something solid, or just biding your time. Brutal honesty serves you well. Wishful thinking throws you off track. Realism, pragmatism, self-discipline, and hard work feel burdensome. But Saturn in Capricorn is pretty direct and clear about what is required. This week the dreams you have for yourself, or the groups you find yourself affiliated with are unsettled or disrupted by something seemingly small. You may be caught up in a wave that moves you in a direction you don’t want to go. Something you’re impatient to accomplish doesn’t deliver immediate results. You may need to go back to the drawing board, to solidify or end a commitment that remains on shaky ground. How fair are you being to yourself and others may be the operative question. It may have become too difficult to infuse love and personal talent into a shared cause. Brutal honesty about where this is headed without the willingness to release something you don’t want to release throws you back on yourself. It’s time to reconsider whether the nature of your current responsibilities serves you well. Some backtracking or a reversal may be required.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Asserting your authority and control within the realm of relationships may be necessary. Ultimately this has everything to do with the relationship you have with yourself. Something restrictive and limiting may be tolerated when it doesn’t need to be. A drive for independence and achieving the goals you want to achieve may involve setting limits and exerting more control over the parts of yourself that are too comfortable with accepting less than you deserve – or left to operate within a cramped emotional space. The nature of love and the necessity for a balanced give and take may need to be reconsidered. Something is being over-done while something else is being under-done. There is a lopsidedness that needs to be corrected before anything satisfying can be arranged. You may need to risk the fall-out of finally saying no to yourself or another. It may be time to blow the lid off of a situation that stands in the way of what you most desire. Patience is a virtue but it can also be a way to delay the inevitable or to engage in wishful thinking when you could actually arrange for what you’re wishing for. It’s time to be honest about what you’re willing to do to get what you want and how long you’re willing to wait. If it’s something past July/August of 2018 it may be time to reconsider.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This week Jupiter turns retrograde in your fourth house of home, family, and the past. Something is changing, being reconsidered, or reworked in ways that set you free to enjoy life more. An old sense of confinement is in the process of being released. Old responsibilities are in the process of transformation and reorganization. The nature of your relationship with a sense of independence and expansiveness is being ignited. But something remains unsettled through July. Tying up loose ends, making the final break, grieving a loss, making the needed emotional adjustments, and letting go of the past is a process. You’re on the verge of a new beginning thats been awhile in the making. You may be impatient for a resolution and a return to normalcy and stability. But this may take some time. You may be tired. It is possible that the trajectory of your future will change entirely. The fact is you’re in transition, betwixt and between two worlds, neither here not there, neither solid not liquid. There is something mystifying, malleable, and shape-shifting that actually empowers you if you’ll let it. Conditions are especially ripe and favorable for an encounter with your soul’s true purpose. There is a sublime value and wisdom in the decision to not rush toward a premature ending. You need more information to know best how to structure a new life.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The current cosmic arrangement suggests that your plans for success may be unusually creative – grounded in inherited talents, developed skills, backed by love, reinforced with a boat load of determination and know-how, born of hard life experience and an extended period of trial and error. As exciting as your new ideas are and as adventurous as a new relationship with yourself may be, it all feels tempered by realism and a belief system aligned with your true essence. Jupiter in your 3rd house of problem solving, thinking, the brain, nervous system, and habitual mindsets, moves into retrograde motion on Thursday. A reversal is in play. Some kind of back tracking, reconsideration, unwinding, delay, or stoppage unravels what needs to be unraveled. Something inherited and deeply embedded is uprooted and aerated. Effort and patience is required. It seems you’re in the midst of some kind of purification process that will allow you to channel magical powers. Creating breakthroughs for yourself and others seems to be at the core of what you’re attempting to achieve. Transforming yourself into the perfect vehicle for manifesting breakthroughs and progress keeps you busy at least for the next four and half months.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
A new beginning colors the nature of what’s going on in your chart and in your life. New beginnings for Libras are always initiated with some kind of relationship breakthrough that reflects a process of dissolution, purification, and reconnection with the most sensitive parts of yourself. Jupiter rules that process and he’ll be reversing course as he turns into retrograde motion on Thursday. There is something about your purification/self-improvement process that needs to be reconsidered in light of current values and priorities. Issues of possessiveness, ownership, net worth, and self worth may stand in the way of an opportunity to free yourself to connect with the longings of your soul your physical body, and the real source of your power. You may need to cooperate with a reversal or reconsideration of your beliefs about money, control, possessions, balance, and timeless beauty. Misconceptions about the source of your stability may be in the process of a correction. An open mind allows you to consider new ways of cultivating an expanded sense of self-worth and lasting love. A more soothing, stable, and secure relationship with yourself may be at the root of what you desire.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
A reversal or pause in the action may clarify an underlying and hidden life pattern. You may be able to see how some seemingly disjointed pieces of your life fit into the overall picture. Jupiter in your 1st house moves into retrograde motion on Thursday and will be reversing course for the next four months. It is likely you will experience encounters with what you’ve previously encountered but maybe didn’t notice, correctly interpret, or connect with some broader theme. A belief about timeless love and beauty, and your source of stability and power, may change. Some kind of healing that’s been in progress since 2010 intensifies and possibly reaches a point of completion. You may finally grasp the understanding you need to stabilize your life. Cultivating independence and being able to identify and eliminate schisms that prevent a cohesive, integrated approach to life may be the gift that is presented to you this week – or possibly as the next four months progress. You are at the beginning of some final stages of integration. It is not time yet to make a commitment. To be on the safe side wait until mid-July or the beginning of August.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Jupiter, your chart ruler, demands attention as he moves into retrograde motion on Thursday in your 12th house of the subconscious mind. The deepest recesses of your heart and mind – your subconscious mind – is being set in reverse motion. I’m not sure how that will manifest but one guess is that the things that were previously “too hot for you to handle” and therefore safely stored within the walls of your subconscious mind will be released back into your awareness. If you’re at all connected or interested, chances are you may already be receiving intuitive information that is very relevant and useful. The whole process may be changing your beliefs about the nature of your relationship with yourself, your approach to life in general, and what is possible. A direct connection with your soul and an effective technique for enabling that connection whenever you need it changes everything. If you haven’t yet achieved this level of access chances are you will over the next five months. Effort, focus, self-discipline, and commitment is required. Journaling may be part of the picture. An open and determined mind accelerates your progress and enhances your understanding of the way the world works. Love overwhelms resistance.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Within socially responsible realms – among revolutionaries, friends, allies, and groups – new information changes your game. Something shifts as Jupiter reverses course on Thursday. What was once a deficit or weak point transforms itself into a source of strength. Whichever side was assumed to have the advantage now becomes the underdog – and vice versa. Power may be returned to humanity and the masses. A born leader (Capricorn) may be first to recognize how the changing dynamics can be used to promote something more humane. Home, family, roots, and the past may be involved in some way. A new beginning influences this realm of experience and hopes are high for faster progress. But Saturn tempers all that. The timing is apparently not yet optimal for forceful, assertive action. A long term plan, better organization, and a thoughtful strategy taking recent changes into consideration, may be required. It appears that all is not as it seems. Lies, misrepresentations, and unknowns flood the field. But something more concrete emerges about 10 days from now. Then it will be easier to know where you stand and to feel more confident in your approach. In the meantime plan, organize, amass and solidly your strengths.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Most of your work occurs behind the scenes these days. A focus on making progress in intangible, slippery, spiritual, and artistic realms yields some profound results. If you’re looking for recognition there may not be much. The part of you that used to crave recognition may be silenced by a deeper connection or profoundly satisfying spiritual achievement that changes the nature of your future. Jupiter retrogrades in your 10th house of your professional life and overall life direction. A change of heart, focus, intention, or motive may be in play. The current momentum stalls and shifts into reverse. What was once meaningful and motivating may no longer be. For the next four/five months you may be open to re-trying something your once developed then abandoned. A reconnection with a product or service you initiated in October of 2014 (?) may be especially relevant or meaningful now. Old beliefs about your future, manifesting dreams, and belonging, may be approaching the end of their current life span. A wash out phase over the next two months brings the essence of a dream back to life and with it the makings of a future that looks exciting, unusual, and more closely aligned with your essential Aquarian nature.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Jupiter, your solar chart ruler, begins a retrograde phase on Thursday in your 9th house of the future, beliefs, expansion, and the desire to experience something deeper and more meaningful – preferably with a like-minded partner. A reversal is soon to be in play. You may be questioning old beliefs, throwing them overboard, or aligning with a stance that is 180 degrees from what you once embraced. Your future plans may be up in air and your professional life may feel shaky and uncertain. At the same time you may be aware that a much needed correction is in progress and that what arises over the next four/five months will feel more closely aligned with the unique and unusual cravings of your soul. You are more of a rebel and an outcast than you appear. Your soul likes to stimulate the kind of breakthroughs that only an outsider with an enlightened, unique perspective would recognize as some kind of valuable contribution. It’s time to stimulate a breakthrough for yourself. All of your efforts and energy this week should be focused in that direction. Be thoughtful about who you hang around with and what you allow into your space. Seek out unusual and enlightened influences and align with them.


  1. As an Aries, I am hoping that the things I am most letting go of is money issues. I am ready to sprout my wings and be successful without the often recurring money issues. As well as my issues around authority that I find ridiculous. Thank you.

    • Admin:

      Thanks for your comment Judith. Money is a big issue whenever Saturn transits through the sign of Capricorn. (Dec. 2017 – Dec. 2020) A slow building process is implied and Aries has little natural patience for it. Read horoscopes for your ascendent sign – usually more accurate than your Sun sign. Have a great week Judith… Holly

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