New Horoscopes for the Week of 3/14 – 3/20

(Mosaic Artist – Sonia King)

This week Jupiter continues to backtrack in the squirm-worthy sign of Scorpio. Now we have have the chance to fill in the blanks and to take the steps we attempted to skip during Jupiter’s “first time around.” By “attempted to skip” I don’t necessarily mean this was a conscious decision. Addressing most things Scorpionic requires that we get past some initial resistance. Scorpio territory is transformative at the deepest levels of our being. It’s not something we choose lightly especially if there’s another handy option.

Sex, death, vulnerability, devastation, and rising from the ashes of a life that has been deconstructed, is just a small part of the territory Scorpio rules. From one perspective Jupiter’s retrograde phase provides a second chance to add depth of meaning to our life, and to take back our power. Most likely the survival of something important to us is on the cusp of being saved. We have to reach out though.

Jupiter challenges old, comfortable addictions and habit patterns – superficial or stubborn approaches to life.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and we’re currently under the influence of a Pisces new Moon (Saturday, March 17th). A Pisces new Moon feels like the beginning of the end of something – a chance to eliminate what’s been subtlety undermining the beautiful vision we have in mind for ourselves, our family, and the world.

A few hours after the culmination of the New Moon, Mars moves from the sign of Sagittarius into the sign Capricorn. We take some action that’s hard for us to take. We get “dead serious” about moving in the direction of a cherished dream or goal. We’re “all in” on something we’ve previously danced around. Financial responsibilities are “front and center” and we take the action we need to take.

On Monday, after two and half months in retrograde motion, Ceres (your mother or connection to your mother and nurturing instincts) turns direct. There may have been an adjustment in your perspective regarding your mom and the lineage she carries. A new revelation and something loving may be opening doors that have been previously shut. A revived connection with ancestral power may be in play.

Next Tuesday the Sun moves into the sign of Aries. The Vernal equinox takes place in the Northern hemisphere. Its the first day of spring.

It’s time to plant a new seed. Astrologically we always plant new seeds in one specific area of our life – in the “house” and “realm of experience” ruled by the sign of Aries. I’ll personalize that for you this week along with the other important influences and shifts I’ve mentioned.

Have a great week. And thanks, as always, for reading.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This is your time of year, Aries, and you probably feel new energy beginning to seep into your sphere. New beginnings and leading the way is your thing. You are refreshed and you are the main carrier of the refreshing influence the world craves. When an old trip is burned out, you spring into action and lead the way. A new style and approach to life, a new sense of purpose, and more confidence is indicated. You start at the beginning. Physically you may feel energized and ready to go. In the deepest recesses of your mind and heart the new Moon lets you know that this new beginning may be more significant than the others. You’re standing on new ground after a wash out phase facing something that may feel more exciting and promising than the usual “spring stuff.” The Sun moves over your ascendent and a rebirth occurs. Jupiter is backtracking over territory that allows you to connect with something deeper, everlasting, and more meaningful. Mars moves over your midheaven advancing you in the direction of a leadership position and something more prominent. Your sense of timing is just about perfect. Whatever steps you take to cultivate your career/professional life pay off big time for years to come.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Love, beauty, and abundance is a constant for Taurus. But those may seem less accessible to you now. They’ve gone “missing” in your 12th house – temporarily. You may feel something unsettling and very hungry churning beneath the surface of your being. And it may be somewhat disappointing. Jupiter wants you to rethink your relationship with yourself. (If you’re more focused on your relationship with another that’s a reflection of your relationship with yourself). An old stubborn pattern in relationships is being seriously challenged over the next four months. Relationship-wise you’re ready for something meatier and more meaningful. But old habits, fears, and excuses that feel vaguely “off the mark” keep you in a state of dissatisfaction. It’s time to tell the truth about what you need. It’s time to take some action that makes it clear you are “dead serious” about creating a future that will be much more nourishing than your past. Taurus can be addicted to comfort and ease. Good luck with that as Jupiter demands the ability to endure something uncomfortable for the sake of progress. Standing your ground is a strength. But turning over the dirt and aerating the soil may be what’s necessary now.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
This week old hidden patterns and habits are being seriously challenged by Jupiter retrograding in your 6th house of responsibility, self-improvement, and healing. There is something especially stubborn and fixed that Jupiter is trying his best to uproot. Most likely it has something to do with belonging. But at a deeper level it may have something to do with your ability to be an effective receiver of love. It’s all kind of confusing. You may love being alone. You may also feel victimized by love and somewhat resistant to it. I don’t claim to know exactly how to interpret this. Most of us can identify the habits that undermine us. But for you (and me) it’s a trickier, more elusive thing. The important thing is that Jupiter is being especially persistent in opposing your patterns in an attempt to bring you into a more balanced, well nourished space. New Moon energy is working in your favor and Venus is softening any reservations you may have about making yourself more available to love. It’s time to get serious, though, about taking some action to alleviate a pervasive sense of hunger. The key may be to enlist some help in undoing an old frame of reference or psychological defense. The timing seems right.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The beginning of the end of an old style and approach to your future may be in play. What seems necessary is the willingness to be in contact with the deeper layers of your personality – the bedrock that houses the raw material necessary for a transformation into a more powerful way of being. Your creative potential is off the charts. But some comfort with sameness – particularly within the realm of affluent social circles, old friends, and traditional groups, may cut you off from the depth of your talent. You may have to curb your appetite for belonging as it seems your creative offerings were meant to shake up rather than appease the types you feel most comfortable with and loyal to. It is possible that you’re capable of delivering a more intense and meaningful kind of love and that you need to find someone who can go “toe to toe” with you when it comes to being on the receiving end. It’s time for you to take some dead serious action within the realm of relationships – especially the kind of relationship you have with yourself. It may be time to say “no” to what’s no longer enough for you. You’re up for a challenge. You need to engage with those who can provide that.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
A new seed is planted this week that holds within it the promise of an exciting, adventurous future. There is work to be done that involves your work place and the responsibilities you’ve taken on. It’s time to get serious about something that has to do with forging a better balance between being useful to others and useful to yourself. Alone time is more essential for you than most. Others may not recognize that. You may not recognize that. Others may have grown accustomed to depending on you for what they need and you may feel compelled to respond. But it may be time for you to give back some of the responsibility to those who could actually fend for themselves. Staying healthy and in control of your life depends on you being able to say no and to be more discriminating about the responsibilities you agree to take on. A new connection to your mother, her love, and her lineage bodes well for an approach to life that keeps you happy and centered. No matter what your history it pays to be open to that possibility. It seems weird that a Leo would need to be reminded of the advantages of being more self centered. But this week it seems necessary. The quality of your future depends on it.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A seed is planted in your 8th house of deepening sexual/financial power and influence. Something new and very promising encourages you to commit to the solidification of a relationship and to bringing it to a deeper level. You may crave something more satisfying and meaningful and you may lead the way in that direction. Generally speaking Jupiter is backtracking you through a minefield of truth telling and communication that could put you (and maybe another) in an uncomfortably vulnerable position. But it seems necessary. Mar’s move into Capricorn potentially blows the lid off of a restrictive situation involving love, money, or romance. It’s time to get serious about your creative dreams for a more grown-up kind of love. It seems necessary for you to accept your share of the responsibility in moving things forward. Virgo is a dynamo when it comes to undoing old psychological conditioning and uprooting whatever stands in the way of something more honest and adventurous. Through something mysterious and within the hidden aspects of your life, your Mom and your instinctive urge to connect with a lineage and ancestry that channels love in your direction may be at play. Something is stirring that might vaguely feel like the discovery of a hidden treasure.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
This week the Sun moves from your 6th house (a position below the horizon of your chart) – into your 7th house and a position above the horizon. This is a “coming out” phase after a six month period of preparation. A new engagement with the world on new terms is indicated. In some significant way, you’ve grown up over the past six months. Something more socially engaged and balanced is indicated. A new seed is planted within the realm of relationships that changes things. If something about the nature of your relationship with yourself has changed that seems especially positive and powerful. Venus in Aries moves into a conjunction with Mercury this week. You may be communicating about money and resources. A move in the direction of getting “dead serious” about the past and actions is required on the “home-front.” A situation that has felt stifling and difficult is ignited. If you have been trying to “keep the lid on” a restrictive situation, that may end this week. Maybe you’ll make a move. Maybe you’ll move to a new home. Whatever manifests outwardly is the result of an emotional “coming of age” that urges you to be braver in your dealings with the past. Jupiter backtracks through your house of ownership. Some reconsiderations of financial fairness and balance may come into play.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
A new seed is planted in your solar 6th house. This is the house of self-improvement that is critically informed and spiritually inspired by the mysterious realms of your life. You may be vaguely aware of the urge to move in a certain direction, to try some new method, or to connect to whatever invisible assistance you can. You may shift from the “drivers seat into the passenger seat” as you sense the need for your higher self to take control. Expect to see some real improvement that feels miraculous and love-based. Mars, your traditional chart ruler and very prominent influence, currently resides in your second house of self-worth and self-possession. Some back tracking or reconsideration may be in play as you seek to take back your power and influence. Re-possessing yourself may feel like a step in the right direction. It’s important for you to present yourself in a way that puts people “on notice”. A change in appearance, style and approach is part of a guided process designed to strengthen your impact. It’s time to get “dead serious” about what you communicate and the way you communicate. It’s definitely time to tell the truth even if that blows the lid off of a situation you’ve been trying to “manage” for quite awhile.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Jupiter is challenging your current relationship with your physical body and the extent to which you are willing to engage your spiritual life as a guide to move you in a better direction. You may be addicted to the material world – solid results, rational explanations, traditional healing, and a belief that you know or can learn most of what’s necessary through ordinary channels. But a door is opening that indicates more is possible. You can transcend some of the hard work by replacing an old belief about what is possible. You’ve handicapped yourself in terms of better health, self-improvement, efficiency, and full integration by insisting on being in charge. You have many invisible partners that know more and could be of great assistance to you. In the interest of something more powerfully effective, it’s time to doubt yourself more and them less. Changing your health and work routines may help in breaking up old patterns. Working with more advanced ways of raising your energy frequency and altering your consciousness seems like a move in the right direction. Poor health and inefficiency seems to be a choice now – more so than it has been in the past. Faith and belief in the power of your spiritual life seems to be critical. It all looks very promising for you.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
If you’ve felt a little low energy for the past seven weeks that’s about to change. This week Capricorn gets angry or energized enough to blow the lid off of their usual controlled, rational approach to life. A new freedom changes the game. I’m visualizing a race horse coming out of the gate. Something that’s been simmering for awhile breaks through. Taking assertive action seems mandatory. Something that was unclear to you is revealed. An old sense of “flying blind” gives way to something clear and undeniable. Confidence returns. The bigger picture demands that you move beyond your relatively comfortable but superficial approach to love. Something steamier, more sensual, and more deeply meaningful may be required. You can block that with your committed investment to not “rocking the boat”, but it might be wise to consider that you’ve evolved to a place where you’re capable of something more. Your new beginning is related to your home and your relationship to your home, neighborhood, family, and roots. Something old may need to be replaced with something new. Something more defined or defining feels right.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This week Mars joins the pile up of planets (energy) in your 12th house of hidden reserves and power. The spiritual aspect of your being kicks into high gear. It’s wise to make room for alone time, to meditate, and to turn down the volume on your social life. The 12th house speaks in whispers and what it conveys is particularly rich, useful, and important to you now. You may be especially motivated to discover the parts of yourself that have been unconscious or lain dormant – and therefore most likely presented as something troublesome. You may be motivated to unleash the power that’s been kept safely confined. And you may be motivated to take back the parts of yourself you’ve lived, in relatively impaired condition, without. The progress you make now is invisible to others. It’s important not to feel that because it’s invisible it’s not important and substantial. You’re clearing the way for unprecedented success and progress. What’s being removed is the fear that’s made your life a little less satisfying than it might otherwise be. What is revealed to you between now and May 16th may be stunning.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
A new Moon in your 1st house marks the beginning of the end of an old approach to life and relationships. Something more refined and enlightened is promised. Over the past couple months a revelation about the nature of love and what you require may have changed your expectations. If one hasn’t already arrived, a new love or lover may be making an entrance into your life. He or she offers you the kind of challenge you may be ready for. Along those lines, Jupiter backtracking through the sign of Scorpio in your 9th house expands your perspective and reach into the realm of something deeper, more intimate, and more meaningful. If you can escape from the comfort of a routine or sameness anything is possible. “Travel” into the realm of something foreign may be required. Mars energizes you in the direction of making yourself more receptive to love. It’s not your forte, actually, but it is definitely a goal worth pursing. Some fear may be stimulated in this regard – but also some better more rational way of dealing with it. Time to say no to old social scenes and what has never felt right to you, in favor of something that does.

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