Horoscopes for the Week of Feb. 7th – 13th

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The main event this week is Venus’s transition from the airy sign of Aquarius into oceanic Pisces. This happens on Saturday. Relationships reach an end point – the end of a cycle or phase where it’s time to process what’s been learned and move on from the rest. A dissolution of old relationship boundaries can feel disorienting.

On the other hand Venus in Pisces is good at creating transportive environments for romance to thrive. Art and beauty reach the refinement stages. We may be able to see the world (for the next three weeks) through the eyes of an impressionist artist. Pisces “blurred lens” has the effect of softening hard edges and creating masterpieces wherever you look. On some level it becomes clear that separateness is an illusion. The softening feels soothing.

Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio will take rulership over Venus as it enters the sign of Pisces. Scorpio’s focus is depth and darkness. It may be easier while Venus transits through Pisces to descend into the soulful spaces that require healing. Fear may be overridden by intrigue, curiosity, and the desire to be set free. This is a good time to wade through some muck you’ve been avoiding. It’s just easier for the next three weeks.

Jupiter and Pluto continue their dance through a sextile (60 degree) aspect. So we’re dancing around an opportunity – hopefully freeing ourselves of whatever might interfere with our ability to accept and work with it. It’s hanging out there for several more months – but not forever.

We’re in the midst of a Leo-Aquarian eclipse season. I haven’t yet focused intently on the eclipse chart. But my initial impression is that it seems to facilitate the part of your mind that generates an abundance of “pretty good – great” ideas – one after another. Maybe you barely have time to consider all of them let alone act on a few.

What needs to be considered is the possibility that we’re on the cusp of a new Aquarian beginning. Those are usually freeing with an element of unpredictability. Saturn moved into the sign of Capricorn in December (a significant shift for both Capricorn and Aquarius). And Uranus, Aquarian’s modern ruler is poised for a significant change in May. At that time he moves from the sign of Aries, where he’s been since May of 2010, into the sign of Taurus.

This will be a big deal for Aquarius and Leo. But for everyone it will shift the realm of your life experience that is ruled by Aquarius – the astrological house ruled by Aquarius in your natal chart.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Your focus these days seems to be heavily weighted toward the future. You must heal some old abuses that will prevent you from moving forward into the life you want. Changing beliefs and undermining old patterns are part of the current picture. You may have come a long way in this regard – especially since October of 2017. Still you may be craving a more open and free inner space. The overall themes for you involve upping your game in the love/sex department, feeling increasingly confident that your talents will elevate you as a shining standout, taking on some challenging social endeavor that seems to encompass the dreams you have yet to materialize, and taking your place as a consummate humanitarian among the masses. Venus moves into your 12th house this week. There is no better time to be your artistic self, to feel invisibly supported, and to finally end your ties to a relationship that undermines you.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
You may be entering a new phase within the realm of relationships – most likely your relationship to the public, to your home, and to a new, more visible, direction in life. You may sense a shakeup on the horizon (a couple months away) that will set you free. Taurus has a hard time with change. The tendency is to gravitate toward what feels comfortable and to settle in. The trick is to elevate your love of comfort to a new level. Instead of instinctively gravitating toward it in ways that may stifle your ability to create something that endures, it may be time to provide comfort and beauty for others in some highly ingenious, artful way – maybe through an enterprise you create. Venus moves into your 11th house on Saturday. For the next three weeks you may feel lots of support coming from “artist” friends and healers. Connections you need may flow in your direction.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
An opening into the future entails a change in beliefs that activates your essential life purpose. You lead the way toward ingenious breakthroughs by role modeling personal statements, styles, and actions that are prone to rejection and vilification. An old confining belief about sex – the physical body, boundaries, protecting what you’ve built and the kind of impression you want to create – may need to unravel and die. It seems hard to nourish yourself without some personal steps in the direction of deep transformative change. A commitment to creating more freedom for yourself starts with easing into the notion that old patterns of keeping controversial info secret may be comfortable for others while putting you in a virtual stranglehold. Under the impending Aquarian eclipse your job is not to make others comfortable. As Venus changes signs you become more highly visible and invisibly assisted. Dissolving boundaries within the realm of relationships resonates and revitalizes. Whatever the pushback, your approach to life gives others permission to attend to what they love – or to play it safe.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Venus changing signs is a big deal for Cancer. This looks like a very positive development for you. After some difficult transformative changes within the realm of relationships it looks like you may have created some space for love to grow and expand. Your vision for the future may feel easier to attain. Your role within the realm of relationships may be taking on a more tolerant and gracefully nurturing feel. Travel for the purpose of creating an atmosphere that transports you into a more romantically open space seems timely. The Aquarian solar eclipse encourages an identification with healing (sexual healing maybe) and a move away from “professional distance” and “detachment” into the world of warm-hearted love and full-throated engagement. Your mom may be involved in some way as she usually is whenever Cancer is involved. It seems you may be preparing for a move or change in life direction that could receive an assist about a month from now. Kindness, cooperation, compassion, and some high profile demonstration that lets others know you have your finger on the pulse of the future could be very beneficial to you. A Sagittarian, a foreigner, or teacher may be supportive of you in some critical way.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
During this Leo/Aquarian eclipse season Leo may be reflecting more of his alter ego self – the Aquarian part that rebels against arrogance, entitlement, and distinctions between “royalty” and “commoners.” Leo may be throwing her talent and know-how into a socially responsible cause meant to preserves the dignity of people, places, and “sacred” things. In the bigger picture Leo is making herself whole as she cultivates her blind side and the part of herself she’s historically delegated to others to express. Leo likes to belong, to hobnob with the elites, to flaunt some talent or high status position, or their ability to wield power regally. But the tables are turned under the Aquarian eclipse. It’s time for something more individualistic and deeply sourced. Leo’s had taken things as far as they could under last week’s Leo Lunar Eclipse. Since that time something inside that supported the “Leo way of being” began to lose steam. It’s projected that will continue over the next week. Making ourselves whole is a high calling that most resist. But under the Aquarian eclipse chances are better than average that Leos will do what it takes to recover the lost part of themselves – and paradoxically create more public admiration than their “royal preferences” would have allowed.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Virgo may be on fire with ingenious ideas for materializing a love affair, restructuring a love affair, or making it more permanent. There is a push for something respectable and admirable. You may be tireless as you devise brilliant strategies for making your dreams come true. What’s most important is that you allow the soulful realm of existence to make its desires known. This requires quieting your mind so you can hear the part of yourself that speaks to you in whispers, from other realms of knowing, and other worlds of intuitive guidance. The question may not be can you accomplish this. Of course you can. The question may be should you. The south node unites with Mercury – your chart ruler – this week. The need to control the course of events by staying one step ahead of the game and out-strategizing any resistance may need to be released. Venus’s move into your 7th house of relationships allows you to see partnerships and love within a bigger context. Ease, flow, compassion, and boundless love is bigger than you or your ideas about committed love. Love is love and Venus in Pisces dissolves whatever attempts to keep it contained and controlled.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus will pass over the impending Aquarius eclipse point tomorrow. Very soon you may get some feel for where this eclipse is taking you …if you don’t already know. Venus moves into the sign of Pisces on Saturday. Chances are your workload will be lightened in some way, that you will have time to feel a connection with your soul, to tune into the deeper aspects of yourself and to hear what you need. The state of being in love, surrounded by love, and full of joy contrasts with a heavy feelings rooted in the past. A deep sense of responsibility not only for nurturing those you love (and maybe your career) but also for coming to terms with a past that may have been dark or difficult in some way hovers over you. Fear accompanies it. For the next couple years it is your job to free yourself of old family heaviness. For Libra there is significant resistance in this regard. For the next three weeks Venus in Pisces gives you the chance to shortcut the process. You have unusually powerful access to guides and intuition that will lead you in the right direction.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
A dominance of Aquarian Planets reside in your 4th house of home and family – with a total solar eclipse set to ignite all of them. A shift in your home life is indicated. Freedom from the past and freedom from old habits that locked you into unhealthy ways of being is implied. There is something cold, distant, or disconnects associated with your past. It seems in conflict with your own warm, exuberant, fully engaged approach to life. Still you may feel uncomfortable with that part of yourself and seek to delegate it to another. I predict you will embrace the freedom to follow your own path as the eclipse approaches. Mars, your chart ruler, wants you to stake out your own territory and to own it. He wants you to pursue something meatier and more substantial – something deeper, more mysterious, timeless and enduring. Scorpio wants more – always. Check in frequently with what your soul craves and create a life path that aligns with it. You’re on the verge of unprecedented freedom.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
It’s al about the story you tell yourself about your life, and life itself, that matters. How close can you get to the truth, the essence, and the meaning of it all? You may have a lot of ideas and stories that come to mind this week especially concerning how confined you’ve always felt when it came to voicing the truth. Interestingly your stories may mimic what’s going on in the bigger world. Your life may be about justice and fairness and how you have to fight for what’s important to you. Maybe you were around those who tried to diminish your status in some way, interfere with your sense of dignity and self-respect. Maybe you were encouraged to feel “less than” so that those who felt entitled could feel superior. Maybe your interactions were mostly with those who were threatened by anything that seemed real or truthful. You are the truth teller and under this eclipse you may see very clearly what the truth is and how you can align your life with it. Its important to do a lot of that work sometime before November 2018. In the meantime you have “once every 12 year access” to the treasure hidden within your subconscious mind.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
There are an abundance of Aquarian planets in your second house of self-worth and net worth. Very simply this spells a chance to acquire financial freedom and a truer valuation of your own self worth. What is required is the willingness to persist and to control your presentation of yourself. You may have entered a highly competitive arena. Most importantly doing the right thing, taking full responsibility, and acting with impeccable integrity moves you the direction of an accumulation of wealth. You suffered through a couple years of not being able to materialize much other than the discovery and integration of important parts of yourself that had been lost or disowned. That accomplishment makes all the difference now. What seems most important is a willingness to acknowledge the contributions of others as you make gains and to assist those who may not have the chance you now have.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This eclipse affects you very strongly, very deeply, and very personally. It’s a powerful break from the past into the world of freedom. Chances are you know what you have to do but haven’t yet gotten serious about doing it. You have habits that are not aligned with what you know and believe. But a re-alinment is on the horizon. Momentum for making the changes that need to be made is building. Chances are you are destined for something bigger than you’re current life is arranged for. It’s time for you to take the reins, to take your life back, and to steer this ship in the direction you know its meant to go. Practically speaking you may need to get focus and very disciplined as you wean yourself off of the bad habits you’ve excused for awhile. You know how to create breakthroughs for others. Now it’s time to apply that talent to yourself.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This eclipse occurs in your 12th house of your inner life. Shifts occur within the deepest recesses of your mind and heart, influencing ancient inheritances, lineages, and subconscious drives. Change is on the horizon and for you it’s all very below the surface – a powerful impact on the darkest, most sensitive areas of your life. But the paradox is you may notice more change than most. To a great degree subconscious drives – obsessions and compulsions, unexplainable fears, and impairments, control the direction of our life and how things unfold. The eclipse moves you into a state of awareness that defuses powerful inner patterns. The reins are essentially given back to you to decide where you want to go, how you want to get there, and the nature of what you will contribute to the world. Artist talent, old memories, and forgotten experiences will be triggered. You decide what you will do with those. But essentially they are the raw materials you can use to create something healing – a timeless piece of art, film, music, lyrics, poems, etc.

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