Aquarian Solar Eclipse and Horoscopes 2/14 – 2/20

In general a Solar eclipse is an amped-up new Moon – a new beginning that has ramifications for the next 19 years. This Aquarian eclipse can be thought of as a conclusion to – or answer to – the Leo Solar eclipse that occurred last August.

That eclipse was regal, entitled, unquestionable. It highlighted rulers, control, and the “inherited” superiority of some over others. The eclipse path cut through the heart of the United States effectively slicing it in half. Profoundly influenced was Donald Trump (the official leader of the free world) when that eclipse landed directly over his ascendent. It turbocharged his natural style and approach to life.

Interestingly this Aquarian Solar Eclipse at 27 degrees of Aquarius falls directly over the Moon in the chart of the United States. In mundane astrology the Moon represents the people – the common man. So there will be a shift possibly in the direction of turbocharging the masses.

Not specific to this new Moon eclipse, but to all new Moon eclipses, is a unification or rebalancing of the head and heart, right and left brain, body and soul, the ruler and the “ruled.” What was safely stored in the subconscious mind, in secret, under lock and key, may be free to merge in a newly awakened state.

Under an eclipse the light is temporarily occluded. That’s when the energy shift occurs. In that “dark moment” the foundation for change is set in place. Old patterns are disrupted. Momentum shifts, role reversals are set in motion. The answer to what was left unresolved or unbalanced after the 2017 August Eclipse becomes avaialable. A pervasive lopsidedness is corrected.

Of course this often occurs at deep, imperceptible levels. The effects of an eclipse are usually not apparent for 2-3 months after the eclipse date. But this is an Aquarian eclipse so all the normal rules are thrown out the window. Aquarius power lies in her ability to facilitate what is least expected – to shock and re-direct the unfolding narrative.

My birthday was a week ago. The small celebration occurred under the influence of the impending eclipse. My partner Michael presented me with a card that made me smile. The picture (assemblage) on the front of the card was of a little girl playing dress up. Zebra prints, lots of bling, shiny gem rings, glittery glasses, a leopard purse, high heels, hair on top of her head in a shocking pink scrunchy. She was adorably eccentric and stunningly over-the -top – a real show stopper. Inside he wrote “she reminds me of you.” I got it. It was a moment of deep connection, encouragement, and love.

To most who know me that would make no sense. My appearance is nothing close to show-stopping. But I’m always especially uplifted by an eccentrically dressed free spirit, proudly crossing the street, with an unrestrained style that sends a message of freedom and full engagement with life. Aquarius is charged with protecting and revitalizing the human spirit.

Under this Eclipse I predict opportunities to unrestrain and revitalize the most unique aspects of yourself and to further integrate the longings of your soul into a lifestyle that actually works for you.

Most of the fixed stars involved in this eclipse align in the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan. There is a message of pride, great beauty, and smooth, unfettered movement on the surface of something dark and maybe treacherous. The Swan is distractingly graceful. What lies beneath may be the issue.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse speaks to getting things to run smoothly so you no longer have to deal with problems that are basically obsolete, meaningless, or darkly destructive. It’s time to put an end to something that’s undermining the achievement of what you desire. Experimentation with different lifestyles, locations, cultures, and relationships leads you in a healthier direction.

A blessing and a curse of the Aquarian influence is detachment. Used in a positive ways this quality assists us in dispassionately ending something that no longer works. Negatively it allows us to detach from the pain that would otherwise force action and change.

The flow of ideas through your brain are greatly accelerated under this eclipse. Notice the ones that feel revolutionary, fly in the face of norms, encompass dissenting views, and are likely to met with widespread outrage. Those would be the most promising ones.

Just because those around you feel comfortable living in an illusion-bound reality doesn’t mean it should feel ok to you. Those around you may have more of an influence on you than you realize. Losing your bearings may be normalized in communities where no one seems to notice the disconnect. A spiritually dark community needs redemption. If you can lead the way out of darkness maybe you would want to do that. But there is wisdom in saving yourself first.

Saturn in Capricorn aligns in a tight sextile aspect to Venus and Nessus. There is an opportunity to end abuse within the realm of relationships – self inflicted or otherwise. It is essential to recognize a situation where you’ve normalized being victimized and to plan and enact your escape. The # Me Too movement is the macro expression of energies that may be playing out on very personal levels.

This Aquarian eclipse forces a breakthrough that allows something to end. Very quickly after the culmination of this eclipse the Sun, Moon, and Mercury move into the sign of sign of Pisces where all things go to die – to return to the source for nourishment, and to re-emerge in a revitalized, perfected state.

It’s time to present what’s different about you with more stylistic flair and pride, to develop a distinctive artistic approach, and to take endless pleasure in parading across the stage of life.

In the words of Martin Goldsmith it’s a good time to put on your turban and believe in your mind-reading talents, to be more entertaining, more discerning, more attentive to your ability to glean underlying motives from a person’s body language or lapses in speech.

Consider playing the role of the marvelous humbug who affects droll disreputability under a veneer of decorum. Be the one who doesn’t do what we all expect you to do; the one who says the opposite of what we’d like to hear. Embrace the role of the consummate outsider and all the power that goes along with it.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.


Holly RePenn
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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The aspect of the eclipse most affecting Aries may be the tense square between Mars, Vesta, and Neptune. Your desire for an adventure and freedom may be undermined by a loss, a belief system that assumes you will be victimized, or a fascination with wading around in old psychic muck. That could be deeply healing or simply an endless distraction from taking the kind of action that needs to be taken. Fortunately the game shifts under the Aquarian Solar Eclipse. A much needed breakthrough occurs.. What is facilitated over the next week may be the ability to deeply immerse yourself in the creative/healing process. The same energy that victimizes you may be re-routed in the direction of something distinctively artistic. New friends and groups may give you the opportunity or the freedom you need to feel inspired and to take some new kind of action. The end of something that’s been debilitating is near.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
What seems most prominent for you under this Aquarian eclipse is the opportunity to recover from some old abusive tendencies within the realm of relationships. A determination to make your future better than your past works to your advantage. But some hard work may be involved in addressing old beliefs that seem to involve the expectation of a limited future, complicated friendships, insidious abuses in love, and ultimately giving up on your dreams. This is unnecessary. A break though involving a change in residence or the nature of your residence may be a pivotal healing moment. For you the breakthrough may occur at the deeper levels of your consciousness. An old inner blockage that was allowed to fester (since 2010 maybe) has run its course. The eclipse is breaking it down. Maybe you’ll feel this directly. But more likely you’ll feel the evidence of it in a calmer state of mind or a less desperate insistence on keeping things moving in the direction you want them to go, less anxiety, a new openness to the amazing things life is now offering you – and a willingness to fully engage.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Opportunities are coalescing around an accelerated flow of ideas that seem to involve your future, more freedom, something more eccentric, or a unique twist. You may be coming to (or have actually hit) the limits of your ability to survive some conflict that undermines your career aspirations or your creative artist flow. It seems that your professional life continues to victimize you in some way. Time to examine your beliefs in that regard. Breakthroughs may be occurring as we speak. Who gave you the impression that you can’t have it all? Who role modeled a frustrating life for you? Who encouraged you to believe that life was ultimately a disappointment, or that doing what you love is irresponsible? Maybe you’ll have to address that. Maybe it will just blow up and the dust will settle around an opportunity to embrace what you love. The right house, relationship, work environment, salary, or place is not as important as the satisfaction you experience on a daily basis, within the routines you create, the people you meet, and the quality of your interactions.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Managing your resources well, developing your talents, and doing what it takes to enhance your sense of self worth puts you in a position of strength within an emotional, physical, or financial partnership. Your mother may be involved in some way. Ideally a professional breakthrough or achievement moves you into a place where you can become an equal partner in a balanced, satisfying relationship. You may be moving away from something that felt confining but the territory you move into confronts you with some old, familiar tendency to tolerate abuse – or to dish it out. A willingness to sacrifice your future for another, to be confined so that another can be free, to make yourself small so that another can be big – that’s in the processes of breaking up – if you let it. You could continue to insist on it but that would require that you turn your back on emerging opportunities. What you desire is meaningful creative work that moves you into a deeper engagement with life and love. The cosmos is clearing the path.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Within the realm of relationships life is unpredictable. You never know how things will turn out. Partners are wild cards – or that’s just the way you perceive them. A home situation may be making relationships especially unpredictable. The suggestion is that the home environment is complicated, toxic, or conflicted in some way. A breakthrough into some foreign territory settles things down. The future may seem freer or more manageable in a far away place. What you desire at the moment may be the freedom to create a home that is spacious, beautiful, meaningful, and deeply reflective of your souls desire (and the soul desires of a partner). It seems you want an adventure and it seems you will get it. Love is the bottom line for you. You may know who you are and what means the most to you. Looking into the near future there is something you may need to disengage from – something abusive and undermining that is directed toward you or that you direct toward others. A belief that you can victimize another or tolerate being victimized could throw you off course and undermine your new start. Tolerance and forgiveness is key. Humans are not perfect.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A breakthrough of some kind, frees you of an old responsibility to be the one who takes care of everything – the one who shakes things up, infuses brilliant ideas, injects joy and an element of playfulness, entertains and facilitates progress. Your immediate environment may be presenting a challenge that encourages you to take some action. A belief about organization, routine, communication, and the nature of your dwelling may be undergoing significant change or transformation. What you most desire is a warm, loving home where freedom and maybe sex are in abundant supply. A committed relationship or partner may be undermining that in some way. The work that must be done involves an old pattern related to abuse and loss, unavailability, and aloneness. You may be the perpetrator or the victim of the abuse. Either way it can’t be tolerated. It might pay to give it more time and to voice some beliefs that may be hard to hear. Interestingly your mother could be of assistance now – even if- and especially if -she’s passed on.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Most emphasized under this eclipse is a potential breakthrough within the realm of relationships – possibly your relationship with your work or co-workers. Nessus and Venus travel together indicating an abusive relationship of some kind. You could be on the receiving or giving end of this. Saturn is giving you the realistic message that something has to change. A tough decision may need to be made. Some hard work may be involved. Financial responsibilities or tradition may be a complicating factor. A breakthrough involving some conflict or the role you’re willing to play may change – suddenly. The entire “love, joy, creatively exuberant, playful, romantic” realm of life is in need of revitalization. It seems that is likely. Your mom may be giving you some freedom to break with tradition or to move more decisively in the direction of love. Or you may be the Mom encouraging something healthy and revitalizing. Either way it all looks very promising – as long as abusive tendencies have been categorically rejected.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
An eclipse in your 4th house of home, family, roots, and the past indicates that the coast is being cleared for your future role. A breakthrough involving responsibilities, work, or health affects the stability of your home life. Most challenging may be the desire for a style and approach to life that reflects passion, intrigue, sensual beauty, seductiveness, shameless wealth, and mysterious adventures. Or it may simply reflect the need for a sense of hope to be restored. The problem may be that a loss has made it difficult for you to feel that you own your life – your physical body, your financial future, a timeless love, or something you’ve created that will endure long past the death of your body. A loss of love or what it was you relied on to keep you alive may be an empty space that continues to haunt you. Wrapped up in this is some past abuse that could be healed under this eclipse. Expectations of loss in love or feeling undeserving may be at root. The foundations of a career path are shifting dramatically. Telling your story may be the essence of a professional life that succeeds beyond your wildest expectations.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Shifting at the moment is the foundation of your future. A breakthrough involves lovers, children, your creative life, and and the awareness of the need for something more engaging and fun. An expansive transformation is occurring at the deepest levels of your being. Old beliefs are dying off particularly those relating to your style and approach to life, sex, and the freedom to present yourself to the world in a more authentic and entertaining way. For the next eight months you will continue to dissolve old ways of being. What eventually emerges may be unusually expansive and stunningly unique Building a foundation for an expansive future may involve learning a language, learning a skill, doing some hard mental work, preparing for an exam, or getting organized. Action is required to relieve some pressure that is building around your home, family, or the past. A tendency to feel victimized by family may need to be resolved. New perspectives are in order. Old beliefs no longer work. Inner shifts work in your favor.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
A new foundation is being set in place for emotional, physical, and financial partnerships. Breakthroughs allow you to manage your resources, develop your talents, and to showcase your skills in very progressive and entertaining ways. It is likely you will increase your value as a desirable partner within personal and professional realms in many different ways. The breakthrough comes in the form something that loosens your grip on the past. There is an opportunity to end some kind of abuse that has its roots deep in your past. It seems you’ve endured along the course of your daily routine, or within the realm of communication, an abusive situation. Maybe you’re the one who’s been dolling out the abuse but most likely its the other way around, An authoritative presentation of yourself that conveys a deep sense of integrity and a no nonsense approach makes the boundaries clear. You may have come to expect unreliability, half the story, and a lack of follow through. But that may no longer be necessary. From an astrological perspective there is an opportunity to fix this.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The foundations set in place for relationships to continue to shift. Since August of 2017 a commitment to something more equitable and fair may be bearing fruit. What seemed impossible back then may be unfolding in promising ways. A decision or monumental change coming from someone you love may have set the stage. The cosmos is doing its part but it seems the ball is now in your court. Old habits die hard, particularly if your mother or your own mothering role comes into play. Tension may be building and action is required. It seems you may need to agree to leave the past in the past and begin anew. Money, self-worth, and pride may be the complicating factors. To the extent you can manage those a bright new future emerges. There is no shortage of love and that is always helpful. Still it is advisable to insist on respectful treatment and to be uncompromising in that regard.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The shifts that occur for Pisces are all happening at the subconscious, soulful level. Ancestors and guides, artistic inspirations and sources of intuitive knowing are all settling into a new, more balanced configuration. That changes everything. Obsessions, compulsions, and free floating anxiety are thrown into new patterns or eliminated altogether. Information from the subconscious mind transitions into the realm of awareness. The result? You may feel enlightened and more in control of your life. Your health may improve. You may want to let go of some old responsibilities that no longer hold meaning for you. Breakthroughs may provide financial freedom, sexual freedom, a greater ability to align with the natural world, and to manage your resources in ways that open all the right doors for you. By the weekend a rebirth minus lots of old hangups feels refreshing. The trick is to not fall back into the role of a victim. Stop for a second and notice that you have a clean slate on which to write the next chapter of your life. You are in control.

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