Horoscopes for the Week of Jan. 24th – 30th

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Today Mercury and Pluto align in a conjunction. Thoughts are deep and heavy. Communication is consequential. Within the deepest recesses of your mind doom and gloom assert their influence. But serious efforts to rein-in a scared, out of control mindset can now take hold. The best use of these combined energies is to do some very difficult mental work and maybe to reveal whatever destructive or limiting influences remain hidden.

Mars has been transiting through the intensely transformative sign of Scorpio since December 10th of last year. On Friday the warrior moves into the fiery sign of Sagittarius.

Mars in “Sag” is different from Mars in Scorpio. He’s big, bold, brave, expansive, independent, and inclusive. He brings in the big guns whether or not they’re needed. Restraint is not his strong suit. But Jupiter (Mars’s new ruler) lags behind in the sign of Scorpio.

What’a happening here is that Mars and Jupiter will be moving on Friday into “mutual reception.” Mars in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter… and Jupiter in Scorpio is ruled by Mars. The energy of one easily feeds off the energy of the other They work “hand in glove.” Results spring easily from their seamless, effortless, cosmic interplay.

Mars in Sagittarius fights “above board” for the truth. He’s big and openly controversial. You know where you stand with him. He’s high-minded and wise. He knows what’s worth fighting for and will risk his reputation, his fortune, and his life in a battle for the truth. He enjoys conflict and a good fight. He doesn’t shy away from instigating.

Jupiter in Scorpio is just as devoted to the truth (for the purpose of healing) as Sagittarius but his methods are different. He’s stealthy, secretive, understated, and calculating for the purpose of “expanding his reach.” He wants to transgress your boundaries without you knowing it. He’s interested in making you feel safe when you’re not, catching you off guard, and exposing what you’re trying to hide. For Jupiter in Scorpio discovering the truth justifies the use of shadowy tactics. Uncovering the truth justifies the means.

As Mars changes signs on Friday you may feel the shift. The murkiness of an old battle may subside as a new one – with familiar elements – emerges. But perspectives and expectations change. The goalposts may be moved. Refocusing, reinforcing, and re-directing your aim in a slightly different direction may be required. The stakes may be higher – and/or more clearly defined.

As the week progresses we will feel the influence of the impending total Leo Lunar Eclipse. (Jan. 31st). A collective effort, a persuasive (maybe rebellious) performance, a rebellion against old patterns, or a subversive, detached role, is reaching the end of its current life-span. Things have been taken as far as they can go in the usual direction. As old parameters fall away a new beginning is possible.

The influential dwarf planet “Pholus” has recently moved out of the sign of Sagittarius – where he’s been residing since September of 2006 – into the sign of Capricorn.

Pholus triggers the small start of a major event, a significant turning point, something ignited that continues to escalate despite all efforts to bring it under control. Pholus serves as the catalyst that initiates a series of events. His influence is often entangled with sexual overtones and complications.

In the sign of Capricorn Pholus’s influence moves into the realm of finance and the government. The last time Pholus moved into the sign of Capricorn was on October 24, 1929. That was Black Thursday, the day the bottom fell out of the stock market and triggered the beginning of the great depression. (Of course there were other planetary and cultural indicators that supported the unfolding of those specific events).

Accompanying the arrival of Pholus in the sign of Capricorn in 1929 was a severe financial, governmental, and cultural “correction” that lasted for decades – officially until 1952.

The Sun and Venus transiting together through the sign of Aquarius encourage the progressive feminine wave. 2018 takes the shape of a “feminine year” with all major outer planets residing in earth or water signs – Yin signs. It all feels healing and reassuring.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The heaviness that was stirred up over the holidays is officially coming to a close as it begins to feel like someone has opened the doors letting in some fresh air. Your aim is corrected in the direction of preparing for professional advancement, laying the groundwork for significant achievement, and/or solidifying your reputation as an expert and authority. Jupiter remains in your powerful 8th house allowing you to “move mountains” as you continue to remove sources of limitation from the past. But the future begins to feel mysteriously uplifting. You may sense the possibilities the are ripe for unfoldment. Over the next few weeks travel could enhance your perspective in particularly healing and beneficial ways. The rebel in you may say goodbye to old love affairs, outworn dramas, and childish expectations. Growing up may take the shape of something that actually looks like it could be fun. The power to create breakthroughs for yourself and others is something you can harness into a highly successful enterprise. This week you begin to get those “ducks” in order and to feel assured that you can safely expect more of your future.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Old patterns in love are front and center this week as Mars ends one battle while moving us into a battle for ultimate freedom. The truth is that partners cannot save us. We save ourselves. Becoming the hero in your own story seems to be the requirement. It takes a lot of courage to free yourself from relationship patterns your mother may have role-modeled for you. An element of detachment that allows one to tolerate what is basically intolerable needs to be rejected. Something more authentically loving needs to form the basis of your new foundation. The lunar eclipse in Leo takes place in your 4th house. Old foundations designed to support love have taken you as far as you can go along your current course. Something dissolves over the next two weeks as you imagine a more beautiful and functional foundational design. An actual move to someplace new may facilitate the process. Letting go of something you mistakenly assume gives you your power needs to be released. Taking some kind of action to release what you’re most afraid to release sets you free.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Newly energized this week is your 7th house of relationships. Now you see the evidence and results of self-improvements you’ve been making since early December of last year. Partner may challenge you and your reaction may be more thoughtful than they used to be. If all has gone well you’ve gained some real power over your instincts and primal leanings. It might take more instigating to make you feel threatened. You’ll see if that’s the case. It seems we can all function relatively well until we try to integrate someone else into our life. That’s when things get tricky. It’s also when we get lots of information about the kind of relationship we have with ourself. Mars generally wants what he wants in relationships. In the sign of Sagittarius (where he’s now placed) he’s not especially patient. As he moves into your 7th house on Friday the sparks could fly igniting a flame or a wildfire. Make an extra effort to notice what you notice. Maybe you need to engage. Maybe you need to back off. There is still lots of energy left in your 6th house of self-improvement if you haven’t quite gotten it perfect. If you don’t need to get it perfect that sounds perfect.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
In general relationships may be challenging. But Mercury’s alignment with Pluto may have you thinking thoughts that are darker than usual. There may be fear involved. This is a fleeting influence. The real action and focus for Cancer is the full Moon Leo eclipse in your 2nd house. Financial security may be influx. You may have taken things as far as they can go without some kind of a course correction. What belongs to you and what belongs to another may need to be clarified. But in the broader scheme there is some element of dependence or expectation of generosity that needs to be released. The freedom to step into your own source of power and to achieve your own goals on the basis of your own natural talent, accumulated skill, and strategic connections, needs to be relied upon. Believing in your competence and your ability to function independently rests on your ability to untangle distorted notions of love. You may have made some recent progress in this regard. Now it’s time to see what you can do as you make yourself useful by doing what you love. A test of skill may be involved. You’ve got this.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The Sun/Venus conjunction enables you to feel the love, support, and assistance you are currently receiving from others. Relationships may be a source of joy or upliftment for you. Aquarians specifically may have what you need and their tendency these days is to be very generous. Some old, general sticking points within the realm of relationships may be falling by the wayside. Old prideful commitments, limiting, self- protective “Karmic contracts,” and outworn assumptions regarding independence/dependence issues may be in an accelerated dissolving phase. You do tend to suck up most of the oxygen in the room but you’re essentially a fish out of water without the love and assistance of partners, friends, admirers, and an audience. Mars moves into your 5th house of love this week. The point is being driven home both personally and collectively. You need to generously express the love you feel because that is the essence of who you are. AND you need to be receptive to the love that surrounds you. A socially responsible collective effort may need your talent, warmth, and attention-getting magnetism for it’s survival. It is just as likely that your involvement would enhance your own survival – as long as you are able to recognize and appreciate what you receive in return.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
You may feel a little moody this week as the full Moon eclipse triggers the deepest recesses of your mind and heart. On the other hand personal treasures that have been hidden beneath the surface – from you and others – may come to light. Psychically you are unusually open to collective sources of universal love and to creative endings. But this may feel overwhelmingly heavy. A talented helper or healer may provide the kind of perspective and clarification you need to distinguish between (and balance) what your responsibilities are to yourself and what your responsibilities are to others. There is something about your approach to your work and a focus on self-improvement that is in the process of dissolving – for the purpose of clearing the way for something more loving and new. The past (your home, family, and roots) may be newly energized in ways that increase your passion for the freedom, foreign influences, and deep wells of wisdom rooted in the past. You may be energized to put the foundations for future achievement in place. Some kind of loss may be necessary as you move yourself into a different, more meaningful kind of future.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
You may be in hog heaven as your ability to feel the love is enhanced. Children, lovers, and unusual interests may bring an abundance of joy into your life. Experimentation and creative projects may receive an assist. You may be recognized and admired by friends and peers. At the same time something that provides a secure foundation for your life may be triggered in ways that have far-reaching and long lasting effects. A turning point is reached. What has always been controllable might no longer be. Action that needs to be taken may involve communication about something that provides the basis of your stability. Typically that involves owning and feeling comfortable with your physical body, your financial condition, your ability to maintain the balance of power in a partnership, and to feel a deepening sense of intimacy with another. You may want to say something about all of that – or some of it. This is a good week to allow yourself the freedom to say what you need to say.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Relationships and your role within them may have been a source of deep introspection and truthfulness since December 10th. A new beginning at that time may have made things more complicated and maybe urgent. Old patterns of detachment in love rooted in your early home life make it hard to distinguish between who you are and what belongs to you – and what you’ve inherited that is actually separate from you. It’s important as Mars moves into your second house that you continue to make progress in clarifying what belongs to you – what you actually own outright. It’s important to own your body, your right to feel deeply passionate and intimately satisfied, financially stable, safe secure, and free to play the relationship role that feels most like the real, authentic you. Pholus’s move into your third house seems to suggest the need for a grown-up conversation that triggers something pivotal – a cascade of events that finally puts things in their rightful place. Fairness is important. Are you being treated fairly? Are you treating others fairly?

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
This week someone turn the lights back on and your perspective changes. Since Dec. 10th you’ve been somewhat unreachable – pre-occupied and distracted by the stirred up inner workings of your mind and heart. Confusion and disillusionment may have felt overwhelming. But this week you may notice that there was some healing taking place behind the scenes. The new you that emerges may feel freer and more optimistic. Your new beginning may be a passionate one. A reconnection with “the fire that burns within” is predictable. Something more meaningful and wise may be expressed through your style and approach to life. The big picture comes into view. Actually you have lots of choices. But something fateful – something that was always “in the cards” for you begins to gestate. The full Moon in your 9th house of the future may clarify your life purpose. Your mom is entangled in the process. She is potentially helpful and harmful. It is up to you to intuit what needs to be done and do it. If you need to detach from old limitations there is nothing like a full Moon to facilitate that process. Ego damage may need to be repaired. A reconnection with self-love seems important.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Your approach to life is dead serious. You may feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. But recently that’s been alleviated – a little. Astrologically your financial future is looking good. The Sun and Venus seem to be working some magic on your behalf. The impending full Moon may bring current deals in the works to some satisfying conclusion. You may not need to do much other than believe in yourself and your power to create what you want to create. It’s time for a deeper dive into the inner workings of your mind. It’s time for a release from old patterns that have you metaphorically swimming around in a swamp when you could be lifting yourself up. You may need more passionate friends and allies – to surround yourself with the right kind of influence. “Rich and powerful” qualities may constitute part of what you need. The other part may be ruthlessness and a sense of social responsibility – a willingness to throw some weight around to protect the weak and powerless masses. You have control over who you associate with and it has everything to do with the condition of your inner life and your ability to achieve what you want to achieve. Make the needed adjustments.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
An element of ease and flow and some kind of relief may have recently been infused into your life. But an element of fear remains deeply entrenched. You still have a gang of complicated cosmic characters holding court in your 12 house of things you’re only vaguely and indirectly aware of. The key is to harness their energy in service of yourself. You may notice that you wok well when you work alone and behind the scenes. Finding opportunities to do that regularly eases some anxiety. Mercury and Pluto have joined forces in your 12th house. When left to their own devices they’ll have you thinking some particularly disturbing thoughts about death, financial devastation, failure, and things veering wildly out of control. The flip side is an opportunity to descend (through altered states of consciousness) into realms where the way things “really are” and what is “actually required of you” can be clarified. It’s difficult to be receptive to the love that surrounds you under heightened states of anxiety. The ghosts that are rattling around just need some time, attention, and direction to settle down.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This is an ending time for you. Everything you’ve experienced and absorbed over the past year needs to be processed and brought to some kind of meaningful conclusion – or simply thrown out. This is a “clearing the decks” time in preparation for a new beginning. There may be something particularly satisfying or loving wrapped up in endings or loss. Maybe you’ve resolved something over the past year that has had a very calming, satisfying, and freeing effect on you. Sifting through what’s over and done with is usually a mixed bag bringing to the surface both successes and regrets. But for you it all seems to lean in the direction of friendship, generosity, and love. It is possible you have made a major breakthrough this year that makes your new beginnings especially exciting and boundless. Something socially responsible is gestating. Your new beginning has oceanic overtones – a flood of compassion, invisible power, below the radar influence, and uplifting qualities. Enjoy letting go. Most of us are anxious to get this ending part overwith. But for you it seems to be a different story that could change the course of your life and the world.

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