Horoscopes for the Week of Jan 17th – 23rd

Today the exaggerated heaviness of six cosmic placements in the cold, challenging, unforgivingly realistic, sign of Capricorn begins to lift. Venus “breaks from that crowd” as she transits into the airy sign of Aquarius. And on Friday the Sun joins her.

I imagine we’ll feel some sense of of diminishing intensity – less time pressure maybe. A friendlier atmosphere begins to replace some cool distancing – especially within the realm of personal relationships.

Since just after Christmas you may have felt the need to rein yourself in, to re-align or correct your approach to relationships (marriage, professional relationships, family connections, your relationship with yourself). If you’re an Aquarian layers of confusion or questioning may have been involved. But a sense of relief or a sense of having made some progress may begin to take hold.

Aquarius can signify a break up or a breakthrough. She’s friendly but predictably unpredictable.

The Sun’s arrival in the sign of Aquarius on Friday adds energy to an evolving scene. On the world stage we might expect humanitarian concerns, justice and fairness, open rebellion, or events moving in the opposite direction of what had been assumed, to be highlighted.

Freedom is central to any Aquarian influence. A “jail-break” or the feeling that we’ve broken through something is likely this week.

By sign Aquarius challenges and energizes Mars in Scorpio, and a healing opportunity we may be currently pursuing. We may need to dig deeper to uncover the truth. Sex. death, taxes, abuses of power – and anything that’s not discussed in “polite” society – may demand our attention.

Moving away from old, dying commitments toward something that could breath new life (and joy) into life is a possibility. Your mother may be involved, as she usually is, when it’s time to let go.

Pallas, the asteroid of plans, strategies, patterns, and trends, moves on from the battle-weary sign of Aries into the more tranquil, grounded space of Taurus. Officially Pallas changes signs on Saturday, Jan 20th. This is significant because she’s been traveling through Aries since March of 2017. It will feel good to have our plans and strategies spring from a place of peace rather than fear. This kind of shift is cosmically facilitated.

We’ve officially entered into the “eclipse season.” Aquarian/Leo energies are triggered with an upcoming full Moon eclipse in Leo (Jan 31st) and a Solar eclipse in Aquarius (Feb. 15th) The effects of the August Leo eclipse are re-triggered and possibly resolved – or moved along in a resolving direction. A theme that was in play in the summer of 1999 and also in the summer of 1981 may be re-visited a higher levels of engagement.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars, your ruling planet, currently transiting through the deeply transformational (and often shame-filled) 8th house, is being simultaneously challenged by Aquarius energies and soothed by the healing forces of Chiron. However this is working out in your life it seems to spell “an opportunity for growth and progress.” Healing may involve taking your power back. This may come in the form of taking control over what rightly belongs to you. Stepping back into fully owning and exerting final authority over your sexuality is important. Playing a more authoritative role within the realm of a financial partnerships, insisting on having your voice heard, and definitively answering the question “what do I want to do with the tremendous power I wield” is now possible. Under the influence of concentrated energies, healing speeds along. But you can resist and wait another 15 years for a similar opportunity to come along. Pallas’s move into the sign of Taurus is good news for you. Old decisions based in the assumption that you couldn’t trust yourself to take control are breaking apart.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
You’ve been setting the stage for awhile, preparing for a relationship breakthrough or break-up that may be in the process of manifesting. Venus moves into your 10th house of accomplishment. Persistence may be paying off. Something heavy and complicated, confining and depressing, or controlling and frustrating may be ending as you begin move into a different relationship reality. You may be set free of an old responsibility. A renewal of faith accompanies success. The future may look brighter. Something full of potential is beginning to manifest. You’re public role as a lightening rod in the world takes a step forward. Taurus infuses unusual beauty and the kind of love that destroys old assumptions about healing and and cultural stagnation. Pallas moves into the sign of Taurus on Saturday. It’s time to leave fear behind as you shift into a more trusting mode. Your role is changing. On Friday the Sun adds energy to a new, more confident form of expression.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
It may be hard to keep up with the pace of change as Mercury continues to undermine what you had always assumed was true for you. The Capricorn concentration of planets in your 8th house demands a level of trust in yourself that keeps you stabilized through massive transformations. The Gemini challenge at this time is not for the faint of heart. You may feel exposed and vulnerable as you project to the world a self that is a dynamic “work in progress.” Most of us like to do our transformational work in private. But the intensity your own may not escape attention. Being grounded in an accurate assessment of your own self-worth is critical. Most of us underestimate our value. You cannot afford to do this now. This week could be very encouraging. An expansive future, possibly within the realm of relationships, that would not have been possible a year ago, may be unfolding. Evidence of that comes with Venus’s transit into the sign of Aquarius tonight, and is further energized by the Sun’s transit into Aquarius on Friday. An expansive, freer, happier future begins to manifest.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Relationship challenges can be particularly difficult for Cancers as they tend to strike at the heart of what is your “blind side.” It’s difficult for you to see how you feed into the limitations of partners and relationships in general. It’s difficult to identify the problem let alone knowing what to do to fix it. In relationships, from the astrological point of view, the problem is always you. That may feel harsh but it is a truth that returns to you the power to change the nature of relationships. In the short term Venus’s transit into the sign of Aquarius allows for a breakthrough. Some previously hidden, important, personal insight may be revealed. Most likely it’s empowering. On Friday when the Sun moves into Aquarius a deep dive into the recesses of your mind and heart is energized. The impending full Moon eclipse in Leo at the end of January ends something that resembles a chronic underestimation of your personal talents and resources. A transformational adventure ensues as you recover the full measure of your power along with a more accurate assessment of your own self-worth. And the doors opens for an accumulation of vast personal wealth.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
An intense period of work – a phase of heavy responsibility, strategizing, self-improvement, and possibly the need to manage some disillusionment or discouragement, is headed for a reprieve. A separation from instinctive guidance and spiritual nourishment may be ending as you exhaust your energy or reach the limits of what can be accomplished alone. As Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius you may receive some support from an outsider – a genius or eccentric type who wants to help – a beautiful Aquarian. You may receive information that is uplifting and gives you a better chance to succeed. When the Sun moves into Aquarius on Friday, the unfolding, more encouraging scene is energized. An old relationship commitment in its current form may be dissolving. But you may be more available or present for a relationship that feels more effective. As the impending Aquarius solar eclipse lands in your 7th house of relationships, monumental relationship shifts take hold. As talented as you are you can’t accomplish what you want to accomplish alone.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The current intense concentration of Capricorn energy falls in your 5th house of creative processes, children, love, and sexual playfulness. But chances are it’s all complicated. Progress is virtually ensured if you persist in accessing self-discipline and the ability to focus. You may be in need of new, more efficient methods, a skill set you don’t yet have, inspiration that seems to elude you, or some form of self-improvement. Chances are help is on the way. Some kind of support arrives as Venus transits into your 6th house. A helper or supporter makes an appearance. A flash of insight opens the door to something more ingenious. An infusion of cash or recognition of talent makes things easier. Most pivotal may be the willingness to let go of an old responsibility you were once deeply committed to in exchange for more access to inspiration and the deeply nourishing aspects of your spiritual life. On Friday as the Sun moves into Aquarius creative energy, inspiration, and the means to channel it efficiently, gets easier. A creative problem (a problem in love or with a child) begins to resolve.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Because Venus rules Libra and Venus changes signs today, a significant energetic shift is implied – probably in the direction of something more fun. Lovers and children may be involved. After a month of heavy involvement with the past, family, home, and maybe struggling with dependency issues, something lighter enters the scene to remind you that being alive can be an incredibly exciting, joyful experience. Something unexpected is thrown into the mix. It’s stimulating and revives a part of you that forgot it craved loved more than anything else. A reflection of something or someone intensely alive – generous, thoughtful, talented, and sexy – could change the way you play your game. Or maybe a “not yet subdued” child reminds you of the you you used to be – and brings her back. The Sun feeds a spark with oxygen igniting, if all goes well, what could be a blazing fire. The key is allowing something old – an old commitment maybe – to dissolve. That commitment most likely involves your family and repeating old patterns.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The desire to infuse your will on the world or to initiate something new seems to require a significant adjustment in the way you view your responsibilities. You may need to be free of what you’re currently willing to be blamed for if, in fact, it doesn’t work out. In your head you may be willing to take on more than your share of responsibility for the success or failure of anything. This seems to be rooted in an old commitment to following inherited patterns. Those are currently in the process of trying to dissolve. It would be wise to not interfere with the dissolution. Ending the responsibility you feel to sustain relationships is facilitated tonight with Venus’s move into your 4th house. On Friday the Sun energizes endings. The impending shifts that accompany the upcoming eclipses assist in shifting your energy in new directions. It’s time for you to be freer to make your mark on the world without the usual accompanying guilt. Letting go of control in order to gain some genuine power seems to be the paradox in play.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Struggling to gain control over powerful instincts, urges, compulsions, and deeply ingrained patterns that tend to overdo or over-indulge, is the key to accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish. Currently you may be involved in a very private, isolated, intense struggle to harness and channel powerful forces in service of your goal. The opportunity to accumulate wealth, to develop the talents you’ve been given, and to manage your resources wisely depends on your ability to control your inner life. Allowing inspiration to overpower fear can be tricky. Making space for healing processes to take hold while reining in destructive urges requires hyper vigilance and concentrated effort. Tuning in through meditation and an exercise regimen that prevents stress for accumulating is helpful. Applying self-discipline within the hidden realms of your life is akin taming something wildly uncivilized. That may be the condition that exists beneath the surface of your life. But chances are you will see some progress taking hold this week as your mind is supported and set free.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Fear of being passed over or going unrecognized as the amazing talent that you are may be influencing your current, overly-disciplined, over-controlled, approach to life. It may feel that the lid is about to blow off of a critical relationship if you infuse the slightest bit of flexibility or “off the cuff” stuff into your current role. Everything you’ve worked long and hard for may feel somewhat jeopardized. One wrong move, slip of the tongue, or negative impression could feel potentially devastating. You may be squeezing the life out of any personal relationship that depends on the occasional relaxation of the strict rules you apply to yourself. Fear is undermining. But today you may see some light at the end of the tunnel as Venus breaks up a log jam and sets you free. Something financially reassuring may enter the picture. On Friday something energizes your ability to trust that life could have something good in store for you. The impending eclipses shifts energy associated with financial partnerships, the way you wield power, your ability to accumulate wealth, and to manage your resources efficiently.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
The Sun and Venus, both moving into Aquarius and your first solar house looks very nice for you this week. An inner struggle to remain disciplined, organized, and to consistently put forth your best effort is alleviated – partially. A reprieve can be enjoyed. Time to rest may be provided. The heavy invisible load you’ve been carrying is strenuous but the cosmos may be in the process of offering evidence of progress or reassurance. More love and attention may not be hard to come by. The impending eclipses shift energy surrounding dependence/independence issues. An old commitment to a particular style and approach to life – or to the role you’re used to playing within the realm of relationships – may be dissolving. or attempting to. Deeply ingrained fears may prevent you from accessing the kind of freedom you need to conduct your life in your own unique way. You have more work to do, but it seems you’re on your way to extracting deeper meaning through your relationships.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
There are old (maybe ancient) karmic agreements that you continue to honor at the expense of your health, your ability to do satisfying work, and love. Something deeply ingrained is attempting to dissolve in the interest of setting you free. Maybe you’re becoming aware of what’s holding you back. That’s the first step in letting it go. Pisces may need to enact a ritual that symbolically unties or cuts the cord – burns or rips up the agreement. The agreement seems to involve the willingness to confine yourself and your ability to grow into full independence for the sake of setting another free – or for the sake of healing them. The south node indicates times up. It’s time to move in the direction of developing your own talents for the sake of moving your life in the direction you want it to go. It’s time to make decisions independent of the old agreement. The impending eclipses help shift the energy in ways that set you free as it sets the person on the other end of the agreement free.

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