Horoscopes for the Week of 1/3 – 1/9

Yesterday Uranus turned direct after completing a retrograde phase that began on August 3, 2017. This is an event that could stimulate big revelations and personal breakthroughs. Aquarians and those with strong Uranian signatures are likely to feel it most.

Since last August we’ve had time to consider how we might integrate who we are – our most unique gifts and interesting facets – into the collective. Uranus is facilitating that objective.

He assists by throwing frequent, sudden flashes of insight, in your direction. Roadblocks you expect to have to “maneuver around” might suddenly disappear. The usual rules are suspended. More freedom and space may be arranged.

Shocking a system into temporary chaos is one of Uranus’s favorite and most effective techniques for stimulating breakthroughs. Sudden uprisings and rebellions may challenge the powers that be. If you’re tempted to break the rules or to ask under any circumstances “who died and made you boss?” you’re feeling newly released Uranian momentum.

As Uranus picks up speed over the next two weeks, it’s possible (maybe even likely) that something exciting and advantageous might magically fall into your lap. “Expect the unexpected” as they say, and be ready to leave the past behind.

This weekend Uranus’s current ruler – Mars – aligns with Jupiter at 17 degrees of Scorpio. Scorpio is known for arranging circumstances that create intensity, drama, and a “living life on the edge” type of experience.

Passion, sex, magic, secrets, and the tendency to abuse power are woven into a potentially volatile mix. Senses are heightened. A deep, roiling anger may intensify. Whatever allows you to feel more fully alive in the moment is intoxicating and maybe irresistible.

There may be a magical, surreal feel associated with the present. The suggestion of “one wrong move and it’s all over” builds suspense.

Emotional manipulation, deflection, distraction, and operating in ways that conceal and mislead victimize you if your not determined to think clearly.

If you’re “going the the hardware store for bread” you’re likely to walk out empty handed.

The energies coming into play with a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio are powerful and potentially dangerous. Adepts skillfully use these energies to heal. The rest of us may have varying degrees of success channeling wild, primal power in positive directions. One practical suggestion is to get active to keep the pressure at manageable levels.

Today the Sun at 13 degrees of Capricorn triggers Saros Series “1 North” and the specific energy of the August 2017 Solar Eclipse. We’re reminded that deciphering language, undermining old paradigms, and abandoning outdated positions continues to be the theme. It intensifies this week.

By the weekend Mercury moves into challenging alignment with Chiron. Information becomes even less reliable as a stabilizing source. As outer sources of stability and security slip away it can be hard to get your bearings. Games are being played with language to keep you focused on “the mayhem” rather than the ever-present “sea of calm” to be found within. A healing opportunity is difficult to dismiss or evade.

The Universe knows what it’s doing and the Cosmos is applying pressure in the right direction.

You may be forced to fall back on the truth. The only true source of stabilization is within. It matters that you choose your focus carefully. (Under Capricorn’s influence it matters that you choose everything carefully.) Immersing yourself into your own personal truth and your life purpose puts solid ground beneath your feet.

If it’s tempting to distract and deflect from your inner life with the ongoing, dangerous, political circus, consider that Uranus would be happy to facilitate a personal rebellion against your focus on the side-show. This week it’s not hard to find an entry point into some powerful, personal re-invention.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The focus remains on your life direction, your choices, and your ability to expect more from yourself as you strive to meet those expectations. Your chart is broadcasting a message of success. The recent full Moon in Cancer may have put an end to a tendency to cave into emotions that have undermined your success for awhile. Consistent self-discipline is required to maintain a healthy balance between acknowledging feelings and reining them in in order to do what needs to be done. An important step may be achieved this week. It could open many doors for you. The Mars/Jupiter conjunction resides in your 8th house. A level of mastery you need to achieve entails the task of leaving behind a tendency to connect with cold-hearted or disconnected partners, friends, and lovers. Your relationship with your Mom may be intricately involved in some tendency to choose cold/disconnectedness when what you actually want is someone reliably warm. All roads lead back to our most important link with the past – the transmitter of inherited strengths and weaknesses – our Moms.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus, your chart ruler – symbolizer of love, enduring beauty, comfort, stability, and simplicity, – aligns with the Sun. The qualities you most identify with and the talents you possess are highly energized. Doors open more easily and the future may be falling into place in all the ways you’d hoped. That’s mainly the result of your patience, hard work, and a tenacious refusal to quit when others would have. The issue is that as Venus moves over your Sun she continues on toward a conjunction with Pluto early next week. This is when “the rubber hits the road.” Complicated relationship/work or health decisions need to be made. The Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio pulls against a familiar comfort level with your old relationship roles. Something needs to change. And Taurus isn’t thrilled with change even when she knows it’s time. The role your Mom played within relationships is deeply embedded. It lives within you and needs to be uprooted. It’s possible to go through the motions of moving on without really moving on. For the sake of setting in place a new, more solid foundation for love, and the free expression of your talents, it’s time to dig deeper, to expect more from yourself, and your relationships.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Your loaded 8th house has you feeling some increased responsibility for navigating through the dark with higher expectations, higher standards, and more self-discipline. You may be mining for gold and searching for some magic answers. Chances are you’ll find those is your not side-tracked by fear and need to control the flow of events. Allow yourself to be led by someone or something you trust. Break the rules. Whatever you’re looking for in the dark, trust in yourself is ultimately what you need more of. A rebellion against old social responsibilities and relationship roles is ignited. Your 6th house of personal self-improvement and the kind of work you do houses the powerful Mars/Jupiter conjunction. Being “more alive in the moment” along the course of doing your work may require the choice of some new methods and different tools. You may be ready to be more effective but in some way that progress may feel like a betrayal. Trust your instincts as you let go of something that has outlived its usefulness. A routine, idea, or talent – ripe for development – reconnects you with an important inner source of nourishment.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
The main activated issue seems to be cultivating a healthy balance within relationships. Always that depends on a healthy balance that is cultivated and maintained within yourself. So the issue may be how much free rein you allow your changeable emotional self and how stringently you consistently rein that in. Warm, fuzzy, and comforted vs.disciplined and driven to manifest your dreams. The circumstances of you life may be requiring adjustments probably in the direction of overriding fears that interfere with your success. A difficult choice or some feelings of betrayal may be challenging you to clear the decks for an uninhibited demonstration of talents you’ve kept hidden for awhile. A re-invention of your public role may be in play and you may be approaching a “break-out moment” in terms of your work and the nature of a service you can provide. This period of time has a “do or die” feeling to it. But money may be the issue. And you may be unwilling to make the kind of sacrifices your mom made for financial security. The other possibility is that you may need to move away from a home that was a reflection of your own beauty. It is probably stunning and very soothing in some regard.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Your chart ruler – the Sun – aligns with Venus this week. You may be filled with love. Something that entails your work-life is flowing pretty nicely. A more difficult reality sets in next week. That’s when you get to prove how focused, relentless, and effective you can be. Something is in the process of being rejected so that a new beginning can be set in place. But it’s not as simple as it used to be. A return to balance and some original commitment is required. The consequences of not carving out time to connect with yourself and your intuition can be pretty severe under Capricorn’s watch. Your sense of authority and effectiveness may come from returning lopsided or unfair conditions to something more equitable. Chances are you’re rebelling for the sake of something you need to achieve. A “do or die” moment may be coalescing. Your relationship with your mom (your home, family, or roots) may be influenced by something complicated, abusive, or treacherous. A betrayal or “fear of betraying” scenario may hover over your life. It’s important that you succeed in re-inventing the rules of the game. You’re preparing for a different kind of relationship with the public. Your reputation may hang in the balance. Chances are you’ll win through a brilliantly crafted strategy.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Virgo may be speeding in the direction of a achieving a level of mastery that requires breaking old rules, patterns, and habits. There is something stirring in the dark recesses of your mind that lead in the direction of enlightenment. Most likely it involves your work, your ability to be effective, and to provide the kind of service only you can provide. You are essentially freeing yourself from the confining influences of anger, resentment, and maybe an unforgiving, punishing mindset. There is a lot at stake here – and its complicated. It seems you may have inherited a dubious legacy through a long line of women (your mom, her mom, your great-grandmother, etc) who also inherited resentful, angry, self-imprisoning tendencies. It’s time for you to lead the way. If you need to forgive, do it. It seems there will be an opportunity or opening that could make this easier than it now seems. The rewards far outweigh any downside. The Mars/Scorpio conjunction signals the arrival of a “do or die” moment. Your decision to do the hard thing because its the right thing elevates the chances of you being able to leave behind a legacy that supports beauty, love, and those who would not have been able to develop their talents were it not for you.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Shifting Uranian energies involve the activation of a re-invention of yourself within the realm of relationships. An original set up or commitment may no longer work for you. At its core, the ability to trust yourself and your instincts needs to be cultivated. Something lopsided within the realm of shared responsibility, shared power, shared resources, and and/or sex may be in need of a correction. Maybe old arrangements and agreements simply need to be completely overthrown. For you the set of rules you may be playing by are really, really old – extending back into past lives probably. It’s time for you to address, in some very serious way, the relationship framework you’ve inherited and to break through undermining patterns. In the next three days you may be provided with a nice opening to begin or to advance your personal re-invention. The world may conspire to enlighten you. You may be able to identify the essential problem. That’s half the battle. By Monday of next week Venus moves into an alignment with Pluto. This is where the rubble meets the road. Now you face the need to let go of something you’re deeply attached to – fear probably. Cultivating the ability to trust yourself is complicated – maybe because of some betrayal involving your mom. It’s time to work harder than you’re used to working now that Saturn has moved into the sign of Capricorn. The rewards are definitely worth the effort. And the consequences of choosing the easiest way are predictably pretty harsh as long as Saturn in Capricorn rules.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
The Mars/Jupiter conjunction is extra powerful in your 1st house. Something about your approach to the world and your role within the realm of relationships is in need of the kind of renewal that infuses life back into a role that has become stale or crystallized. It’s more complicated than it looks – as things always tend to be for Scorpio. Something involving your life direction, the influence of your mom, and the need to be unapologetically high profile through some dramatic demonstration of talent is implied. The complications and ultimately the re-invention of yourself may involve some kind of betrayal – or perceived betrayal. You may avoid saying what needs to be said. But there is something very healing about being able to trust yourself enough to tell the truth about where you stand. It’s time to break the rules you learned about where your ultimate responsibility lies. It’s lies with yourself. The responsibilities you currently shoulder may not be meaningful in terms of your ultimate life purpose. It’s time to overthrow the rules you inherited and invent your own. It’s time to make room in your schedule for a concentrated focus on something dark, mysterious, and powerfully healing.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The deepest, darkest, most mysterious recesses of your mind are highly activated now. Primal urges, deep wells of strength and power are released – for better or worse. You may be hesitant or confused or fearful of something you can’t quite identify. A release of something old and outworn is triggered below the surface of consciousness. A heavy Karmic debt looks like it’s just about been paid off. Freedom comes with mixed feelings – disorienting and exhilarating at the same time. It changes the nature of your future – and your past. It’s hard to over- estimate the profound changes taking place deep within – and the implications going forward. It seems the current transformation may involve a Leo, nurturing, and your life purpose. A fear of betrayal is ever-present. For you it’s time to reinvent your life in the direction of something more adventurous, loving, and fun. Actually your life is sort of being re-invented for you. Trust is the issue. Can I trust that the universe is moving things in the best possible direction without my intervention of input? The evidence might seem irrefutable. Healing involves a more adventurous, decisive approach to the kind of future you can now own. Telling those closest to you the truth about what you want – even when it scares or inconveniences them – is a sign of progress. You’ve been held back long enough.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn’s approach to life has taken a serious turn. The responsibilities your willing to take on would overwhelm most. But it seems you may thrive under the added weight. A responsibility to the community – some kind of socially responsible leadership role may be fraught with risk. Dark forces, primal urges, greed, and the abuse of power may enter into the mix and feel too close for comfort. You may be fighting on behalf of friends or ordinary citizens and their quality of life. In some regard it’s a “do or die” proposition. The stakes are high. This is a fight you must win. It might involve your mom and an abuse of power you were unable to mitigate in the past. But now, with more resources at your disposal, and the passage of time, at least symbolically, you may be able to reverse the past course of events. A re-invention of the foundation on which you stand – your home, your roots, and the best parts of your past may be restored or protected in some way. Mercury and Chiron align in harsh aspect to one another. Information your getting from or about “the enemy” may be misleading. It pays to be skeptical and to dig deeper for the truth. At the beginning of next week you may need to be able to openly demonstrate the full extent of your power and to ruthlessly defend your position.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Letting go of some professional distance, or your signature detached approach, in exchange for a warmer infusion of love and joy into the realm of relationships, may be your most advantageous move. There is a lot you need to achieve within the deeper realms of your being, a lot that needs to be unearthed and brought to the surface for the purpose of accomplishing the highest of which you are capable. It seems in the past you have mastered the skill of isolating your feelings for the purpose of concentrating your focus and achieving your goals. But now the opposite is true. The discipline you must apply is to set your feelings free to inform your work. A softening or relaxation that feels odd may advance your work in the direction of where you want it to go. A warmer, friendlier partnership with your professional, achievement-oriented, self would symbolize a significant, deep, personal healing – most likely a release of the need to achieve in order to “earn” the love of someone from your past who was incapable of expressing it. People don’t love you because you deserve it. They love you because they can. Being kinder to yourself will enhance your success in every way.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Mercury and the wounded healer Chiron align in a harsh aspect this week. There are a few possibilities with this aspect in play. One is to force the acknowledgement of the truth about what it is you most want to achieve – or the kind of leadership role you most want to grow into – or maybe the kind of success or life direction that would be most satisfying to you. An old wound may have confused you into thinking that you weren’t capable of achieving the kind of future or the degree of success you actually aspire to. There seems to be some of healing clarification this week in that regard. Fading away is a general feeling of victimization, confusion, or impotence. Most prominent is your 11th house of social responsibility and an insistence on the freedom you need to actualize your dreams. A re-invention of yourself involves breaking the old habit of not trusting yourself. A complicated transformation is brewing in your 9th house of foreign travel, ingrained beliefs, and the future. It involves your responsibility – maybe to your mom – and some form of betrayal, -maybe the pressure to betray yourself for the sake of another. Once that’s resolved your free to finally pursue the path that’s right for you.

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