Overview Individual Horoscopes for 2018 *

The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) determine trends. The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) trigger pivotal events as slowly unfolding trends become ripe for specific expression.  

When I look for the 2018 themes in individual solar charts I’m looking at opportunities for expansion, achievement, breakthroughs, inspiration, and the chance to revolve your life around a deepening sense of meaning. I’m looking at the outer planets.

Interestingly all of the outer planets for most of 2018 are placed in earth and water signs. This is a very hopeful indicator of your ability to enrich the “soil of your life” and to keep it moist for some new beginning that needs the best possible chance to survive and thrive.

Jupiter remains in Scorpio through November of 2018. He continues to “spill the beans” on all kinds of secrets – specifically those involving sex, abuses of power, betrayals. secret societies, the occult, and “underground” sources of power you haven’t been able to access or admit exist.  

This is the year you may be able to free yourself by uncovering what has long remained a mystery. Or something you tried but couldn’t fix may simply untangle itself as you take a new and different “hands off” approach.

Tainted or distorted research that millions have relied upon may come to light as the sham that it is. At the same time it is likely that untainted research producing breakthroughs that can be practically applied will thrive. Simpler, less invasive, more cost-effective, healing methods are increasingly “welcomed in” for wider distribution.

Saturn in the sign of Capricorn remains so through 2018. Personal integrity is challenged. It matters that you relate to yourself and others in an upstanding way – that you say what you mean, mean what you say, and follow through. It matters that you play a role that does not require you to betray important pieces of yourself.

Saturn symbolizes governments and their leaders. On the world stage governments continue to become more repressive and controlling, especially as they recognize their power slipping away. They may suffer severe consequences for betraying their stated purpose. Governments claiming to be  “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” for example, face the serious karmic consequences of abandoning those principles.

The United States is experiencing its Pluto return – an event that occurs once every 240 years. Old abusive themes that run deep need to be brought to the surface and purged. A massive transformation that uproots toxic underpinnings is part of the process. Break down and deep introspection will be unavoidable before new beginnings come to light.

Uranus changes signs in May of 2018 – from pioneering, combative Aries into the more stabilizing, security-driven sign of Taurus. Uranus’s loyalty is to the masses – humanity, the common man, and his right to be free. Taurus represents money, the environment, the arts, nature, mature love, and enduring legacies.

The last time Uranus transited into Taurus was on June 7th, 1934. At that time there was a flurry of activity designed to protectt an individual’s financial stability – a reaction to the stock market crash of 1929. The Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Savings and Loans, and the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) were formed within a month of Uranus’s move into Taurus.

On the environmental front, under the Uranus in Taurus influence, the Great Smokey Mountains National Park was dedicated. “The Public Works of Art Project” (PWAP) hired 3,749 artists and produced 15,663 paintings, murals, prints, crafts and sculptures for government buildings around the country.  The “New Deal” was in its early phase of formation.

Because we’re coming to the end of this Uranian cycle, what was initiated in 1934 unravels in preparation for something new.

Uranus is by nature unpredictable and rebellious. It’s likely the masses will be harder for governments to ignore. Demands for food, clean water,  protection from large scale financial fraud, environmental destruction, and the devaluation of women will undermine peace and prosperity, leaving few unscathed.

On a personal level stabilizing financially, connecting with natural inner rhythms, proving yourself to yourself, developing latent artistic talent, and integrating the healing influences of sound and music, may trigger long needed breakthroughs. It is likely you will need to reinvent yourself within the field of experience defined by your “Taurus ruled house.”

Neptune remains in the sign of Pisces through 2018.  Dissolution of boundaries continues as interconnectedness becomes harder to refute. We rise and fall together. The opiate crisis may intensify. Hopelessness expands and intensifies unless and until spiritually uplifting options and truths are integrated.

Because Jupiter and Neptune trine each other by sign, they work unusually well together this year. Healing advances are enhanced by Neptune. A personal, disciplined, meditation practice weaves the energies together in potentially productive ways – not the least of which could be a “lifting of the veil” on the illusion of separateness.  

Delusions may disappear, depression could lift, and a heavy emotional burden we’ve been carrying, maybe since before birth, could lighten.

Pluto remains in 2018 in the sign of Capricorn where it’s been since 2008. As governments self-destruct the burden of collective responsibility falls on the shoulders of the individual. Required is the ability to amass and consolidate power by joining forces with others – or by taking on leadership and organizational roles. We may personally feel the weight of responsibility to structure something more sustainable and supportive of human life. Pluto in Capricorn demands that we continue to refine our ability to wield power in socially responsible ways by letting go of controlling compulsions, inflexibility, and fear of failure.

Saturn’s entry into the sign of Capricorn on Dec. 19, 2017 emphasizes a pivotal turning point in the Saturn/Pluto cycle. The last time Saturn and Pluto formed a similar conjunction was in 1517. At that time Martin Luther marched up to the castle church in Wittenberg Germany and nailed his 95 Theses to the door, igniting the flame of the Reformation.

According to astrologer/writer Maurice Fernandez this cycle is again bound to stimulate significant geopolitical dynamics that will affect the distribution of power on a global scale. Angular aspects between Saturn and Pluto are also known to reflect natural disasters, particularly seismic and volcanic activity.

In 2018 “who controls the distribution of resources” will be the issue. Forces continue to conspire to disempower the current “gatekeepers.” Governments may cede control to corporations, more humane organizations, or some other entity.

On a personal level how we structure the organization of our own personal resources is likely to shift. The “central controlling processor” of our life direction could shift from “fear and avoidance” to something more masterful and enlightened.

Lastly, in April, after an eight year stint in the sign of Pisces, Chiron, the wounded healer and the “maverick-y” part of our personality, moves into the sign of Aries.  The last time this occurred was in April of 1968. On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated, deeply wounding the already traumatized “American soul” still reeling from the assassination of President Kennedy.

In June of 1968 Robert Kennedy was assassinated. The summer of 1968 was a tempestuous time in American history. The Vietnam war and anti-war movements were peaking. Riots ignited across America and other parts of the world.

Because Chiron in Aries is challenged by a square aspect to both Saturn and Pluto the potential for mass violence – a psychic outgrowth of unhealed wounds from the past – increases. Violence as “the language of the unheard” seems to warn of the dangers of turning a deaf ear to people’s needs.

On a personal level it warns of the dangers of turning a deaf ear to chronically neglected aspects of yourself.

I will mention the effects of the New Year’s Day Cancer full Moon in Cancer for you. In different ways it looks wonderful for every solar sign.

Thanks for reading this admittedly lengthy overview. If you made it to the end I hope there’s an extra reward in store for you in 2018.

From Jan 1st – February 8th I will provide updates at my usual cost of 100.00/hr. Prices increase on February 9th to 125.00/hr. Schedule your update soon for the best choice of available dates.

Happy New Year!!!

With gratitude and love,

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
There is a “settling down-settling in” influence taking hold in May of 2018. The battles and uncertainties of the past may be over and it’s time now to manifest what you’v been “threatening” to manifest for awhile. Whatever it is looks healing in some enlightened way. What you plan to manifest won’t be done the same way everyone else does it. In your own unique way you will prove yourself to yourself, discover some organizing/harmonizing talent you didn’t know you had, all the while advancing the “human cause” as you advance your own. Most advantageous to you is the ability to focus intently on a specific goal or achievement that lays the groundwork for a more powerful leadership position. You will be able to perform the most difficult work with extreme self-discipline, self-denial, and focus. Achieving a new level of mastery if you put in the work is pretty much assured. Psychic sensitivity remains heightened for Aries. This is the year you can free yourself from old psychological patterns that have often made love and relationships a disappointing proposition. That comes to an end this year as you set yourself free. Most likely your own process of healing is reflected in the method of healing you’ll soon be offering others. The Full Moon in Cancer on New Year’s Day reassures you that you do have the foundation it takes to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Some chronic fear or anxiety you’ve become accustomed to is alleviated this year (in May) as you’re freed to follow a path that feels destined and right. This may involve the role you play within the realm of relationships. It’s a healing one infused with a powerful “soothing of the senses,” beauty, and some kind of know-how that feels divinely inspired. After being pretty “lost in the wilderness” since May of 2010, it seems you’ve been “found.” So now, with the influence and power you wield you cannot help but set others free to be un-lost. A feeling of returning home may accompany what you experience this year. There is risk and maybe some loss involved as there always is anytime change is initiated. Your work may now involve cautious, thoughtful expansion and getting your future off on the right foot. Many decisions may need to be made. Fear has no place in this equation. Channel your energy into careful preparation, doing your homework, focused effort, self-discipline, and delayed gratification if necessary. The full Moon in Cancer on Jan.1st puts the present in the past. An old limiting mindset dissolves. Listen carefully to what you say. It may be habitual and no longer reflect your truth.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
The biggest change this year may be Uranus’s move into the mysterious realm of collective consciousness. In the sign of Taurus the ancient phrase “in the beginning there was the word” or “in the beginning there was sound” might hold some meaning for you. There may be a deep dive into something simple that has healing potential for you and for others. Since May of 2010 you may have developed some unusual, enlightened collaborations with like-minded, talented souls. But now there may be the urge to go it alone in some regard – going further by going alone. Ongoing is some deep transformational process that demands a release of limitations that “keep you safe and in control.” There may be the need to completely transform the nature of your career as you grow and evolve at a rapid pace. New revelations may set you free to focus in a different direction where “day to day” work is involved. Something powerful takes hold in May. In the meantime it may be time to gracefully bow out of old, increasingly tired, social connections. The full Moon in your second house challenges you to prove yourself to yourself in ways that may involve listening to your emotional self. If you don’t feel like doing it anymore maybe you shouldn’t. An emotional phase is coming to a close but you can probably find many reasons to hang on, not the least of which may be a steady paycheck. Consider that you might change the way you make your living and get happier and richer in the process.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
With the impending New Year Full Cancer Moon, there is some sense of balance that returns to an over-heated or over-pressurized relationship. Chances are you’ve been focused on making a partnership work through diligence, determination, hard work, self-sacrifice, and letting go of what was once important to you. It may be the case that your partner has been involved in some Herculean effort that is now coming to a close as the New Year rolls around. In any case your focus changes this year (in the month of May) from professional chaos and uncertainty, or confusion about your life direction, to a type of individualistic focus and achievement. That allows you to make a name for yourself while putting your personal stamp of beauty/harmony on everything you touch. You may need to identify potential collaborators or allies who can open doors for you – or partner with you. Initial demolition may be involved before you can create what you know you’re capable of creating – or before loving the way you know you’re capable of loving. There is a powerful healing element and maybe more than a little rebellion against “old rules” involved. Creatively you come to life this year. Essentially you come into your own.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
Freeing yourself from the past is a theme this year. There is some sense of expansiveness that comes from being able to put a new foundation in place. Literally you may move to a new locale. But not necessarily. Whatever limitations you inherited are crumbling under their own weight. This year unprecedented success is likely. Mainly that hinges on your ability to stay in tune with the messages your body is giving you. In a state of exuberance (or fear) you may be tempted to over ride sensations that say it’s time to rest, to delegate, to spend time with family or friends, to exercise, restore, and rejuvenate. Ignore those sensations at your own peril and against the advice of your astrologer. If you don’t take time out, in some manner of speaking, you may be “taken out.” Saturn and Pluto reside in your 6th house of responsibility, health, and your work environment. Both planets are unforgiving. On the positive side what has been a long period of preparation for professional success is over in May of this year. Chances are you will be free then to put your personal stamp on something significant – something you build or create. It has an artistic feel to it and a sense of individual freedom. You have reached a point in your life where you can stray from the traditional rules of your profession and create something that highlights your specific area of brilliance. It all hinges on whether or not you can tame the deeply embedded urge to overwork while reconnecting with your self-protective instincts. The New Year full Moon seems to put you on the right track.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
The world has conspired since 2010 to throw into chaos any sense of mastery you may have had over your emotions. An unexpected betrayal or loss may have sent you reeling in a direction you didn’t want to go. The good news is that some sense of organization may be returning to your psychological structure and with it a sense of empowerment. In May of this year you may be free to design a future that is as unique and independent as you’ve come to be. Healing influences within your immediate environment allow you to be more adventurous in 2018. Issues involving love, children, and maybe creative freedom continue to be highly pressurized. At the same time there is something within this realm that with commitment, determined focus, self-discipline, and lots of hard work, could represent a significant achievement. The willingness to let go of an old way of being that has outlived its usefulness may be required. Fear could interfere but for the sake of love and life filled with the kind of joy you most desire, this is the year to master your fears. Taking some risk seems wise. The Cancer Full Moon on New Years Day may have you remembering times in your life (childhood maybe) that were filled with love and a sense of joy. This sets you off on the right track and gives you a running start into all your capable of accomplishing in 2018.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Since 2010 relationships have been filled with uncertainty, unpredictability, and responses from a partner that may have thrown you off balance. Your only option may have been to master your own sense of internal balance so that it might be reflected through a partner (or partnership) that seemed to need some help in this regard. As the month of May approaches, the lessons you’ve learned usher in a new era of stability to all of your relationships. A freer approach to life in general becomes possible. Next on the agenda will be proving yourself to yourself in ways that let you know you can wield the kind of power you want to wield in the world. Becoming a healing magician or wizard starts with recognizing inherited talents and honing them into something that can be of practical use. Highly pressurized may continue to be relationships with family and the past. A self-disciplined approach that takes into account the need to act with integrity – particularly as it relates to the kind of relationship you have with yourself – may be necessary. It’s time for you to protect yourself from a level of cruelty and disrespect you may have grown accustomed to. In 2018 it’s time to set limits and to enforce those. The Cancer full Moon on New Year’s Day marks the end of a professional phase that may feel rewarding. If you could make it there you could make it anywhere. Onward and upward.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
An eight year phase of uncertainty and chaos within your work environment might have been reflected in poor health over that period of time. But that’s coming to a close. By late spring it seems you will enter a phase of healing that involves fully integrating yourself into yourself – completing yourself. Self improvement is a given. It seems you will be more efficient and focused in knowing what tools and methods you need to accomplish what yo need to accomplish. Your 6th sense plays a significant role. Proving yourself to yourself within the realm of relationships might require a clean break from someone you love. It might also involve supporting a partner who is attempting to bring a higher level of beauty or peace into the world. Most importantly it involves clarifying what kind of work you’re most likely to be able to immerse yourself in. It seems that might involve something physical, forceful, sexual, and/or courageous. It may involve partnering with a mysterious source. Your work this year involves communication, story telling, writing, researching, and a very disciplined, focus effort within this realm of experience. The Cancer Full Moon on New Year’s Day expands your imagination into the realm that guides your communication into more interesting or accurate directions.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius is blessed this years with the support she needs to realize and manifest her dreams. Jupiter in your 12th house brings your dream life to life and allows you to use it as the template or road map for designing your best future. Contrary to popular belief what you’re aiming for and what the world encourages you to aim for may be two very different things. Freeing yourself of cultural expectations, traditional formulas, and strategies that limit may be your challenge this year – that and building the financial base you need to be able to follow your dreams wherever they lead. It’s time to throw out all the guidebooks that inform you of “the best places to travel in 2018.” Your inner life expands those parameters into realms that are most relevant and satisfying for you. Proving yourself to yourself this year may involve perfecting the use of enlightened techniques and methods that open access to the riches of the subconscious mind while keeping you safely grounded in the sensations of your physical body. The Cancer Full Moon on New Year’s Day may feel especially empowering for you. Glimpses of some “magical” way to accomplish the kind of healing that feels impossible at the moment fills you with optimism and the desire to accomplish something extraordinary.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn is faced with a challenge to present herself, no matter how she feels, in the most powerfully competent way possible. It takes effort and specific, targeted, preparation to stay one step ahead of the game. This year that is where you need to be. Fortunately you can get a feel for what you might need to know by listening to your feelings and “6th sense capacity” when you have to think fast on feet to come up with something brilliantly accurate. In May Uranus moves from your 4th house of your foundational strength into your 5th house of uninhibited joy. Translation – the chaotic forces that have messed with your sense of a stable foundation from which to launch greater success are easing up. A sense of calm becomes more reliable. This year you will sense you have built a foundation that will support even the most expansive projects you’ll attract. You’ve covered all the bases. Still some self-doubt may creep in when you least expect it particularly when you approach a “powerful player.” 2018 could be a strenuous but incredibly successful year for you. Finding simple beauty where you can – whenever you can – nourishes you for the long haul. The Full Moon in Cancer on New Years Day lets you know you have the full support and love of a reliable partner. No matter how insistent you are on convincing yourself it’s all you – it’s not.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
2018 may be a year of solitude for you. Your work may demand it. It seems you may be trying to accomplish something that breaks through the illusion of separateness. It seems you may be trying to make practically useful something that is difficult to quantify. There is some mystery involved in bringing into form something you suspect could be a gold mine particularly within the realm of healing. You may get tired, discouraged, and want to give up but you can’t. Few others have gone where the Aquarian mind goes. If you think you may be holding something brilliant in your mind that could be brought into tangible form, you’re probably right. It seems you have between now and next May to get this into some presentable form. After that you may need to free yourself of some old foundations in order to go where you’re most needed – to teach others to do what you have learned how to do maybe. Your reputation expands your horizons this year taking you into places that feel foreign but deeply meaningful. Neptune in your 2nd house allows you to manifest what most assume is not manifest-able. The full Cancer Moon on New Year’s Day may put you in contact with your mother – especially if she has passed on. It seems she may have some of the answers you’ll need if you can stay tuned in and interpret her messages. She wants to be useful.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces is in the process of preparing for a leadership position – possibly a global leadership position. It seems you’re in the final stages of laying a foundation for the kind of broad, healing influence you’ve been aiming for. By November you may step into a new, more authoritative role. It seems your work in 2018 may require super-human efforts – tenacity, toughness, endurance, unwavering focus – and a willingness to let go of some inflexibility or control. Collaborating with the like-minded and talented may further reinforce the strength of your growing enterprise. A free-flowing, unstructured presentation of yourself may cause some to underestimate you. It may be important to ask for some feedback as to how you’re perceived by others. That may not be apparent to you. Uranus has been infusing chaos and uncertainty into your 2nd house of financial stability since 2010. You’ll be happy to know that financially things will settle down in May. Most likely you will be able to count on a steady income again. On a deeper level you may have been unable to count on yourself. Knowing who you are and being able to accurately assess your full worth and value may have been a tricky proposition since 2010. But that too is settling into something more predictable. In May Uranus moves into your third house. Prepare for some brilliant flashes of insight that have practical application value. The Cancer Full Moon on New Year’s Day could enhance your work with something more imaginative and emotionally playful.



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