Horoscopes for the Week of Dec. 20th – 26th

Pluto has resided in the sign of Capricorn since February of 2008. Around that time – maybe a little later – circumstances might have pushed you to extremes of self-discipline, self-denial, renunciation, and maybe exhaustion. Hard work was a fact of life. Reality may have felt cruel.

A hard struggle for success pushed by masses of people was underway (Obama’s presidential campaign). Rigidity of body or mind (or both) may have taken hold. Adaptation was difficult for many.

2008 was an introduction to Capricorn extremes. We’ve been living with those for about 10 years. Generally speaking Pluto in Capricorn has familiarized and prepared us for the current Capricorn infusion.

Different planets carrying Capricorn energies have different agendas. Saturn in Capricorn designs lessons that teach us how to build slowly toward the achievement of what we most desire. Venus in Capricorn teaches us to accept responsibility for the nature of our relationships and the extent to which we make good use of the gifts we’ve been given. The Sun in Capricorn teaches us that self-respect is essential as well as respect for our life and relatively short period of time we’ve been given to create something of lasting value. Mercury in Capricorn teaches us that our attitude toward struggle and achievement ultimately determines how successful this “growing up” phase will be.

Saturn, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and January’s Capricorn new Moon, join Pluto in a very specific realm of life experience. We can expect to be challenged by the need for greater self-restraint, discipline, focus, determination, endurance, and persistence over the long haul. Slow, steady progress manifests with lots of hard work.

Problems intensify as the dark side of Capricorn is expressed in the form of cold-heartedness, inflexibility, one-sidedness, and egocentric motivations.

Expect the astrological house ruled by Capricorn (different for each sign) to come to life with a series of challenges. A concentrated effort is required to manage the powerful, energetic, Capricorn force. We need a big challenge into which we can channel and direct this energy. The Universe will probably participate in arranging that for you.

The following is a schedule of upcoming energy shifts. Capricorn loves schedules 🙂

On Tuesday, Dec 19th Saturn transits into the sign of Capricorn.

On Thursday Dec 21st the Sun transits into Capricorn making an exact conjunction with Saturn. The Sun’s transit into Capricorn marks the commencement of the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Sumer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

On Friday, Dec. 22nd Mercury turns direct ending its three week retrograde phase. (Mercury joins the Capricorn line-up on January 11th.)

On Sunday, December 24th, Venus transits into the sign of Capricorn

And looking ahead, on January 17th there is a Capricorn new Moon. We’ll begin to feel that energy soon after January 2nd.

A few important considerations:

Uranus in Aries is irritated by Capricorn energy. Uranus doesn’t like structured lessons and methodical logic. He prefers sudden flashes of insight and can be most productive in chaotic situations. He likes creating those. Heavy responsibility he insists on handling in his own unique way. He hates feeling confined and is offended by structures (most of them in his opinion) that “keep the trains running on time” but disregard humane treatment of individuals. I would expect some form of rebellion from him and what Capricorn might label as “really bad behavior.”

Libra isn’t thrilled with the “Capricorn infusion” either. Harsh reality is not her thing. Something more soothing and easy is what she prefers. Expect some ramped up passive-aggressiveness – “the iron fist in the velvet glove” thing.

Cancer is an achiever but she too has lots of objections to Capricorn’s cold, cut and dry, methods. She’s at home with “warm and fuzzy,” emotional sensitivity, abundant nourishment, and lots of support. She’ll whine for awhile about Capricorn’s heavy-handedness but then she’ll recognize and embrace the critically important balancing role she needs to play as long as Capricorn energy dominates the scene. We can count on Cancer to step up.

This week expressing in your own way a willingness to cooperate with Capricorn could set things off on the right foot. Most of us need to adjust our attitude and expectations. That could begin immediately.

Enjoy the Holidays as you look forward to a few years of hard work and unprecedented success.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Things may be intense at the moment. You may feel as though you’re being stripped down to your basic essence – vulnerable and exposed in ways that could result in you being able to take back the full measure of your power. On an emotional level things get real in the 8th house and Mars, your sign’s ruler, is currently navigating his way through some dicey but very rich terrain. Expect by January 26th to have been transformed to the extent that your approach to life is not the same as it was three years ago. It may be adventurous – but now with a the kind of chastened and mature outlook that pretty much ensures success. You may be tying up some loose ends related to preparations that need to be made before you feel ready to step into the formidable challenge the awaits you. You, more than any other sign are well equipped to rise top of your game if you don’t get sidetracked by some crazy need to focus on old “failures” and self-punishment. The truth is you’ve come a long way and had many successes that barely registered for you. Those need to register. That is the fuel that propels you forward and fortifies your belief in the fact that you will create something of lasting value for yourself and the world.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
For the past three years there’s been lots of energy activated in your 8th house of “other people’s money,” trust, intimacy, and deepening commitments. Saturn has moved into your 9th house so now it’s time to come to some conclusions about what you will do to create a stable financial arrangement and solid ground for the long haul. It’s time to decide who will contribute what and how your future will be stabilized and supported. Saturn in the 9th house reins in your future options and the excesses. The world doesn’t have to be your oyster anymore and the sky doesn’t have to be the the limit. What feels most satisfying is a life devoted to what’s most meaningful to you. It seems you’re free to artfully restrain your future life in ways that someone with nothing left to prove can freely choose cozy and comfortable over lavish and designed to impress. This is a time of mature, grown-up choices where you’re able to eliminate distractions and wallow in the beautiful,loving essentials.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Under Capricorn’s influence Gemini’s are tasked with deepening their commitment to a partnership through trust and a willingness to listen as well teach. Communication issues may be well on their way to being resolved. A few things remain yet undone. There is something about what appears to be the most promising direction for communication enhancement that is intricately intertwined with your mom, mothers, nurturing, and your link to ancestors whose challenges mimic your own. Venus moves into your 12th house on Sunday. That seems like an opportune time to enlist the help of a specific ancestor who can clarify something important to the unfoldment of your future success. You need to be released from something old and limiting. It’s complicated by the 12th house and its elusive, hidden qualities. Under 12th house conditions normal the source of a communication/committment problem is not obvious. But spending some time alone with Venus might result in her escorting you through the haze to the answers you need.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Now your presence in the world is especially needed. There is something you understand at a deeper level than most. It relates to the power of the warm, soothing, comforting effects of home, family, and the past. More than ever you’re ability to create a “nest” that protects vulnerable “fledglings” from harm until they learns to fly is indispensable. An abundance of Capricorn energy speaks loud and clear now – what’s required is growing up fast in an unforgiving environment that favors the survival of the fittest and makes us tough. But those conditions, when not tempered with Cancerian warmth, can harden hearts, extinguish hope, alienate, and ensure that success will be limited or nonexistent. Whatever fear you need to face is best done in an environments that feels soothing, protective, warm, and supportive. It may be time for you to lay down the law or to insist on a financial contribution for what you’re able to provide through soothing, protective, centering influences. Your chances of success increase when you nourish as you’re insisting another step up , take responsibility, and do his part. Relationships are – or are in danger of becoming- imbalanced. You’re best equipped to facilitate a significant correction.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The good news is that Saturn has moved out of your 5th Solar house where he created lots of chaos with too much energy expanding all over the place in very undisciplined, chaotic ways. That’s settling down some as you have the chance to create a work schedule that’s different from the one’s you’ve designed in the past. You are more than the work you do but it may be easy for you to dismiss that. What could be most helpful to you is a balanced schedule with time carved out for yourself. That seems critical over the next few years. In need of improvement may be your attitude toward work and your sense of self respect – respect for your body, your mental state, and your overall well being. There is something that may be undermining you. Abusing yourself in exchange for some praise or recognition is misguided – and dangerous. You are not a slave and there it’s short sighted to treat yourself as one. It’s dangerous to your health and wellbeing. It’s time to consider how you treat yourself and how that influences your treatment of others. It’s time to take responsibility for giving yourself the recognition you need.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
Energy from the 4th house of home and family is being drained as a cascade of planets march with some resistance into your 5th and most creative house. If lots of energy was required to keep the family together or your home intact, you may begin to find that very difficult to sustain. If you’re afraid of pursuing your artistic talent or financially advancing yourself through some creative enterprise, it’s time to get over that. The universe may have arranged a situation where you have little choice but to develop your talents and take some risk. Pluto has been slowly dissolving all your old excuses and attachments since 2008 so it is not likely you haven’t thought about this in the past. The shadow that currently hangs over you is a tendency to fail to acknowledge your talents and the successes you’ve created for yourself. You may feel it’s not your responsibility to acknowledge your successes – only your failures. That sets up a self-defeating dynamic where you rely on others to give you the recognition you crave and it never seems to be enough. So it’s time to fix that and to get to work on something you love. Children may be involved in some way.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
It’s hard to throw Libra too far off her game. Her foundations are set in stone and too enduring to not support any kind of success you’re determined to achieve. You, of all people, can afford to go out on a limb without losing your footing. Capricorn will make you aware of that as he eliminates old, outer supports you’ve misguidedly assumed provided support and kept you stable. That was somewhat delusional – an excuse for tolerating something that didn’t feel right. If left to your own devices to create something solid beneath your feet you will. It’s time for you to come back home to that familiar reality. The truth is that since 2008 you’ve been purging your foundation of inherited limitations and weaknesses. Foundationally you were always strong but now stronger than ever. Your preparations are about complete. There aren’t too many things left to check off on the checklist. It’s almost time to launch. Venus’s move into your 4th house on Sunday allows you to use inherited business savvy and giftedness to its best advantage.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Saturn in your 3rd house helps you find a way to get an obsessive communication habit under control. Maybe it’s an obsessive line of thought. There is fear lodged someplace deep within that infuses your mindset and communication exchanges with tension and something that seems to “threaten your psychic survival. Maybe you compulsively redirect conversations when they seem to veer in the direction of something you’re afraid to hear. Maybe you “take control” of a free exchange when you’re afraid you won’t hear what you desperately need to. Maybe you talk incessantly to avoid hearing what you expect to hear – harsh judgment or something that would negate your rightness. Maybe you feel you can’t afford the luxury of slowing down and observing the tension or desperation that arises in your mind. Most likely the shadow looming over you is the belief that you’re not the stand-out you aspire to be and therefore deserve to be overlooked. You may be trying desperately to convince others that’s not the case. But you’re the only one who needs convincing. Try regular, quiet meditations where you ask the question you’re most afraid to hear the answer to. Then breathe and relax and listen. Give an old, distorted, deeply entrenched belief (lie) the chance to fly away.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
It would be surprising if you didn’t feel somewhat released, renewed, relieved, and expanded as Saturn moves off of your Sun, Moon, or Ascendent. You’ve been seriously challenged to grow, survive, and thrive with one hand tied behind your back, so to speak. Most likely you’ve done that as you’ve earned, through blood, sweat, and tears, a new, more expansive kind of freedom. You might be timid coming out of the gate. Is the long nightmare over? The answer is probably yes. You’ll feel more reassurance as time progresses. By mid-January you should be on your way to proving yourself to yourself by working to embody and achieve an evolving vision or life-long dream. Since 2008 you’ve been challenged to purge and repair a serious “self-worth” miscalculation and under-estimation. Saturn will demand that you work from a place of self-respect as you insist on a just and fair, equitable, power-sharing arrangement. Expect to be tested periodically to assess your continuing progress.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Capricorn may now feel that the world has finally gotten on board with her at least in terms of determined, self-disciplined, focused efforts to defeat the competition and prevail. Capricorn wants to win. Highly evolved Capricorns feel like they win when everybody wins. Their life is about creating win/win situations. The problem Capricorns face is a self-punishing reaction to the occasional loss – or whatever she perceives as a loss. Capricorn is notoriously hard on herself. I guess that’s her choice and her right if she stays in her own lane. But it’s impossible to do that. The way you treat yourself is reflected in the way you treat all of your relationships. If you habitually judge yourself harshly, treat yourself unkindly, and fail to recognize small successes, that will be your mode of operation with others. It will be unconscious. But others are sensitive to your expectations and they feel the nature of the harsh relationship you may have with yourself. Your challenge over the next few years may be to be kinder, gentler, and more forgiving of yourself. Everyone wins when you win this battle. Kindness could be your most significant contribution to the world because it would represent the kind of win you could have easily underestimated and lost.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
Aquarius moves into some deeply personal, private territory with Saturn’s move into Capricorn. In many ways your challenge is hardest because it may not be easily defined or measurable. Painful limitations and old trauma might exist within the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind. Without a firm commitment to spend regular time with your most private self for progressively longer periods of time, it’s a hard place to access. If you’ve ever felt like a meditation retreat might be right for you now is the time. (I love Christine Valters Paintner’s “Abbey of the Arts” online resource for “monks and artists.” Her online retreats are amazing and very accessible). In the 12th house you become a monk or an artist or both. If you’ve ever considered psycho-therapy now is the time. If you’ve ever considered enlisting a reputable intuitive healer the universe is making you extraordinarily receptive now. If you have a research project in mind the first of the year is the time for you eliminate outer distractions and disappear into that kind of work. Artistic inspiration is available if you make time to notice. Simplify, delegate, and make time to discover your deeper mysteries. Therein lies the key to self-mastery.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
The task for Pisces is to build on significant successes you’ve had over the past year. The truth is you’ve been keenly focused on your work over the past few years. You’ve laid the foundation for future success. Most likely what you created felt very meaningful to you – something that brought you joy and satisfaction. Probably it felt like something you couldn’t not do. But the hours you put in may have been super-human. Now you’re free to branch out. You have a lot to offer and others have a lot to offer you. The upcoming challenge involves identifying your allies, those who belong to your tribe, those similarly motivated and like-minded, who can compliment and reinforce what you’ve created. Now this “enterprise” can become more than something that reflects you. It can become, as it takes on more power, a socially responsible group effort designed to change the world. Identifying your allies will be challenging. Getting them on board (or off board if you miscalculate) might be as well. Allowing others with different kinds of talents to take the reins of what feels like “your baby” compromises the outlines of a serious personal challenge. But it could be your ticket to the creative freedom you crave.

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