Gemini Full Moon Horoscopes 11/29 – 12/5

(Mosaic Art – Catherine Van Der Woerd)

Full Moon at 11 Degrees of Gemini 40′ – Sunday, Dec. 3rd, at 7:47 AM Pacific Time & 10:47 AM Eastern time.

Successfully navigating the pitfalls of this Gemini full Moon involves an enlightened awareness of a personal fear of neglect or the failure of the world to acknowledge you as a force to be reckoned with. Under this full Moon we seek to stand out and apart from the crowd, to have our own desires and rights taken into consideration. There is a primal fear stimulated under this full Moon by ancient memories of being brushed aside or forced to conform in ways that render us powerless to control the flow of events.

At some level you may feel your survival depends on your ability to control the course of events. It’s tempting to be demanding – refusing to give up or to give an inch until someone agrees to align with your plan and your ideas. There may be something resembling violence or the need to violate another’s right to set limits.

Giving others room to protect their own interests, to come to their own conclusions, and to align (or not) with your ideas and desires takes a calm, self-assured approach based in self-awareness. The enemy (anyone who challenges your right to control everything) may not be as threatening as your newly fueled fear tells you it is.

Just as likely is the possibility that you are the victim of another’s need to control based in the fear of going unnoticed, being under-estimated, or forgotten. The magnitude of their fear determines how controlling they may be. In this case it’s time to take a stand, to resist, and insist.

The Leo/Aquarius North/South node axis signifies a dramatic, rebellious move to pushback against a violation of your rights – and maybe the rights of human beings in general.

Because retrograding Pallas (deeply ingrained, repetitive patterns) aligns with retrograding, oppositional Uranus, a significant and surprising backlash or a reversal against established patterns is likely to take place.

Under this full Gemini Moon, the Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Jupiter, all reside in the 11th degree of their sign placements. They work as a unit in close communication with one another. They are the protagonists and “likely heroes” in this unfolding Gemini story.

Eleven is an interesting number – a “master” number because it consists of double digits of the same number. Eleven is associated with strong psychic intuition, enlightenment, and a doubling of the power and impact of the number one. “Ones” symbolizes the primal, initiating force. Eleven signifies the primal initiating (aggressive) force doubled.

The “Eleven influence” tends to walk a fine line between greatness and self destruction. It’s power is generally too overwhelming for a life centered around petty personal concerns. Eleven needs a mission larger than herself. She needs a challenging leadership position with the goal of accomplishing something unique or extraordinary for humanity. The frightening alternative is a passionate, unconscious drive to destroy everything she cannot control.

Aquarius, the sign of humane ideals, is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. A battle between freedom and oppression – between light and dark forces – is the nature of any story involving Gemini and Aquarius.

Thankfully there is an antagonistic in this story (Saturn) to stimulate the character development of the “likely heroes.” Will they be strong enough to face the most lethal enemy (fear) residing within? Or will they continue to project that fear onto anyone who seems to upstage them or rebells against being told what to do? (Angular Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn).

Addressing and controlling your inner fear of powerless insignificance is the issue under this full Moon.

The choice to crush some outer resistance rather than conquer to conquer inner fears is essentially a retreat. In this case the “likely heroes” are waylaid and the forces of evil take over. That’s when you turn off the TV , close the book, or leave the theatre because you’ve seen this movie all too often in real life. Maybe you’ve played the part of a hero in retreat or been surrounded by those who fallen short of their potential in this regard.

Saturn is placed at 28th degree of Sagittarius conjunct the centaur planet Phollus. If the lid comes off of a situation you’ve been carefully monitoring and tip-toeing around for awhile, the fallout may be significant – and way beyond what you expected given the seemingly minor stimulus that was triggered.

The image symbolizing Saturn at 28 degrees of Sagittarius is “A line of peasants cutting grain with sickles. The foreman gives orders in a loud ringing voice and chants a song to set the pace.”

This symbol highlights ruthless efficiency, imposing your ideology on others (or having theirs imposed on you), oversimplification, violent tendencies, and ultimately the validation of a belief in the survival of the fittest. Unfortunately for those choosing to retreat from inner demons, harvesting hard lessons at the end of a cycle is part of this unfolding story. It’s also a wake up call.

“Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them burns a fire. Between the fire and the prisoners there is a parapet, along which puppeteers can walk. The puppeteers, who are behind the prisoners, hold up puppets that cast shadows on the wall of the cave. The prisoners are unable to see these puppets, the real objects, that pass behind them. What the prisoners see and hear are shadows and echoes cast by objects that they cannot see.”

The all-important Gemini full Moon ruler is Mercury, placed at the critical 29th degree of Sagittarius, retrograde. This feels hopeful. There is the promise of a crack of light (enlightenment) entering a dark cave that has existed forever – Platos cave. Something revolutionary clarifies our perception and reverses old beliefs about power and the way the world works. Long overlooked, critical pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Freedom from some inner prison of confusion begins to feel like a tangible possibility.

The symbol for this full Moon at 11 degrees of Gemini highlights its promise – “The Black Servant Girl, No Longer Afraid, Looks her Employer Directly in the Eyes and Demand Her Rights.”

I will use the full Moon chart to write individual horoscopes for the week. Scroll down for the Gemini Full Moon Chart.

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
This full Moon falls in your third house of communication – the things you tell yourself about yourself and your future. That part of your life is highly influenced by the beliefs you hold. Those are being destabilized by the impending full Moon and that looks beneficial. The potential is for you to be free of old beliefs that lock you into relationships that require you to be quiet and keep your ideas to yourself. The belief that the past predicts the future is not true for you. In any relationship there needs to be room for your naturally unconventional, dynamic approach – some sacred space carved out for the independent, “go-for-it” part of you that needs to be nurtured and honored. Finding a relationship that values and admires your dynamism is more likely if you value it yourself. You shape the outlines of any relationship you enter into – even when it takes a fair amount of courage and risk to do so. The future is not really so uncertain. It will be what you’re determined to have it be. This is a good week to leave behind old beliefs about the nature of the future in general.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
This full Moon falls in your second house of self-worth and net worth. You have taken a situation as far as it can go continuing along the current trajectory. An imbalance of power within the realm of relationships requires a correction. But this is something that might require you to dig deeper than feels comfortable. Be alert for simple explanations you continue to offer for delaying a decision. Those may be valid but they require a second look. Venus, your chart ruler, is about to move into your 8th house of old, deeply ingrained, Karmically driven, fear-filled, habits that keep you from asserting your rights or have you determined to control the course of events. Notice any urge to settle for something less than what you deserve because its safe and predictable. The big picture necessitates a purification of your actions, methods, and approach to relationships in general.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
An old approach to the way you present yourself to the world is being challenged. An old approach to the role you play within the realm of relationships may also be challenged. Most likely something more authentic and maybe abstract or elusive, capable of capturing the real you, is being considered. Fortunately you’re versatile, adaptable, and ever-changing approach to life is not unprecedented. In fact you probably have a history of re-imagining yourself often to keep pace with your ever expanding sense of self and the ever-expanding role you’re capable of playing within the realm of relationships. The astrological message is to go slowly, to take plenty of time to consider and reconsider your choices, to listen to feedback from those you trust, and to base your update strictly on the most truthful and authentic aspects of who you’ve become. Any attempt to portray something you feel might enhance your image is wrong track. A truthful representation – a clear reflection of your true nature – is the most powerful (and beautiful) image you could possibly present.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
This full Moon hits you from your blind side. The deepest, darkest recesses of your mind and heart are being highlighted and maybe re-arranged in some way. Unconscious motivations are up for review and maybe extinction if they’ve outlived their usefulness. You may notice your health or work environment changing in some way. You may feel that some long-standing responsibility is failing to elicit the strong commitment it once did. You may feel existentially lost on your way to being found. The world seems to be delivering an important message about the need to grow up and accept responsibility for a more expansive future, particularly within the realm of relationships. Saturn is challenging you to end some painful sense of restriction in love as you’re being prepped for something deeper and more substantial. Old fears are being upended in ways that expand the possibilities for you. There is light at the end of this tunnel. You have less than a month to go after a three year stint of nose-to-the-grindstone hard work, self-sacrifice, and probably amazing realizations about the true nature of your soul and life itself.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
This full Moon may be pushing up against your desire to be the center of attention or the pivotal turning point around which everyone’s life and happiness revolves. I may be overstating but the progression of your relationship with yourself may be conveying a message that you’re ready for a more cooperative approach to bigger goals and loftier achievements. Your success may depend not only on your own talents but the ability to acknowledge the talents others possess that could propel you forward. There are some goals that by virtue of their bigness might seem unsafe to take on. Something about your home, beliefs about the future, past, and your security may feel threatened, tempting you to rein it in and play it small and safe. But that’s not you. It’s time to break up old patterns that encourage you to envision your future as an accident waiting to happen. That’s not the kind of attitude under which you thrive. You may be encouraged to see a partner or your mother as your inspiration to imagine something more adventurous for yourself.

VIRGO (August 21-Sep 21)
A culmination of some kind is on the verge of taking place within your professional life. You may be on the cusp of achieving something you always dreamed of achieving, a goal you’ve worked for a long time, the pinnacle of what you once believed was possible for you. But second thoughts may begin to creep in as an important decision hangs in the balance. Foundationally something is in need of your attention. There seems to be a critical, “last chance” kind of pressure attached to whatever’s going on. An awareness that corners have been cut, or that all the pieces that should be in place are not, may have you backtracking and scrambling to get it together. In the bigger scheme your relationship with power, money, stability, and wealth may be expanding in healthy or unhealthy ways. The critical determinant seems to be the nature of your sense of self-worth. Doing the right thing may be very difficult if you don’t value the essence of who you are. But if you do you may be free to allow yourself some time to carefully and humanely consider the impact of some new power and influence you’re about to wield.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
You may be on the verge of an important academic achievement, a degree, something that symbolizes you’re prepared to tackle the future and function as a trusted authority within the public space. You may be entertaining a big change that involves moving into foreign territory. Your future may depend – or you may feel like it depends – on making the right choice. Ensuring a sense of confidence may involve an evaluation of the extent to which you will be able to effectively infuse peace and something extraordinarily beautiful into the world. Your imagination is on fire and thoughts of achievement may be racing through your mind. You’re intellectually inspired to communicate something important that will expand the boundaries of what we all previously thought was impossible. Your task for the next three weeks is to untangle yourself from some distorted belief about financial stability, responsibility, and the dark restrictions that continue to keep your mind in a fearful place where money and stability is concerned. You have three weeks to make some real progress in that direction. The universe will enhance any effort you put forth.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Expanding your power and effectiveness in the world may hinge on releasing some old patterns within the realm of relationships – specifically your relationship to money, financial stability, and your sense of your own own worth and value. This might be relatively easy to do under the full Moon. Don’t assume otherwise. Timing is everything. The full Moon falls in your 8th house of old conditioned responses. It’s time to undo those responses in favor of something more rational. One irrational thought you may have is that partners possess the power and you simply assist them or follow along. Reactive responses seem rooted in a distorted, diminished sense of self worth. Saturn is sending the message that it’s time to change your beliefs about embracing the full magnitude of the power you possess to heal the world. Because Mars currently resides in your 12th house you may not feel the full force of your power. But the dreams you may be having, the psychic intuitive thoughts, and guiding impulses may be mysteriously moving you in the right direction.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
For you the concept of a partner sitting in a position of power while you attempt to fit into a plan devised without your input is over. It may be difficult under current cosmic conditions to refrain from strongly asserting your desire for something more balanced and/or spacious. You may be inspired by a vision for the future in which the conditions are right for your to be able to survive and thrive. It’s all in the planning stages but progress is being made. You have about a year before everything begins to fall into place. One of the most important things you need to accomplish between now and then is a closer familiarity with your soul – its nature and its needs. More than anything your soul needs to be the guide that moves you in the direction you need to go. Geographically you may need to identify the earthly place place where your soul is most likely to thrive. None of the usual practical preparations come close to being as important as spending time getting to know that elusive, gentle, intensely powerful connection to all that is. If others try to steer you off into the weeds with formulas for future planning, take what seems wise and leave the rest behind. Your true path involves cultivating something more than most “formulas” take into consideration.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Expect some fear to be triggered and maybe some pushback in areas you’ve previously been afforded free rein. While some will continue to let you set the agenda and run the show others will feel confined and compelled to rebel. Don’t take it personally. You were born to take control and to shoulder more responsibility than the rest of us. But sometimes – like now – others are not so willing to abide by your time tables and efficiency methods for the sake of getting the job done. If it encroaches on their right to protect what’s important to them you may be stopped in your tracks. Maybe it’s time for you to take into consideration that your agenda is not always what’s most important. Sometimes you could be flexible enough to assist another in accomplishing her personal goals. If you sense no pushback you may already be showing appreciation for those who put their own needs on hold so that you can satisfy yours. You may demonstrate that in meaningful ways. This is a gut check though that could free you from the fear of being insignificant or neglected. Take the time to reflect and take the hint if its offered to you.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
At stake may be your ability to manifest your dreams – dreams you’ve had for yourself from a young age. They’re not negotiable – or they shouldn’t be – but you may be tempted to feel that the process of actualizing your dreams may require too much personal sacrifice, too much work, too much uncertainty, too much inconvenience, upheaval, etc. It may be true that it would be easier for everyone if just focused on something else and aligned yourself with an agenda that felt more practical and conventionally safe. But chances are you recognize that it’s time to recommit. It may be time to make it clear to family and friends that you’re serious about not betraying yourself and your dreams – that you’re sorry if it scares or inconveniences those who love you. But its just too important to give up. It may be time to get very serious about identifying and making the important social connections that will facilitate your move forward. If all has gone well since Dec. of 2014 you’ve pared your social life down to a trusted few. You have three weeks to make any remaining social adjustments that need to be made.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This Gemini full Moon may feel challenging to a Pisces. Gemini is all about clear perception, rational thought, getting from point A to point B efficiently, arranging routines, being organized, etc. Pisces prefers images to rational thought – some psychic maneuvering, wishful thinking, magic dust, and powerful envisioning to make it all come together. Fortunately there’s room for all of that too. Your way will work as long as the goal is more along the lines of re-balancingthe scales within relationships rather than seeing how much more self-sacrificing you can be to sustain something that is basically unfair. You may have beliefs or fears about the future that prevent you from asserting full authority over your life particularly when it involves your home, living space, or some sacred space. Children or childishness may enter into the equation. Envision you taking control of something intolerable that you’ve been tolerating. Sprinkle some fairy dust and watch your future fall into place just the way you hoped it would.



  1. Cheryl:

    Holy Crap. I’m an Aquarian. Three weeks?

    • Admin:

      Hello fellow Aquarian Cheryl…

      Yep! 3 Weeks 🙂 Actually Aquarians have been working on their social life – re-assessing the groups they’re associating with, finding allies, like-minded cohorts, the tribe to which they truly belong, potential collaborators, and more stimulating connections – since the beginning of 2015. We should just about have our social house in order – pared-down and streamlined. Maybe a few adjustments left be made. Time for the final push.

  2. Cheryl:

    This is all true, although I hadn’t seen it in this light. And “the universe” or “life” or call it what you will has been literally pushing – even down the stairs at one point – to move it along. Completing the job of getting my social house in order – that now makes sense and sounds like something I can attend to during the final weeks of this year. I love your astrological interpretations and your style, sister!

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