Horoscopes for the Week of 10/11 – 10/17

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This may be the week when efforts to “keep the lid on” begin to fail. A bomb-shell like scenario is possible. What is exposed may be darker than originally thought.

A conflict is implied. And where there is volatility and conflict Uranus is usually involved.

This weekend Mercury moves into an opposition with Uranus. Mercury is known as the messenger and the deliverer – of something. Uranus makes exactly what that might be difficult to predict. Uranus thrives on chaos and “double reverse back flips.” But without him there is no opening for something more enlightened.

Dark Moon Lilith and the mischievous Centaur planet Phollus unite in a trine aspect with Uranus. All blockages or safeguards between Uranus and the Phollus/Dark Moon Lilith conjunction are removed. An act that initially seems inconsequential, routine, or safely contained, may deliver profound, far-reaching consequences. Dark Moon Lilith can be filled with anger, revenge, and destructive tendencies. It’s a messy combination.

Venus at 26 degrees of Virgo and Mars at 23 degrees of Virgo are involved in t-square with Phollus, Dark Moon Lilith, and Chiron. This is a challenging and highly energized combination that demands an outlet. Pressures increase for a more integrated and efficient response. A resolution is required. Our default setting response is most likely in need of an upgrade. An improved level of functioning may no longer be optional. We must raise our standards of performance. We need to take back the power we gave away and proceed with a greater degree of caution and mindfulness. It’s time to protect what we love and desire. It’s time to be focused and effective.

On October 10th, Jupiter – the planet of meaning, truth, foreign places, beliefs, and expansion – officially began a new year long cycle through the powerfully transformative, regenerative, darkly secretive sign of Scorpio.

The last time this occurred was in late October of 2005 through Nov. of 2006. During that time then Vice President Cheney was seeking exemptions from the torture ban, Rosa Parks died, and Lewis Libby, U.S. Vice President’s Chief of staff, was indicted for outing spy Valerie Plame.

Mars moves into an exact energetic square with Phollus and Dark Moon Lilith next Tuesday. A Karmic reckoning moves us closer to a solid state of integrity. Exposure and detoxification fixes a “slow leak” that’s been chronically debilitating. A clarification untangles energy-sapping confusion.

On Sunday Mercury unites with Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio. An exposure of a hidden truth is possible. Signs of breakdown and regeneration accumulate. What was once settled begins to churn. Mounting pressures move us into a space of feeling “on edge.” Hyper vigilance may feel mandatory.

On Saturday Venus moves into Libra. That’s home-base for her. She expresses powerfully and directly in that sign. She is the voice for peace, a return to balance, to love and kindness – and beauty in its most soothing forms. She makes things easier, gives us a break, and provides support. She finesses her way through what seems too convoluted and complicated for a resolution and negotiates one. She provides rest, relaxation and some downtime. It’s wise to take advantage of that.

Venus as a morning star is warrior-like. She has two sides. She is a forceful defender of feminine power. Dismiss her at your peril.

Thanks for reading and have a pleasantly intriguing week.


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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Your struggle to “keep the lid on” a minimum level of efficiency, sanity, overall health, and control, may intensify. It may be time to either surrender and let the lid come off or to come up with a more effective plan. Diagnosing the fundamental problem clarifies your task. The root of the problem needs to be targeted. There is room for kindness, gentleness, and humility. There is space to heal a relationship that’s struggled for awhile without damaging your sense of integrity. Venus is helping you to negotiate a win/win while at the same time healing your own deeply embedded wounds. As Mercury approaches Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio in the 8th house insights that have eluded you for decades may materialize to set you free of old, confining, psychological conditioning. As you take your full power back you’re free to forge an original, ground breaking path forward.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Venus, your chart ruler and most important influence, encourages you to resolve a love arrangement, creative project, or old form of self-expression. Defining what provides you with the most joy may be a “work in progress.” An urge for freedom may be changing things. Your old methods may no longer work. It’s time for an update, to make the hard decisions, and to convey them to whoever is involved. It may be time to accept another’s decision to be free. Venus moves into your 6th house on Sunday. It’s time to get serious and to deliberately arrange your life in a way that resonates with simple beauty. It’s time to create the internal and external environments that facilitate a free flow of your most natural self-expression. Decisions may be gut-wrenching but freeing. They may be fraught with complications and a deeply embedded attachments. Self-discipline, self-care, honesty, and a well-thought-out plan will carry you through.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury, your solar chart ruler, is busy this week. By the weekend he moves into conflict with Uranus. Your level of awareness determines your response. This aspect could facilitate some mental clarity that has eluded you for awhile. It appears that something resembling chaos, an enlightened social life, strange groups, and social responsibilities tug against old ideas you may not be ready to change or release. At the same time impulsivity and the forceful destruction of an old way of being – an old way of loving, creating, and experiencing joy – may be in need of an update. As your nervous system shifts into high gear you may feel the intensity. This could could be the opportune time for a mental breakthrough you’ve been resisting, a relationship truth you’ve been denying, a sudden rush of self-love that reconfigures your nervous system, or an agreement to balance and compromise according to your own original ideas and plans. As Mercury unites with Jupiter in Scorpio a difficult but freeing decision may need to be made.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
Something new and refreshing on the home front involves ideas that are intricately entwined and aligned with a passion for beauty, balance, and making a name for yourself in the world of home beautification. On another level this is a time when you acknowledge your essential self and what it takes to fortify your foundation for the weight you would like it to support. Most likely that involves ambitious goals, expansive plans, and a new or different life direction. The 10th house signifies the role you play as you interact with the public and your professional area of expertise. Your 10th house currently houses Uranus in the forceful sign of Aries. Most likely opportunities are opening that fit with the make-up of your essential self. You are the one designated to infuse your most original ideas involving comfort and beauty into the world. Some difficult decisions may need to be made as you seek to transform and regenerate your life.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
You may be busy keeping a variety of balls in the air, communicating your ideas in an efficient, organized way, documenting, completing paperwork, meticulously attending to details, and putting your personal stamp on something you hope to finesse in the direction of a desired outcome. At this point the future is uncertain. You may be competing in the world of ideas to gain some support or some measure of certainty. Defeating the opposition may be a goal. But being associated with a cause that ultimately defines you as highly intelligent, thoughtful, and kind, while at the same time an enlightened “force to be reckoned with” would be a meaningful achievement. On Sunday Mercury unites with Jupiter in Scorpio in your 4th house of home and family. This is a time to get re-aquainted with your essential nature. Astrologically it’s defined as intense, regenerating, secretive, and incredibly powerful – especially when you connect with stabilizing influences from the past.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Virgo may be headed for a showdown or a simple re-balancing maneuver. Fundamentally the issue may be balancing the scales in the direction of equal contribution. If the power balance has degenerated into something lopsided, if the financial arrangement seems unfair, if you’re putting in more than you’re getting back, or getting back more than you’re putting in, a correction may need to be made. There may be some push back in the form of a wild card, someone who is uncomfortable not holding most of the cards, unpredictable, or over-controlling. It seems you may be able to finesse this situation in the desired direction if you’re thoughtful, fair-minded, and have your sense of self-worth aligned with the truth. Simplifying may be desirable. Quality may be more satisfying than quantity. Ultimately this may be an exercise in taking your power back. If you’ve over-compromised in the past this week you have the opportunity to re-set the rules of the game. Ultimately what you’re aiming for is something more stable, just, balanced, and deeply connected to your own personal values and priorities. A re-alignment could be profoundly revitalizing.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
For Libra the action takes place behind the scenes until Saturday when Venus emerges from a period of solitude and darkness into the light of day and your 1st solar house. Behind the scenes efforts to raise your level of awareness, your standards within relationship interactions while balancing the scales between forceful self-assertion and gentle receptivity will be up for review this week. What you accomplished through surrender may become apparent. A new Venus cycle gives you a fresh start within the realm of relationships. If you’ve been gestating a new role or a new style and approach that springs from the longings of your soul, chances are those will feel deeply satisfying and stabilizing for you. Gone may be some of the intensity surrounding your expectation of conflict, opposition, oppositional people, and the tendency to define relationship success in terms of winning or losing. Detaching has given you a new chance to impress (or finesse) your will on the world. The world craves the part of you that has been transformed and brought back to life.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Scorpio may feel free to expand into the world of alchemy, shamanic transformation, and/or pioneering natural healing applications. Professing beliefs that descend into the realm mysterious connections, hidden power, the occult, synchronous events, and dark uncontrollable passion, may feel freeing. It may also feel like you’v found the “key” to overwhelming, universal success – or simply something more meaningful and satisfying within the realm of relationships. Aligning with people and groups who sharpen your skills and encourage your creative talents – as well as contributing to others in that regard – may be a source of interest. Mercury is residing at the moment in the mysterious realm of the gestational 12th house. An idea that springs from a source of inspiration may be cooking it’s way toward something worth manifesting. Mercury crosses into the 1st house as you become fully aware of something previously hidden in the darkest recesses of your mind. A new beginning takes you full circle into manifesting an idea that aligns with core beliefs. Most likely it triggers passion that’s lain dormant for awhile.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Sagittarius is nearing the end of a life chapter designed to discipline, streamline, universalize, and support your instinctively expansive approach to life. You’ve paid the price for expansing freedoms and will soon move into the realm of manifestation – financing it probably. Jupiter has very recently shifted you in a new phase that entails becoming very familiar with your souls deepest longings and the full range of your power. What you’ve accumulated over the past 11 years may need to be released – especially the beliefs that are no longer valid or a reflection of who you’ve become. They may be outdated and disconnected. Mercury aligns with Jupiter in the mysterious 12th house on Sunday. Then you may begin to get some intuitive messages about aligning your beliefs with the new information you’ve been exposed to. Because your beliefs reflect your sense of identity changing them may feel like an identity crisis. “Persist and update” is your mantra for the next year.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
A commitment may be plunging you into frightening territory. A massive transformation of your entire approach to life may feel overwhelming. You’ve had the chance over the past couple years to become familiar with parts of yourself you relegated to the cosmic “dust bin” for expediency sake. Most likely you’ve found some significant treasure beneath the muck and you’re capable of challenging yourself in new directions. But you might not believe that. Old beliefs hang on as you resist letting them go. Old formulas based on old beliefs won’t get you where you need to be. I suggest you continue mining for gold within the mysterious hidden realms of your being until just after Christmas 2017. Then it will be time to assess what you have and to ground yourself in a set of new beliefs. In the meantime if you don’t believe you have the flexibility to massively transform your style and approach to life know that’s a delusion.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
You may be in the process of letting go of an old approach to life that kept you socially confined and personally disconnected. You may have grown to believe that were an outsider and that you did not deserve any accommodations or support for that. You may have hidden the full extent of your unusualness. Instead you may have developed the social skill of conforming and “fitting in” (unnatural for you) but your heart was left behind. Without like-minded friends and access to the tribe to which you truly belong, the best you can do is go through the motions. Ultimately detachment is not nourishing. Even outsiders need to surround themselves with those who are supportive and encourage their strange, enlightened ideas. It looks like you’re searching for something that can fully engage your heart. Be open to changing your location. But be open as well to changing your beliefs about what is possible. Old beliefs need to die as new more updated ones ones take their place.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, has just entered into the sign of Scorpio. This is an intensification that you can easily adjust to. Pisces and Scorpio are natural friends – both water signs, both feeling rather than thinking their way through life. Still it may be time to update your beliefs about sex, death, power, intimacy, and trust. Without trust there is no intimacy. Without intimacy there is less chance of full satisfaction for Pisces – and Scorpio. So your challenge may be to update your beliefs about your future. You may be so used to allowing partners (or the lack of a partner) to draw the outlines of your future that you no longer believe you’re responsible for it. Or you may have a history of being overwhelmed just trying to manage what you had to do next week let alone for the rest of your life. But now it’s time to assess what you believe about your future and whether or not those beliefs are still valid. Maybe they never were. Maybe they once were. Most likely you’re in need of an update. Foreign travel may assist in clarifying what’s possible and what you truly desire.

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