Horoscopes for the Week of 10/4 – 10/10

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“I have to say that anger is the blanket that comes around me, and that blunts and blurs my sense of proportion.” Pete Townshend

The Aries full Moon links arms with the opposing Libra Sun and Neptune in the all-encompassing sign of Pisces. There is the need now to transcend the dominant worldview – a view constructed through a complex system of lies, creating a nightmarish pseudo-reality that is as enticing as it is horrifying.

Simple answers that channel ultimate responsibility in the direction of someone or something else are easily embraced. But under this full Moon as we come to a fork in the road where skepticism and a more creative approach is possible.

“Mastering the forces that shape our reality” starts with a recognition of the truth. That becomes a central challenge when Saturn transits the sign of Sagittarius as it has been since Dec. of 2014. Truth tends to be hidden under layers of illusion and the consequences of living in an illusory world become increasingly painful. Sometimes a separation from the robotic conformity of the masses is necessary to see the world as it is.

In the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (The Gulag Archipelago) “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

A profound tragedy can reinforce or undermine the truth. We decide with our interpretation which it does. At its best this full Moon facilitates a snake-like molting of traditional reality filters, enlightening the nature of our relationship with ourselves and the world.

Jupiter ruling Saturn in Sagittarius, now placed in the final degree of Libra, implies the end of an old way of relating – to everything. Jupiter on the cusp of a move into the sign of Scorpio (Oct. 10th) – where the really big transformations occur – places us in limbo. We realize that conformity to the “old ways” betrays who we are but what’s there to take its place remains a blur. We’re neither here nor there, actually the perfect spot for approaching situations creatively rather than robotically.

Venus rules the Sun in Libra and Mars rules the Aries Moon. Both are placed at 19 degrees of Virgo – the sign of self-improvement and seeing past a host of minor problems to the ones that actually impede our progress. Saturn squares Venus and Mars creating a dynamic, undeniable urge to resolve the issue and to relieve the mounting pressure. We can do better is the essential message.

It’s time for an accurate diagnosis. It’s time to stop pretending that this will resolve itself. It’s time to get organized, to assert higher levels of self-control, to stay focused, and on-task to accomplish what we need to accomplish. It’s time to simplify and remove the distractions.

Half asleep/half awake this morning I remembered a time when the evil and the good within me were starkly highlighted.

I was a new nurse working in pediatrics, idealistically devoted to my mission to ease pain and to be of selfless service. I remember working lots of overtime, staying past quitting time trying my best to offer some measure of comfort to parents who’d spent days – sometimes weeks or months- watching their child struggle to survive. Frequently I cried on my way home as their pain and sadness sunk in. My motivation to help was pure. I was as close to angelic and innocent at that point in my life as any time I can remember.

At the same time I was living in a sketchy neighborhood in transition – gentrification you might say. My “difficult” husband and I were restoring an old Victorian home as were an increasing number of our neighbors. Sometimes I feared for my safety… but not much. I learned to be cautious and was primarily caught up in “restoration fever.”

At some point during that time my husband, my husband’s family, and a few neighbors, were sitting around our dining room table discussing how it might be good for me to have a gun for protection. I worked evenings and drove home late at night.

They had no idea they were advocating giving a gun to a person (me) with Mars at O degrees of Aries in the 1st house. If you’re not familiar with astrology that’s a strong indicator of someone highly impulsive, prone to fits of rage, and primitive means of dealing with it.

As I listened to each of them I knew for sure that this conversation was going nowhere and that I could never allow myself to have access to a gun.

Everyone of them sitting at that table had at some point enraged me – some of them more than a few times. Had I had easy access to a gun when in the process of going from 0 to 60 in a fit of anger I could see myself acting impulsively and “in the moment.” I was absolutely capable of channeling my anger in destructive ways.

But I knew I’d have to continue to vent the same way I always did – slamming heavy doors in the old house were restoring, feeling some sense of satisfaction watching old plaster fly off the walls and scaring my then husband who of course deserved it. Thankfully my 0 degree Aries Mars has grown up some since then.

But I understood it for a moment then and, under this full Moon influence, I’m reminded of it now. The line dividing good and evil cuts through my own heart. I’m spiritually responsible – and we’re collectively responsible – for the profound evil and the profound good recently highlighted in the Las Vegas tragedy.

To the extent that we commit to improving ourselves in whatever ways we feel compelled to improve – despite the effort, risk, and major transformations involved – we move ourselves and the world one step closer toward something more enlightened and humane.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.


Holly RePenn
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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
The process of personal completion and a new beginning within the realm of your most intimate relationships becomes a distinct possibility over the next couple weeks. It appears you’re healing in a way that allows you to be mindful of partners, potential partners, and your own tendencies within relationship interactions. It’s possible that you may be able to clear up some old bad habits related to ideas of perfection under this full Moon. Maybe you’ve been too critical, maybe not critical enough. Maybe you’ve tended to rely on others to express what you could not express, or to complete you in some way. But with some effort and focus – and maybe a difficult decision or two – this could be the new beginning you thought might never happen. The ability to think clearly and to stay in the present moment may be added to your list of relationship skills. Maybe you become a relationship expert or a relationship healer. If your willing to put in the effort, it all seems doable.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Some kind of enlightened realizations about love – the need to take more responsibility for shortcomings in love and what remains under-developed within you seem highlighted under this full Moon. Your connection to another’s rage, to your own rage, to the damage it’s done, and the healing it’s stimulated are triggered. The boundariless connection of your own life to other’s lives may be brought home in some fairly profound ways. Because you’re dwelling in the realm of magic for now you’re learning some powerful secrets about the way things work and channeling the available power as well. It’s important to wield that power responsibly. You may be on a roll as you delve further into the nature of love and responsibility. Who owns what, what can be compromised, and what can never be compromised may be questions that need answering. What I control and what I must allow another to control may need clarification. But you ultimately make the decisions and accept responsibility for those.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Work that’s hard to do within the realm of relationships may be required over the next couple weeks. A new beginning for you may involve the realization that relationship issues are rooted in childhood experiences. Memories may inform you of how you can be more efficient, focused, and effective as you set yourself off on a new relationship path and a new beginning free of old associations and limitations. Maybe you have to do something that’s hard – completely transform the nature of your thinking with regard to relationships, for example. You can do it. What makes it easier is if you can generate some inspiration through a form of creative expression that’s familiar to you. If you write, write about this. If you’re an artist paint it. If you’re a photographer create an image of something that represents a new foundation for your relationships. Sharing it makes it extra powerful.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
There is a stunning originality that Cancer is able to bring forth within the realm of her professional life – something pioneering, inventive, brand new, and innovative. If you’ve been working on this, chances are this Aries full Moon brings it to a culmination and to the attention of the public. If you have an idea it may be time to think about putting it in motion. It may be time to organize your thoughts, to change a mindset that tells you you don’t have an original idea, to sort through information, to connect the dots, and to come up with something that’s worth pursuing. Maybe travel enters the picture in some way – putting you in touch with something foreign that awakens a latent talent or provides you with an inspiring environment that really motivates you. The public, especially women, may crave what you have to offer. what YOU create is exciting but in a beautifully refined way.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
A sense of urgency or pressure builds as you find yourself divided between fighting for a cause and doing whatever it takes vs. maintaining some sense of civility – being polite and choosing your words carefully. It’s a dance you’ve been doing for about a year now and you may feel burnt out – or like something needs to change. Chances are that would be you. Improvements may be needed as you struggle against a sense of powerlessness, lack of support, underhanded tactics, and maybe the “privileged few.” Leveling the playing field may be an issue. A more equal give and take may need to be pushed. At root may be self-worth issues. It’s an advantage to be an outsider. It’s a bigger advantage to be an outsider who fully understands his true worth and value. Don’t let minor problems and distractions obscure what’s actually making things harder for you. Identify it and clear it. Be an honest, good friend to yourself. Tell yourself the truth.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
The culmination of a transformation – your approach to work, and relationships in general – may be front and center. Improvements may be needed as you take stock of what you could do better – simplifying, removing the distractions, and assessing the impact of the type of social environment you’ve put in place for yourself. Chances are you’ve come to a culmination or pivotal juncture within the realm of some ongoing transformative effort. A clarification of your true worth and value and a clarification of the ways you once undermined and betrayed yourself represent real progress. It’s time to consider that beautification, love, and balance is where your true talents lie. How can you arrange your life in ways that allow you to do what you love most? It’s time to get focused and to do the hard stuff required to set yourself free. Cultivating a state of independence seems to be implied.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
Relationships, your style and approach to life, and uncovering what lies beneath for the sake of achieving what you most desire requires your full attention. It’s time to be more self-aware, less clueless when it comes to what makes you tick. If you don’t acknowledge your ability to bring into awareness what been previously hidden – don’t see the advantage, or simply don’t take the time or make the effort – the subconscious mind will determines your life direction despite your best intentions and best efforts. And you’ll probably be confused and unhappy. Libra can experience the 12th house as a dangerous trek through some real messiness and muck that feels best avoided. But sticking with that mindset comes at a cost. The eclipse set in motion the need to undermine old assumptions and paradigms and the notion that your past is irrelevant and powerless. The time is ripe for a correction.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
On the cusp of an expansive new beginning it seems that self-improvement efforts involve taking full responsibility for the type of environments you set up to support love, creativity, and a joy-filled life. Something may be amiss in that regard especially if your find that what brings you the most joy seems to have a way of evading you. Big transformations and big opportunities may unfold as you seek to integrate into your style and approach something more refined, mysterious, powerful, and inwardly stabilizing. Old patterns in relationships that dilute love and scatter your focus may need to be undermined. Look to your social life and the quality of the environments you create to encourage and inspire you. If there are elements that don’t, eliminate them.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
Anger may be culminating in your 5th house of love, children, and creative freedom. Or maybe its a renewed sense of determination to embrace a life that feels more loving and joyful. A sense of being treated unfairly or of the deck being stacked against you is motivating you in the direction of self-improvement – and maybe a major transformational push that involves taking full control and full responsibility for the direction of your life. The death of an old way of being and the beginning of something new may be part of an ongoing process that’s reached a pivotal turning point. Taking on more power may involve higher education in the area of healing – particularly emotional healing – healing yourself and healing others. You’ve come a long way. Time get focused, organized, and decisive. Time to attend to the details of achieving your highest aspiration.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
If you feel the past couple years have involved an element of sacrifice regarding the amount of success or the kind of success you’d hoped to achieve you’ll be glad to know that phase is coming to a close over the next couple months. This week Jupiter moves into your 11th house expanding your contacts and connections – maybe world wide – to advance your ambitions and expand your reach. It seems that language or your ability to communicate clearly your thoughts and ideas may be necessary preparation for a potentially very successful new endeavor. Your ability to cooperate, compromise, and add something new to a team or partnership is unusually attractive at this time. Making the decisions you need to make may be difficult. But decisiveness is required. Take responsibility for meticulously carrying through with what you’re committed to.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
This full Moon has taken you as far as you can go without some change in your approach to your health or your work. With a determined focus and self-discipline you could do better. You may be in need of more information from a higher sources. Old habits and inherited tendencies may not be serving you well. An entirely different philosophy or mindset regarding what’s effective and what’s not may be needed. You must get to the deeper truth of what ails you. It may be hidden or obscured by layers of distracting information. Help from an intuitive source may be necessary to get to the bottom of it. The memory of a cherished dream that died may need to be seen from a new and different perspective. All that may have been missing in the past may have been a little more determination and follow through. Take responsibility and move forward with your feet on the ground.
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PISCES (February 21-March 21)
This full Moon highlights for you the area of finance. Money, income, and what you do in order to generate a living may be issues that require more of your time, emotional energy, and thoughtfulness. Pisces is as imaginative and creative as it gets. But the thought of using your imaginative talents to generate to support yourself may feel risky. You may need a partnership to keep you on track and grounded. Or you may just need to be better at partnering with the useful and practical parts of yourself. Your ability to charm and influence is powerful. And because you may be considered artistically gifted, elevated above the rest in some way, chronically spacey, or cable of transporting others to a higher place, you can get away with not following the standard formula for success. Others may offer to exempt you. You can do it your own way – making up your own rules if, in the process, you convey that what you have to offer is valuable. But you have to believe that. If what you have to offer feels valuable to you, others will assume its true. You have that kind of persuasive power.


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    Should we be reading our sun, moon or ascendant?

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      You can read all three but the most accurate will usually be the ascendent because of the way horoscopes are written. Thank you for reading 🙂 Holly

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