Horoscopes for the Week of Sep. 20th – 26th, 2017

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On Thursday, September 22nd the Sun transits from the sign of Virgo into Libra. This marks the fall Equinox. Balance is highlighted both in the astronomical and astrological worlds. The length of day and night (darkness and light) reaches the point of being approximately equal. The Sun shines directly over the equator – the middle point between the North and South Poles.

In life it’s a time for rebalancing the scales. Not since the Spring Equinox of March 20th, 2017 have we had such cosmic support. Now we’re at a culmination point, midway through the Zodiac, and midway through the astrological year.

In the Norther hemisphere there is a balancing adjustment in nature’s economy. Justice, the striving for harmony, public spirit, greater sociability, and a sense of obligation, take hold. Community cooperation, unions, partnerships, and marriages activate the spirit of equal give and take – and possibly the need for a correction in the direction of something more balanced.

In our personal solar chart, astrological house occupied by the sign of Libra signifies a need for something more balanced. Chances are we’re somewhat “balance challenged” in the realm of life signified by that house – at least for the first half of our life. The pile-up Virgo energy will make it easy for you to identify where corrections need to be made.

Word of warning 🙂 If you ‘re a worrier you will be in hog heaven (or hell) for the next few days. In the art of worrying, however skilled you are, expect to reach new heights.

We remain under the strong influence of the Virgo New Moon. If you’re interested in its effects here’s a link to the article I posted yesterday regarding this event.

Have a wonderfully re-balanced week!

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Aries is looking to fix or improve something or someone. If it’s something that needs improvement – a home, a space, a garden, a routine – you could be very efficient and highly effective in your efforts. If it’s you who needs fixing or improvement the same holds true. If it’s someone else you’re attempting to fix it’s time to stop and reconsider. In astrology there is no other. It’s only you being presented with people and behaviors that reflect your attitude toward yourself. If you attract those who betray you it’s good to ask if you have a habit of abandoning yourself. If you attract those who refuses to cooperate you may be reluctant to cooperate with some aspect of yourself. If you attract addicts and escape artists it’s important to tell yourself the truth about what you avoid rather than face head on. Relationships are highly energized this week. The possibility of something more balanced within this realm of life is indicated. If you want to be in love you’re in luck. The very fortunate North Node is place in your 5th house of love. If you refuse to be distracted into trying to fix another, you could stumble into a beautiful love affair with long-term commitment potential.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Problems and problem solving can make you happy. Being useful in situations that are potentially catastrophic – or heading in that direction – brings you to life. Making a game of problem-solving may be your forte. You may wish, as the rest of us do, for nirvana-like states of being – but you might wither under those conditions. If you don’t currently have enough daunting problems – or if most of them appear to have been solved, I would suggest creating a few. Chances are you can see the need for an infusion of beauty into an environment (a home or work environment most likely) that hits you as rather harsh, cheap, dull, or, in some way, deteriorating. Find a way to beautify. The interesting thing is that you don’t actually have to do it – you can imagine or plan it all in your mind. You can create in your imagination amazingly beautiful improvements. That alone can bring you into a state of balance. It may be time to hone your beautification skills. Surround yourself with the tools and inspirations you need to do the thing you can’t not do.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
All the action continues to take place within the realm of your home – family, roots, and solid foundations from which you choose to launch your highest aspirations. You may be working overtime to make things more efficient, organized, and simplified in ways that support the life of an artistic creator. Artists need inspiration and freedom – and time to do their thing. Organization and simplification at home goes a long way to support what you need most. You may have the delicate sensibilities of someone needing protection from the mundane problems of life that plague the rest of us. Your calling is a high one. You cannot afford to be distracted by problems that could have been avoided. Once you know this it’s easy to see where efficiency improvements can be made. Now is a good time “to know this” because for the next month your mind kicks into its highest creative gear.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
A boat load of paperwork may be your nemesis. Heavy responsibility along the course of your daily routine, anxiety and worry related to future unknowns, or the pressure to come up with something intellectually inspired and extraordinary on a routine basis may feel burdensome. Many important and not so important decisions may need to be made. Most likely you have already made one important one. But this week there seems to be a settling that occurs as you re-unite with the the essential, refined, beautiful personal sensibilities that have have eluded you for awhile. A return to balance and a connection with something more peaceful stabilizes you. It may also inspire you to further develop your creative talents. Financially you may be headed in a lucrative direction. The important thing is that you don’t compromise your sense of integrity within the realm of relationships. A re-balancing of the “relationship scales” may be in order.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The is the time of year when you mind becomes unusually clear and highly energized – mostly in ways that pre-occupy you with a return to something more balanced and effective. Overwork that does not seem to yield commensurate results or move you in the direction you intended, may be the trigger to a rearrangement that feels more balanced AND effective. It seems that the more freedom you have to step forward in situations that require a demonstration of talent, know-how, wisdom, charm, and good humor, the better. These days there is a large measure of good fortune that accompanies your presentation of yourself to the world. Your effectiveness depends on your ability to take center stage and to maximize your performance – assuming it’s backed up with a firm grasp of the facts and figures. For the next three months your in the final phase of formulating the answer to an important question you’ve been mulling over since December of 2014. “Do you have a solid, unwavering belief in yourself and can you consistently project that?

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
Maybe you’ve been gestating new ideas over the past month – considering ways to transition them from the realm of imagination into solid form. Maybe you’ve been in the process of improving your presentation of yourself – or preparing to present yourself in a more balanced, integrated, “high profile” way. Of course you want your presentation of yourself to be flawless and your ideas and contributions welcomed with open arms. Your audience is symbolized by the highly independent Uranus now transiting the sign of Aries. Your audience is an unusual group – wildly unpredictable, tech savvy, maybe physically active, and hard to predict. Now is the time to do something simple and practical. Ask for opinions, test the waters on a small scale, gather more information, and make the adjustments that feel necessary. More research could ensure a highly favorable outcome. It seems whatever’s in the works requires courage to reveal. It may contain the essence of your soul. Following your heart and intuitive urgings keeps you on the right track.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
This is a good time to take advantage of the major shifting that’s occurred in your 11th house of social responsibility. Something has freed you to experience a more creatively joyful, loving life. That may translate into the way you present yourself to the world – an improved, more upbeat, style and approach maybe. Your highly activated 12th house has you gestating ideas, imagining work possibilities, planning quietly, mulling over improvements, integrating losses, and pulling the most useful pieces of yourself closer into yourself. Something more peaceful and self-assured may be emerging. This is a time of creative freedom. A social environment that encourages experimentation and risk taking activates the part of you that knows for sure the full extent of your potential. The challenge is to believe in your ideas, to believe in yourself, and to pay close attention to your mindset. Discipline yourself to immediately correct any negative messages you may give yourself about your competency, beauty, and innate lovability.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
There is a streak of good fortune moving through your 10th house of highest aspirations. The elimination of something from the past has energized it. At the moment your work may involve networking with the life-minded, finding support for your creative ideas, and identifying an encouraging venue from which to display your talents. A connection with secret information, soulful information, ancient information, or a mysterious coded language, for you may be part of the emerging picture. Scorpios savor secrets and secret knowledge. For them it feels incredibly powerful. So you may have discovered something previously hidden that could be healing. Or you may have discovered a reliable way to access the undiscovered information you need. Instincts and intuition figure largely into your scheme for creating something magical. A wide distribution of the information or product you produce depends on contacts you’ve cultivated and maybe the strength that was cultivated as you suffered through a difficult loss. For you a reward is deserved – something you’ve earned through blood, sweat, and tears. Not that it matters, but it feels good to be able to write this.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
The Jupiter/Uranus opposition ignites your social life and your house of playfulness, good humor, fun, and the freedom to overdo it a bit. To everything there is a time and a season. For you this is the fun season – or at least the fun week. Spending time with kids may be especially helpful and enjoyable.. Accepting party invitations – or throwing one yourself – is advisable. Cultivating friendships, agreeing to an unusual adventure, taking some risk, and getting yourself in the mood to enjoy life more can be viewed as a form of preparation for what’s to come. Loosening up allows you to experience what you will soon be experiencing with a clearer perspective and an open, receptive heart. A more relaxed, open attitude may assist you in making better decisions and choices as you contemplate a life direction change. Be safe, indulge yourself, and remind yourself that not everything profoundly worthwhile resembles work and something you’d rather not do.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
Most of the action this week is coming from your 9th house of philosophical pursuits, foreign travel, higher education, and the future. It seems you may be worried. Concrete information is missing. Something feels irrational about plans that are in the works. But something’s being clarified through the vehicle of a challenge that may involve a deep dive into the unknown. A solid belief in yourself is all you have. If that feels shaky it needs to be nurtured, encouraged, and cultivated – maybe through a direct experience that makes belief in yourself not optional. This week there may be a clarification of what you’re aiming for in this life. Worldly success is important. Being recognized as a highly successful person deserving of wide-ranging respect and admiration is non-negotiable. But Capricorn’s actual highest aspiration is to achieve mastery within the realm relationships. Achieving deep satisfaction within the relationship realm is especially difficult for them – and so it becomes their primary goal. Capricorn craves the biggest challenge. Knowing this – and that you can count on yourself as you face the unknown – moves you into a more balanced, peaceful, and powerful space.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
It’s time for Aquarians to have faith in themselves – to believe that they can create an environment that supports love, joy, creative intensity, and the kind of future they actually want. Some risk is required. Wavering may be undermining to your commitment to a bigger, more adventurous life. Most likely it’s time for an important life change or adjustment. This week your 9th house of travel, foreign environments, and the nature of your future is highlighted. It’s time to set the wheels in motion for a risky adventure. That implies more than just the usual arrangements, checklists, and preparations. It involves letting go of something you’ve been attached to for a long time. Feeling underserving, playing the part of the victim, or following when you could be leading, may be part of an old habit pattern that need to be eliminated. Free-floating anxieties about money, being highly impressionable, trusting others more than yourself – that all needs to be thrown overboard as well. It’s a big job but you can do it. You have to. It’s time. Your future depends on it.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces may be experiencing the solid, measurable, significant kind of success that ordinarily eludes them. Not that they haven’t been successful in the past. It’s just that they don’t tend to define themselves in those terms. But now it seems obvious – even to them – that they’re being presented with one opportunity after another to enhance their reputation, expand their reach, and to wield power within their chosen area of expertise. The public seems to be in the mood for the information and wisdom you have to share. The reliably fortunate North Node resides in your 6th house of work. You may have plenty of work. A well-developed work ethic allows you to take it all on. There is some magic involved, maybe a little channeling coming through from higher realms, and a definite ability to wield power in ways that encourages trusting connections. Being open to the mysteries of the spiritual world as well as the chance to infuse your soul into your work seems to be an opportunity you’ve embraced for your own benefit – and the benefit of the world.

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