Horoscopes for the Week of 9/6 – 9/12

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ARIES (March 21-April 21)
Mars, your chart ruler, is an explosive, pioneering, ground-breaking planet currently transiting through the most thoughtful, practical, focused, service oriented, sign of the Zodiac. that would be Virgo. It’s a trick to run explosive, ground-breaking energy through a methodical, risk-averse sign. That is your mission this week. Something well-targeted might be powerful as you seek to make room for something more progressive and humane. You are the change agent for the world. Your relationship with the public entails a willingness to take risk, to lead in the direction of undoing what no longer works – what’s old, corrupt, and exploitative. So now is not the time to play it safe. Your ideas are too important to be tamped down or otherwise made to fit within the realm of something socially acceptable. Simple stated your ideas may be newly inspired under this Pisces full Moon and sourced from another realm There is some magic implied. But you can make it all feel very practical. The world is in need of your kind of leadership. It’s not meant to make the world comfortable. It’s meant to wake it up.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)
Above everything else your success depends upon sharing your beliefs with simplicity and honesty. You don’t need to be all elaborate or supremely competent – the most skilled or showy person in the room. You just need to boil your ideas down to their most basic, human, heart-felt essence. There is no one better than Taurus to help others feel comfortable and relaxed as they morph, under your direction, into their most natural, unpretentious, rhythmically aligned selves. Your ideas are great. Some of them are really great. But the process of making them palatable for human consumption is your forte. You lose your power when you compare your style to another’s, when you criticize your “performance”, or feel you need more work. It’s not about having more or being more. It’s about clearing away the critical voices in your head and feeling completely comfortable with who you are now. That’s the thing that allows others the freedom to do the same. It’s the foundation of health and happiness. It’s your gift and it’s everything.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
Mercury, now in direct motion, is moving things forward. You may be intent on working to put together a new foundation of efficiency, simplicity, upgraded skills, and something more secure from which to launch a new endeavor. It all looks very serious and determined, but your success, as always, depends on your imagination, your creative ideas, your ability to allow yourself to play, and to be present in the moment. As soon as the outline of your supposed future comes into play – how things will turn out, whether or not they will ultimately be rejected or accepted – your power is diminished. Immerse yourself fully. Being a faithful, protective partner to your inner artist determines your ultimate success. You are a hot house flower of sorts. Your foundation and home atmosphere must revolve around your needs. Your purpose is to advance humanity through connections to the most delicate parts of your being. What feels selfish and overprotective is the thing that allows you to do the most good for the greatest numbers. Arrange for that.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)
There is a message for you that involves comfort, grace, beauty, and love and the need to release an old form of support. There is a crutch you continue to use that is no longer assisting you to walk confidently on your own. In fact it’s doing the opposite. Somewhere along the line you might have assumed that you were unable, when left to your own devices, to create the kind of beautiful life or beautiful living space you desired. A lack of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, or real world experience may left you with few options other than to rely on others to fill in the gaps. It’s time to kick out from under you the old supports. It’s time to challenge your weakest point. It’s an illusion that you cannot create your own foundation and your own space – a wonderfully beautiful reflection of your most creative, playful, unusual self. The issue is one of self-esteem and self-worth. It seems you must cross over this bridge unassisted. You have something to prove to yourself and it has the potential to free your from what has never felt quite right.

LEO (July 21-Aug 21)
The role you once played within the realm of relationships has undergo a major shift. Something fundamental has been lost but something remains – or has been gained – in the form of wisdom and invisible nourishment or support. This week it’s time to take an important idea into the stages of actual manifestation. It’s time to get serious about the funding, the management of resources, building support, and taking the methodical steps that can make dreams come true. Something foreign – a different culture, country, belief system, or mind-set may infuse a level of fear or confusion. There is uncertainty but a practical push and some very focused work may be what’s most needed. Leo’s 12th and 3rd houses are connected this week. This implies information coming from hidden realms, an invisible source of conflict, or a potential purging of toxic underpinnings. A resolution is desperately required. Invisible partners or contacts are highlighted. Ultimately your entire style and approach to life has been upended. It’s time to experiment with what might feel new and as yet untested.

Virgo (August 21 – Sep 21)
So it seems you’re being called to be what you’re really good at – being the selfless, inspired servant to humanity. It’s time to do this, though, in a very discriminating way. It’s good to say “you seem to be someone who could benefit from what I have to offer you. But you also seem to be determined not to benefit from my efforts. So I think I’ll move on.” There seems to have been a shift into a higher realm of awareness that allows you to see – or more accurately feel – the whole picture. Doing for others what they must do for themselves is not worthy of your gifts. Old responsibilities or habits beg to be abandoned in favor of what feels divinely inspired. As you step into a healthier role relationships may be in the process of adjusting. Serving your inner life and your previously neglected or abused “inner child” may be most important. Children and their welfare may tug at your heartstrings and provide the basis for new meaning and purpose.

LIBRA (September 21-October 21)
The full Moon is powerfully activating your solar 6th/12 house axis. The mandate is for a balanced interaction between the emotional and physical, the carefully planned and free-floating, between determination and allowing yourself to be lost, reality and dreams, control and the suspension of control. A paradox is most likely at work in your life at the moment. What would seem to be the right thing to do may actually be the most ineffective. What would seem most counterproductive might actually be the most productive. Giving up control in order to gain control, making a plan vs. allowing a higher plan to emerge, curing an emotional problem through physical exercise, taking no action vs. powerfully asserting yourself to make it work, fighting for what you want vs. opening space to attract what you want, less is more, more is less… you get the picture. It’s all a house of mirrors this week. Keeping your most sensitive ear to the ground allows you to sense the shape of things to come and to relax.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 21)
Something very authentic about who you appears to have gained some traction. Action is required to express yourself in ways you may be hesitant to do. Most likely it’s time to decide if you’re willing to push the envelope and go “whole hog” into something that makes others uncomfortable – or you uncomfortable. Self-censorship crosses your mind. But on some level that may feel like a personal betrayal. You may have been abused in the past in ways that forced or “guilted” you into presenting yourself and the “company line” in ways that felt wrong – insensitive, or ridiculously false. It’s time to veer off course. It’s time to take a stand in defense of presenting something sacred that arises from deep within you. Something is begging to be presented in unadulterated, pure form no matter the public reaction. This may feel like just one more decision that needs to be made. But what you decide seems consequential within the context of taking full control of your life from here.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21- December 21)
You may be vaguely aware of your capacity to build on foundations that periodically shift and drift. It seems this would be undermining and unsafe. But it keeps you challenged, sharp, psychically in tune, and keenly sensitized as you’re continuously required to counterbalance and to make the fine adjustments that allow you to be successful. Very few understand the balancing act you maintain. It belongs in the category of “tapping into an unusual talent or potency” and playing with it to discover its potential. You need this more than ever as you entertain the idea of making more time for something truly innovative. The realm your working within, or the information or tools your using, are nebulous and not normally amenable to the process of being grounded in ways that can be practically applied. But you can do this. You have the perfect combination of sensitivity and intellect to make this happen. Now is the time to focus.

CAPRICORN (December 21-January 21)
On a very refined inner level there is something very pure about the standards you set for yourself and others. They’re non-negotiatiable and your inner life is deeply offended when you consider taking short cuts, or placing yourself in an “exempt” category while taking on the role of the enforcer for anyone other than yourself who dares to bend the rules. This is a struggle for you. There is temptation. It’s not easy to fool yourself for long, though you may have some elaborate ways of trying. You’re simply too sensitive to fall for any of your own tricks. Not measuring up all registers as a particularly painful kind of guilt. So it’s inevitable that you will have to play it straight. Commit to doing that. It’s important because your purpose is to be the enforcer – especially for those prone to exploitation who feel that the law does not apply to them. You know them and their games all too well. You’re massively empowered as you align yourself with that “signature pure” motivation within.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 21)
High minded Aquarius can have a hard time attending to the mundane specifics of managing money and resources. It can all feel like a distraction from the more important and interesting business of saving the world and setting it free. But your goals at this point seem to demand it. It’s time to reign in what’s previously resembled a free-floating guess as to the money you have to work with and what’s flying out the window. It’s time to more clearly define what you value most and how you arrange your financial to support it. If it’s freedom, you need to arrange for financial freedom. So come down to earth in this area of life long enough to construct a plan and a budget. See how truly innovative you can be living within your means for awhile. You may be surprised at the power of restriction to stimulate your imagination and a creative talent you didn’t know existed. Raising your prices or using your time more efficiently may be part of the picture.
pisces otherworldly
PISCES (February 21-March 21)
Pisces seems to be facing – maybe for the first time – the possibility of living life in a way that is graceful, elegant, truly inspired, and infinitely wise. A historically burdensome responsibility may have been lifted amidst all the hoopla and shifting during the eclipse. An impossible mission is finally seen for what it is and has always been. It’s dissolving into nothingness as it frees up energy that can be used in the most imaginative ways. It is possible to grow into yourself now. You’re not responsible for another’s progress. Your not responsible for striving to be what everyone expects you to be. Your not actually responsible for making anything happen anymore – at least not in the ways you’ve previously been. It’s time to exhale, to give yourself some space, to form your own opinions, to develop your own perspectives, and to simply attract what you most desire. The less you strive the better. Get busy doing what you feel like doing and leave the door open for you’d like to invite in.

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